New World Order Media: Russia Is Ready for World War III!

“Watching and analyzing [the media] as closely as I do, it is blindingly obvious to me that they are beyond repair—incapable of reform. The only solution is to replace them lock, stock and barrel with new outlets, new owners, new editors, and new writers, for the existing ones are incapable of change…Nothing will improve until this is done—neither our endless wars, nor our political and social chaos.”


…by Jonas E. Alexis


As Jim W. Dean usually says, you just can’t make this stuff up. Newsweek has recently published an article in which it is perversely and incoherently argued that “Russia is preparing for World War III.” The evidence? Well, Newsweek hopelessly tries to make this ridiculous case using nothing but deceptions. Listen to this:

“Russia, surrounded by enemies, is readying to fight an epic war for survival. At least that’s what Vladimir Putin wants his countrymen to think. Nearly every evening, Russian state-controlled television leads news broadcasts with video of Russian planes in action over Syria, interspersed with images of NATO tanks and troops menacing Russia’s borders.”[1]

New World Order organs like Newsweek do not want to admit that the New World Order itself suffered a major defeat in Syria, therefore they have to do everything in their power to demonize, ostracize, and even marginalize countries they do not like.

Does the Zionist cell mean to tell us that NATO hasn’t been threatening Russia around its own borders for years? Does Newsweek mean to tell us that they don’t have access to satellites which incontrovertibly show that NATO has its troops right around Russian territories? Who are these people really fooling?

Moreover, do they mean to tell us that the media in much of the West aren’t controlled by powerful forces which have proved to be complete disasters to much of the World? I mean, why did we have the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now in Syria? Didn’t the media play a major role in manipulating the American people? Did we really have WMDs in Iraq? Didn’t Bush deliberately lie to the entire country? Didn’t Tony Blair admit that he too lied to get his country into a complete debacle?

In addition, aren’t people everywhere rising against the Deep State in the United States? And aren’t Russians overwhelmingly satisfied with the work that Vladimir Putin has been doing?


“On 60 Minut, Russia’s top-rated political talk show, analyst Nikita Isayev recently spoke of Russia’s ‘great victory’ in Syria heralding the country’s return to ‘superpower status.’ And in late November, Putin put Russian business on alert: ‘The ability of our economy to increase military production and services at a given time is one of the most important aspects of military security,’ he told a meeting of top military brass in Sochi. “All strategic and simply large-scale enterprise should be ready.”[2]

Well, didn’t Russia essentially stop the Israeli regime and indeed the United States in the region? You see, Newsweek doesn’t want to get into the deep issues because that would ruin their diabolical enterprise. They spent years demonizing Assad and blaming him for chemical weapons that the so-called rebels used. They even created false flag operations in order to destabilize the country.

Yet Assad is still in power. And Newsweek and other Zionist organs aren’t happy. Therefore, they continue to propound weird things, wild things, crazy things, implausible things, and diabolical things. Newsweek is certainly out of touch with reality. As our dear friend and colleague Mark Dankof put it:

“To Newsweek: You must have Mr. Putin confused with Mr. Trump, Netanyahu and Mr. Trump’s Zionist Neo Con advisors, NATO, the Central Banks, and their goal of a New World Order. Did Jane Harman consult her Israeli handlers to get them to design this cover of Newsweek, or did you simply ask Wolf AIPAC Blitzer at CNN to Photoshop this for you?”

Phil Butler is also right in saying that in order to survive, the Zionist media and all its offshoots have to be deconstructed. Butler writes in Putin’s Praetorians: Confessions of the Top Kremlin Trolls:

“The fact is that the media are by far the most important political and social institution in society. They are more politically powerful than any branch of government, academia, or social or religious institution, especially in the apostate West. They literally tell people what to think on just about everything. Control the media and you control everything else—by default.

“Watching and analyzing them as closely as I do, it is blindingly obvious to me that they are beyond repair—incapable of reform. The only solution is to replace them lock, stock and barrel with new outlets, new owners, new editors, and new writers, for the existing ones are incapable of change…Nothing will improve until this is done—neither our endless wars, nor our political and social chaos.”[3]

  • [1] Owen Matthews, “Putin is preparing for World War III—is Trump?,” Newsweek, December 14, 2017.
  • [2] Ibid.
  • [3] Phil Butler, Putin’s Praetorians: Confessions of the Top Kremlin Trolls (Pamil Visions, 2017), Kindle edition.

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  1. For a start off, most “Journalists” self-censor, even if like the majority of the population they weren’t suffering from Cognitive Dissonance in the first place. They have to to keep their jobs. Pressitutes.

    Secondly, I was reliably informed by a placement expert who had quit from the major paper in our largest city, the “New Zealand Ho World” , that minute by minute instructions come in from overseas about content and placement.

    So clearly, the Corporates who own these Print and Other Media Outlets and the Think Tanks that control the content are simply dictating Propaganda.

    Fortunately, I was warned a long time ago in the 1980s by the wife of The President of Business International in New York, Barack Obamas Boss at the time, not to believe what I read in Newspapers. She became President of the International Translators Association later on and went out to that Turkish ship that was headed for Gaza and intercepted by Israeli Commandos.

    I call that advice the Real Dinkum Oil. (Vernacular for fact and truth).

  2. Here’s the thing . . . if our “leader” utters things that are not FACT, then how are we even to know what Newsweek publishes is correct? If could be all propaganda, for all we know. Is anyone fact checking News Weak? They can put anything out and it will be trust 100% . . . ’cause it’s Newsweek. Faithful friends?!? The information superhighway is traveling at warped reality speed now. There is no way to know what they’re putting out is true, fake . . . who has the time? My take, if it’s published this side of the Atlantic . . . it’s yellow journaljizzim. They’re just stroking themselves in this anti-Russia ploy. Why? It’s a red herring all right. To get US off the scent of Israhell. Point the finger at Russia, who has been the pasty for what . . . the beginning of the Cold War. Well, ramp it up, and it’s reboot Cold War 2.0. So what they say about Russia, I’d take it with a grain of salt. BTW: “Wormwood” just out on Netflix. PLOT: based on a true story of how the part of their MK Ultra program made dead Dr. Olson, a bacterial/biological warfare scientist in 1953, then covered it up, then covered it up some more.

    • Currently, the C.i.A. has over 21,000 employees. If anyone thinks that there aren’t skunk works going on, and rouge agents, and that Mike Pompeo knows everything going on with each and every of the twenty-one thousand plus employees . . . hmmmmmm . . . okay then. I watched the movie “Mulholland Falls” last night. PLOT: 1950’s noir where four LAPD detectives, known for their unorthodox methods, bump it up a notch and begin to tough it out with some military thugs, of equal or greater value. The military thugs are covering up illegal nuclear testing in Nevada, and protect a retired General Timms who, conveniently, heads up the Atomic Energy Commission. Timms et al have also been conducting covert testing of cancer caused by the radiation on unsuspecting Patients. “. . . ‘atomic soldiers’ used as guinea pigs for A-bomb tests, now dying in a secret hospital ward on Timms’ military base. ”
      I’m sure this would never happens in “real” life . . . LMGAO.

    • M.O.A – you always fact check anything the MSM prints! I`ve done many years of research into why we are in this mess today and in that research patterns appear, like divide and conquer. Newsweek is one of the biggest propaganda sites on the web today and their patterns are easy to spot. They have been caught in so many lies that many people only laugh at them.

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