The Greatest “Conspiracy”

There is a conspiracy against Christ and the Church leading us into worship of man and Antichrist.


The Greatest “Conspiracy”
By: Eric Gajewski
“The Novus ordo lemmings are leaping off of the cliffs of Tradition ever so lovingly…
I speak further on self-love and break down the characteristics of the lemmings in the Conciliar Church.”

The insane dreamers of the new world order are teaching us to continually search for that brighter future of tomorrow while deceiving us today. This type of language of “searching for truth” is found explicitly in the Conciliar Church itself, as if, Catholics already don’t possess Truth. These false teachers have been leading men out of the Catholic Religion into another False Religion. I began to ponder upon the topic of false obedience the other day and decided to do a write up on it today.

Scripture tells us not to trust man and yet why do so many people “trust” the authority figures of our day? Regardless if it is the Church or State. World leadership is dragging us into the pit of the Abyss of the Antichrist (objectively speaking) yet why do so many follow?

I must remind everyone that one of the principles of being an eagle is to “test before trusting”.

As humans we are quick to rush to judgements and what is worse, is that, we do not dig deeper into the issues. Having said that, I have quite a few friends, who fall into the neo-Catholic category, who refuse, to believe anything, unless, it comes from some mainstream source. This is dangerous considering who runs the mainstream media. But this is exactly the problem of our times. What the Church once condemned (Zionism) so long ago is now accepted as the “norm” these days. What the Church “has once said” is no longer seen as the norm but as outdated. Yes, the greatest “conspiracy”, my friends, is, to believe, there is no conspiracy, against the Church and State and to view our world leaders, of today, as being representative of, Christ and the true Gospel. Why so?

We are too afraid to find out the truth. I have said this often, that, finding out, there is an apostasy, in the Church, is, like finding out, your spouse, of ten years, has been habitually cheating on you. At first, you do not want to believe because you are in shock. Human nature dictates that we try to avoid that which causes us suffering. Yet by doing so we rush to all excuses in trying to defend the heretics within the Conciliar Church.

We want to think that we are acting in “prudence” but this is only a facade.

It is only a smokescreen for our own self-love. The truth is the Church has many enemies (as defined by the Church Herself) but now EVERYONE seemingly is deemed as okay with the Conciliar Church except for those who won’t embrace these false new teachings. In truth, we are afraid to be labeled a “nut” and yet this is what they called Christ, the Apostles and many Catholic Saints. Therefore, heroic courage, is necessary today, if you are to be deemed, a close friend of Christ. The few must rise up against the majority and not be afraid of the “ad hominem” backlash which will ensue.

They attack us with words now but will come from our bodies later.

Thus, the reason, why, we are so deep, in this crisis, of the Church, is because, so many, self-identifying, Catholics are rooted in self-love. Quit caring about being labeled a “nutter” or “conspiracy theorist” or false prophet or “fake news author”. They have been saying this about me for years and I am still here. It is those pointing the finger at you (who refuse to believe they are being cheated upon) live in a delusional fantasyland called the Novus ordo.

Next, they are mechanical like following along in the “footsteps of false obedience”. My bishop says its true therefore it must be! Really? The enemy has taken away the critical thinking skills of the majority in this dumbing down of the masses. No longer ought I think for myself and find out what the Church truly taught before on any particular issue.

Have you ever tried to debate a modernist in the Conciliar Church and all they can muster up is apologetics from Vatican II onward?

Now, they argue, I must just listen to the Bishop. And what if your bishop is a heretic? During the Arian crisis nearly nine out of every ten supposed “Catholic” bishops were heretics. How does your premise stand in the light of Church history?


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