Holiday Wishes to the Normal Folks Out There


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

In America, Britain, Germany and elsewhere, the normal places I spent Christmas, this is a very dark period.   Though economics are temporarily ticking along, politics aren’t.  With that, the usual angry and self entitled  hate filled assholes that have ruined holidays forever seem more menacing.  They now have their own president.

As much as it disturbs so many in the lunatic fringe right, I also celebrate Jewish holidays as well.  I of course believe none of it but do this for the kids and within the extended family including friends, closer in some cases than real family, they are Jews.

By agreement we have blended holidays and do this entirely for kids so that they can see adults behaving normally, so they can have memories our digital world has long denied them.

I prefer Christmas in Germany.  As we are in the wine business and have two tiny retail stores, we peddle to British tourists coming over for the Christmas Markets along the Mosel and in Trier.  I usually sneak off to Nuremberg where the drunken party goes on forever or to Berlin, where the attacks were last year.

Christmas in Berlin is odd, the markets are miles apart, parking a nightmare, food is garbage but so much of the ruin of World War II, as the city is now united, is there to see.  This is why I go.

Then to Crackow and at time to Auschwitz.  It get dark there at 3pm.  From there I drive to Dresden, not much left there after the US/UK bombings, then to Prague, and back to Nuremberg where one of my friends owns a famous local restaurant.

For those who can afford it, next year do Germany and if I am still around, I will plan it out for you.

Please drive normally.  Be polite.  Remember the children.  Keep the fake traditions.  Get outside, get cold, stare at lights, learn to sing, pretend we haven’t become what too many of us know we are, a nation that has lost its way.

One cure for that, find your way back.  Christmas is a good place to start.  In the process, not more internet,  keep texting to a minimum, stop drinking, keep drugs out of your life and cut the friggin’ carbs.

No more politics, we have already seen how that works out.

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Duff,
    I think this post is proof that you are a fair minded individual which is of the upmost importance in these troubled times. There is nothing more frightening to me than ignorance coupled with arrogance which is pervasive and insidious. Thank you for sharing your plans and for continuing to be a voice of reason.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Thank you very much, Mr. Duff!
    In my turn, i would like to greet VT editors, writers and honorable VT readers with this nice Holiday, 25th December, the Christmas. Want to wish you all the best that you desire for yourself and your relatives, families, friends. Strong health, new achievements, warm feelings to you hearts, blessings to you and your families, wisdom and patience, the joy!
    VT – thank you for your hard and so necessary job!
    Congratulate the VT readers of all confesses and faiths. Let us spend these several days without politics and wars. Devote ourselves to the good. Life is so short to spare it in vain.
    Thanks and greetings to all, once again, from Russia!

  3. Yes, friends, in Russia we celebrate New Year in the night 31 dec-1 january. 7th January – Orthodox Christmas, 14 january – we call it Old New Year (only in Russia it is possible 🙂 ) Our traditions are the same since USSR. People meet the holidays with their families, give presents, salute the fireworks, dress the fur-trees, make the houses and streets beautiful, greet each other, drink and eat enormous quantity of food. No restrictions as it is in EU because of Muslims. Most people in Russia love 2 main holidays – New Year and the 9th of May. So, everything is fine. Moscow and St. Petersburgh are very beautiful these days.

  4. Thanks Gordon, for this kind message and everything you do for VT. The time and effort everyone puts in around here is sincerely appreciated. That includes everyone from the comment section, too. Discussing these issues with all of you is my favourite thing to do. Sounds crazy right? Well, maybe I am a bit crazy, but I still love all of you!

    Be safe everyone and enjoy spending time with the people you love the most. Those of you that have no close family, this time of year can be very difficult indeed. Know that there are still people who care about what happens to you. I care about what happens to you, even though we’ve never met. You are never truly alone, so please try to keep your head up.

    Smile at strangers when passing them on the street. Open a door for someone when the opportunity presents itself. Be good to each other. Merry Christmas and happy holidays

    • Hahah you’re welcome, Johnny! Thanks for pasting that list on breitbart and if you need help fistfighting those family children, I’ll buy a plane ticket and come help.

  5. We should all boycott air travel until the TSA is disbanded.

    Of course the really rich do not travel by scheduled airline.

  6. Merry Christmas to everyone open-minded out there and happy holidays. Grinch Trump did stole it for many but his folks are beneficial converts anyway they had it in them for so long, far before Brzezinski’s sermons from the Afghani mount. Merry Christmas to all Syrian people especially.

  7. Thnx for Nazareth info, it seems that Trump managed to scare away all the tourists.
    Moscow celebrates usually two weeks after, in the Gregorian calendar the Orthodox celebrate January the 7th as Christmas.

  8. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year to all the great writers at VT from Jim
    Dean, Gordon Duff and all the rest. Writing articles and editing them is very hard work. Many thanks to all. Let us all hope and pray the powers that be are not stupid enough to start WWIII after January 1. Winfield J. Abbe

    When I was a kid we often got used or restored gifts while my friends got new ones. All must remember the spirit of Christmas has to do with thinking about others instead of self. It is the thought that counts. This is the real Christian attitude Jesus advocated. All the consumer junk on the planet will not bring happiness. But the joy of thinking or aiding someone else in need will. All members of all religions should join hands on this tiny Earth and put personal selfish interests aside to make it one better place for all. Get war off your minds because all war does is lead to more war. Funny how America has had nothing but endless war since the “end” of WWII!

  9. More walking, less internet, more reading liturature, eating better drinking less ETOH, but not quitting entirely. Adding some Vitamen C, thanks Dr. Pauling. Singing more and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  10. Well Gordon it’s been a krazy year. VT holds it’s place as my main news source for another 12. I suspect your “holiday wishes to the normal folks” goes out to a smaller audience each year, as normal continues to morph into abnormal. So thank you for the past year. It’s been fun. Enjoy l, and be safe these last 8 days of 2017. Who would have bet we could make it this far? My sincere best wishes to you and your’s.

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