‘Not enough even for coffee’: UK troops in Afghanistan get £1 each to celebrate Christmas

     Christmas in Vietnam was different, girls brought in, all of us got to meet Bob Hope personally, hot turkey dinners, christmas carols.
    The military wouldn’t have sent every combat unit into the bush before the holiday so that the REMF contingent of service academy types could celebrate in total safety.
    The truth is a thousand times worse than this.g

    As PM May praised the military for keeping the UK safe in her Christmas message, troops abroad were not exactly in a festive mood. It has emerged that 500 soldiers in Afghanistan received just £1 each to celebrate the holiday.

    Five hundred British troops deployed to Afghanistan were allocated a total of just £500 ($700) for Christmas, the Sunday Times revealed.  Some said the defense chiefs’ frugality left the troops lagging far behind their foreign counterparts as soldiers from the  American contingent reportedly received eight Christmas trees, decorations, turkeys, numerous gifts, and even a copy of the new Star Wars film.

    “The contrast between the American and British approach is staggering,” said a British officer stationed in Kabul. “As an army we don’t have as much money as the US, but even the Danish and Mongolians seem to be doing more,” he noted.

    The tight Christmas budget has affected morale, one soldier told the newspaper: “They haven’t even sent us enough for a coffee. The Americans send in more money to feed the stray cats on their compound.”

    Christmas festivities for troops from the Yorkshire Regiment have been limited to sneaking out and swapping the stars on the American trees for Yorkshire flags, the paper said. The ministry of defense said arrangements for Christmas festivities “are made locally,” it added.

    While cash-strapped, the troops did not feel completely forgotten. “It has been staggering to see the number of parcels that have arrived for us from friends and family,” said the officer. In addition, Christmas lunch was still served on Friday, complimented by snow, which fell last week in Kabul, Afghanistan.


    The report on Christmas allowances came shortly after UK Prime Minister Theresa May stressed the “enormous debt we owe to our armed forces and veterans” in her Christmas message to the military.

    “Whenever you are called upon – regulars or reserves – you always give of your best and inspire us all with your service,” May said, adding, “the valiant hearts of our servicemen and women, many far away from their own loved ones at this special time of year, are working to keep us safe.”



    Afghanistan remains Britain’s largest overseas deployment.

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    1. Poppy production did not reach the projected goals so everyone has to tighten their belts except the Royals of course.

    2. British elites protest or send messages to each other by poking peasants under various commands.
      The passive aggressive nature underlying the facade is always present.

    3. Even though they only get a 1er their real reward is making the world a better place by assisting the U.S. drug cartel.

    4. One of my few remaining prized possessions, which survived numerous inter-continental moves, a long period of extreme poverty, two materialistic and grasping ex-wives, and a kleptomaniac girlfriend, is an original brass cigarette / tobacco box, Princess Mary’s Christmas Gift Box presented to all British troops in 1914. My Grandfather served in the Royal Navy, fought at Jutland, and the box was just about his only prized possession. He kept it highly polished, and made a teak stand for it, as it was given a place of honor in his home – hovel. I wonder how much the boxes cost Princess Mary. My guess is that after accounting for inflation it was substantially more than one pound each. The Royal family is about to get massive taxpayer support for another extravagant Royal wedding, but can’t spring for a decent dinner for UK troops in Afghanistan. What a f*%#@*g disgrace!

      • My thoughts on the royal family are unprintable. The idea that some inbred family of half-wits, nitwits, and twits has a “right to rule” over vast areas of land, trillions in wealth, and hundreds of millions of people is, to say the least, absurd.

        Yes, the UK armed forces, like the armed forces of just about every nation, do the work of corporations, bankers, and corrupt so-called “elites”. But most of these young men enlisted straight out of the dumbing down factories called “schools” where they were schooled in a pack of lies, fed jingoistic blather about “God and country”, and had little besides a life on welfare to look forward to. The same kind of poverty draft – often referred to as a volunteer army – exists in many nations.

        My point was that in the not so distant past the incredibly wealthy British royal family at least had the f’ing decency – or noblesse oblige – to provide a memorable Christmas for the troops who fight and die for them. Sorry if my gray area thinking doesn’t fit in with the black and white world too many seem to live in.

    5. Seems, US troops will have 500 British beggars today in guests :)))) All money were spent on the biggest British military vessel. Merry Christmas, guys! Sorry, it wasn’t prescribed in your military contracts….

    6. The worse the food and other benefits the better the army and its agression, maybe that is what they thought by giving this “malefit”

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