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[ Editor’s Note: This was a big surprise, the realization that money was better spent helping African countries fight human smuggling at the source to cut the flow of illegal immigration.

A totally suppressed part of this story is the hoax image of impoverished people fleeing these counties. Smugglers do not move you for free. You are not provided free food along the way. Libyan boat smugglers do not take you across the Med for free.

You have to have done quite well in your impoverished country to even set off on your trip to the EU. You need to be able to bribe border guards when needed, and how hide your boat money in a tube up your butt for the times when you are robbed along the way where you have to empty your pockets.

I have always editorialized that it is always cheaper to help people where they are in these struggling countries where costs are way lower to do it, versus the high cost of doing so in the upper income industrialized countries.

It is Fake Charity to offer someone the lotto prize of open illegal immigration, at a cost where you could have helped TEN families back in their home country. None of the bleeding heart folks ever want to discuss that issue.

But despite everything said, if procreation at the present rates in Africa continues, there is nothing that can break the cycle of poverty if they continue to produce children at levels they cannot sustain them with suitable economies.

No matter how much aid goes in, it flows in and out of the country via being spent on imports, and then mega-graft that is exported to foreign bank accounts, never to be reinvested into the domestic economies Jim W. Dean]

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– First published … December 28, 2017

Italy will be sending 470 soldiers to Niger to help the West African nation stem the flow of Europe-bound refugees, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni says.

Agadez, the main city in central Niger, has become a revolving door for economic refugees seeking to reach Europe via Libya, winning notoriety as Africa’s people-smuggling capital.

“We are going to Niger following a request by the government at the start of December to … reinforce the security measures in the territory and at the borders and to support the police force,” he said.

He said Niger was “the main transit country” in Africa for Europe-bound refugees, adding that it was also “perhaps the most willing to cooperate in this matter as it is a transit country,” and does not receive remittances from refugees settled abroad.

A first contingent of less than 200 soldiers is expected to leave early next year.

The troops will have two planes and 130 vehicles at their disposal, according to Italian media.

(Source: AFP)


  1. “Smugglers do not move you for free” unless one can be sold into slavery or be used for organ trade. Let’s not forget here what a great international money spinner “refugeeing” has become beside the usual “shipment fees”. It is organized crime on a big international scale and not done through some small backyard criminals. Some 400 Italian soldiers in Niger will fix nothing apart from a false impression.

  2. IF they have that kind of money, why are they leaving and wishing to go to Europe?
    The need to find out who is driving all this illegal immigration is pertinent.
    How to stop it is another thing altogether.
    The people of Europe and Scandinavia are going to put up with this for only so long and it appears they are now reacting.
    Enter the Soldiers of Odin.
    Merkel is in deep trouble, the government in Sweden is in big trouble, countries like Hungary are targeted for regime change by the U.S. for refusing immigrants.

  3. What doesn´t fit in this picture is they know or should know that a nuclear war looms in Europe but they urgently want to go to Europe direct into the hell ?

    • Western society having survived a war will have huge problems staying alive with “specialized skills” of certain technology or bureaucracy while depending on medication, food, technology and a false authority. To “make a living” out of nothing or even grow food is not a part of the modern education the world attends to since WW2. African, Middle eastern or “other 3rd world” people will be hardy, experienced and are used to extreme conditions with minimal requirements. The Westerners are quite the opposite and will fade away with a small minority surviving. To rebuilt a world for the same elite that has destroyed it a strong workforce that is easy to control and manage is desired. Hence we see the “preparations and infusion of refugees” of Europe and US. Besides creating a distraction and friction of the superior white sheep is a favorable side effect in this complete process while Africa will be cleansed slowly of its natives with huge profits waiting in much of the “unexplored continent”.

  4. The wealth of Africa is now on the fingers, ears and necks of brides over the world. There was no motivation to teach world economy, else curb the profits. And don’t forget, those Chicago bulls t-shirts in Sierra Leone, well those most likely came from those “used clothing drop boxes’ we all feel good about. the guys who own those boxes are not poor. One thing about being a contractor, even when touring a property worth half a mil, in an area where the average is 100 grand, and bidding on work only in the tens of thousands, we have to ask, what they do for a living. and Coca Cola loves the free advertising.

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