Do We Burn Down the Post?

Greg Jaffe - Washington Post

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Three days ago, I was at a favorite lunching  spot when Greg Jaffe of the Post called.  I like Greg, he is an old timer, knows his way around, and can tell a story.  I don’t hate the Post, just what they stand for, continual lying.

I helped Greg as much as I could and reminded them they had recently published a totally false story about VT and an imaginary “investigation” from “Oxford University” claiming I was a Russian agent.  I was polite, I always am.  I was accurate, I always am.

Greg is fine but the Post story on “Alice Donovan” is more than over the top.  I published her works, critical of US policy, along with my own, better written and ten times more critical.

I am not sure Alice Donovan exists frankly but her material appeared original, submitted for publication, reviewed by an editorial board and published as relevant. The topics were ones currently in the news, and were being written about by others. Adding commentary to news, gosh…there are millions of blogs doing that. That is how it works.  It is called “freedom of the press.”  Live with it.

What got to me is that the Post was led into the story by Counterpunch.  While in Syria, sucking up to the Minister of Justice, to access his files, I read what they have on several of the major players there.

Israeli agents it said.  Stealing antiquities, running drugs.  Then I investigated, and I have sources beyond theirs that run to every major intelligence agency.

Or you could ask Mike Harris or Jim Dean or Colonel Hanke.  We found heroin, huge amounts of it, and signs they had been luring teenage girls from refugee camps and selling them to slavers.  We saw and filmed evidence of this.

We also confirmed that Counterpunch folks were working with criminal elements in Lebanon tied to drug traffickers.

We identified a pattern in their publication as dangerous disinformation, generally low grade fiction with poor quality “borrowed” VT material intermixed, and found ties to a dozen other sites with Mossad funding that claim to be the opposition left. I warned Jaffe of this.

Behind it all are rogue elements in USAID across Europe working with the extreme right, tied to all the same crap VT warns about, the bio-weapons labs and the dozen or so human and animal outbreaks we have identified tied to US efforts to test biological weapons.

We have the history here, trafficking in oil and antiquities with ISIS, before that involvement in stolen nuclear pits, before that Gladio terrorism across Europe and building the right wing/militia base across the US through the Temple of Set, Pentacostals and a series of Hubertus type societies.

The agenda is right out of science fiction.  I am uncomfortable writing about it.

Google Jigsaw has financed the takeover of most alternative news sites, certainly the 9/11 “troofer” movement and anyone ever on the Alex Jones show or who has worked with Roger Stone or Steve Bannon.

We are in a war.  Live with it or die from it.


    The following appears to be monitored by Alphabet – Jigsaw. There is a url ” film” that is a YouTube video. Google intercepts the request to “play” and requests ID to continue.

    Explosive Documentary Reveals Potential Motive in Vegas Massacre, Exposes Police Cover Up
    Damning information has been presented showing a police cover-up and a potential motive as to why the Vegas massacre took place.
    By Matt Agorist December 27, 2017

    Matt Agorist is an honourably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project.

    • update: the url ” film ” has been removed and a trailer put in it’s place that is an advertisement for a movie.

  2. Journalism in America has failed. Outside of a few independents and what websites there are such as VT, Kevin Barret to name a few, the rest are totally controlled.
    The First Amendment has been swept under the rug. The CIA controls most of those in the main stream media. The blond over at Fox, the idiots who sit in front of the Camera at CNN and the smug self important hypocrites at PBS. Toss out NWO shill Charlie Rose. Goodbye Charlie. Mr. powder puff journalist.
    The lot are merely presstitutes and media whores reading scripts from the CIA, State department or zionist stink tanks.
    I make my living off the evening news
    Just give me something-something I can use
    People love it when you lose
    Give us dirty laundry
    Well I could have been an actor
    but I wound up here
    I just have to look good, I don’t have to be clear
    Come and whisper in my ear
    Give us dirty laundry
    Kick ’em when they’re up
    Kick ’em when they’re down…

  3. I suppose that when the Jewish camp followers followed the legions to Frankfurt, then they were predominantly women ( the men being killed and the women raped as armies invariably do) and thus confirming Jewish descent through the mother and also confirming that the Talmudic ascribing of whoredom to the Blessed Virgin Mary was a straight out psychological self projection. Of course the Levitic priesthood would have travelled along in transit dressed as women (a la The Catholic Church, the parallells are too contigious to be ignored) , there is nothing more High Camp than the Catholic Church with all those bells and incense and flowers. Ain’t it Great?

  4. Horses for courses and the ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) originally started out as ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant). Well the British East India Company started out in Elizabethan times and came out of the Levant Company, which had a predominance of Jewish People; drugs, slaving, all the usual stuff. The Phoenicians/Venetians always worked with the Tribe of Dan/Vikings (ex Sicily with Bohemund), incorporating the Khazars and the rest is history. The Venetians organised the sacking of Constantinople to control the Silk Road with the Khazars and Mongols.The BEIC lost too much gold to China through demand for porcelain, silk, tea etc and China had the highest standard of living in the world in 1500 AD. India had 22% of the world GDP until the Brits came and when they left they had 2%, meantime cutting off the thumbs of Bangali (Rohani) cotton weavers to grab the cotton and turn them into opium growers to force on China through the Opium Wars. Hemnce the Spinning Wheel on the Indian Flag. I can’t think of any reason that India is going with the Four Pillars against China except that they have been run by SIkhs and Gujaratis.

    • The Troll Levine is from the Levis and they teamed up with the Tribe of Judah and I think it was Benjaman or Cohen to form the blood sacrifice cult around Jerusalem with a King as opposed to Judges, thus finally breaking the Covenant with Moses. When the Romans sacked the Temple they may have gone with the Legions to places like Frankfurt and Alsace/Lorraine. The other ten tribes in the north were Israel and dispersed to the Four Corners of the Earth. In typical Identity Theft, the Entity Known As “Israel” has assumed that name to garner some authenticity.

  5. Happy holidays to all at VT! Because of your contacts in the intelligence community, can either you or Jim give us the story behind Dr. Afia Siddiqui? Wikileaks was pointedly qwuiet about that one. Are her claims of being kidnapped in Pakistan correct? Did the kidnappers leave her baby dead in the street? Was she set up to pick up an empty rifle, after many months of torture? Which incidentally a seasoned soldier by the name of Snyder said he was afraid of. Was Snyder and any of her interrogators of the same unit that tortured and raped little boys and womn in Abu Ghuraib, as discovered by Seymour Hersch? Do any of them have a family history of service interrogating Germans, as described by Jonas? Can you name names of the kidnappers?

  6. The sleepy don’t read. Forgive my ignorance of this field, but what keeps VT from having an internet TV station. It does not have to be on 24 hours, but maybe 2 hours with the shows recorded and uploaded afterwards for those who missed it. How about crowd funding it? I feel people crave the truth. Others VT has helped like NEO might be glad to help crowd source. Imagine VTTV educating the public with a special on Trump’s real Russian connection.

  7. You wrote: “Behind it all are rogue elements in USAID across Europe working with the extreme right, tied to all the same crap VT warns about, the bio-weapons labs and the dozen or so human and animal outbreaks we have identified tied to US efforts to test biological weapons.”

    I’ve found that people believe the “emotional” (right brain) before they’ll even consider the logical, analytical, objective thought found in left brain activity. Which is why we are in the current state of brain-dead cold war. Everything we hear is programmed for emotional reaction, which is great for the warmongers. They can rally the pitch-fork people a heck of a lot easier that way.

    I quote from the article because biological weapons/chemical weapons have been developed AND used to kill people for over 100 years. From mustard gas to agent orange, to god knows what’s laced in the Heavens above. Out on Netflix just a week, or so ago, is a documentary entitled “WORMWOOD” I suggest it as a MUST WATCH. It’s a true tale and the cover-up, of the cover-up is appalling. But, everyone wants to look the other way, when something wicked this way comes . . . Pity.

  8. 26 December 2017
    message from Nam: “over-kill-them-all”
    WaPo? When telling the truth is a lie … shoot the messenger.
    🙂 y eye

    • oh yea I almost forgot what started this rant so go ahead and burn it down, no harm done. but read this first …
      ‘The Russia Story’
      As it was encountered in 2017 by rabid Democrats, recalcitrant Republicans, and everyone else on social media
      By Jordan Larson and Max Read
      Illustration by Nicolas Ortega

      because: when you come back, there is an addition to the “fingerprinting AI Archiving Thread” that may be useful and the above is a good intro …

    • 28 December 17
      “The AI Fingerprint” continued …

      The day before yesterday “the ground began to move under foot as we spoke”, meaning the story/article began to change and become updated as we wrote/read. Yesterday The “Oklahoma Bombing” became an addition to the “False Flag Scenario” and it seems that the same “covert activity people” including those responsible for the destruction and genocide of 911 we hear so much about these days are the same, “Shadow Military”. They are “Today’s Fingerprint” continued.

      There are at least three threads running at the same time as if … the index lines beginning at the center are advancing and at different velocity, becoming broken/separated, for a time and continuing …

    • The spiral has three parts and the first to demand attention is “definitions”. News … has no definition except that there are many types but there is/are no functional definition/s. So … from the above “intro” a definition of MSM could include but not be limited to the items describing the incorporated businesses listed above. Then we have the “Alternative News” and “The Fake News”. MSM is usually intentionally and legally fake. The intention of MSM as a corporation operating under articles that describe the business as “entertainment” are not factual and not historical.

      Compared to what? “A TRUTHER”? … Perhaps or maybe an article prepared by a Humanoid GMO, an Android.

      Android AI is another GMO definition all-together, not too heavy not too sweet, until the unit is combined with telepathy. That is to say …, by my definition, “androids are not capable of representing the truth”; however, they may be capable of telepathic AI.

      Something to think about eh?
      Soo … what is …_____________________… “The Source”?

      🙂 y eye

  9. She profiles like a keyboard warrior with questionable ethics and poor understanding of copyright.
    Other than that harmless. One thing that is more disturbing, is the level of projection coming from the evangelicals. One of the consistent products of religious nutters is craaazzy stories and paranoid excitability.
    This trend will continue as so many have occupied positions and are currently gaining confidence. They will let their freak flags fly soon enough. I see the Donovan thing as preparedness exercise.

  10. Nothing like naming names. And I once considered Counter Punch to be worthy of reading but that was some time ago. Obviously they are mossad disinfo site. Like Infowars and Breitbart.
    Pentecostals are another breed by themselves. I avoid them at all costs. Worse than Bapduhs. Iwas forced to attend Bapduhs church when I was too young to assert myself. Today, you could call it child abuse. I can’t imagine anything much worse than Bapduhs but the Pentecostals have managed to do so. Now toss in the xtian zionists and see where America is at.
    And some people are grumbling that Christianity is ebbing in America. Another fairy tale. It doesn’t appear to be so at least with the older bunch. Young people have at least woken to that fairy tale.
    Remaining atheist.

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