US, Israel fail to bully UN on Jerusalem al-Quds vote


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  …with Press TV, Tehran

[ Note: I was happy to get the lead story on the Top Five last night, as we had some updated material in the UN vote during the day. Israel and the US have gone quiet, waiting to see what various countries do after the vote. Actions will speak louder than words.

The Arab League seems united, but all depends on what they do next, as in is there a plan, or are they still arguing about it. Or is it waiting to see if the US follows through on cutting funding, something that is not really a flick of the switch, particularly on weapons support which is most of what Egypt gets.

Nikki Capone is playing the tough lady mainly to run for a future office

I am not sure how much we will see done between Christmas and New Years. But we do have the big Sochi meeting of the Syrian factions with a guest list of around 1500.

With the UN Geneva process dead due to the HNC being allowed to kill it, the ball is with those who should have it, those that really want to negotiate a deal. If they have a productive meeting, that will leave the High Negotiating Committee saboteurs out in the cold, where they should be.

The military defeat now has to be turned into a complete political defeat for all those who supported terror proxies in Syria, except for Turkey, who did, but wiggled itself into the peace process as a guarantor, and has guaranteed nothing in IdlibJD ]

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– First published … December 22, 2017


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jordan flip like Qatar did.

    They will be aware of the endgame Isntrael has planned — taking Jerusalem for their Capitol and giving Amman to the Palestinians for theirs. They will march two and a half million West Bank Palestinians along with two million from Gaza over the Allenby Bridge, to add to the burden of the three million Palestinians and a million each Syrians and Iraqis already in Jordan.

    This will of course cause a huge flight of anyone who is able to from Jordan, and spell the end of the Monarchy. Why would they go along with this if they didn’t have to?

    • The vote at the UN shows decisively that they don’t have to — World opinion is unanimously against the American/Isntraeli plot. They can easily switch sides — something they have clearly been kicking around since the Isntraeli embassy in Amman has been vacant for months.

      The Saudis’ reaction is unlikely to be as animated as it was when Qatar flipped — they must now be wondering if their American handlers have been blowing smoke up their Thobes.

      There is the small matter of the Americans stationed in Jordan turning on their hosts. They can do as the Qataris did — invite the Turks to keep an eye on them and the Isntraelis. Iran will take care of the rest — arming and training a Palestinian resistance to push the Isntraelis back, or even out.

      It’s their best option — letting their country be turned into a very large Gaza Concentration Camp isn’t in their interest. They probably

    • Brilliantly put Trakkath ;Tonga , Guatemala are hard to account for them as voteing for the US and also Vanauto and all the large sighniatories 126 in aill have ratified aganst Trumptt, Netanyahpooo and did not stop as you were strpped of nation statis also Israel

  2. I was not surprised to see Guatemala voting with the US on this, and it is an important thing to notice, as the evangelical presence there the last several years is akin to the 49 gold rush. This shows a direct link between evangelical/Israeli effect on a population and the instrument of bullying on a rather poor populace. So, instead of seeing Guatemala vote as a pledge of allegiance, it should be viewed as a product of bullying, political manipulation, successful infiltration, and overwhelming economic pressure. For academics looking for a new hobby, check out the linguistic commonalities between Hebrew and Quiche.

    • It’s not surprising to see Guatemala vote with the US. It’s humorous that the US couldn’t even depend on the other Banana Republics. Where was Costa Rica? And what about the Cocaine Republic of Colombia? Or the Opium Republics of Afghanistan and Myanmar? How did they get away with voting against the US? Or the US Navy’s captive Kingdom of Bahrain? The Drone Republic of Djibouti? The Donald couldn’t even intimidate them? And the Fig Leaf Kingdom of Great Britain? What happened there? What about Sahudi Arabia? Weren’t the Sword Dancers getting ready to come out of the closet and pull back their head rags to reveal their Yarmulkes?

      What a frigging embarrassment for Trump and his Kosher mafioso buddies!

      This vote was a testament to the power of the Internet and the impossibility of lying to all of the people all of the time when all of human information is available on a phone in Everyman’s shirt pocket. It’s a new World now. Trump, if he has any sense, will spend the Christmas break remapping America’s strategy as a regional power and forget about owning the whole World and all the planets and stars.

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