Thank You Mr. President You Made Our Day

You could not imagine, how happy you made us when you announced and declared that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel and that you will move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.


Dear Mr. President:

You made us happy not because you are right, but because for once, you removed the false façade of the US as honest peace broker and maker. When I say we, I mean all those Palestinians under occupation and in the diaspora and all Arabs and Muslims who were under the “illusion” that the US is, after all committed to make a final break and conclude an ever lasting peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Well, I can say we were never under the “illusion” but always were hopeful and trustful, the US will live up to its principles of peace, justice, equality, liberty, self-determination and will bring about an end to the longest military and colonial occupation in modern history.

For over 50 years, the Palestinians, the Arabs, and even the Muslims were led to believe the US is doing all its best to bring about peace and reconciliation between the Palestinians and the Israelis, even though and since the days of President Johnson, the US was unbashful and shamelessly on the side of Israel “right and wrong” even at the expense of our national interests, the lives of our sailors who were murdered in cold blood by the Israeli during the 67 War with your predecessor Johnson in act of treason, not only refused to provide help to the crew of the USS Liberty but deliberately overrode the chief of staff preventing a full and open board of inquiry into the massacre that took place on the deck of the USS Liberty.

Of course the US not only did it pretend to work toward peace, but did everything to sabotage any real efforts in bringing about an end to this long festering conflict appointing and without fails, Israeli-First diplomats and special envoys to the Middle East, who made sure and consistent with their Zionism that Israel and the Palestinians will never be able to reach a credible peace agreement.

You and us know well, the Arab-Israeli conflict was never an international conflict but a domestic issue driven by the needs of AIPAC and the elite American Jewish establishment to exercise its toxic and undue influence over our American political, media and social institutions. After all, what AIPAC and the American Jewish leadership can offer its community if Israeli was at peace with its neighbors; kosher hotdog perhaps.

However, not only the US played this dishonest game, but the leaders and executives of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) also and for over 50 years perpetuated the longest and most cruel fraud and lies on Palestinians, first playing the game of liberation and since Oslo played along the “peace game’ when in fact Oslo was nothing to do with ending the Israeli military and settler’s colonial occupation, but a commercial and security contract between the PLO and Israel whereby the PLO provides administrative and security services while funding the continued Israeli colonial occupation. Meanwhile Israel continues with its military and colonial occupation. Only stupid fools think otherwise. The PLO and Fatah, ensure they have continued funding and business opportunities while Israeli continues with its ever expanding settlements.

For over 25 years, we witnessed this game of charade between both the Palestinians and Israeli leadership under the masterful hand of deceit by Israeli-First envoys mainly Dennis Ross and Martin Indyke and now Greenblatt.

While the PLO executive leadership was raising the money to manage the Occupation, Israeli was ever active in expanding its colonial presence at fast dizzying rate building its Apartheid Wall, confiscating prime land to build its colonial settlements, having over 500 “security” check points delivering daily humiliations to over 3 million Palestinians, and implementing a true Apartheid System not seen since the ugly days of Germany and South Africa. The world including the Arabs were happy with the façade “peace process”.

We want to thank you Mr. President for your courageous decision, especially after collecting and securing hundreds of billions worth of contracts from the Arabs and after convincing the Palestinian and the Arab leadership that you have under wrap the “deal of the century”.

Well, your Jerusalem Declaration, just made our day, and made our mission much easier as we now push seriously creating a “peace movement” between Palestinians under Occupation and those in Exiles and Israeli and the people around the world to push toward the One State Solution. You could not imagine how happy we are all and how happy that Palestinians, Arabs and Muslim finally woke up from their day dreams, called “Peace Process”. Now there are no rooms for lies or pretenses and time for the Palestinians to realize the fraud that has been perpetuated on them for over 50 years of PLO leadership.

Who knows maybe you will live long enough to visit Palestinians and Israelis as they enjoy the benefits of your Jerusalem Declaration, living in their own One State for All of its people; of course that include Palestinians in Exiles. I am sure you will be most welcomed.

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Sami, a Palestinian-American and a US Army Veteran (66-68) is an international legal and business consultant with over 40 years of international experience, in construction, hospitality services, conservation and defense, in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. Sami is a holder of BA, MPA and Jurist Doctor from Indiana University.

Active in peace movement as a co-author of the pre-amble for the One State for All of its people and voluntary service program SalamNation. A frequent contributor on national and international affairs. He resides in the United States.

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  1. I believe that to win in cases like these the best way is to stay calm and OUTSMART THEM. Jerusalem is actually the Historical capital of Israel, factually, as Trump claims about rational answers, the Israeli BUILT Jerusalem. BUT, there is a much greater small city, with the greatest emotional passion and religious devotion and that is BETHLEHEM !. Marry Christmas Bethlehem, millions faithful celebrate the birth of the King Of Peace and Love. One needs not be a religious Christian to follow the teaching of Jesus. Jesus is great even a s a humble human, a hero for what he did and stood for to give us a better world. It is in the West Bank, Claim It as the Capital of Palestine. There are million Jews that will support you and Israel deserves more humane people of Faith. The original Faith, the Jews are only part on one Tribe, the God of the Jews, and all believers, was not Jewish.

    • Actually and factually there was never such a thing called the “State of Israel”. There was two “Jewish” kingdoms that ruled parts of PALESTINE Judeua and Samaria and they were in conflicts and their rules did not extend more than hundred years compared to the rules of other invaders or nations lasting hundreds of years. The fact that so called promised land “milk and honey” confirms the land was settled by civilized people. The Palestinians are those people lived for thousands of years some became Jewish, some became Christians and some became Muslims. I never did deny the rights of “Jews” in Jerusalem but they are not the only ones with such rights. I do not deny the rights of “ Jews” in PALESTINE because they belong, but the Jews I am talking about not the Khazar Jews or thr Pplish or the Brooklynite. To ensure that there are no Transfers of populations which is customary in Western societies I am calling for the One State with United Open Jersulam for both Israelis and Palestinians and that has been my consistent opinion. Then I think Washington is the Israeli Capital since almost everyone pledges allegiance to Israel when they take office or become anchors

  2. It is in the best interests of AIPAC and the American Zionist leadership to keep the conflict going not because they give a damn about Israel but because it keeps them in the driver seats here in the US.

  3. One of the original contenders for location of the UN after WWII , was Grand Island NY. A guy named Mordecai Noah also proposed around 1825 Grand Island to become the new home of the Jewish people, and even was going name the place New Jerusalem and was to locate a temple in a place to be called Ararat there. It was to be the new Jewish Homeland. The link contains a virtual walking tour showing locations and longs and lats of proposed monuments.

  4. We need “more” spaces, not few. Globalization is exactly the wrong answer. Union is exactly the wrong answer. Forced Union is the worst answer of all.

    Iterative secession. Then let people have their own way in their own small collective spaces.

  5. Pres Trump allowed Israel to dominate US policy, on the campaign trail, he stated he was a top negotiator, he was a deal maker, but by moving the embassy, , israel didn’t have to hand over anything, nothing. In this country, that is called a free kick.

  6. As I repeatedly assert: We are a nation of laws, not people … and that is our major flaw. We should be a nation of principles … not laws. Laws are just “leaks” in principles. You don’t need many more principles than the golden rule … and religion (another collection of laws weakening principles) is no substitute.

  7. This is my reply to Dwayne Weyrich. The process here forces me to re-establish my Facebook account (which I choose not to do). Dwayne’s assertions are DW. My reactions are TM.

    DW: It is extremely frustrating when writers use the term “US” to descibe what is actually a professional criminal cabal of elistists politicians.

    TM: Not to suggest there is no better way, but “what is your better way?”

    DW: Those people are not “us”… the average Joe trying to survive in this fubar’d world where only a few determine the fate of the many.

    TM: You are mistaken. When you are part of an organization that you cannot, or will not, separate yourself from, you “are” us.

    DW: The “US” (aka the United States of America which must be differentiated from the thirteen ‘united states’ under confederation) is at it’s essence a corporation, chartered by the Constitution and foisted onto the common man by 39 elites who were the “We the People”.

    TM: Nonsense. What “chartered” the confederation? The “constitution” is a collection of bylaws
    … and I get cutoff for a long comment.

    Contact at Todd at Withglee dot com

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