How the Zionists Stole Christmas


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Every who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot…
But the Zionist haters of Jesus did not!

Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, is under hostile occupation. The Zionist occupiers loathe Jesus and reject his message. They regularly brutalize and kill peaceful protestors. The oppressed Christians of Bethlehem have been begging for help for more than half a century. Yet the global Christian community is hardly aware of their plight. Why not? Ask the people who control the media.

A week before Christmas, after Sunday services at the Church of the Nativity, several dozen Palestinians gathered in Manger Square outside the church. They burned pictures of Mike Pence, the so-called “Christian Zionist” (a contradiction in terms, like “Christian Satanist”). The Palestinians sent a strong message that Pence, a deluded ally of the Jesus-hating Zionist Occupation, is unwelcome in the Holy Land.

Two weeks earlier, President Trump, likely influenced by his son-in-law, the Jewish Zionist Jared Kushner, had announced US recognition of Occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The move sent seismic waves of shock and outrage around the globe. The US, like the rest of the world, has always considered East Jerusalem, which Israel conquered in 1967, as Palestinian land. The official position of the US as well as every other nation on earth except Israel is that Israel must withdraw from all the land it stole in its 1967 war of aggression, including Jerusalem.

Trump just changed that—a move that is likely to provoke World War III. Some Christmas present!

Actually, it was more of a Hanukkah present. The President of the United States has seen fit to give away somebody else’s land—a land that has been continuously occupied by more or less the same people for many millennia, a people who are now being exterminated and ethnically cleansed by invaders from across the seas.

The President imagines he can give away the land of the Palestinians, the Holy Land of 4.3 billion people who love and revere Jesus (2.5 billion Christians and 1.8 billion Muslims), to a settler colonial state purporting to represent a religion of a few million people that considers Jesus a bastard and his mother a whore.

How can the world’s Christians allow such a thing?

Is it because Christianity has been defeated? It certainly looks that way. There is virtually no Christianity left in Western Europe, formerly the forefront of Christian civilization. Here in the United States, the most powerful Christian country on earth, where a majority of people still call themselves Christian and attend church in reasonably large numbers, the US House of Representatives closes down for three Jewish holidays (Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur) and only two Christian holidays (Christmas and Easter).

More than 70% of Americans are Christians. Fewer than 1.5% are Jews. Yet Congress honors Jewish holidays more than Christian ones. Is the US, like Israel, becoming a “Jewish state”? Or is it just another Israeli-occupied territory?

Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus. It is supposed to be about giving. Jesus, like all the prophets, gave everything he had and asked for nothing in return.

Zionism is about taking. It is about mass murdering people, expelling people, moving into their houses and stealing their possessions.

Culturally, Christmas has become more and more Zionist and less and less Christian. It has become an orgy of materialism, a festival of kitsch and schmaltz. And who’s behind that?

One of the greatest 20th century poets once asked:

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

The answer to Yeats’ riddle is now clear. The beast’s name is Zionism.

Zionism is Antichrist.

Can the creature’s theft of Christmas be undone?


  1. Christians and Jews should both know this, if either one is destroyed, the other goes with it, and I think the powers of both know this. This can be done but is not, not because of religion but because folks who have the goods are not about destruction of religion for the sake of it. Religion has it’s place, just not in the Judiciary.
    Do what you will, but stay out of the Judiciary branch. If it gets in there, then sparks will fly. America is a secular country and has been since inception which was escape from religious persecution.

  2. “We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket. Its run by a big Eastern (((syndicate))) you know.”

    -Lucy Van Pelt, A Charlie Brown Christmas. (1965)

  3. Christian ZIONIST is the better term, IMO.

    It displays that their loyalty is to ZIONISM over Christ.

    Zionist CHRISTIAN sounds like someone who is still loyal to Christ. They aren’t.

  4. The dechristianisation and judaification wouldn’t be happening if the American Jews weren’t able to deduct the political contributions they make on behalf of Israel.

    • This is an important observation you brought up.

      Politicians are pressed for time. Campaign contributors MUST be able to give large amounts. Politicians HAVE to get the most for their time. Individual contributors hold little clout, and do NOT get respect from politicians.

      Israel solves this problem. Since there are only about 19 million Jews in the world, every one, including the ones who are NOT active participants in Israeli Lobbyist groups, can be tracked down and contacted for the dual citizen/bank account “grift” (that in the end defrauds the USA via tax cheating.)

      A centralized Israeli organization helps orchestrate the gathering and targeted allocation of funds.

      Dual citizen/bank account holders are happy to contribute ALL the money deposited in their foreign Israeli accounts(a right of dual citizens) and transferred to their USA accounts, because the contribution is tax deductible and they now get to pay less in income tax, all for FREE!

      A very clever and effective ploy.

      As Henry Ford said, the average Gentile could never conceive the shameless and unrestrained diabolical nature of the Zio mindset.

      Financial crimes come naturally. It seems as if they come out of the womb clutching a copy of the Protocols…

    • They wouldn’t be able to corrupt our institutions with our own money, if we didn’t give them more than $5 billion a year.

  5. “…after Sunday services at the Church of the Nativity…” – KB

    A reminder that the Mossad almost certainly was responsible for the death of former VT contributor Roi Tov.

  6. My dearest Russell,

    Thank you so much for taking time away from worshipping your nine-pronged flaming pitchfork of the UnderWorld to review my literature.

    I have many more, most are very educational:

    From Spain in 1492,
    Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue.
    The day before on August 2,
    They wisely kicked out every…

    …well, lets just say “non-catholic” until I can think of a word that rhymes with “2”…

    PS do you have a relative in the publishing biz…?

  7. “Can the creature’s theft of Christmas be undone?” Can children avoid the fat guy in a red suit–Satan Claws?

  8. This is what happens when you try to organize a boycott against the U.S
    . and bully Israel; some country breaks ranks: All countries must stick together on this or it will fail. Israel is an evil country who will sell out the closest friend even the U.S. by doing 9/11 to duped Americans who love to be fooled fleeced and had by evil thugs in Israel.

    • Wjabbe… The Indo VP is calling on his people not to boycott American goods. He disagrees with Trump. Your source is a Zionist source, do not trust. Incidentally, if the goods boycott is anything like the boycott of Danish goods because of Prophet Muhammad’s PBOH cartoons, it will be quite severe. It took the Danes two weeks only before Danish officials made amends, till this day the Danes never recovered all their past market share. American products are everywhere in the Muslim countries. This might not be the end of this matter for the Commander in Chitos.

  9. Funny, the very traditional Christian name and holiday they object too, is also the very holiday that brings in most of the profit for the year in their retail stores, their manufactured goods and other industries and businesses they own. Talking about “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” America Wake Up!

    • This is an excellent observation. Why not make some good money by encouraging both sides to buy more consumer junk to increase profits while demeaning the very meaning of the Christmas Spirit with meaningless spending to increase profits.

    • What would happen if all non-zionist Christians declared a boycott of Christmas shopping until all traditional decorations in celebration of Christmass are restored? Boy, that would be a ruckus.

    • The arrogance of this POS half-tard disguised as an unwashed slob is astounding.

      Steals All of Jerusalem via declaration.

      Then declares Israel is not the cause of Middle Eastern conflict, Iran and Palestine are the cause.

      Haley threatens the world with her list of names of those countries who fail to obey.

      Now Trump says he’s gonna cut countries off for not joining him and Bibi in flouting international law.

      Never thought about cutting off Israel for illegal settlements, collective punishments, apartheid policies, or any OTHER crimes against humanity…

      But not giving Israel EVERYTHING it wants ALL the TIME is verboten.

      This diarrhea belching puke pile disguised as a President is gaining America PARIAH status on the world stage, at the behest of Israel.

  10. If you walk into my state Bar Association’s building, there is not one . . . NOT ONE . . . shred of Christmas, “Yuletide,” or Seasons Greetings around. No cubicle is decorated. The lobby is bare. The receptionist area is sans a sprig of mistletoe. Same time last year I had some business to attend at that place. I was sitting waiting for a meeting to start when a gentleman approached me. He started up a conversation for some reason. He told me that the Jewish lawyers complained several years prior . . . and now . . . NO ONE can have freedom of expression in that building ’round Christmas time. It offended some Jewish lawyers, and made some with allergies not like the Christmas Tree in the lobby. OY VEY!

    • MO, you can have Christmas anywhere you want, and there is nobody trying to stop you. However, there cannot be a favoritism of one religion over others when the taxpayer is involved. I don’t understand why this is difficult. You have your churches tax free. Your “charities and donations” are tax free. Your local mall is not a government entity so they can have anything they want. The business of the taxpayer does not recognize a favorite, therefore, include whoever wants to, or none at all. If the bar association wants to put up a tree and a monkey god, and a menorah and a baphomet, then they can. Are you open to a statue of Baphomet next to the tree ?

    • David Odell:

      “The Taxpayer” ? Really?

      It’s too early to see how Donald does Christmas, but there are plenty of images of how the previous Tax Spender did it.

      Google images of White House Menorah and watch Obama forty feet up in the air lighting a a tax-funded “National Menorah”. Then look for images of the official White House Christmas Csrd — it’s a picture of a dog — not of God. Then look for pictures of the tax-funded White House kitchen getting “Kosherised”. Look also for pictures of Obama’s Tax-funded Hunnukah Party and compare it to pictures of the non-existent Christmas Party. The Hannukah party pictures are pictures of an actual party with many Orthodox Jewish guests. The Chirstmas pictures are simply the president and his wife standing by a secular “Holiday Tree” — the kind without any religious symbolism. Now Google images of the president presiding over a Passover Sader meal at the White House.

      Then come and tell us how nativity displays in schools and courthouses are tax theft.

    • When I lived in Shorewood Hills WI I remember a Jewish woman trying to convince me and other Muslims to join the Jews lobbying the city government to stop lighting up its municipal Christmas tree. She saw it as discrimination against minority religions. My wife and I along with other Muslims declined. We explained that (1) America is a Christian-majority country, so why shouldn’t the municipality recognize Christmas, (2) We Muslims love Jesus and don’t mind it when the Christians honor him by remembering his apocryphal “birthday,” and (3) The fact that Christmas trees are borrowed from paganism isn’t really our business, that’s for the Christians to hash out among themselves, and besides, they’re beautiful – especially the huge living one in Shorewood Hills. Needless to say she was disappointed.

    • Kevin, that is a valid point, and if all was harmless, we could easily accept this. The problem is when a government such as ours favors a religion over another, then the militant extremists squeeze through the door.
      At the beginning of America, this was made self evident by women being hanged and decapitated and all sorts of out of control rules and superstitions creeping into law. The same holds true today, and I shudder to think of the rules Muslims would have to endure in America, were the evangelicals to gain majority foothold, the present immigration ban would be the tip of the iceberg. It took a fair bit of convincing and time before the first Catholic cathedral was built here, and thousands of living victims can elucidate why.

  11. The only thing they can´t steal is that the suncircle begins again on December 22nd. It is like in former GDR when the sun laught into Erich Honeccker´s face in the morning and said “in the evening I am in the west”.

  12. And who was it that lobbied so consistently to remove “Merry Christmas” from the American lexicon?

    The GrinchyJew who Stole Christmas.

    You’re a MEAN one,
    Mr. JEW.
    And your WorldVIEW
    is As-KEW.
    Your pedoPHILic
    metZITzah B’ peh,
    And your deCEITful
    Kol Nidre PRAYer,
    Mr. Joooo-EWW,
    Your debt is DUE.

    This is an excerpt from the sing-along book of children’s nursery rhymes that I have written.

    Having a tough time finding a publisher, though…

    • Actually, many groups fought for inclusion on the basis of freedom of religion. The christians are not forced to remove their stuff, due to lobbying against, but their own refusal or unacceptance of the same right being extended to others like the Hindu Monkey God, or Baphomet or the Spaghetti Monster. Deflecting onto the Jews is the christian denial of their own brutality and illegal land theft which Israel is modeled after. Hey, they got one, can we have one too ? All 3 are modeled after the pagan practices they so badly needed gone to install their own false power. The 360 Idols of Islam, the 36 decans of the Old Testament, and the 36 Tzadikim of the Talmud. ‘ ‘Happy are they that wait lo [for Him]’ and the numerical value of ‘lo’ is thirty-six.”
      Usurpers and frauds. Science will end up behind the 36 decans and send the 3 into poverty. Unlike beliefs, the decans can be scientifically proven using any technique.

  13. The clown of the mountains has just enough grease to make like he has the goods, but the level of understanding he never approaches is the one to watch. The 3 Abrahamic religions are all tied at the hip in Pious Fraud. Lately we see that Israel and Saudi Arabia are tightening their connections and now Cardinal Law has died and instead of addressing his unacceptable indifference to victims, he was lauded for his work to strengthen the alliance between Judaism and Roman Catholicism. So, to keep the story straight and maintain status quo on the ties that bind, the 3 will continue to sing in concert and increasingly communicate a common message to stay alive in the face of modern revealing. Ah, and all is promoted as brotherly love ! Brahma is mythos and changing it to Abraham is personification with the intention of creating history from Myth.

    • “The 3 Abrahamic religions are all tied at the hip in Pious Fraud.” The only fraud I see, is your pseudo intellectualism covering for your ignorance of at least one religion. Speak only of what you have as fact and never substitute opinion for fact, all you end up doing is loosing respect. Never forget that all of your field of vision spans a little more than 180° and you can never conceive of consciousness for it surrounds you. That means humble your self.
      What Saudi Arabia does or Hitler did does not tarnish Islam nor Christianity. Stupid is what stupid does. OK?!

    • I didn’t write the stories, I just correlated them. They all are based on the 36 decans. So, to refute that you simply need knowledge of the decans. They do not change according to belief any more than the weather does. I do not humble myself to lies.

    • Go away with your bother, the Quraan is not based on decans. Speak only of what you know. You don’t even know the first thing about the Arabic language and its basis in math. A subject beyond a pseudo intellectual’s grasp.

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