The Greatest “Conspiracy”

There is a conspiracy against Christ and the Church leading us into worship of man and Antichrist.


The Greatest “Conspiracy”
By: Eric Gajewski
“The Novus ordo lemmings are leaping off of the cliffs of Tradition ever so lovingly…
I speak further on self-love and break down the characteristics of the lemmings in the Conciliar Church.”

The insane dreamers of the new world order are teaching us to continually search for that brighter future of tomorrow while deceiving us today. This type of language of “searching for truth” is found explicitly in the Conciliar Church itself, as if, Catholics already don’t possess Truth. These false teachers have been leading men out of the Catholic Religion into another False Religion. I began to ponder upon the topic of false obedience the other day and decided to do a write up on it today.

Scripture tells us not to trust man and yet why do so many people “trust” the authority figures of our day? Regardless if it is the Church or State. World leadership is dragging us into the pit of the Abyss of the Antichrist (objectively speaking) yet why do so many follow?

I must remind everyone that one of the principles of being an eagle is to “test before trusting”.

As humans we are quick to rush to judgements and what is worse, is that, we do not dig deeper into the issues. Having said that, I have quite a few friends, who fall into the neo-Catholic category, who refuse, to believe anything, unless, it comes from some mainstream source. This is dangerous considering who runs the mainstream media. But this is exactly the problem of our times. What the Church once condemned (Zionism) so long ago is now accepted as the “norm” these days. What the Church “has once said” is no longer seen as the norm but as outdated. Yes, the greatest “conspiracy”, my friends, is, to believe, there is no conspiracy, against the Church and State and to view our world leaders, of today, as being representative of, Christ and the true Gospel. Why so?

We are too afraid to find out the truth. I have said this often, that, finding out, there is an apostasy, in the Church, is, like finding out, your spouse, of ten years, has been habitually cheating on you. At first, you do not want to believe because you are in shock. Human nature dictates that we try to avoid that which causes us suffering. Yet by doing so we rush to all excuses in trying to defend the heretics within the Conciliar Church.

We want to think that we are acting in “prudence” but this is only a facade.

It is only a smokescreen for our own self-love. The truth is the Church has many enemies (as defined by the Church Herself) but now EVERYONE seemingly is deemed as okay with the Conciliar Church except for those who won’t embrace these false new teachings. In truth, we are afraid to be labeled a “nut” and yet this is what they called Christ, the Apostles and many Catholic Saints. Therefore, heroic courage, is necessary today, if you are to be deemed, a close friend of Christ. The few must rise up against the majority and not be afraid of the “ad hominem” backlash which will ensue.

They attack us with words now but will come from our bodies later.

Thus, the reason, why, we are so deep, in this crisis, of the Church, is because, so many, self-identifying, Catholics are rooted in self-love. Quit caring about being labeled a “nutter” or “conspiracy theorist” or false prophet or “fake news author”. They have been saying this about me for years and I am still here. It is those pointing the finger at you (who refuse to believe they are being cheated upon) live in a delusional fantasyland called the Novus ordo.

Next, they are mechanical like following along in the “footsteps of false obedience”. My bishop says its true therefore it must be! Really? The enemy has taken away the critical thinking skills of the majority in this dumbing down of the masses. No longer ought I think for myself and find out what the Church truly taught before on any particular issue.

Have you ever tried to debate a modernist in the Conciliar Church and all they can muster up is apologetics from Vatican II onward?

Now, they argue, I must just listen to the Bishop. And what if your bishop is a heretic? During the Arian crisis nearly nine out of every ten supposed “Catholic” bishops were heretics. How does your premise stand in the light of Church history?



  1. Today is Ix. Day # 4. I-Ching # 4. ” Măng (indicates that in the case which it presupposes) there will be progress and success. I do not (go and) seek the youthful and inexperienced, but he comes and seeks me. When he shows (the sincerity that marks) the first recourse to divination, I instruct him. If he apply a second and third time, that is troublesome; and I do not instruct the troublesome. There will be advantage in being firm and correct.”
    Ix is chapter 1 and 21 and 41 of Genesis.

  2. There is no conspiracy against the church. Times change. Religions change with it. Everything does. Clothing, at least for some, governmental structures, priorities, sciences advance, and things either grow or fade. One thing to keep in mind, christianity, judaism, and islam, did not suddenly attract lots of people by choice. They were either by birth, or by force converted. A simple truth in this world is adaptation. It is constant. If a religion does not recognize or interpret the particular or peculiar adaptations, then it will fade. The original attraction was not strong enough on it’s own to begin with. Force was necessary to convert folks to christianity.
    Judaism uses ultra strict reproduction rules and is tribal, but if it used only the doctrine, it would fade quickly.
    Religion is not necessary for a person to be conscious of god or to be a good person. It’s a hard sell. Therefore, it will fade quickly as it is now. Especially when we see it causing violence. Bad publicity.

    • David Odell – yes there is a conspiracy against the church which is a conspiracy against the followers of Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ does not stand for religions but stands for God and that is where Christians fall for false teachings. They become so entrenched with religious doctrine that they miss the truth about Jesus Christ Himself and that is the actual well planned conspiracy. Perfect examples are the ‘Christian- Zionists’.

    • I view the disagreements between christian factions as infighting, not sure that qualifies as a conspiracy any more than a parliamentary style of government. They all use the same book compiled by Catholics from a huge field of sacred texts. If protestants do not want to be Catholics, they should get their own book and history.
      Opinion of interpretation is not conspiracy, in the modern use of the word. It would be like saying there is a conspiracy against corporate democrats by liberal progressive democrats. The true conspiracy is the history and alliance between the 3 abrahamic religions against the idea that Abraham and Moses or Jesus never existed, and are mythos derived from ancient methods of calendrics in story form. Which can be easily proven.
      The 20 days, and the 36 decans, plus, John G Jackson ‘The Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth”. But maybe your church does not allow certain literature, which would be another conspiracy in actuality.

    • David Odell – Yeah right……… can really get a lot of truth about Jesus Christ from an atheist like John G. Jackson. Good grief! I`m not talking about infighting between Christians but those who want Christianity gone! Christian Zionists are not Christians by a long shot because real Christians do not align themselves with those who reject Jesus Christ and distort His words which is a conspiracy all in itself.

  3. Hasn’t conspiracy already turned reality? In Australia as in other Western countries December used to be a month of being “bombarded” with “Holy night” and other “Christian” Christmas songs. Not anymore! Silently it has vanished being displaced with “neutral Christmas carols” as for not to discriminate other Religions meaning mostly Judaism. So if playing silent night on public Radio stations has become anti semitic and against the law then mankind is already on its way or has nearly accomplished to exchange Religion for the Authority of “man” or as in the worlds case the Authority of money changers who have become the usurpers of Modern day society and Reality.

    • TO find truth one needs to look beyond Authority and investigate even ones own “kingdom of righteous self authority” ruling ones own life with strict discipline and failure. A very scary act indeed. When everything becomes the opposite of ones own truth there will be conflict and despair, fear sets in. So it is quite understandable that the next straw that will be grasped is authority – for guidance – to replace ones fear and discomfort while the ones enduring the quest for truth alone will find divine Authority deeply hidden in themselves. All men are equal. No matter what. The ones seeking truth or the ones neglecting truth for obedience are still the same and differ not. The only fact that differs are imaginary needs of each individual serving an ego as the hidden tyrant luring faith away from God and towards a false authority.
      To relief the world from conflict love is needed. God is love – and this is as fearful as it sounds for many.

    • The claim by the church is simple. “The book is written by god, and the priest not only is the official interpreter of it, but also a spokesperson for the creator of the universe.” If one is to say, all men are equal, it can only be applicable to potentials. When it comes to gifted individuals who are connected to invisible forces, good or bad, they are few in number. Is it instinct, intuition, of the person, or an outside force ? If outside force, is it the spirit of ancestors, or the creator of the universe ? Or something in-between ? These things are fully explained to seminarians. Thus, the competition to be the emissary begins. Inside the church, especially at the top levels, it is as competitive as any sport, but I contend the gifted are not present, at least not in the public positions of priests or cardinals. Those are politicians and rainmakers, not actual rain, but money. That is how you become a Bishop.

  4. The easiest test, is of the man or woman who performs ceremony. Not marriage or funeral, but ceremony for a particular thing. The observation of validity is most usually immediate and either profound or vacant. Often it is during the ceremony itself. So, in this the test is for innocence of ignorance, meaning, does the person know better or do they have no idea ? If they know better and proceed incorrectly, that is not god. That is man. Likewise, if he does not know better, and proceeds, and the thing happens, then that may well be god. My finding is that a great many Catholic priests know better, but proceed anyway. And that the regimen involved with becoming one almost certainly prevents the actual person with connection from attaining it. Thus, the structure encourages those who seek praise and security and is unwelcome to those who are gifted. This to me means, if a person is gifted and unhappy with the Catholic Church, they should leave it. God would follow the gift and not the structure.

    • David, I am a Cradle Catholic and still believe that Jesus Christ was The Logos Incarnate to counter the Babel of The Sanhedron, Pharisees and Talmudic thought coming out of The Middle East. Athens versus Jerusalem if you like. Do not confuse the Institutional Church with The Doctrine, “not One Iota shall be changed”. Every sane and well read person knows that corrupt individuals shelter and peddle their vice within the body of Truth – but their lives are lies. The Borgias spring to mind. Lord Acton famously said how “Power Corrupts…..”, but it would be worthwhile to research the whole quote about “Bad Men and their facilitators..”, written as a caveat around 1870 when the Pope declared himself infallible. Eric falls for one of the most famous False Memes when he talks about Lemmings going off a cliff. The Kabbalist Walt Disney invented that and ethnological research seems to indicate that Lemmings do no such thing. Truth is elusive, but I have found some irreducible Truths in the Wisdom of Jesus and this provides an Absolute basis for looking at the World through clear eyes.

    • Well, then explain why the 36 decans are the 36 chapters of numbers. What about the 20 days ? Written history is one thing, ok fine. How do you test a priest and know if they are speaking for god. If half the church is gay and the other half pedophile, and the women are sexless servants, what sense does that make. I’m just trying to be objective, and look at things as they claim, not what they appear. There is no writing for that.
      If I research writing, I only find other mans opinion, but if I wear out some boots, I find something completely different. and I look at the accounting and the crimes. who is training these men who call themselves priests.
      Doctrine is just fancy stuff for rules. There is no “test” that is writing , but demonstration is the proof of the claim. What is the product ?

  5. “Scripture tells us not to trust man and yet why do so many people “trust” the authority figures of our day?”
    Priests are men too. The only way to test them, is to observe a demonstration of their divine connection.
    This is commonplace, yet I have asked many catholic priests from many orders with varying explanations, but never a demonstration. This can come in many forms.
    “I must remind everyone that one of the principles of being an eagle is to “test before trusting”.”
    I am not trying to bash the author here, but extraordinary claims require at least a simple demonstration.
    I have seen demonstrations and know they exist, but no Catholic has ever answered this call that I am aware of. If a man claims to speak for God, then he should be tested. Is that Fair ?

    • Perhaps the most interesting test, is the test of who or what a particular priest or man is in communication with. It is not as difficult as it sounds. If 2 people go to contemplate a direction, and come back with the same answer, it is not enough. But if ten people from different places contemplate the direction and all come back with the same answer, then that is noteworthy. If 2 people go and come back with disparate opinion, then the test is incomplete. But if the test involves a single individual, then long term observation is the only way. In this, the easy way to test priests is to seek their council on difficult subjects. Here, there may be things the subject of the test is unaware of, and yet they pass. If the intention is to test, then that never works for any man. I am quite certain, this aspect confounds the scientist, military, and priest alike. So, my due diligence is not based in demand or trial, or ‘show me now” but continuous observation. To be fair.

    • Minimum tests would include repeated ability to predict, manipulation of weather, accuracy of guidance, ability to ascertain without background knowledge and these sorts of things. Healing is a different gift, and those with that are wasted as priests, but should be in the hospitals depending on how it works. The priests should be tested with a question and the same one to many. Then observe the results. If they are not unanimous, then there is a problem. If they are of one valid religion, then the answers must be unanimous. Else the religion itself is of little value. Where there is a great deal of disagreement about a great number of spiritual topics, then it is not valid at all.

    • If testing an entire religion, then I simply check to see who is sleeping on their floors and where the gardens are, if they are food or flowers. The accounts would always be zero or lower as long as there are poor.

    • To test others one needs to be perfect David!
      To test God one needs to be human who suffers from superiority syndrome.
      If one speaks God’s word or with God’s authority no test is required at all. It will be understood instantly by the one with an open heart and hungry soul.
      It is mankind that is tested David not God or God’s authority.
      Who tested you and your acquired wisdom if not your almighty self who puts itself above the rest and equality if coming from a religious order? Love is forgiving, compassion is non judgmental and faith can be built or dismantled. Mankind needs to unite in equality and God. To judge a “stray dog” or a champion is not our egos task at all.

    • Perhaps you should research the History of Europe, when in the Dark Ages after the fall of Rome, Monks went into the forrest and made clearing and within decades there were thriving communites. “Ora et Labora”. The Usurers got the likes of Henry IV of England by the short and curleys, this was followed by the desecration of the Monastries. The “Age of Enlightenment” started out to claim that men were mini gods and with the ability to find the truth by experience. We have ended with a worl dominated by Nuclear Power. Such is the frailty of the unschooled Human Person.

    • Eduardo, to test others does not require perfection. it simply requires due diligence. If a man claims to speak for God, you can be dam sure we better hold it to task. Else looks what happens. Blind faith. That leads to absolute power and we all know what that means.
      As I said, examples are available and it has been done for eons.

    • Chris, the dominant story to come out was the Inquisition. As for nuclear power, the churches on every corner were full back then and if you were not a christian you had zero chance to be in the senate or White House. there is interesting background regarding testing though, while the militant christian soldiers were hacking the elders of Central America, black dogs appeared throughout Europe and scared the bejesus out of them. The priests back then were as superstitious as teenage girls in Salem in the 1600’s. Many of them still are. If anyone bothers to test them. And of course we have John G Jacksons pagan origins of the christ myth. Not a bad read if you are testing.

    • David, no man can or will speak for God unless he is a fraud. The word of God may be interpreted by man but not even closely. The word of God is a personal individual experience which can not be translated into words at all. Words do not have meanings when they not come close to an explanation and are to far away from the origins account. You, David are a master of words while I am a primate in “worldly communication” reading beyond the lines and words. An energy woven into words speaks of truth or fiction. To find truth one needs to separate the “chaff from the wheat” and trust in God that One has not mislead oneself.

    • Well I agree with that Eduardo. That is why I challenge the churches. I consider what they are doing fraud.
      You are certainly not a primitive writer, I study your words carefully usually, and keep an open mind. It is easy to tell you have worn out a few pairs of boots. But there are folks who have certain connections and rain can fall from cloudless skies. I am not alone in witnessing it. Others can start fire without a spark. Others can heal. and others can be messengers with specific details. I just have not seen any that were Catholic. My assertion is religions seek to usurp this unique gift in humanity by claiming supreme authority.

    • David, beyond and in the church are many talents and gifts though unfortunately most are caged on their own terms. As you like extraordinary women, have you read about Hildegard von Bingen. She was one religious but very powerful woman born during the times of the crusade. The church never knew what to do with her, burn her at the stakes or making her a saint. She lived a very long life respected by kings and peasants. Especially in Germany there are still many who follow her advise in regards to health and fighting disease – 1000 years after she lived. Not all is bad being catholic and God dwells in many of their followers.

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