Rise of Trump vs. Hitler: A Serious Comparison

Are TrumpBots the New Storm Troopers posing a threat to democracy?


Last night Donald Trump finally, after 1 year in office, achieved his first major legislative victory; The Trump Tax Cuts.

No matter whether you agree or disagree with the legislation, for this comparison, it’s NOT important.

What is important is the weird bizarre alarming hero worship praise bestowed on him as displayed by his assigns in the White House after the vote . (see video below)

Which brings me to a comparison to Adolf Hitler and his loyal cult followers.

First, this is a serious discussion only! No jokers please!

If your only understanding of Adolf Hitler is that he’s bad and killed 6 millions Jews then please read but don’t comment.

This serious discussion and comparison is for those with deeper understanding of the Rise of Hitler, Fascism, and what actually happened between the 1920s to mid 1940s in Germany.  It’s NOT for brainwashed hyperbolic uneducated reactionaries that fall on either side of the issue.

Clearly Trump has NOT murdered millions of people.  So stop it already!  We are seriously discussing the rise and potential for fascism.   So seriously go away if you cannot have a serious intellectual discussion of the issues, philosophy and practical applications in real world geopolitics.  Instead go find your favorite extreme left or right wing echo chamber to validate your beliefs.

Now, to me who has spent decades studying the rise of Hitler who’s read Mein Kampf, it’s striking how similar the Cult of Trump is parroting Hitlers.

Objectively, Trump is where Hitler was around 1933-34; about 1-2 years into his power position. And like early Hitlers bots, the TrumpBots are all in without question, without critic, and in support 100% like a goose steeping storm trooper.

In fact, to the TrumpBots, there is ZERO wrong he can do in their eyes. Loyalty to that degree proved to be too far in Nazi Germany. And this has been moving towards a very dangerous place. So it’s time to have that discussion.

  • So will Trump go full Hitler and turn his cult into a much darker place down the road?
  • We will have to fight a Trump Hitler any time soon?

Time will tell.

But right now, especially watching his cabinet praise Trump HITLER style yesterday again and again drowning him in praise fit for an autocrat, was bizarre at best and slipping into Hitler-esque hero worship at worst. So we must be VERY CAREFUL and pay closer attention because its starts innocently and can, when society is NOT careful, turn very dark very quickly. NO JOKE!

Imagine if enough people questioned the same about Hitler in 1933-35 before it went dark, maybe the disaster causing death and pain for millions and millions of people and decades of hell could have been avoided. Maybe!

Due to Trump’s propensity to light everything on fire like a Reichstag, we must pay very close attention. Anything less is a dereliction of citizen duty.

So let’s make the comparison. Let’s point out the similarities and differences. Don’t be afraid. Question it all. That is our duty as a citizens. We must stay aware.

And when compelled, support Trump Administration policies you agree with. But also engage in critical thinking and condemn those policies you don’t support. But NEVER join the cult! So be careful. You’ve been warned.

Finally before you engage here, ask yourself;

Are you defending TRUMP 100% of time on every issue and would you DIE for Donald Trump?

The answers will help you know if you’re in the cult of Trump. If you find yourself in the cult, get help NOW and get out before it’s too late!!

Okay, here we go……

Hitler rose in atmosphere of humilition of Germany (1920s WWI Treaty of Versaille). In late 30s and early 40s, SS HilterBots often cited the humiliation to justify their darkest deeds.

Trump riled up his base with calls that USA is humiliated same as Hitler; albeit big difference Germany really was in severe economic dire straits while US was worlds # 1 economy – which actually makes it worse because at least Hitler rose from honesty and NOT complete bull shit! (phony white grievance notwithstanding)

Did we forget the skillful race and bigot baiting to get him elected? Build that wall! How about Charlottesville? Both sides have merit? Really? What merit do white supremacist fascists who worship Nazism merit?

And did we really believe he had NO idea who David Duke was?

Most of you reading this are probably NOT TrumpBots but that does NOT mean they don’t exist. There are millions of TrumpBots out there that;

  1. Support him 100% and NEVER question or critic a word or policy out of his mouth. This is exactly the same peoples that HEILED HITLER!
  2. They would die for Donald Trump. SAME AS CULT OF HITLER!

I personally hate posting stuff like this on my personal Facebook page where only friends reside. It’s mostly an echo chamber. So to make sure I see all sides, I belong to many TrumpBot forums and monitor their comments and behaviors. More, I engage in discourse with them often. It’s the only way to gain insight into the merits of their case.

Now you may NOT be a TrumpBot but if Trump called for the gassing of Jews in concentration camps, TrumpBots would be first in the SS line to light the ovens! They exist and they are dangerous! This is what alerts me and should alert all of you out there.

So yes, there are similarities and differences. We should make the comparison and not simply call it non-sense!

As many of you know, Hitler was actually a WAR HERO in WWI. He was highly decorated. Trump is a 5 time deferment coward who ran away from service when called upon. So there are big differences.

See Military Career of Adolf Hitler >>

Furthermore, I would argue that Hitlers rise (National Socialism) against his # 1 enemy COMMUNISM was actually spot on. However, he turned it dark along the way into that “mass murderer” we all now know.

If you are unaware of the fervor of TrumpBotism, I strongly encourage you to join their forums and engage with them. You’ll find strong sentiments to Hilter-ism, Anti-Jew hate, Nazi support and more all empowered by Trump like no other president since openly racist Woodrow Wilson screened BIRTH OF NATION in the White House. They love this guy like a GOD and that’s the danger I am alerting to.

See Woodrow Wilson Racism >>

Finally, Hitler bigotry towards European Jews was scapegoating at its worst. While NOT his # 1 enemy (Communism), he needed a fullcrom to lift his “humiliated” economy and scapegoating Jews was perfect.

Trump scapegoats Mexicans (brown people) and lazy “negroes” for the ills of USA; same as Hitler.

He said of brown people and I paraphrase, “They are taking our jobs and bringing crime” riling up the base to blame these groups of people for the “humiliation” they feel. Same as Hitler.

FYI, Hitler had Jews serve in his military and many close to him. So his bigotry may have been selective and with Machevellian purpose, same as Trump. BTW, he also had Muslims serve. He even gave Korans as gifts to Muslim soldiers.

So what was Hitler?  And how does rise of Trump compare?
Awaiting your SERIOUS comments

Oh here’s the counterpoint to comparing Trump to Hitler.  This person argues its’ silly. What say you?


  1. I think the main question should really be: so we allow those with ideas and thoughts to freely express them verbally without physical violence?
    Do we allow the free and unfettered exchange of ideas and do we allow Americans the right to express their thoughts, to express their frustrations, their displeasure or their approval without fear of reprisal, violence, government repression or arrest? Or do we approve of censorship of those with whom we disagree with?
    Does the First Amendment cover only those whom we agree with? Or those who only approve of the policies of the government?
    No. The First Amendment covers all aspects of speech even that which many of us would consider hate speech. It allow even the most vulgar and disrespectful, it includes the right of people to express their displeasure with others, including other races, religions and political leanings. It includes the right to critique the failings of government.
    The First Amendment also allows people the right to decide which associations they may or may not wish to belong to.
    If that right is denied to certain groups or individuals, then we are all denied that right.
    Violence is one thing but the right to voice one’s thoughts and opinions on any subject is quite another.
    Unfortunately that has been lost in Washington and on college campuses.

  2. I could not read this “Article”! Anyone who still uses WW2 PROPAGANDA #NewSpeak like “Nazi”, “Swastika” “Nazi Salute” & peddles the #Hollywoodism version of the Holocaust can not be taken seriously.

    #MAGA = Make Apartheid Greater Again

  3. Johnny,
    I understand that you are using Hitler as an example of blind adulation yet your comparison is still disturbing. Prior to Hitler Germany was descimated by two wars and severe and unfair war debts. The United States on the other hand has been crippling itself by involving itself in senseless wars designed to make wealthy bankers and the military industrialist richer at the expense of its regular citizens for decades. Hitler loved his country and his people. I think it would be refreshing to see Hitler given a rest. There are other dictators which could be used as examples. It’s just a bit too simplistic to continue to use Hitler as an example especially for VT contributors. I expect more from VT.

    • Tara, a very fair statement in deed. Most people have a simplistic rudimentary knowledge of Adolf Hitler. That’s hard on serious discourse. And so, yeah, I get your point. However, I used the Hitler reference to send our greater community an alarm on the potential for fascism.

      I would have used STALIN in this piece as a better example but STALIN does NOT have the same iconic value to bring this issue to the forefront. My goal is reach as many as possible. So while I agree with you, I felt Hitler would be the better choice for this piece. Not fair to Hitler? Probably.

    • The problem with using Stalin as a comparison is that he inherited the Soviet system, secret police and Gulag included (anyone who doubts needs to read An Island Hell by S.A. Malsagoff) from Lenin, Trotsky, et al, and his only real “innovation” was murdering the murderers on a regular basis to eliminate challengers to his position. Of course, Stalin is misrepresented as the creator of the Gulag to whitewash Trotsky, because neo-cons are really Trotskyites.

  4. The Trumpbots may appear to be dangerous but there is one group that actually is dangerous. They are responsible for violence, for attacks on those who attempt to exercise their First Amendment rights, for shutting down open and free discussions such as speeches and talks at colleges and universities, for labeling anyone who dares disagree with them as racists, white supremacists, and nazis, for starting violent confrontations against others, for destroying private property, for literally opposing the very idea of free and open debate.
    This violent group is ANTIFA and they are an offshoot of the equally violent and oppressive P.C./SJW Marxists who have turned college campuses across the country into nothing more than Marxist havens of thought police. Colleges and universities are run by idiot liberal Marxists, some of whom have PHDs in highly questionable areas of study and preach the gospel of Marxism and communism.
    There is the real threat.

    • There is the real threat to democracy and they prove it every time they take to the streets with their faces covered , carrying clubs, knives and soon, guns.
      They are the ones who don’t believe in democracy. They oppose the First Amendment, they attack any who they consider racist or nazi….those who oppose their Marxist P.C.
      It is theirs and theirs alone who will ultimately decide on what is correct and what isn’t and they plan to go to great extremes including violence to inflict their Marxist philosophy on the rest of us.
      There is the real danger.
      It is happening right now.
      The cult of political correctness and social justice warrior.

    • If ANTIFA is committing violence or engaging in hate speech, they too should be condemned. However, I don’t know anyone in this small group called ANTIFA and suggesting the overhwhelming majority of people that oppose the vulgarity, racism, and bigotry of Trump are ANTIFA or support them is intellectually incorrect at best and, at worst, an attempt to dismiss or disregard the real disgust real people have for the most openly vulgar President in our lifetime; probably ever! So don’t let this group get in the way of the real issue that TRUMP is VULGAR!

      Personally, I WILL NEVER forgive what Trump did during his campaign to race and bigot bait. NOT ACCEPTABLE! Plain and Simple!

  5. What was the year when US went bankrupt ? 1933 !!! When did Hitler came to power by enabling act ? 1933 !!! I don´t believe in coincidences.

  6. Trump should not be compared to Hitler they are entirely different kinds of people. As mentioned above Trump is nothing but a lifelong criminal taking his handouts from the mafia and Hitler was a noble leader who tried to save his country and people from starvation and ruin.

    The official story surrounding 911 was totally false we all know that now. So ask yourself, why would the official story surrounding WW1 and WW2 be any different?

    Hitler and Germany were the good guys during the WW2 and the Allies were manipulated and conned by the same usual suspects we all now know.

    Just read these 2 books and you will find out what more and more people are now realizing – we got lied to big time about WW1 and WW2 as well as 911, the Vietnam war etc.

    The Myth of German Villainy by Bradberry and Tell the Truth And Shame the Devil by Menuhin.

    This will open your eyes as to what really happened with Hitler and the world wars and who was responsible.

    • Agree! Hitler is no where near the bad guy his Allies written reputation suggests. The amazing things he accomplished have been lost to mainstream public. Yes he made some critical mistakes that cost him dearly. And he ultimately lost the war and so his reputation was written by his enemies.

      I did read that he once said he knew if he lost he would go down as worst in world. And he knew if he won, he would be a global hero. He took the high stakes gamble and rolled the dice to bankruptcy.

    • Yes what you have written is true Johnny – as you mentioned the history was written by the victors.

      But who were the victors?

      Hitler struck a deal with the Zionists to repatriate Jews living in Germany to Israel at Germany’s expense before WW2 started along with all of there possessions. Does this sound like a maniac who gassed 6 million Jews, of course not. From memory more than half of the Jews living in Germany were repatriated but repatriations were suddenly blocked by the British.

      There were no gas chambers and Jews were not targeted for extermination which is so easily provable now that the truth is coming out. We were lied to by the victors regarding the Holocaust it’s as simple as that. War victors throughout history have lied about the actual events and WW2 is no different.

  7. Chris… the Colonel controlled Wilson and Kushner controls Trump. No more and no less. America is like a bull in a bull fighting ring, bleeding from so many barbs while awaiting for the final sword. This sword will come in the form of war with Russia and China over Iran’s stategic position into Eurasia, to destroy all three nations and displace the US as a super power. Only for the satanic strain to rise on the rubbles of what was once my America and my ME. There simply is no need for dictatorships.

  8. Greetings Johnny… if one takes the first video as your best evidence of adoration of a dictator then please reconsider with these facts in mind. Trump is an Israeli president presiding over America. The Congress is a two dollar whore of AIPAC. Trump has just been given an A+ by Israhell for giving them something he never possessed. So simply, the Congress is doing what whores do. They lap dance for those paying the tab.

  9. “Train Passenger Meeting” means “Versailles Treaty” to me, but it is clear that one must be simple and specific to get through to the Cognitive Dissonance Suffering USA Public. Just look at the quality of their “Leadership” i.e. The hand Puppets dancing in the Reality TV Show known as “pooitics” in the USA.

    At Versailles, “President” Wilson was totally compromised and controlled by “Colonel” House. Bernard Baruch more or less ran the show for the International Bankers.

  10. Darn right. Hitler cared about the German people. Every German knew who did what to them from those attending the train passenger car meeting.

  11. As an Outsider from the USA Scene, I cannot believe that this banal nonsense passes for Politics. I don’t watch TV and I would imagine this is as trivial and pathetic as the sort of scripted Reality TV Shows in which Trump used to “Star”. I am trying to work out whether this line up of sycophants is more cringeworthy than Netanyahu getting 29 Standing Ovations and glowering over the Representatives of The People. Then I realised that they are the Same people – all compromised, bought and paid for, the Best “Democracy” Money Can Buy. Repealling the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 must surely be the best first objective.

    • Unless “Russell Hoffman” is actually an anti-Zionist pretending to be a Zionist, with the intent of making Zionist trolls look even worse than they actually are.

  12. Trump has been labeled as a malignant narcissist and possibly even mentally ill. We don’t know that for sure. However Trump has erred badly this first year and his latest boondoggle is attempting to turn Jerusalem into Israel’s capitol when he has neither the power, authority or the right to do. This may very well set the middle east on fire and has turned Europe and the E.U. as well as the OIC , China, Russia, and nearly everyone else now against America.
    His promises to make America great again ring hollow.
    He has reauthorized the distribution of military equipment to police again. What does he say about the abuses of the TSA? The over reach of the DHS? The spying by the NSA? All he does is whine about the FBI, as everybody here knows that bunch needs to be shut down.
    Does Trump mention shutting down the TSA? The DHS? The NSA?

    • Trump is definitely an authoritarian. He has reauthorized the release of more military equipment into the hands of America’s police departments at a time when brutality and street executions have become the norm in American policing.
      Sessions calls for more civil asset forfeiture. He wants to persecute those states who have legalized medical marijuana. He plans to ignore the complaints of Americans over police brutality.
      Will this make America great again?
      His worst mistake to date is attempting to make Jerusalem into israel’s capitol city. In doing so he has now turned the rest of the world against him and America.
      He has broken every promise yet the Trumpettes ignore it.
      Sending more troops to Afghanistan. Americans into Syria. Niger. Threatening North Korea.
      This man is a dangerous maniac.
      Either congress moves to impeach and remove Trump before he does something incredibly ill conceived or America will end up in a very bad way.

  13. I ask you Mr. Punish: Is there any evidence that the parents of Trump ever disciplined him in any way, shape or form as a child growing up? My late Father was of German descent. He and my late Mother, who was of Scandinavian descent, had four children and a 1938 Chevrolet 2 door sedan. I was the oldest and usually rode next to him in the front seat. The rest of the family rode in the back seat. I have observed him, on many occasions, while driving, reach around and pop, either physically or verbally, someone in the back seat who was not minding, while driving and he never had an accident. Or he might even pop me riding next to him if I did not follow instructions. This is discipline of unruly kids who are all like wild animals without discipline. Imagine going on a trip with boy trump running his mouth constantly. Most parents could not and would not tolerate this. He is not stupid but he is not intelligent either. The late Wayne Barrett has documented Trump lying under oath in federal court. There is no comparison between Trump and Hitler in intelligence in my opinion. Hitler was from Austria, a genius level intelligence regardless of whether you liked him or not. He was the man for the moment in Germany. The Germans were, in many respects, the master race in every field from physics, to mathematics to art you name it they were and are there today. Who thinks they are the master race today? Isn’t the country called Israel? Are they not emulating Adolph?

    • I was never in the military myself nor was my late Father. But my brother was, our son was, and I have known many friends who were in various branches of the military. I ask anyone on VT beginning with Gordon Duff, what would happen after just one day of a Donald Trump running his big mouth to a Drill Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps? Why he would be lucky to be still alive wouldn’t he? The Drill Sergeant would take him out behind the woodshed, like his father evidently did not do, and beat the holy H out of him to shut that big mouth wouldn’t he and no one would discipline the drill sergeant for doing it. This is how the military deals with big mouths isn’t it? There is nothing a drill sergeant hates more than a big mouth; am I correct? As Mr. Punish noted, Adolph Hitler had a distinguished career in the military himself and was obviously a highly disciplined genius level individual unlike Trump who learned from crooks like lawyer Roy Cohn.

    • We know Donald’s dad was a known racist; a man of his time who refused to rent to “negroes”. Donald talks much about his father. We don’t know if he disciplined his son. Does NOT sound like it. He talks much less about his mother Mary Trump. She is noted for saying ‘What kind of son have I created?’

    • wjabbe , the drill sergeant would not do it personally, but may show favor or turn a blind eye to allow for the group to police itself. In the case of someone like Trump if he ran his mouth, the blanket party would be a standard response, but I may have chosen a more protracted lesson in humiliation until he showed humility. Humility is what he lacks, along with wise restraint. The blanket party works, not due to the injury, but due to the obviousness of unanimous silence and complete anonymous source. But, Trump is the guy who loses the fight badly but finds a way to claim victory, a true punks punk.

  14. I am not a informed person about Hitler. But, like you, I do visit the bot field and wade through the screaming frenzy of adulation. Trumps popularity is at 30% give or take, and I think it is actually less. Many of his supporters have agendas of their own , that they are ‘hoping” he will serve. Not sure how popular Hitler was.
    Trump does sterilize his network of dissent. He does not tolerate any. His fascist leanings are approaching aspirations and it would make me more nervous if he started to gain popularity. He is a fruit fly and the bowl of fruit in Washington was just rotten enough to accept him. Trump is older than Hitler, and will not change. I’m gonna guess Trumps bluster does not match Hitlers resolve. It took some big balls to attack Europe, and there is the difference. If he had a little more rope,… he certainly would turn full fascist. Most certainly.

    • Hitler’s rise was actually quite noble. His country was truly in dire straits. People were literally starving from the stranglehold held on it by France and England. Hitler was regarded as a national hero for saving the economy and creating a true economic miracle. So he was on right track all the way…. until he made key strategic mistakes along with a fundamental racist/bigot flaw allowing the Allies to capitalize and rule the final narrative.

      Trump’s rise was anything but noble. He played on phone white grievance giving license to play Blame Game on the those less fortunate when in reality the US economy was #1 NOT worst in world. So it was total bullshit.

      Truly I hope he calms down after his first year and governs all of USA and not just his TrumpBots and starts to engage in more democratic honor. That’s a hope. NOT a practical bet. Practically speaking we need to keep this guy on notice and always let him know we’re watching his every move.

    • I see Trump and his base as entirely predictable. One of the ways he got in was due to this. He simply repeated some trigger phrases and attached himself to the evangelicals. The group is fiercely loyal, but Trump himself is not. He will set up his children to enjoy a privileged lifestyle and use every opportunity to make money for himself and his family. Many people say, “there are two trumps”. I agree, but with the caveat , both are geared to one purpose. Aggrandizement. By now, his base should realize he is not going to drain the swamp. he is going to fill it with his own world. Greed and graft on a scale the US has never seen.

    • Well said David. Trump as Johnny says has no nobility. All he has known in his life is how to make money for the mob and get his cut. This is no different.

    • It appears the evangelicals attached themselves to Trump as much as he to them.
      Many of them are aware of Trump’s attachment to israel. There are tens of millions of xtian zionists in America. Easily led and entirely gullible.
      These are the same people who attached themselves to Rotten Ronnie Raygun, even though Ronnie was not religious in the least.
      Whats drives these people to such ridiculous extremes?

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