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  1. A few years ago in Athens, Georgia an elderly lady was jay walking across a busy road and struck by a car and broke her hip. She was wrong and violating the law against jay walking for which the fine was about $200. What was the first act of the police officer who arrived at the scene? He gave her a citation for jay walking.
    In this same city we have beggars standing on corners and at busy street intersections holding up signs requesting money from drivers or passengers in passing cars. Often they illegally jay walk into the busy roadway endangering themselves and risking car accidents but one never observes a police officer cite them for this illegal action. Evidently the city officials do not want to be seen as lacking empathy for these “homeless” people so they waive enforcement of the law specially for them while citing anyone else for jay walking. The city has no empathy for me or our family when it comes time to pay thousands of dollars to them for property tax which property will be confiscated by the City if the tax is not paid. These city officials also wink at these homeless illegally camped out in public areas defecating and urinating in violation of environmental laws which are waived for them but enforced for all other citizens. I think this improper conduct of this city and many others is wrong and they should be held accountable but they are not. I also do not like the fact that beggars do not pay any taxes.

    • There was a recent report from Michigan where a beggar was begging on a busy intersection which had a car dealership there. A manager from the dealership came out and offered the beggar a job so he would not have to beg for money. The beggar insolently replied, “I make more money than you do!” Beggars in New York have been reported to make upwards of $100K or more yet pay no taxes. Why should one have empathy for them. They are benefiting by living in a busy area but returning nothing to the city. Why should one have any empathy for them? These are parasites on society not deprived people as fraudulently presented on the signs they post.

    • 1) No beggar makes 100k. An actor might.
      2) It is impossible to spend money without paying taxes in NY unless it is only food from a grocery store.
      3) The biggest escape from property tax is for big businesses that make deals to build there.
      I observed a guy with a sign “Homeless Vet will work for food” on the same corner for days. I pulled up and handed him a twenty. You would have thought he won the lottery, and he said god Bless you sir about 5 times.
      I watched him run to the Macdonalds. Others I hand them booze, because if that is what gets them through the day, who am I to judge? Occasionally they are tweekers, but those are easy to spot. I also noticed that most of the people that hand them money are the poorest ones and most likely were homeless themselves at some point, as I have been. Some of the best souls I have met were homeless, and very street smart, the choice to live off the generosity of others is for some a pilgrimage of the spirit. Buddha and Jesus come to mind. Also, be careful, as angels sometimes pose as homeless. That is commonly known throughout antiquity and the entire world.

    • wjabbe, nearly all “beggars” once paid their taxes to a corrupt government. You still do support the regime you dislike. I have met many homeless people during my lifetime. Only a very few where as you described. Maybe the time has come to step over your own shadow Dr. Abbe. Ever talked to a homeless person before? You will be surprised if not embarrassed and never will write anything like it again. Please try, even if it is to just prove some ignorant commenter wrong.

  2. This is a very well done presentation one that I would suggest should be made available to as many people as possible.
    The problem in America is passivity and that far too many people trust those in power when they should be questioning those in power. The other problem arises when people are either fearful or believe that to do so means one is unpatriotic or un- American, that it is undesirable to do so. This has been taught from childhood by parents and in the public school classroom as well as in churches.
    I found it very interesting that so many evangelicals became so enamored of Ronald Reagan, yet he never attended any religious services, never professed any religious beliefs, yet he attracted millions of these people.
    The I realized it had more to do with an authority figure that resembles the same authority figure as their belief in God. Reagan became the quintessential authority figure for these people.
    Was Reagan a psychopath?

    • The same thing continues today with the belief that those in power have our best interests at heart. Through clever promotion manipulation and violence, the psychopath rises to power over the rest of us and we allow it. One of the best or worst examples of this was the near deification of those who rose to the top of corporate power and the near celebrity status given to them: these became celebrity events in themselves with the press and the media all gathered around as the new CEO was announced to the breathless world.
      There was little if anything bout that person’s real life ever mentioned.
      It has been said that one is more likely to encounter a psychopath in a corporate boardroom than in a subway.
      It may also be said that one is just as likely to encounter a psychopath in government or anything to do with government as they would in a subway.

  3. very appropriate… trump went to new york military academy, a military prep school for rich kids, the little draft dodger did. he later went back and offered to renovate the student barracks if they would change the name from jones barracks to trump barracks. what an ass. and now his fellow likudist lubavitch Luciferians are going to name a street in Jerusalem after him. they know hos to stroke his weak soul. but he’ll pay with his soul for helping the satanic fake hebrews.

  4. The two things we can be sure of that were inventions of psychopathy are capitalism and the devil. One is the means, and the other the scape goat. Security and justification.
    Trump has the traits, but the systems he employed were made for him. It was a banquet already laid out.
    The pinnacle for psychopaths, might be military power, or monetary power, but those are difficult and take work. The one that is the low hanging fruit and contains potentially all 3, is religious power. The ability to sell the invisible beats the sale of ice cubes to eskimos. Trump does not hide, but Pell and many others did. Hugely. and there are thousands more. Who is the bigger psychopath, the pedophile pimp, or the pedophile priest ? Guess which one is immune from punishment . even more than that they get promotions

    • Isn’t it weird that the positions that require the greatest amount of trust, are the most immune from justice ?
      I find it bizarre. There may be psychopathic pedophiles in government, but the victim count is dwarfed by the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands maybe millions by “men of the cloth”. And we see that a man in high position can be destroyed by grabbing an ass of a grown woman, but the priests are whistling by the pond at the retreat. Only a psychopath can arrange that. It is madness. This is why I get angry when folks say I hate religion and most often do not even allow this conversation. Only psychopathy can arrange that.
      Imagine Trump with 6 year old boy video going public, and a week or month later nothing has changed. Wouldn’t that be weird ?

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