Judge Roy Moore gets to eat Alabama political dirt


Democrats’ win deals blow to GOP, Trump

Leigh Corfman says she was 14 years old

[ Note: I am waiting for the backstory to come out on this Ron Moore story, one I suspect will show that his eye for young girls had been known for some time, but saved to use at a critical time.

Why do I fee this way? It’s because once these guys do this stuff and get away with it they keep doing it as they climb into more powerful positions, thinking that his layering the up from anyone taking a shot at him. He can just deny it.

And then there is “the who”. That would be Democrat opposition research people of course. Judge Moore had solid backing in Alabama and they knew they would have to get the planets aligned correctly along with the timing.

Alabama women turned out to be the key, and then there was the black vote came out in bigger numbers for a special election than before, with the churches playing a key role. You can be sure that this coup will be studied closely for the potential to duplicate it elsewhere.

Trump’s agenda is up in the air with this almost a tie in the Senate, where two crossover votes can block the Republicans from ramming stuff through without taking Democratic concerns into the equation.

The Dems are being cranked up for the midterms knowing whatever changes that happen then could determine if Trump remains in 2020. Many feel there is an “anti-Trump vein of gold” out there to mine, which the Trumpmeister himself will reveal through his endless tweets. If the Repubs were to take a beating in 2018, they might take Trump out themselves JD ]

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They always think they can talk their way out of anything

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with Press TV, Tehran

Democrat Doug Jones has officially been declared the winner of the US Senate race in the southern state of Alabama, whittling down the slim Republican majority in the chamber. Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill certified the results of the December 12 special election.

Merrill dismissed claims of voter fraud by the campaign of defeated Republican candidate, Roy Moore. With Jones’ victory in a Republican bastion, the party of President Trump now holds 51 seats in the Senate and the Democrats 49 which is the slimmest of majorities.

The Alabama result dealt a stinging blow to Trump, who had thrown his support behind Moore, a conservative Christian embroiled in sexual misconduct scandals.

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  1. Tim Kuhner, I would be extremely surprised if there was actual evidence of voter fraud that Roy Moore would decline to include in his court plea. Dude tries way flimsier stuff all the time. He was a Judge and has many operatives of his own. Maybe check the source of where the report of 5,000 came from or the actual validity of it. The local registrar should be able to point the way.

  2. His brother Paul is also an activist and operator in DC but he chose the Catholic faith over his Judaic upbringing. “Paul Chaim Benedicta Schenck (born 1958) is an American ordained Catholic priest, pro-life (anti-abortion) activist and personalist. He is active in ministries in Washington, D.C., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Annapolis, Maryland.” So, Moore had guys behind him with Rob even being arrested at the removal of the monuments, and certainly they had a hand in the whole thing. Meanwhile the Dems knew these guys and have been going at it for quite a while, way before Moore was removed from the bench. But the real story like you say Jim, is the black women who came out in droves, 98% of those registered I believe. Alabama has some chickens that came home to roost.

    • this was meant to be below the first. This case is more about religion making an asserted attempt to inject itself into the Judiciary in a big way. Roy Moore was convinced that he was destined to bring God into the courtroom and legislate biblical law. Most likely Schenk had a strong hand in that idea.

  3. Moore of course is an idiot, and for those who have not ridden horses, I can assure you he is horrible at that as well. Abusive even. But there is always more to the story and some of the players need to be looked at to see the history. Two brothers, but one in particular Robert Schenk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rob_Schenck
    “is an American Evangelical clergyman who ministers to elected and appointed officials in Washington, DC. ”
    “In 2003, Schenck helped organize and lead supportive demonstrations outside of the Alabama Judicial building, seat of the state’s Supreme Court where, at the time, the Honorable Roy Moore was chief justice.”
    So this battle started in Buffalo where the Jewish born christian converted Schenk bros went to work to become power brokers and activists in DC.

    • If democratic operators had a hand in getting the girls to come forward, then that is one thing, but the girls were legit. Lot’s of people out there thinking the whole thing was made up, and that would not be true.
      Sessions did not help this either, by pulling his stunt on the anniversary of Selma just after his appointment.
      The Roy Moore debacle has tentacles in many directions.

    • It is worth adding, that the Schenk bros were from Grand Island NY which was the place a guy last name Noah, was going to install the new homeland for the Jewish people. Ararat. It failed but the place is known and ceremony was done with a cornerstone, and the whole thing is steeped in Jewish Christian Zionist masonry. The first thing masons used to scout when identifying areas of land, was the spiritual centers which do exist. Most of the old mason halls are built on headwaters of streams. An example would be Coudersport Pa, at the headwaters of the Allegheny which is spring fed. The whole stream in the proximity is lined with concrete. Most of the Catholic Churches building sites are located this way as well. Many on old Native sacred sites.

    • David Odell – ‘the girls were legit’………. and you know this how? Because they said they were? This whole mess wasn`t about asserting religion into the Judiciary – it was about upholding the Constitution which Moore stands solidly behind! He was a major threat to those who are trying to destroy our Constitution!

    • martsiva, The most difficult thing to do is bring uncomfortable truth. There is nothing more uncomfortable and difficult to bring than sexual abuse allegations against a person in power. The person will face hours and hours of questioning by professionals before being put in front of a camera. Roy Moore admitted knowing them, then later lied about it. He is not interested in the constitution, as it specifically provides separation of church and state. The girls had his signature, they matched. Any decent cop would tell you who is telling the truth in this case. Else why would the republicans themselves abandon him ? In his own state even ? There are a million reasons to doubt him, and none to believe him. Roy Moore was acting at the behest of covert operatives trying to inject biblical law into our judicial system. He should not carry the blame for the whole debacle.

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