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staged photo for phony press event, both police and victims are crisis actors

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

We are going to begin on Hollywood.  To a large extent, Hollywood is a closed community, largely Jewish, with censorship and controls by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League “protecting” at risk populations from, as it now turns out, freedom of expression but not rape.

What we have really found is that “watchdog” organizations, several, have blackmailed sex criminals for over $250 million in recent months only.

This is a ton of cash for people tied directly to Steve Bannon.  I love Bannon.  It has been Bannon that has long proven that the neo-Nazi haters and the Israel lobby eat at the same table, live on the same corporate cash and back the same crooked politicians.

This, of course, proves Americans “too stupid to live” but Nixon and Reagan did that long before George W. Bush made it official. Trump is just icing on the cake.

I love this idea of Russians influencing things.  We know who runs the news, the media, who censors everything we see and hear, and who pays millions to silence and smear anyone who tries to tell the truth.

When that doesn’t work, murder works, over and over.

Russia never had anything to do with it.  America is destroyed by poisoned food, air and water, by lies told in schools, by Google and Facebook, by MTV, by most reality TV (except the show where people make knives, that one is ultra-cool) and by pseudo-lefty controlled opposition.

We need full national health care, a $15 dollar minimum wage, no more doctors unions, and end to insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and the Federal Reserve closed immediately and the assets around the world of their multiple central banks seized and those involved executed and arrested, as required by applicable laws.

America needs a real constitution, unlike the one the Rothschilds bought us with their Federalist traitor friends.  We don’t need two senators for non-existent states, we don’t need an electoral college or a Supreme Court.  These are anti-democratic/royalist institutions that function under foreign control.

We need one special interest group, America.  Government is supposed to do what Trump actually promised, protect borders, end trade inequities and stop interfering in world affairs. He just hasn’t done any of it, not hardly.

We need to close the service academies, clean the garbage careerists out of the military and cut out standing army to nothing.  We need mandatory military training for all Americans like Israel does.  I like what they do, it’s smart.

Drug trade, drug use has to end including a start with the banks that work with the cartels and the CIA’s involvement.  Drug test everyone every week starting with Trump and Congress.

We need to end control of the internet, break up Google first of all and block Facebook. Let people buy phones. Newspapers and cable TV financial groups have to be broken up and new organizations established.

Why was this monopoly allowed to get established? As our independent media was consolidated, the internet was taken over from the git go.

Universities have to be reorganized and begin teaching real history, real law, real medicine and, most dangerous of all, real physics.

Hydrocarbons must go.  Phony energy sources are a scam, things like natural gas, crude oil based mixes and coal. None are needed and if you haven’t picked up on that, I can’t do anything to help you.

Financial laws need to protect the public from banks, mortgage companies, payday loans, credit cards, these are thousands of other rackets.  Racketeering has to become a crime.

Consumerism has to end.  Brainwashing kids into becoming useless overeaters, smokers, drug users, sex addicts and mindless time wasters has to stop.  We have Congress for that.

First of all, police and prisons, as now constituted, have to be re-imagined.  We have millions locked up, this is unrealistic.  We also have overarmed thugs running our streets as police, and some highly trained and laudable professionals as well.  Police departments are supposed to protect and serve.

We are going to have to start drafting Americans to serve as police.  Wake up to the idea.

We don’t need armed overlords, we need Americans paid to help others, sometimes at risk of life.  For those who do the job with honor despite the corruption around you, you have my thanks.

Morning massage at Maro Lago

America’s judicial system has to go.  Judges are chosen because they are there to protect wealth and power.  Many do what is right, too many don’t.

Toward that end, the legal system that hates the poor, empowers the rich and enslaves Americans has to be eliminated.  The rich and powerful have been making laws since the phony constitution turned America over to the Rothschilds and City of London.  It has to come to an end.

Senior Editor doing morning shopping in Paris, October 2017

We are no longer survivable, except of course those of us with lots of cash.  We watch our kids do well, we watch some of them die, wars, drugs, suicide, prison, poverty and hopelessness.

This is the gift we gave America.  Revolution organized by the rich, like the one that put Trump in power, has to be recognized for what it is.  We left the door open, he just walked in.

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  1. “Drug test everyone every week starting with Trump and Congress.” The idea is tempting but it would never work, as the tests would be faked, with false negatives for the bad guys and false positives for the good guys. You have to watch out for that right now, as a matter of fact. My county government (and I assume other counties in MO use it too) has some nifty software that uses a nice little trick on accident reports. If you get transported to hospital after an accident, you automatically are drug tested. The cop is given the results, to put into the computerized traffic report. There is a simple little box for DUI, to check if the result is positive. Well, the problem is that the software DEFAULT is positive. So the cop has to make sure to UNCHECK the box that is already marked. If he accidentally overlooks this small box in the corner that is already marked positive, you can be so screwed, and not even know it because you are too busy trying to recover from your injuries. This kind of b.s. must change. Any such software with that kind of default must be vigorously opposed, and any company that produces such software should be sued out of existence, imo. That, my dears, is how racketeering can be done on the sly.

    Btw, my husband and I are doing our little bit to improve things, with us each having a local Education initiative. He has his and I have mine, as our interests are different.

  2. Lsten guys we need to do a lot of things. We all know what to do but we don’t do. I think blockchain technology can be used for voting purposes. The 2 party, party is through. Blockchain democracy via voting on the net will correct the old boy network. Start at the local and then state level. Get it done there, and it will spread. Once inplace propositions can be passed to change the state electoral, and then the federal processes. If successful in 4 to 8 years we wll see all new faces in congress, and the senate, finally the WH. We will no longer be voting for millionairs who are loyal to billionaires.
    Ignore the huff and puff trolls, they hate that. They probably get paid per response received. Do something even if it’s wrong.

  3. This is a plan to start 2018 with. Maybe some of the people here in this comment section will pitch in and do what they can, the time for excuses is over. It’s the end game now. There are those watching who can wipe the board clean and just start a new game as has been done so many times before, all it takes is one little vile in the right airport. That doesn’t have to happen but sacrifices will have to made, even if it’s your own life and everything you hold dear. Those are the options, option A or option B. Call me soft but I’m still going with option B. People are starting to wake up, let’s hope its fast enough, in fact let’s make it fast enough. “Meanwhile” or “in the mean time;” Happy New Year to all VT, staff and readers, even the trolls.

  4. Can we get Duff out and you in? Sorry Gordon but the “mandatory” military service like the way Israel does it? So it’s OK to ENSLAVE people to serve in the military? How about mirroring the militia concept that the founding fathers put in place which they had modeled after Switzerland? I’d have no problem with a stinger missile in my garage. And “non existent” states? They are non existent because the hijacked money control at the Federal level. Do away with that, go back to the CONSTITUTIONAL gold and silver barter system and waalaa…

  5. My stars, Gordon you have written an epic poem for freedom. I would hug you; but I trust Carol can do the job. This is a must read. Thank you.
    p.s. Carol, please give your hubby a big hug from his readers!

  6. Excellent ideas – ALL of them including some of those mentioned in the comments – especially regarding the de-funding of the terrorist state Israel. This needs to happen NOW and not in some fictitious future.

  7. D C is stocked with the dullest, dimmest, most corrupted we need corporations to not be protected by citizens united they are corporations. Looks like murder can trump open source , heck He could have rumbled,bumbled, and stumbled in or did he. Russ is an algorithm from botsylvaniia.

  8. Wow! Gordo’s really p***d off this morning. Can’t say I blame him. Yes, we need to do all those things. Can we? Really? THAT is the question. Those in power will not give it up willingly. There is no higher power on this planet to make them. (Except Klaatu, but he bailed). The ugly truth of it all is that those holding the reigns of power and those holding their leash will burn the entire planet to a cinder before giving up one iota of power. They plan to kill us all anyway, the awakening has quickened the process. One more thing, everyone thinks WWIII will be nuclear. Some nukes may be used as cover but this time around it will be biological. Haiti, Yemen, and elsewhere were dress rehersals. Pleasant dreams everyone.

  9. Outstanding piece from the heart. When you think about change remember this. It is not easy.
    Amendment 18, (Prohibition of intoxicating liquors) ratified after 1 year 1 1/2 months. Women were largely responsible for this Amendment. Women are and have been a powerful force. In fact the next Amendment 19, (Extending the Vote to Women) ratified 1920 after 1 year 2 1/2 months. During the 14 years of prohibition all H broke loose on American streets especially Chicago. The best they could do with Al Capone was convict him of tax evasion according to reports. The main reason for the income tax is to use as a weapon to finally get anyone on if all else fails as it did with Al Capone. The Federal Rules and Regulations are a whole wall in any law library; who can understand even one percent of all this garbage? Amendment 21 (ratified 1933 after only 9 1/2 months legalized booze again and America was happy again. “Quoted from The Constitution for Everyone” by Mort Gerberg , Perigee Books, The Berkeley Publishing Group a great book on the U. S. Constitution. But don’t expect even a tiny fraction of Gordon’s many great suggestions to ever see the inside of a law book because of the difficulty to legally make any changes. Also the country is so large today, many interest groups pulling in every direction only make things worse.

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