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by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Gordon in Nam. He returned at 120 lbs, malnutrition from constant patrolling

[ Editor’s Note: This made it up to number four on NEO over Christmas day. It is that time of the year to be getting Gordon’s annual SitRep before the New Year celebration. Put on your seat belt.

Those of you on depression medicine, take an extra dose and wait a couple of hours before reading this, as it ain’t pretty. Regular VT readers already know.

The question we all face is what we can really do about it. We have all been around long enough to know that our elected people don’t want to wander off the plantation they have been allowed to run as overseers.

But in no way are they ever to question those in the big house. They risk losing the good life if they do. We see this among many of the specially trained military people, where the old days of getting a nice secure job in some government organization with guaranteed security was considered the jackpot.

That is now considered the dregs. They want the big money DHS contracts, preferably overseas where they can earn the tax free money, all of which can be banked, as they have all their expenses covered on assignment.

This filters down to why some people are even going into the military, to serve themselves. They are smart enough to know that a peaceful world will see reductions in force, fewer promotions, and probably a slowed civilian job market at home, working for peanuts.

Many are on board the unipolar power play the US is on; and they don’t care much whether the threats are real or not, as long as the checks don’t bounce.

Fortunately most are not that way, but there are enough to keep the merc ranks full. I wish I could pull a genie out of a bottle to tell me how this will all work out, but that appears to be a myth, tooJim W. Dean ]

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Col. Jim Hanke, Gordon and the Syrian Justice minister, explaining to the shocked crowd that international organized crime was the driving engine behind the terror wars – Dec. 2015 – Jim Dean Archives

– First published  …  December 24, 2017

After 9/11, America went on a rampage around the world. It fabricated intelligence and unleashed thousands of armed gangsters, kidnapping innocent victims from around the world, labeling them terrorists, torturing some for years then quietly releasing most with a lame apology and a few thousand dollars in their pockets.

Let’s hope this does not happen to Americans some day, those that don’t deserve it

What isn’t told is the tens of thousands who didn’t survive kidnapping and rendition, buried in mass graves in Poland, Ethiopia, Libya, Romania and a dozen other nations, exactly like the mass graves excavated after World War II, victims of what is called the “holocaust.”

Add to these two million Iraqi dead, mostly children, victims of sanctions, 30,000 Syrian dead from “bombing errors” and the tens of thousands of mistaken drone killings in 45 nations as well and the actions of the “freedom loving” United States begin to deeply parallel those of histories most brutal regimes.

We will discuss a simple issue here, whether it is a reasonable assumption to assess the United States of America as “bad.” Is America, as the United States calls itself, a “bad nation,” representing injustice, aggressive war, religious, racial and sexual discrimination and supporting criminal activities around the world?

Can we go further? Does America support global economic injustice, stifle the growth of democratic governments or even interfere with scientific studies and cultural development? If you are a minority of better educated Americans or a majority of others around the world, the answer is simple, a resounding “yes.”

What is changing is the view of everyday Americans who really aren’t obsessed with Trump’s tweet of the day or what CNN wants people to worry about. That general suspicion that America runs the world’s heroin business and invented both al-Qaeda and ISIS is there, average Americans believe it and not because of something crazy they heard on a podcast or read in an email. They figured it out for themselves. “Regular people” aren’t really as stupid as politicians and journalists.

A key area of debunking America’s disease of self-righteousness is the result of satellite-cable television. You see, with dozens of new networks, documentary research usually under tight control by universities long controlled by organizations like the CIA and MI 5/6, only publish books or journal articles.

Most don’t think we can reverse the trend

Nobody reads their books, no one sees their articles. All are based on research in libraries filled with other books and research articles, all fabricated and filtered by earlier generations of academic hacks.

Video documentaries are something else entirely. A mixed bag of lunatic fringe and breakthrough research, the public gets to see, firsthand, historical discoveries or, worse still, entire networks dedicated to debunking the lies of the past.

So, when someone says that “Hitler was a nice guy” or that “the holocaust never happened,” things that would cost a university professor not just their job but jail time as well, documentary film makers rake in the profits.

Not only that, asking this type of question opens doors. Where Hitler may not be vindicated, though some might hope this to happen, it is generally accepted that the 1967 War was begun by Israel, not Egypt.

It is also accepted that the US has committed horrible crimes against nations like Iran or Vietnam, so many others, and that the excuses given during the Cold War about opposing “the Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union are no longer plausible. America, or those secretly running America, were simply robbing the world blind by putting puppet governments in power around the world.

Everyday Americans, perhaps a majority, do believe this now, though no poll on the subject will ever be published.

Only a few days before this was written, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, chastised the Security Council for passing, except for a lone American veto, war crimes sanctions against Israel for claiming its capitol in occupied Palestinian territory.

The “special relationship” between America and Britain died that day. In reality, NATO died that day as well. The “triumvirate “put together by slumlord turned diplomat Jared Kushner, of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Trump regime, has alienated every American ally.

Were one to believe polls published in America, few take American foreign policy seriously nor support any suggested Trump-based military action against any nation, North Korea, Canada, Iran, China or Britain. Any of those, or any other, could and likely will, at some time, be victim of a Trump “tweet” threatening nuclear holocaust.

Re-examination of history, be it the Napoleonic Wars or history of the Vatican, is no long consigned to “revisionism” or “conspiracy theory.”

This, of course, explains the flurry of internet insanity, where, were one to scratch the surface, one would find security agencies funding hundreds, even thousands of fake news and conspiracy websites hoping to literally drown newfound truths in a sludge of toxic slander and manufactured but pointless “controversy.”

We all know this guy now. His new name is Deep State

Behind this is an even nastier reality, one also generally accepted around the world, that governments in general are all controlled by global interest groups that exploit resources, impoverish nations with contrived debt and do so behind a veneer of war and fake discord misnamed “terrorism” or “extremism.”

This leaves a select few nations that refuse to submit. Is there a list, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, how many others? Do Russia and China belong on the list, protected by their nuclear arsenals?

Behind this all is a shadowy world of international trade, trade in equities, bonds, imaginary bonds, commodities, real or imaginary, futures of commodities real and imaginary, trade in metals and, most insane of all “currencies.” All is artifice, none is real, all involves the creation of “wealth” and “power” without power at all, only deception and submission.

Were one to return to the world of new found documentary research, are questions such as these, and individuals such as Hitler, Stalin or even the Kaiser, to be judged on their horrific crimes, which may just possibly be tainted by fake history, or by their lack of cooperation with the institutions of eternal human slavery? We ask.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”



  1. Another outstanding expose. while my brother i spending his time watching mindless TV, I’m here reading and commenting.
    There remains a problem in America with a great many people and that is the belief in authority and the power it wields. Those who believe in the infallibility of those in authority and power and that those same individuals have our best interests at heart have been brainwashed by a failed public education system, the failure of journalism and the news media for which they represent and by those within the media who are mouth pieces for those in power. You know who they are: the frauds, liars and yes men who occupy too much radio and internet space.
    To say that Americans have been brainwashed may sound harsh but what else would you call it? When those who speak out against government corruption or wrong doing are jailed, driven out of the country or even murdered then what are we to believe? When those who dare question unnecessary wars, unjust laws and injustice, who speak out against the loss of rights and in return are labeled as extremists, unpatriotic or un-American as we so often witness, then what else can we believe, other than that far to many Americans are truly brainwashed.
    It’s the dream of all tyrants to be able to control what their subjects think and say.

    • Unfortunately congress has already done so. It passed a law allowing total abrogation of the Fourth Amendment throughout the entire Maryland/Virginia corridor.
      In the name of fighting terrorism.

  2. She was another Syrian official but we did not get her name. The picture was a screen shot from my shooting HD video about waist high. I move around to the other side of Jimmy once I had some shot of him so I could frame Gordon up closer, but more important to be closer to get good audio. We lucked out with our people on the corner, to the right of the Justice Minister host, so I was not block the view of Gordon from the other people. It was a fluke that we got this video as we were attending different conferences to see more of what was going on and literally just bumped into each other at the perfect moment, when Gordon gave want turned out to be the keynote address. For our troubles, Gordon, Hanke and I got poisoned, but Mike was somehow spared, although we teased him immensely. They used E-coli, an old Cold War tactic as you have to stay near a toilet. Someone did not want us traveling around like we wanted.

  3. Outstanding work Jim & Gordon!
    The whole world spins only on Profits and ALL apart from a few Nations being fought or criticized as “rogue states or tyranny” are in on it. All is connected through the same cobweb from the same money changing spider origin called profit. 9/11 was the start of the endgame or the “OUTING”. It was a little like poking a stick at that slain animal lying bleeding in the dirt to see if it still would fight back or move. AND IT DID NOT! Apathy and ignorance has become a modern virtue a new moral, a heavy cloak for prison walls. Thinking for oneself was unlearned as “Authorities do the thinking” for their unworthy, dumb and herded animals.
    The dying animal lays in apathy and blood soaked dirt and is slowly fading of life’s support. Our chosen ones and ruler knew the time was right to drop their act/secrecy and come out into the open after pulling hidden strings throughout history of mankind. The stunned “animal” has accepted its end as there is nothing it can do! The hidden war turned victorious. Justice and freedom once poked through in human history died again in agony and deceit. The chosen ones have proven themselves right with hardly any losses in their own ranks while rivers of “animal blood” flow downstream to fill the oceans of suffering and despair in hell.
    To forgive all that do not know what they are doing has become more complicated applied to the chosen ones or the herd.

  4. I can offer only agreement with the content of the above situation statement. Have noted that Gordon’s tone of discourse has become somewhat more edgy in the last few weeks. Carry on!

    My reason for posting is to make an inquiry: Who is the woman wearing the head scarf in the photo with Gordon and Col. Jim Hanke and Syrian Defense Minister? Further, I am curious re the identities of all the people in the photograph.

    • She was another Syrian official but we did not get her name. The picture was a screen shot from my shooting HD video about waist high. I move around to the other side of Jimmy once I had some shot of him so I could frame Gordon up closer, but more important to be closer to get good audio. We lucked out with our people on the corner, to the right of the Justice Minister host, so I was not block the view of Gordon from the other people. It was a fluke that we got this video as we were attending different conferences to see more of what was going on and literally just bumped into each other at the perfect moment, when Gordon gave want turned out to be the keynote address. For our troubles, Gordon, Hanke and I got poisoned, but Mike was somehow spared, although we teased him immensely. They used E-coli, an old Cold War tactic as you have to stay near a toilet. Someone did not want us traveling around like we wanted.

  5. It is pure insanity that drugs have not been legalized and regulated. Read this great piece by Norm Stamper 34 year police veteran:

    Let those dopers be
    A former police chief wants to end a losing war by legalizing pot, coke, meth and other drugs
    October 16, 2005|Norm Stamper | Norm Stamper is the former chief of the Seattle Police Department. He is the author of “Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing” (Nation Books, 2005).
    “ It’s not a stretch to conclude that our draconian approach to drug use is the most injurious domestic policy since slavery. Want to cut back on prison overcrowding and save a bundle on the construction of new facilities? Open the doors, let the nonviolent drug offenders go. The huge increases in federal and state prison populations during the 1980s and ’90s (from 139 per 100,000 residents in 1980 to 482 per 100,000 in 2003) were mainly for drug convictions. In 1980, 580,900 Americans were arrested on drug charges. By 2003, that figure had ballooned to 1,678,200. We’re making more arrests for drug offenses than for murder, manslaughter, forcible rape and aggravated assault combined. Feel safer?
    I’ve witnessed the devastating effects of open-air drug markets in residential neighborhoods: children recruited as runners, mules and lookouts; drug dealers and innocent citizens shot dead in firefights between rival traffickers…”

    • Con’t. from above:
      “I’ve witnessed the devastating effects of open-air drug markets in residential neighborhoods: children recruited as runners, mules and lookouts; drug dealers and innocent citizens shot dead in firefights between rival traffickers bent on protecting or expanding their markets; dedicated narcotics officers tortured and killed in the line of duty; prisons filled with nonviolent drug offenders; and drug-related foreign policies that foster political instability, wreak health and environmental disasters, and make life even tougher for indigenous subsistence farmers in places such as Latin America and Afghanistan. All because we like our drugs — and can’t have them without breaking the law.
      As an illicit commodity, drugs cost and generate extravagant sums of (laundered, untaxed) money, a powerful magnet for character-challenged police officers.
      Although small in numbers of offenders, there isn’t a major police force — the Los Angeles Police Department included — that has escaped the problem: cops, sworn to uphold the law, seizing and converting drugs to their own use, planting dope on suspects, robbing and extorting pushers, taking up dealing themselves, intimidating or murdering witnesses.”

    • oh, the only legalised drug trade is where big pharma can make profit of by prescription of doctors. And I think this is what is behind it, if they can´t benefit from it it is called criminal, Same by other trades where the Banksters can´t make profit of.

    • You are right Trakkath! One just need to look at the money spinner “Anti depressants”. Hooking people onto dangerous addictive drugs which in the end will cause more paranoia then the depression which was supposed to be treated. And the best of all is ALL the “legal drug addicts” are not only destroying themselves and their families, they always come back for more and their friendly puppet doctor willingly describes more and more. Well, he/she might get some nice presents from the Sales Rep. Same applies to opioid. USA is the winning show pony in “legal drug addictions” followed by the rest of the addicted western world.

    • Sorry, the above comment posted twice.
      What is the difference between Prosac the medicine and prosaic? The i, they take away the patient’s personality.

  6. Many of the heroes who helped America gain real pride (not the coerced kind we have now) did not graduate high school. George Eastman, Mark Twain, Wright Bros, Henry Ford, and many others may have done what they did because their minds were untainted by coercion. The simple act of placing social status and value on the ability to remember history as taught and approved by compulsory education has a profound effect on the formation of a personality of a group. Mendeleev got the periodic table in a dream, and upon waking, wrote it down, and later only had to make a few small corrections. Exploration and freedom to follow the individual interests and aspirations make for a free and healthy people.

    • Of any species, the warriors or defenders among them tasked with safety are not actually the source of true pride. When they become venerated above all else, then it is clear a single agenda of aggression has reached a point of power. There is no honor in killing. It may at times need to be done, but we do not appoint the man with the most notches in his hatchet handle the leader. They are valued, and certainly a source of security and protection which is comforting, but also the most easily exploited segment of society by nefarious forces within. That goes for any species.

    • Thank you David for mentioning one of the greatest Russian scientists and chemists of all time discussed here: Dmitri Mendeleev (1834-1907) is one of the many genius level scientists produced in the Russian Empire. The Periodic Table is one of the most significant scientific discoveries of all time because it unified a very complex subject which took many years to unravel and simplified its understanding enormously. The first great failure of the Nobel Committee was to not award Mendeleev the Nobel prize for this great work. Nobel Prizes were awarded beginning in 1900. They had 7 years to award this prize to him but they failed to do so. The only explanation is gross prejudice favoring Europe over Russia. Russia has produced genius level intellectuals in every field, from mathematics to physics to chemistry to art to music to engineering…. you name they have been there first. Say a prayer of thanks for the life of this fabulous genius level chemist and scientist Dmitri Mendeleev of Russia for this priceless contribution to mankind. Of course everything is “easy” after someone like Mendeleev discovers all the difficult details and does all the hard work!

    • “When congress is in session, no one is safe.” Mark Twain
      “There is no distinctly American criminal class- except congress.” Mark Twain
      “Patriot: The person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about”.: Mark Twain.
      “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world, I know, I”ve done it thousands of times.” Matk Twain.

  7. Perhaps America never was anything but a myth, constituted by the hammer coming down of a corrupt parliamentarian. The single greatest act was the Constitution with all its faults. But they made it difficult to change it. And because it was so difficult to remove such basic rights as freedom of religion and speech and the basic right to know charges against you, they changed it covertly by the same tyrannical acts that very document sought to protect; little by little, every minute of every year until today they gang raped it all based on a lie of 9/11 resulting in the unconstitutional obscene Patriot act passed by the gutless cowards in our hi jacked Congress. The most interesting thing is how fast they legally reversed prohibition or the national laws against booze: Prohibition was approved by Amendment 18 in 1919 in 1 year, 1 1/2 months; it was repealed by Amendment 21 in 1933 after only 9 1/2 months! Yet drugs still remain illegal because the crooks in government are making so much off the books money selling them world wide! The streets of America were anarchy for 14 years during prohibition. They are in anarchy today. Why not end the hypocrisy and legalize prostitution, gambling, drugs and party to the end? America is already morally bankrupt; it is only a matter of time until it is fiscally bankrupt too.

    • To Jim W.

      Seeing as what this American family has been destroyed in large measure by mental and physical inertia I look to your phrase and instead of The Founding Fathers see The Foundling Fathers and that the foundlings of our day, the street urchins, the waifs, the strays, the outcasts, the orphans and the abducted children garner more attention than the remainder of society for all the wrong reasons: torture, sacrificial murder, sex orgies of the elite.

      The remainder of society? Well. I read in a Guardian newspaper article – (cum grano salis, or the required grain of salt) about the tax policy that was to turn the State of Kansas around but instead it tanked and state finances as a result are a shambles. And in private conversation at Baltimore over Christmas heard 200 – two hundred, CEO’s in response to a question by the Secretary of Labor on how many would invest back into their companies on the strength of the ‘moolah’ from Trump’s tax break, two – f***ing 2 – raised their hands. What does it take to turn the worm? Or, lets go back pre-Constitution days to England – “Treade a worme on the tayle, and it must turne agayne.” When Americans rely on a gravitational pull of the moon to reach for a morning coffee … let alone a gun, what chance to turn things round? Zilch.

    • If you haven’t viewed the video “I am Fishhead” do so.
      Look for the headline,”Understanding Trump”.
      Offers good insight as to just who is in charge.

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