End of ‘Terrible Siege’: Aleppo Returns to Pre-War Normalcy-Analyst (PHOTOS)


[ Editor’s note:  After the American backed FSA was kicked out of Aleppo, it has taken one year for Syria, still hampered by US sanctions, to restore services to those who suffered from US backed occupation by the “moderate head choppers.

This is today’s piece of Russian propaganda, if anyone wants to call it that.  Any time truth is told, the accusations begin.  I, of course, advocate the immediate execution and arrest, perhaps I have the order wrong, of all involved in the Aleppo tragedy… Gordon ]

December 23 marked the first anniversary of the liberation of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo from terrorists. Syrian political scientist Kemal Jafa has told Sputnik that a year on, one can safely say that life has returned to normal in Aleppo.

Residents on a street in Aleppo

Syrian political commentator Kemal Jafa said that in the past twelve months, “everything [in Aleppo] has changed significantly’.

“We have survived five years of horror which saw a constant change of power and more names of terrorist groups that fought the [Syrian] Army,” Jafa added, describing Aleppo as “the second Stalingrad.”

He mentioned the two-year “terrible siege” of the city, during which Aleppo residents “ate only wheat and water.”

A picture taken on December 21, 2017 shows an elevated view of the square of Saadallah al-Jabiri as marching bands, soldiers, and civilians gather in a government celebration marking the first anniversary of the retaking of the second Syrian city of Aleppo
A picture taken on December 21, 2017 shows an elevated view of the square of Saadallah al-Jabiri as marching bands, soldiers, and civilians gather in a government celebration marking the first anniversary of the retaking of the second Syrian city of Aleppo

“Now electricity, water and other infrastructure has returned to the city which currently looks like it did in 2012 before the war,” Jafa pointed out.

He said that Aleppo is now out of danger and that militants will not attack the city because Turkey will not allow it.

Residents in al-Midan neighborhood in Syria's Aleppo
Residents in al-Midan neighborhood in Syria’s Aleppo


Jafa recalled that the cities of Foua and Kefraya in the province of Idlib still remain under siege by terrorists which he noted has lasted for 1,000 days. The 8,000 residents of these two cities are deprived of basic foodstuffs, according to him.

Jafa also said that al-Nusra Front terrorists prevent humanitarian convoys from reaching the residents and also shoot down parachutes used by the Syrian government to deliver food to the beleaguered areas.

Citizens in Midan district in Aleppo, Syria
Citizens in Midan district in Aleppo, Syria

“Although the local hospital is not working and there is no more fuel, the people are not giving not up. Their resilience will become part of history,” Jafa concluded.

Residents on a street in Aleppo
 Residents on a street in Aleppo

On December 23, 2016, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the completion of the operation to liberate Aleppo from the terrorists.

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The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War, the Soviet city was utterly destroyed by Nazi bombings.

The views and opinions expressed by Kemal Jafa are those of the analyst and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


  1. The difference between America and other countries that the people suffer in is this…IF the world puts sanctions against America due to it’s leaders…WE WILL RISE UP AND ELIMINATE THE TRAITORS IN OUR MIDST BECAUSE WE ARE ARMED TO THE TEETH. We actually need some outside persuasion. These other countries can’t rise up against their insane “leaders” because most of them are only armed with rocks and bottles.

  2. The Russians kept the German soldiers as forced labor until they finished rebuilding Stalingrad. The Syrians ought to do the same. Work any captured ISIS, alNusra or anybody else involved until their fingers fall off.
    In time and as some payback, I hope the Syrians consider doing a couple of bomb runs on Riyadh along with a couple of commando kick-ass raids on the rolays’ palaces, only to see them run crying to Washington asking for some real men to restore their chastity.
    The Saudi Royal Zionists claim they are Sunni Muslims who paid to arm and train a gang of criminals and destitutes to rid the 90% Syrian Sunnis from the 10% Syrian Shia. We can safely assume that in the end result, 90% of this unconscionable human suffering is suffered by the Sunnis. Way to go a-holes, but, we all know it was about a pipeline and more money. I pray for the day when I see the Zionist Suadi pigs being driven out of Arabia with one kick in the ass after another. The time is near. This will be the beginning of Israel’s countdown. Allepo is a picture of what TelAviv will look like. Count on it you Zionist pigs. Sorry for the anger, but those were fellow human beings that died and suffered over the last 5 years for no fault of their own. I hope the rest of mankind gets off its large apathy, wakes up and refuses, to let the few murder the many for more wealth. Darn, what will it take to convince you that YOU ARE NEXT.

  3. Now America must, instead of sending more money to israel, send it to Syria to rebuild its cities.
    There are also some very nice photos of Christmas being celebrated in Iran.
    Wanna bet it really irks the joos in israel.

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