Putin to NWO agents in Syria: You ain’t seen nothing yet

Virtually every country in the world now has noticed that Assad won, which is another way of saying that the New World Order isn’t as infallible as people thought it was. Russia essentially liquidated terrorist vipers in the region. Put simply, fighting the New World Order in Syria was a worthy cause.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Vladimir Putin has stunned New World Order agents and terrorist apologists when he said that his work in Syria is not done yet. He gives the impression that he is not going to leave Assad in the lion’s den without backup. Putin still has his back against the wall and is fighting New World Order agents.

By defending Syria, Putin seems to be saying, he is indirectly fighting against diabolical forces which seek to bring down anything reasonable and orderly. If he doesn’t exterminate Israel/US terrorists in Syria, then the diabolical fire will spread, and soon or later Russia might be a victim. Putin has seen what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Libya.

Putin has seen how terrorist activities continue to rule those countries, despite the fact that the United States and Israel promised “democracy” and “freedom” in those countries. No one, with an ounce of common sense, can say that regime change has brought peace in those countries. In fact, the Pentagon has recently admitted that 9.7 million dollars have been lost in Afghanistan.[1]

Moreover, there is a widespread “lack of accountability” among US officials in places like Afghanistan. “At least 20 fire trucks worth $8.6 million, and six semi-trucks worth $1.3 million, were among the items ‘lost’ due to negligence.”[2] Putin, therefore, had to take a strong stand in the political world. He had to resist the Israeli invasion in Syria (of course, the regime used the US to do the dirty job).

After years of fighting, Russia, Assad, and Iran won the Syrian war. New World Order agents did everything in their power to make Syria look like Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya, but this time they were not able to do so because Putin seemed to have learned their diabolical strategies and made them look foolish in the political universe. Of course, New World Order agents will have to invent a new diabolical plan. But they know they are going to have a hard time defeating “the new sheriff in town.” Putin has recently said:

“You mentioned Syria. … There is no need for such a widespread use of the Russian armed forces in Syria, as it was before, although we have two stationing sites, and we, of course, will continue the fight against terrorism, including in the territory of Syria, if necessary we will work there selectively.”[3]

Russia indeed did withdraw troops from Syria, but the Israeli regime and indeed the United States wouldn’t dare to send more terrorist cells in the region and destroy the Assad government because Russia would go back there and wipe them all out. It was also wise for Putin to keep the New World Order in check there by keeping a batch of troops in the region.

Whatever you may say about Russia, there is one thing that is undeniable: Assad, who has been protecting the small minority of Christians and other religious sects in the region, is still in power. Syria didn’t wind up on the same scrap heap as Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya. New World Order agents didn’t drag Assad on the street of Damascus like a rotten animal. He survived the New World Order flood. The vast majority of Syrians voted for him, and he didn’t disappoint them by fleeing the country in the midst of the war.

Virtually every country in the world now has noticed that Assad won, which is another way of saying that the New World Order isn’t as infallible as people thought it was. Russia essentially liquidated terrorist vipers in the region. Put simply, fighting the New World Order in Syria was a worthy cause. Some people have posited that Assad should have given up in order to deter bloodshed in the region.

But the same people didn’t have the insight to realize that bloodshed didn’t stop when Hussein was removed from power. Bloodshed didn’t stop when Gaddafi was mercilessly killed. In fact, we are told that Libya imploded “into chaos and violence” after the death of Gaddafi.[4]

So, giving New World Order agents a license to destroy Syria would mean that they would move on to destroy other countries they do not like, most specifically Iran. It was smart to resist that diabolical enterprise in Syria. May 2018 be a successful year for Assad and the Syrian people.

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  1. Merry Christmas to all my friends.
    Come to think of it Christianity started in Syria and now it has become the bone of contention.

  2. The Haifa troll Russell Hoffman (formally known as Akbar Palace) feeds on reactions. Stop feeding the trolls and they will die. Ruin his fun by ignoring him and he will get bored and go away. Most of his comments are so off the deep end that they don’t warrant a response anyways. In the recent past, I wasted a couple hours thoroughly destroying his rhetoric. Akbar Palace disappeared and Russell Hoffman showed up, saying the exact same nonsense as Akbar Palace. This creates the illusion that there is more than one person here that supports Zionist Israel. There is not.

  3. Nice article Mr A. Isn’t it amazing the things that the US military “loses”; Cash, equipment, nuclear pits, hijacked planes, Rumsfield’s trillions, Vietnam and worldwide respect.

    • Not to mention that idealic country Libya,even before NATO’s rebels won,a central bank was formed, with the rothchilds stealing 148 ton of gold, billions in cash, and the resources continue to be stolen,and like a cork out of a bottle,africans pouring thru libya on there way to the Med and beyond,NATO the rothchilds private army.

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