Sergey Lavrov: No need for US to go to war with North Korea

People of reason: are we really willing to say that Russia is actually evil and that the Neocons and other ethnic cleansers are freedom fighters or liberators? Isn’t it reasonable to assert that Max Boot is like Dracula? He wants to shed other people’s blood in order for Neocon ideology to thrive.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Newsweek has recently quoted Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saying that there is no need for the United States to get involved into a bloody war with North Korea. Lovrov said:

“We call on partners to focus on solving specific problems of the Korean Peninsula on the basis of negotiations. And for this, it is necessary not to rupture contacts with Pyongyang, but, on the contrary, develop it.”[1]

Lavrov moved on to say that Russia “does not share the desire of some states to exert maximum pressure on North Korea, which is often interpreted by them as establishing full economic and political blockade of this country by all available means.”[2]

Isn’t that interesting? New World Order agents and Zionist outlets like Newsweek have universally compared modern Russia under Vladimir Putin with the old Soviet Union under Stalin because, we are told, Russia is aggressive, Russia is evil, Russia hacked the election, Russia did this and Russia did that. But when it comes to establishing reasonable discourse in the political universe, Russia comes right on top! In fact, Russia, as Haaretz has reported, “Wields Most Influence in Middle East; Netanyahu Least Popular Leader.”[3]

Moreover, Russia’s position here is completely opposite to what the Neocons, warmongers, and ethnic cleansers have taken. Remember John Bolton? Let’s quote him again:

“You have to make the choice at some point whether the risks are greater in preventing North Korea from getting the capability of blackmailing or actually attacking the United States against the dangers of, the consequences of, a preemptive strike. I will just say this: The president of the United States’ first duty … is to protect Americans.

“It’s a myth to think that a regime as irrational in our terms as North Korea or as extreme ideologically as Iran are going to be deterred” through peaceful resolution. Therefore, the only option is to bomb. “I just think as citizens we’ve all got a responsibility to think about this, because if we don’t stop (nuclear proliferation) here, we’re not going to stop it anywhere.”[4]

We obviously have a conflict of vision here. Russia wants reasonable discourse, peaceful resolutions and negotiations, but ethnic cleansers like Bolton want bloodshed, misery, and economic disasters in North Korea, South Korea, and in the United States. Who will suffer the most if a war with North Korea ever takes place? The average citizen in those countries.[5] Ethnic cleansers never suffer.

If you doubt this statement, then let us hear from Tzipi Hotovely, Israel’s deputy foreign minister. She said that American Jews are “people that never send their children to fight for their country.” She added that “most of the Jews don’t have children serving as soldiers, going to the Marines, going to Afghanistan, or to Iraq. Most of them are having quite convenient lives.”[6]

If you think that’s not true, then take a look at the lives of people like Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and Daniel Pipes. They are eager to send decent American soldiers and even illegal immigrants to die for Israel in the Middle East and elsewhere, but they have never once send their own kids in the battlefield. Here is what Max Boot proposed way back in 2005:

The military would do well today to open its ranks not only to legal immigrants but also to illegal ones and, as important, to untold numbers of young men and women who are not here now but would like to come.

“No doubt many would be willing to serve for some set period in return for one of the world’s most precious commodities — U.S. citizenship.”

The following year, Boot wrote in the Washington Post:

“Now is the time to consider a new chapter in the annals of American immigration. By inviting foreigners to join the U.S. armed forces in exchange for a promise of citizenship after a four-year tour of duty, we could continue to attract some of the world’s most enterprising, selfless and talented individuals.

“We could provide a new path toward assimilation for undocumented immigrants who are already here but lack the prerequisite for enlistment — a green card. And we could solve the No. 1 problem facing the Army and Marine Corps: the fact that these services need to grow to meet current commitments yet cannot easily do so (absent a draft) given the current recruiting environment.”[7]

People of reason: are we really willing to say that Russia is actually evil and that the Neocons and other ethnic cleansers are freedom fighters or liberators? Isn’t it reasonable to assert that Max Boot is like Dracula? He wants to shed other people’s blood in order for Neocon ideology to thrive.

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  1. Reason? USA? Let’s get real. ‘Reason’ is a cussword in Washington DC or Wailing Wall Street. Also don’t know why we dare call it war when the USA trounces on one after another itsy bitsy teenie weenie society. Let’s be clear – the sumo wrestler flattening a 97-lb, dripping-wet shrimp, is not a wrestling match. Nor is another USA smackdown a ‘war.’ OK? Lavrov and Jonas Alexis have proven time and time again that they are reasonable and even decent minds & souls. However it is pure redundancy to repeat that there is “no need for the US to go to war with (fill in the blanks).” With respect to this century and the last, there was NEVER a “need” for the United States to go to war. 100% were wars/invasions of choice and that includes both world wars (especially in view of what we know now of the back-door back-stabbing manipulations by the whining few). The only country the US actually needs to wage war against is the country that controls the US, which could be executed without spending a dime or firing a single shot … just by turning off the spigot of money, arms, insider contracts and strategically-placed ass-kissing.

  2. When Bush jnr called NK part of his ‘Evil empire’, NK woke up, it saw what happened to Afganst, Iraq, Libya,Syria and didn’t want to be invaded also, so they armed themselves to the teeth. Isn’t it strange that all these Evil empires are not linked by a central bank, connected to the Rothschilds. Get a bigger weapon I say.

  3. We all know recruiters for any branch of the military lie to green behind the ears recruits especially ones from foreign lands who can’t even speak or write English. Recruiters get a big bonus every time they dupe someone to signing up. Do not do it. Since Congress has aided in this scam by failing to require true informed consent of any fool who signs up for our totally corrupt military today, citizens must write a set of rules to inform all potential dupes. For example, warn them of exposure to dangerous nuclear hazards, depleted Uranium, show horrible gruesome pictures of buddies getting limbs blown off next to them, fire fights like Charlie Liteky got the MOH for, POW capture for years and on and on and on. Do NOT join our corrupt military under any circumstances. You will be aiding criminal activities such as the current illegal invasion of Syria or killing innocent peoples all over the ME for selfish Israel, etc. DON’T Do It. It isn’t worth the money. Get a normal job and give our criminal military your big MIDDLE FINGER they so rightly deserve. Send the Harvard and Yale or UC Berkeley elitists to die for Israel since they love that country so much. Send the children of the hi jacked Congress to die for Israel since they love Israel so much and force new members to take a pledge for Israel.

    • Great job Alexis. Keep hammering these hypocrite shills for Israel who use our freedoms to promote this tyrant nation who steals land from neighbors and treats neighbors like garbage while seeking to improperly use our military to fight wars for their selfish benefit. Shameful, disgusting, deplorable, etc. All nuclear weapons should be removed from Israel. These mentally impaired egotists are likely to destroy the planet with them. Frankly we should demand all nuclear weapons be removed from Israel and if they refuse, then bomb them!

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