NEO – Nikki Haley morphs into Nikki Capone for Donald “The Don”

"You just can't make this stuff up!" - Jim W. Dean


Intimidating UN Member States with the Al Capone Style

 by Vladimir Odintsov, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Should we look into Nikki’s genealogy?

[ Editor’s Note: Nikki Haley must be taking steroids or something, or maybe this is what you get when you put political hacks into key diplomatic positions for which they have neither the background training nor apparently the talent to properly fulfill.

It does not take a genius to see this was a huge diplomatic disaster for the US, and no one really expects “The Donald” to have any grasp as to why, as he is still in childhood “king of the hill” game mode.

This blunder has not only been a huge blow to US prestige, but to Israel, accustomed to thinking it is invulnerable, who saw country after country with well-known Jewish Lobby political muscle which the Likudites in Israel have flexed numerous times in the past, Britain, Australia, Germany, France, all with long records of wearing out multiple sets of knee pads.

Even Israel’s secret lover, Saudi Arabia, voted for the condemnation of this stupid al-Quds move. But the most contempt we must save for Haley, for the blatant lie she told that the dumbest diplomat in the world would never have tapped themselves with.

In her whiny style she ranted on about how unfair it was to see the US being denounced for exercising “its sovereignty” to move its embassies wherever it wants to, as if she could wave the entire UN history of the Palestinian story away with a mouthful of silly words.

This is what happens when a political hack is bootstrapped into a high diplomatic position

Does she think that after only a few days we all would not remember how Trump screamed out to the whole world, “We recognize Israel as the ETERNAL capitol of the Jewish people”.

Nikki Capone needs to be booed wherever she appears in public, or have to hear chanting of “Nikki Capone, you are alone” to remind her we are taking names, too, and don’t want this kind of embarrassing representation.

Might it be time to flood the White House with calls for Nikki Capone’s resignation for making the US a laughing-stock pawn of Bibi and his Likudite buddies? What a Merry Xmas gift that would be, and how deservingJim W. Dean ]

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Finally we see the UN grow some nads and stand up to the big bully

– First published … December 22, 2017

The White House’s commitment to spreading chaos across the world, bringing people of various religions and beliefs misery and suffering is hardly a secret to anyone at this point. After Afghanistan and Iraq, the latest instances of this American obsession manifested themselves in Libya and Syria.

This tactic was readily adopted by the administration of US President Donald Trump even though it hasn’t yet spent a full year in office. Yet, we see more calamities looming over horizon, with dangerous games being played by Washington simultaneously against Iran and North Korea.

The recent statement regarding the status of Jerusalem made by Trump regarding the status of Jerusalem falls in this familiar pattern, as the US thus demanded other states follow its lead.

In such a fashion Trump has not just formally announced his imperial aspirations, or claimed the right to function as global arbiter, but has also buried any hope of negotiations between Arabs and Israelis, even though Washington assumed the role of guarantor of a peace accord between these two parties.

By making a statement that looks irresponsible for any sensible observer, Trump has not just violated all of the UN documents signed so far by the United States, he also chose to ignore the plan of Palestine’s partition adopted in 1947, after the termination of the British Mandate.

This plan stipulated the creation of a Jewish and an Arab state within the former border of Palestine, while granting Jerusalem an international status as the holy city of the three great monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

By unilaterally altering the status of Jerusalem Trump has not just showed the true face of “American diplomacy” to the whole world, but has deprived America of an ability to play any constructive role toward resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict or any other Middle East ern conflict for that matter.

After all, until now, as a guarantor of Israel’s existence since 1948, the United States has always sought to maintain a balanced position, which allowed America to remain an “honest broker”. As the French Figaro recalls, in November 1956 it was Washington that urged London and Paris, the allies of Israel, to put an end to the Suez war against Gamal Abdel Nasser.

In October 1973, Kissinger persuaded the Israelis to loosen up pressure on the surrounded Egyptian Third Army. In October 1991, President George W. Bush initiated the Madrid Peace Conference by inviting the Palestinian delegation to talks, in spite of fierce opposition by Tel-Aviv.

Today in the world, according to various sources, there are about 1.77 billion adherents of Islam, constituting 23% of the world’s population. The reaction of the inhabitants of 28 Muslim countries (including the fourth most populous country, Indonesia, and nuclear-armed Pakistan) to the Trump solution in Jerusalem has caused a predictable effect – with aggressive statements coming from all across the globe.

Even America’s European allies announced their disagreement. The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogerini, stated that Trump’s move has brought the Middle Eastern peace process back to the dark ages.

The refusal to support Trump’s position was announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, and the head of Washington’s most trusted satellite state – British Prime Minister Teresa May.

This universal condemnation was supported by the president of Turkey, a now-formal-ally of the United States and a NATO member, as its leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan described Trump as a person reckless enough to stir up the whole Middle East.

The former head of Israeli secret services Yakov Kedmi has recently told the media that Washington has dropped yet another bomb on the Middle East without even giving a second thought to the possible consequences of its actions. Kedmi believes that it’s an example of typical American behavior, associated with ruining even the simplest matters.

The Middle East undergoes radical change these days, as tactical alliances are being made and then collapse rapidly, with yesterday’s enemies becoming today’s allies. The development of events and the changes that the whole world and the Arab world in particular are observing seems extremely dangerous for the Arab World.

The reason for this is the growing colonial aspirations of the United States. Washington is not just amassing troops and invading states, it’s heavily engaged in hybrid warfare as well. It has consistently relied on the divide and conquer strategy in its dealings with the Arab World, its peoples and the peoples of other Muslim-majority nations.

It’s been noted that America has proven itself capable of provoking malice and disgust, of sowing the seeds of hatred and dispute in every Arab state, affecting society at every level: family, tribe, religious group, and political party. In particular, best exemplified by the so-called “Arab Spring.” As all plans and conspiracies against the governments of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq led back to Washington and Israel.

Against this backdrop, one cannot help but feel disgust over the recent actions of Trump and his representatives, in particular the sitting US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley who would send letters of intimidation to representatives of more than 180 countries in a bid to prevent them from voting in the UN Security Council on a resolution condemning the recent decision of Washington to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

That’s a vivid example of the so-called American-style of democracy at its best along with Washington’s willingness to put all sorts of pressure on those courageous enough to disobey America’s dictates.

The world is becoming increasingly impatient with Washington, a development long overdue decades ago. Nikki Haley’s attempts to use her position in a reckless attempt to bully UN member states in clear violation of the UN Charter, pushes this patience toward its breaking point.

Vladimir Odintsov, expert politologist, exclusively for the online magazine ‘New Eastern Outlook’.



  1. Hello! The fresh news about Nikki:)
    Russian Telephone prankster Vovan and Lexus played to Nikki Haley (Ambassador US to UN Nikki Haley). They contacted her on as if they where the Prime Minister of Poland. Pranksters told Nikki Haley about the island of Binomo in the South China Sea, in an election where Putin intervened (in fact, such an island simply does not exist). The incompetent Hayley quite well stated that had been interfered in their election! Although there is no such island in nature. Also, the parties discussed the harassment of Kevin Spacey to the president of Ukraine Poroshenko and the harassment of Trump allegedly to the former prime minister of Poland.

  2. Bibi used Trump to save his career and the Likudists. In imitating Sharon’s trick of marching on al-Aqsa, Bibi made the grave miscalculation of activating the symbolism of the annexation of all of Jerusalem as a first step towards the rebuilding the temple of Solomon on the site of the demolished al-Aqsa mosque, to stir up the Muslim “hordes.” He has united the Muslims, 1.77 billion, into believing, for sure this time, even among moderates and opposing sects, that Zionist Israel is the sworn enemy of Muslims everywhere, all the way to Indonesia. When will the Christians also come to the same reasonable conclusion concerning all of them? For the Muslim world, annexing all of Jerusalem by Israel, is no less than a call to, “man your survival stations.” From the Muslim perspective, Israel and its puppets have declared war on Muslims. Europeans know if they did not appear firm against this transgression, they will suffer a boycott and a turning away the likes of which the Zionist mafia and the US State department have never contemplated. Bibi has managed to turn into radio active every American and American product in the ME. The first thing noticed is the precarious position the Arab puppets find themselves in and how silent they are. When the shock turns to anger, it will be followed by a passive agressive stance against the US. A total boycott of anyone and anything American on religious grounds regardless of sect. Bibi screwed us in the US once more.

  3. The devil appearing in the fairy patch theory? Could be. But what is the man’s past? … Don”t think so.

  4. Where does the world get these zionist whores, do they answer an add in the local rag, to be israels bitch?
    S Powers,C Rice,T May,J Bishop, such hard hard bitches, who threaten the world if you vote the wrong way.
    You can understand mini nations like micronesia,tago haiti etc wanting continued american money. I think this action by Trump has probably caused more discussions at kitchen tables, something the zio’s hate, discussions.

  5. Excellent commentary by both Jim and Odintsov.
    The far reaching effects of this maneuver by this administration will be felt for a long time to come. Trump has inadvertently sent into motion many things he cannot foresee. His blindness to reality, his malignant narcissism, his authoritarian demeanor and his ignorance of the world around him has now created a powder keg and the fuse has been lit.
    Trump and Haley have committed a massive error and it will cost the lives of many, possibly millions. It may just cost the lives of Americans as well.
    We are in deep trouble as long as Trump and his gang of thugs remain in Washington. For the first time, someone has been elected president who is most likely mentally ill. Trump is blinded by his own stupidity and hubris. Haley is no better.The hubris from Haley’s mouth confirms she in unfit for anything other than a bus driver.
    Congress needs to act and it needs to act soon to file articles of impeachment against Trump and Pence. Then a thorough cleansing of the White House is followed by a thorough cleansing of Washington.
    Otherwise we may not have much of a future.

  6. Huff and Puff man needs to give his head a shake if he thinks that Darling Nikki’s only income is what she makes from her government job. When people are that high . . . up on the ladder they get money from all types of back-end deals.
    I can’t help it if Darling Nikki is conflicted. I find that many immigrants are die-hard sell-outs. The more they had parents “struggle” to come to America, the more they bow down to the symbols of this culture. And thankfully Israhell has incorporated most of their highly prized little trinkets into it.
    The “caste” system is alive and well in India, where Darling Nikki’s parents hail. And remember kids, the Betelnut never falls far from the tree. Even if they say the caste has ended — hmmmmmm — no it hasn’t.
    The caste system creates the illusion that coming to America is the ultimate arrival in society — they have reached Nirvana, the promised land, they’re all Brahmins now, aka: CHOSEN. (Sound familiar?) They are now better then the rest of the untouchables they left behind. They ACHIEVED!! YIPPEE!! This works well for the goy mentality. The “better than” you attitude seems to suggest Darling Nikki’s shlt don’t stink?!?
    (Ever been to India? I have. Armpit of the world. A friend of mine in a middle eastern country — that we once labeled “third-world” (again, the better than YOU mindset with labeling nations “third-world” <—— how insulting) told me once: "At least we're not India." LMGAO.

    • Someone needs to cut off Darling Nikki’s Bergdorf and Goodman’s credit card! Seems like her tailored made two-pieces are short-circuiting her brain. Who knows, maybe Operation Talpiot programmed her with a “kill switch” . . . and someone just flipped that witches bltch switch? Let the hunger games begin.
      Darling Nikki said this: “‘You either be with us on this non-binding resolution, or else we will always remember. And we may yank humanitarian aid out of the mouths of the most truly disadvantaged on the planet.”
      Apparently, Darling Nikki is not applying for the Mother Teresa of the Year Award.

  7. How long has she tried on herself the role of a scandalous pimp? The girl has forgotten where she is sitting.
    Kedmi is very smart person and he is welcomed and constantly takes part in political dialog TV programs in Russia. Very very clever man. But even Yakov Kedmi said this Trump’s sentence will make a big scandal. I guess – that was Trump’s personal idea to announce that or it was the cunning plan and the results were suggested?

    • Especially with those who were given posts in the State Department ie: Madeline Albright (or not so bright),
      Hilary Clinton….how she got that job continues to elude me, she was totally unqualified and undeserving of that post. Susan Rice, Condoliza Rice, Samantha Power, how many more of these females are going to be sent into positions when they have neither the qualifications nor the capabilities? Or is it just because they were women and it was owed them as it was with Clinton?

  8. btw,.. If we are appalled at Haley and her job performance, (and we are) check out the rest of the cabinet as well. As a young child, I detested the job of feeding the pigs we had. They were so greedy, I had no choice but to dump the slop on their heads due to their aggressive positioning at the trough. No matter how much they eat, it is never enough. Our public service sector needs to be humbled. Seize their accounts. We know it’s legal, it happens to the peasants all the time. Do a reverse Trump and loot the rich, and we’ll sort out the chaos later. What is supposed to be “public service oriented”, has turned authoritarian oriented. Can there be any doubt of this now ?

    • Good analogy about the swine. They are really BOARING nowadays with their hungry, hungry, hippo-crite behaviors. My dogs act similarly with the bones I toss them as a snack. As if they’ve never had a bone before!?!? They become aggressive with each other. Animals that they are. They used to be an individual who commented regularly on VT. “Sustainable Abundancy” I liked that screen name. There is ABUNDANCY! However, the pigs are too stupid to know it. They want to cause the scarcity, so they can charge more, deflate economies, hostile take overs. The Bull on Wall St. needs to go . . . PIG is the new Bull! They don’t call it a Piggy Bank for nothing!!
      The irony is . . . my son’s father (a Sabra, whose parents are buried in Jerusalem) was born in the Chinese Year of the Pig! OMIGOSH . . . that is hilarious! Love to cross-cultures whenever I can 😉

  9. Nikki Capone: “If my boss should have to doge a brick thrown by an Antifa Seditionist, or if he should fall and hurt himself in his office, or should he be struck by lightning, I’m going to blame the people in this room today because consequences are something I cannot accept.”

  10. Sorry to say Niki Haley is nothing more than a reader in News TV, repeating what she is told to say without having a wrítten script in front of her. Maybe she has a brainchip and an earsticker to listen to her masters.

    • Nah, that lets her off the hook. She feels this and believes it. She was chosen because she tows the line, but her beliefs did not radically change once assuming the position. It is instead, a blatant example of how poor we have become as a country at selecting our leaders. The pervasive and aggressive nature of evangelicals and the hard right, has been a problem for the US since the Salem Massachusetts witch trials.
      I see no way forward but to limit the financial holdings of public officers and completely abolishing their ability to gain financially from their position. The US is unique, and we could be great again if we embrace our diversity. But electing Oligarchs will always run contrary to that goal.

    • Of course he embraces his evil discourse and ideas. That’s exactly why the Khazarian mafia appoints these Satanic transexuals, because they are already antilogos, starting with their original sex rejection. So lying and pushing their evil agenda is the natural behavior for them.

    • The other thing to consider is the mental health of Trump. Trump is not acting in a normal and sane manner and congress needs to wake up and do something about it before it’s too late.
      The possibility that we have someone in the Oval office who is not sane and represents a threat and a danger to us all, becomes clearer by the day.
      To consider that Trump may be insane is repulsive to a lot of people but it needs to be considered.
      The problem is that congress has abrogated its power long ago in favor of payoffs and other favors.
      America is in very bad situation.
      Indeed the whole world now faces a dire situation.

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