BREAKING! Brendon O’Connell released from custody, now back in Malaysia


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Brendon O’Connell, who spent three years as a political prisoner in Australia after a verbal altercation with a Zionist, has been released from custody in New Zealand and is now back in Malaysia.

O’Connell came to New Zealand in October seeking political asylum. He was imprisoned by New Zealand immigration authorities, who cited a “character” clause in the law. (Apparently they think speaking out against Zionism is a sign of dubious character.)  Held since October in atrocious conditions, he was threatened with deportation to Australia, where he is entangled in legal problems stemming from his insistence on his right to free speech. Having been brutally abused during his three years of Australian imprisonment, Brendon made it clear he would prefer death to a return to the Aussie gulag. Unfortunately the conditions in New Zealand immigration detention weren’t much better.

Listen to my radio show discussing Brendon’s incarceration in New Zealand

Listen to Brendon O’Connell discussing Operation Talpiot and 9/11 on my radio show

A huge thank you to everyone who contacted New Zealand immigration authorities and politicians demanding Brendon’s release!

More information will be forthcoming as details emerge. I hope to have Brendon back on my radio show soon.



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    Cheering news regarding Brendon O’Connell. We know the cell door didn’t open of its own accord and I personally wish to thank whoever it was who set him free. New Zealand Ambassador Groser was made aware of the situation and if – as I’m inclined to believe, he made a call well we say “Kudos to the Kind Kiwi.” And if Brendon can ever get round to reading this I will offer a little advice. There are many people in life not worth the aggravation of recognition let alone going to jail for. Anti-semitism is a joke but not to be laughed at until the thorny creeper choking everything in the garden is weeded out and burned…in a manner of speaking, says the gardener. We admire your resilience. Be well. And watch your back.

  2. Kevin, with the FCC’s vote against net nuetrality i see very dark days coming. Without an open, and reasonably priced, net most of us would have never heard of Brendon O’Connel ro, Zundel, Irving et al. It’s a scarey dial back. Hopefully lawsuits will prevail.
    Hey Hoffman everytime you post I smell the cheap perfume of a $2 hooker. Do you work (do the ho stroll) down Holt Blvd. in Pomona Ca?

  3. Hey Hoffman and ur buddies, why is it that you are always bringing up anti-semitizm (from the other side) in such an obviously dubious way? I doubt the money is that good. If it was more intelligence would be on display. You are clearly a troll, and at that overpaid. You are a $4.25 an hour guy. Get a life. This is a fight about right and wrong. Moral and immoral. Nothing more. I smell cheap perfume of a cheap prostitute.

    • damn…you beat me to it! His crap sounds so familiar…either because I’ve read the same crap from one of his other identities or all those Hasbara have to use the same comment formulas. Is it not strange that Jews continue to say that not all Jews are Zionists, but then poser boys like Hoffman jump up and equate Anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism. I personally don’t have animosity towards all Jews, even those in Israel…as some actually defy their government. Zionists on the other hand, be they Jew, Christians (who are the worst) or just plain whores can all die slow painful deaths for what I care. Well, to be honest, after all the suffering and death the Zionists are responsible for, I’d prefer that they did die that way.

  4. Kevin, with the FCC’s vote against net nuetrality i see very dark days coming. Without an open, and reasonably priced, net most of us would have never heard of Brendon O’Connel ro, Zundel, Irving et al. It’s a scarey dial back. Hopefully lawsuits will prevail.

  5. Hey Doc. someone in the Facebook comments sez you got a new position, hope it pays well. Really though that’s great news about Brendon O’Connell loose.

  6. They are overplaying their hand with all these gratuitous persecutions. They are making it so obvious what complete A-holes they are that more and more people are starting to notice.

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