UN Vote Sinks America’s World Role


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

128 nations, including all the important ones like Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany, voted, as they had previously, to affirm that no such state as “Israel” with a capitol in Jerusalem exists.  By law, as exhibited in the settlement map below, there is no such nation, not until a treaty is signed.











The real military state that occupies Palestine, the Jewish state, has no recognized borders, no legal constitution and no legally constituted government.  It is a tin pot dictatorship run by “Capo Netanyahu,” who works for casino boss Sheldon Adelson.

More nasty historical accuracy establishes Britain’s role in setting up two “Jewish states,” one to exist inside Palestine, not rule Palestine, and the other to rule the Arabian Peninsula under the Jewish Saud family whose Talmudic/Wahhabist extremist beliefs established al Qaeda, ISIS and work hand in hand with Israel.

This is the truth of it and saying this will label me one thing or another, in particular the worst of all “truth teller.”

Time we stopped bullshitting. Time we separated the humans from the trolls, the bought, the blackmailed and the simply inhumanly evil.  The UN General Assembly, by a massively one sided vote, rebuked Trump for his move to turn Jerusalem over to, well, let’s be truthful.

There is no such country as Israel.  The real name should be “Jewish Occupied Palestine” with Netanyahu as “Chief Capo.”   Israel is a tin pot dictatorship, a prison camp, to some extent a petty military dictatorship.  There is nothing democratic about “Israel” nor is it legally a nation, as the UN just decided.

Official treaty in the real world did this:

This is the real legal map of Palestine with the orange areas Jewish and the other Palestinian or Christian.

Jerusalem is the heart of world Christendom, not Islam and certainly not a Jewish religion that nobody is sure where it came from.  The “books” that describe the Red Sea parting and the Babylonian Captivity are pure and absolute bullshit, 100% fabrication.  There is no proof Jews were ever in Egypt or that anyone but the Romans built the “Wailing Wall.”

When the crusaders came to Jerualem there were no Jews there and the millions of Jews who lived across Eastern Europe were, in fact, Khazarian converts.  Jews have a history, a culture, a religion and deserve to be proud.  Simply put, what they teach their kids is utter fiction and the truth itself is just fine, good people,surviving under horrible circumstances.  They just aren’t Middle Eastern or Semitic people but rather from the Steppes or Eastern Europe, as any  idiot can quickly figure out.  Who cares anyway?  Nobody from then is alive now and those who write about such things make it all up.  Move on, get the f$%* over it!

As for Trump and his mouth, according to his promises, he and the Wicked Witch of Washington, Nikki Haley, names of those nations, representing 90% of the world’s population, that told Trump and Haley to “take a flying f$%^ at a rolling donut” need to suffer exactly what Trump promises.

When then are American bases in Britain and Germany being closed down?  Is Ramstein being packed up?  Are American bases in Turkey being closed as well?  If America really wants to save money, it can bring its troops home from countries that don’t want them, I think that was made abundantly clear.

Germany no longer wants Americans there.  Britain wants America to close its bases.  In fact, were truth to be told, American embassies around the world should be closed too.

The American aid Trump is withdrawing from Germany, France, Britain, Turkey and a dozen other vital US defense partners based on, well, let me explain.

Trump and Kushner are flat broke.  Vanity Fair broke the story on Kusher, that his slumlord empire was a house of cards, one huge debt underwritten by $500 million in assets now proven to belong to others.

What Kushner has been doing is going from country to country, peddling American arms and military aid and getting backhanders, or so our sources tell us, to bail out his family financial disaster.

Trump is in worse shape.  On paper he is worth billions but the secret documents held in places like Vanuatu, where he really banks, show that limited partnerships with “oligarchs” of the Kosher Nostra account for his holdings.

Trump’s own deals have been a sea of litigation where Trump has criminally defrauded investors, hundreds of times, paid off a few, and had the mob threaten those who went to the police.

This is exactly how Trump, Maxwell and Epstein got control of friends like Alan Dershowitz, a really great attorney, or Bill Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, Prince Andrew,  and over 200 members of congress.

Added to this group were folks like Scalia and Thomas, or even Justice Roberts.  The Israeli’s tried the same game on the Bush family with the Franklin Affair and tried to burn both Rumsfeld and Cheney with Chandra Levy.

For the Bush 43 administration and most around Reagan it was rent boys, some off the DC streets on private White House tours or those kidnapped from Father Flanagan’s Boys Town in Nebraska and brought into DC by the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee and Anti-Defamation League, or so sources tell us.

In the interim, our kids should be coming home from Naples and Aviano, from Crete and Diego Garcia, from Qatar and Turkey, hundreds of thousands of them that Trump has promised to bring home to save money, unless of course the asshole is lying.

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  1. “Russiagate” Is Actually “Israelgate”: Trump as “Agent of Israel”, Not of Russia? — “Russiagate” Is Actually “Israelgate”: Trump as “Agent of Israel”, Not of Russia?

  2. It’s not just the U.N. vote that has damaged America, it is America itself that is mostly responsible for its own self destruction.
    The dollar is on the way into the dust bin as a world trade monetary base to be replaced by very possibly the Chinese currency which is going to be backed by gold very soon. This is going to sink the dollar. The price of imported goods will rise appreciably and inflation at home will hit the poor and the decimated middle class the hardest driving already those hit hard even further into poverty.
    With the loss of American dollar hegemony, nations will no longer welcome U.S. naval bases nor any other military installations. America will be forced to retreat into itself as its foreign bases will be closed due to pressure from the countries they now occupy. These countries will realize the dollar is worthless and will very soon begin trading with other currencies. There will be no reason for other countries to host American military and naval bases as there will be no financial gain from it.
    Goodbye America’s empire.

  3. I love it when you take it to their a$$es like that, Mr. Duff. Sadly, no one will get the satisfaction of seeing Trump wandering the streets homeless where he belongs because we’ve signed up to take care of him and protect him for the rest of his life. Sickening!

  4. Amazing article Gordon, thank you!

    IMO, the recently increasing appearance of Israeli apologist trolls around here can be chalked up to desperation. It’s like they know their ship is sinking and they can sense it. Unfortunately for them, the “anti-semitism” card seems to have lost it’s ‘trump’ status and their screams of “anti-semitism” are falling on deaf ears.

    • What concerns me is that Israel has never respected the decisions of the international community. They have arrogantly ignored all resolutions passed against them in the past. I don’t expect Bibi to adhere to this recent resolution either. I wouldn’t be surprised if he increased illegal settlement expansion as a result. I also read reports that the foundation for the new US embassy in Jerusalem was already being dug, before this vote at the UN took place. To me, this suggests that they’re going forward with this anyways, regardless of what anyone says.

  5. Whole lotta hoohah about a piece of land, and it sounds just like children lining up for rewards. “We were here first” is the common refrain of competitive 8 year olds. Trump fits right in over there. He found the group with his mentality and dove in. Somehow in humanities failures our children learned that whoever gets it first must be the deserving. Then the whole thing devolves until this. If the darn thing is so important there must be some really juicy treat there. We should be witnessing multiple transformations of people turning from ignorant to enlightened, or any kind of observable spiritual benefits that would warrant such importance. Are there reports of miracles ? Has the city steadily produced awe struck people bursting with divine revelations ? New bible chapters even ? One ? No. It must be geopolitical in nature then, in which case, we are back to adolescent bickering. If the folks at this place are what we consider spiritual leaders, we have gone backwards by quite a bit. All I can say to Britain is, “What hath thou wrought?”

    • It is the opposite. All we hear is bickering and childish gobbledegook. I hear it is stressful to live there. Is that a spiritual benefit ? All we see coming from the place are children on stretchers and old women crying. The Jewish people there go to Guatemala for spiritual retreat with the evangelicals. It has become a banal point of meaningless argument. I’m not sure we can look through history to see more foolishness happening in one place. If the US claims the current action to be a sovereign right, then is it Britain and US that holds these rights exclusively ?
      What is to stop Paraguay from building it’s Chinese embassy in Taiwan ?

  6. “The “books” that describe the Red Sea parting and the Babylonian Captivity are pure and absolute bullshit, 100% fabrication.” – GD

    The authors of the Torah plagiarized much, so there is likely are real historical base events (involving people other than the ancient Hebrews) that have been much embellished and altered over time.

    “When the crusaders came to Jerualem there were no Jews there…” – GD

    So the sources that state that a small Jewish community (most likely numbering less than 1000 persons) has been continually present in Jerusalem since the end of the Roman occupation are wrong?

    “Trump’s own deals have been a sea of litigation where Trump has criminally defrauded investors…” – GD

    It is not just investors, but also architects, engineers, and contractors who have been legally cheated out of payment for work performed due to the abuse of bankruptcy laws.

  7. Has anyone else noticed that both Trump and Netanyahu seem to share many unpleasant traits which indicate they may both be inhuman or even robots? Both look alike, except for the fake orange hair on Trump; he once had dark brown hair as older pictures show. Both have many bodyguards, 40 reportedly for Netanyahu when he visited Trump in New York. I do not know how many Trump has which we taxpayers are forced to provide. Both are arrogant, insolent, bullies, con artists, liars, accused cheaters, both under investigation by respective governments, neither show remorse or compassion for human life other than their own, they do not appear to possess a conscience or feel any guilt or personal pain when causing the unnecessary suffering of other innocent peoples, both seem to view themselves as superior to ordinary people, a sort of “master race” concept for themselves, they both love three people only; me, myself and I, both leech off the work and efforts and discoveries of others without giving credit, both are highly conceited and selfish…one could write a book on their selfish goals of life. Could they be brothers? Trump even appears to be a Jew himself doesn’t he? I bet he converted long ago to get along in New York because it is well known who controls New York. Trump would have no scruples against simply joining them to aid his efforts to aggrandize himself to them. He has no shame; Netanyahu has no shame.

    • There is this theory and I have heard and read from several sources, that, there is a race of beings, invisible to the human eye, who can occupy a human body and that they live off negative emotions and the suffering of others. They survive on the worst of humanity, wars, hate, the suffering of millions and worse.
      It may be that both Trump and Satanyahu are occupied by these beings.
      I can’t prove it either but I can’t prove that it is not so.

  8. The thing is, Trump would probably install video cameras in the hotel rooms so he could watch couples in the act.
    He may even try to grab the p***y of his customers.

  9. Trump was a failure as a real estate magnate and hotel owner, what makes you believe he would make a great president?
    He should go back to hotels…the kind you see along stretches of I-70 or I-90 or maybe in the seedier side of town.

  10. Haley needs to return to her former job…..making porn or whatever else she was doing before she was added to this disgrace of a president’s cabinet. Maybe she can get a job at Starbucks…maybe.
    WTF! What does Humpty Trumpty expect he can do and get away with before the rest of the world comes down on America? Is he that crazy? don’t answer that. I don’t wanna know. Maybe I should know. Maybe we all should know what we are dealing with.
    The entire Trump administration is one big stooge for israel. Trump has already sold out America, unfortunately the Trumpettes are too stupid to realize it.
    America has enough problems what with a collapsing economy and middle class, let alone facing a monumental backlash from the rest of the world that could result in anything from angry rebuttals to boycotting American goods and possibly embargoes, economic sanctions and isolation.
    Trump is not making America great again.
    He may very well finish off what’s left of America.
    It appears he is headed in that direction.

    • Definitely ruins everybody’s dinner.
      It would mine.
      I’ve seen better looking hookers in Vegas.
      Even on South Division Avenue in Grand Rapids, Mi.
      At 3:00 in the afternoon.

  11. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/21/un-showdown-looms-as-jerusalem-vote-nears-haley-threatens-to-take-names.html
    This UN vote is an indication that just perhaps the world is finally going to put its foot down against the two bullies of the planet the U.S. and Israel. But all countries must stick together. Tell these two bullies to “get out of our faces” NOW. Tell them to close their embassies and end all trade immediately. No country is an island which is self sustaining especially in today’s world. Keep the pressure on and these bullies will be on their knees. United you can win; divided they will win. Learn from the Jews: Stick together for a change. That is why they so often win while not deserving to win. Give the U.S. and Israel one giant middle finger and tell them to shove it and leave the UN if they can’t accept its world decisions and world law. This is a great article by Gordon. The U.S. is an aidor and abettor of the daily crimes against the Palestinians by Israel. Both are guilty parties and both should be facing war crimes trials right now. Have your best artist draw a big middle finger on your website with the words United States and Israel in your Mother Tongue underneath. Try to do no business transactions in dollars or shekels.

    • All 193 countries must keep the Mafia dictum in mind: “You might as well cooperate because we are going to kill you anyway.” In other words you gain nothing by cooperating with thugs U.S. and Israel because they will seek to destroy you and your country anyway. Keep the pressure on and the middle finger to them up high. Together you can and will win.

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