My New Year Predictions

Michael Shrimpton Looks At The Year Ahead


Happy New Year everybody! I think it will be a good one, but with so many fundamental issues, including the shutting down of the DVD and the breakup of the EU, unresolved, it’s unlikely to be a great one. We will lose more good people, sadly, to DVD-sponsored terrorist attacks and mass shootings.


I am a little more optimistic about the Trump Administration than I was after Steve Bannon was fired. I doubt that a copy of Spyhunter will reach the President in the coming year – the DVD will be all out to stop it, and none of the mutual friends the President and I have is likely to get off the fence. They will continue to try and due diligence the book, and will continue to fail as they haven’t got the intelligence contacts. Unless and until somebody gives him a copy of the book the President will continue to take hits from an unseen enemy. Hundreds of lives could have been saved in 2017 had the efforts to get my book to the President not been blocked.

‘Von’ Mueller and his overpaid team of sleazy Democrat lawyers, if that is not a tautology, will continue to hammer the President. He must know by now that he’s in a fight to the death with Mueller. My guess is that Mueller will be fired, although it will happen later in the year, rather than sooner. I also predict that the President will pardon General Flynn, and rightly so.

It really is time we brought auxiliary federal prosecutions to an end. If the Department of Justice can’t prove a central allegation, auxiliary offenses such as perjury and lying to the FBI should simply fall away. The Fibbies themselves may come under greater pressure in 2018, as their role in protecting Obama comes under increasing scrutiny. It’s always a mistake for a dishonest federal agency to accuse others of lying. It’s a bit like a married hooker complaining of adultery – she (or he) may have a point, but it doesn’t sound terribly attractive coming from them.

I can see Judge Moore making some headway down in Alabama with his voter fraud allegations. We know that the Democrats are a sleazy party, no offense intended, and that bringing voters across state lines is an established Democrat tactic. That’s how they won New Hampshire. Whether he’ll get the result overturned is another matter, but Judge Moore is raising some serious points. It was a dirty election and the learned judge knows it.

How much of the Wall will be built in 2018 is anyone’s guess. Bush 41 is out to stop it, and he generally gets his way in Washington. 41’s view is that all major policy decisions should be cleared with him first. The Wall is effectively a battle of wills between the elected President and one of his predecessors, who has people deeply entrenched in the federal bureaucracy. With Bannon gone nobody in the White House has got the pull to get the Wall built, so my prediction is that it will be all talk, no action, sadly.

Speaking of 41, I don’t see him snuffing it this year. I know he’s not in the best of health, but he’s not at death’s door. Neither of us is a paid-up member of the other’s fan club, in case you hadn’t noticed. Happy New Year, George!


It is difficult to see Theresa May surviving beyond Easter, save as a caretaker Prime Minister whilst the Tory Party elects a new leader. I predict that new Prime Minister will be that nice man Boris Johnson. May has just been humiliated by the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, who forced through a knighthood for the hated former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. Sir Nick is a notorious Europhile, who has been working with the Cabinet Office to block Brexit.

Honors in Britain are effectively decided upon by the Cabinet Office and imposed upon Downing St and the Palace. Giving a knighthood to ‘von’ Clegg was really rubbing Theresa May’s nose in it. The hugely controversial move has signaled May’s weakness at the start of the year.

Boris has worked out that for smart people to be elected they have to act dumb. Donald Trump also gets this. He’s a lot smarter than he sometimes sounds, no offense intended. It’s a lot better than Hillary’s strategy, of pretending to be smarter than she is. Of course some politicians look dumb and act dumb simply because they are dumb, Nancy Pelosi being a case in point, no offense intended.

I foresee the Brexit negotiations collapsing. The EU are asking far too much and giving away far too little. They don’t want a free trade deal, which is all that the current British government wants. Boris is genuinely committed to Brexit and the collapse of the negotiations should speed up once he’s in Number 10. The desperate Foreign Office plan to get the Iranians to execute poor Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and put the blame on Boris has run into trouble. Seems that someone tipped off Boris. I wonder who?

I can’t see Teheran executing Nazanin now, thank goodness. It would be an Act of War, in the circumstances, given her British Citizenship – at the very least it would lead to an Anglo-Iranian diplomatic breach and London following Washington in denouncing the absurd nuclear deal with Teheran. As it is, Boris will be looking for revenge against Iran when he gets in.

North Korea

Kim Jong-Un, with and without the funny hairdo

The Norks will continue with their ballistic missile and nuclear programs unimpeded. The ChiComs won’t stop them, although they may talk about it in order to keep Chinese exports flowing into the States. As long as Peking keeps Dachau’s support they will have continued access to the high-yield trading programs, critical to China’s economic success.

The programs will continue to run unimpeded. Talk of a currency reset will be just that – talk. Talk’s cheap, as the Germans and Chinese know.

The West isn’t willing to go to war, so the Norks will continue to thumb their noses at us. North Koreans will continue to suffer. Nobody cares enough about them to rein in their mad leader. The problem is that you can’t stand up to Pyongyang unless you stand up to Peking.

Global Cooling

This will continue. The first talk in the media about a new Ice Age is already happening. I’m old enough to remember similar scare stories in the early 70s, towards the end of the last cool period. It is somewhat premature to talk about a new Ice Age, however – we are currently in the Holocene interglacial period. The next glaciation may not happen for another 90,000 years, by which time the media may have discovered the existence of the DVD and the CPS may have got around to paying my descendants, if any, the fees which they owe me for prosecuting a number of matters at Isleworth Crown Court on a freezing-cold January 2nd 1992.

We may however be in for a Maunder Minimum, which would see the current cooling cycle continue for another 60 years or so. My late friend the astronomer Sir Patrick Moore suggested that possibility nearly 20 years ago. Since Maunder Minima are caused by decreased solar activity, Sir Patrick probably knew what he was talking about. He usually did.

Crippling Western economies through the insane policy of decarbonization is crucial to long-term Sino-German economic planning. 2018 will therefore see continued mass hysteria over ‘global warming’. The fact that mean planetary temperatures are likely to continue their gentle decline throughout the coming year will not reduce the hysteria. The Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis is not fact-based and journalists are unused to fact-checking. Left-wing and centrist politicians tend to abhor facts, unsurprisingly, as they tend to undermine their arguments.

I therefore predict further nonsense in the media. All it will take is for a poor polar bear to get stranded on an ice-floe and there’ll be no end of ‘global warming’ stories. They will have about the same degree of intellectual rigor as the Nazis’ theory of racial superiority, but as I say, the MSM don’t go in for intellectual rigor.

There are times when I envy the MSM! Thinking requires effort. I have to think about what I write, as do my esteemed colleagues here at VT. It must be marvelous not to have to think about you’re writing and get paid for doing it! I’m amazed that Guardian journalists get paid vacations – they seem to be on a permanent paid vacation. I’ve heard of giving your brain a rest, but the boys and girls at the Guardian seem to go in for induced comas.

Mass Shootings and Sabotage

The FBI are still trying to work out Columbine, never mind Las Vegas. They’ll probably get there eventually. It will be in the Holocene Period, but possibly not before the end of the current cooling cycle. Thames Valley Police would need until the next inter-glacial, no offense intended! Their brains work so slowly I’m surprised that more of them aren’t declared brain-dead. Going to hospital must be a hazard. (“Sorry, Sarge, we sent four blokes to the Radcliffe Hospital with the suspect we beat up but our chaps were all declared brain dead and sent to the mortuary. The NHS are saying we won’t get them until they’ve been posted.”)

Having been given a free ride over mass-shootings since the current round started in Hungerford in England in 1987, when a German agent named Michael Ryan shot dead 16 people including a police officer, the DVD are unlikely to give the tactic up. Why would they? We invite it with our own stupidity.

I therefore predict that 2018 will see further massacres. The question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’. If Boris does get in Jerry is bound to have a hissy-fit and arrange another shooting in London. They went a bit quiet in the capital after that ISIS bomb-making cell managed to blow up 300 people and a tower block back in June, but they’ll be back.

Train sabotage is also popular with Jerry. Having managed to knock over an Amtrak express in December I daresay there’ll be a few more rail ‘accidents’ in 2018. Amtrak Police are actually pretty good and were talking to me, before my arrest. The DVD had to be a bit careful in that period, since if they’d tried further sabotage Amtrak Police could have mounted a serious investigation. With me out of the picture so far as US law enforcement is concerned it’s open season on the American traveling public, sadly.

I’m probably blowing my own trumpet here, but when nobody else is blowing it, sadly I have to blow my own, as it were, no pun intended. I happen to be the world’s leading expert on the DVD and they happen to be the only hostile agency organising train sabotage in the West. The moment any law enforcement agency starts talking to me the DVD take note.

I wish there were more independent experts on the DVD, but apart from that nice man Dr Paul Medhurst over at AMU I’m the only game in town. There it is.

I’m always happy BTW to acknowledge areas where I am not an expert. Don’t ask me to weave a basket for you – the FBI would be a much better bet. Any basket I wove would probably fall apart pretty quickly. It would also be a bad idea to ask me to paint your house. The walls would probably each be a different color.

I don’t fix my Daimler. I just tell the nice people who look after her what needs doing and I don’t argue with them if they tell me one of the anti-roll bars needs new bushes. I’ve got a tool-kit in the trunk, but I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I respect expertise.


One thing which I confidently predict will not happen in 2018 is the discovery of the wreckage of MH370. How do I know this? Because they’re looking in the wrong ocean, that’s why.

If you’re trying to find a plane which has gone down over the sea it’s best to look in the right ocean. You’re taught that in Aircraft Accident Investigation 101. On the other hand, if you’re not trying to find the plane, e.g. because you know the Chinese shot it down and you don’t want to upset Peking, then it’s a good idea to keep looking in the wrong ocean.

They’ll be searching the North Sea next. No one in the West is prepared to stop this idiocy. Washington, Canberra, Kuala Lumpur and London will continue to kow-tow to Peking. If Peking Duck were on the lunch menu at the Cabinet Office cafeteria they’d probably call it Bejing Duck.

I’m not saying 2018 is going to be all roses. It isn’t. We’re not going to make much progress, but my call is that we will make some. With the leadership we have and with all our intelligence agencies paralysed by penetration I’ll settle for that. Have a good one, folks.

Christmas TV Review

The highlight of the seasonal viewing for me was Snow Bears (BBC2, Boxing Day, 1830). A stunning wildlife documentary, it followed the varying fortunes of a mama polar bear and her two adorable cubs. I particularly liked the bit where the cubs screwed up and chased away a juicy seal mama bear was trying to snatch for supper. Like naughty children, the cubs put their heads in their arms. You could almost hear them saying to themselves “Oh shit, TV dinners only tonight!”

Although the BBC reports to the Cabinet Office, it is gratifying to report that there were no signs of Cabinet Office interference with this program. How do we know this? Well for a start the producers didn’t arrange for the cuddly polar bear cubs to be machine-gunned to death by a German hunter in order to upset little children at Christmas. For another thing there was hardly a mention of global warming, possibly because the producers had their bollocks frozen off whilst they were shooting.

The photography was quite superb. The bears interacted with the film-makers, although the latter may not have noticed it. The cubs were a hoot, and cute to boot. I do polar bear cubs, and I don’t mean eat them. I’m an Englishman, not a European.

I think it’s a great shame more British TV is not shown in America. Are You Being Served is great entertainment, but does not exactly depict modern British retail practices (service has got a great deal worse since the 1970s and Are You Being Served was scripted solely in English).

I suspect American audiences would love Snow Bears.

Dr Who (BBC1, Christmas Day, 1730) was a bit of a disappointment. I’m so old I can remember watching the first episode of Dr Who (airdate November 23 1963, just after the Germans assassinated Kennedy). It was a Saturday, and the exciting new sci-fi series had been trailed for weeks.

The first Doctor was William Hartnell, a wonderful old character actor. Amazingly, the BBC found an actor who looked an awful lot like him. Then they stuffed it up, by going for a woman. I’m all in favor of women doctors, but not on Dr Who, thank you very much! Certain traditions should not be interfered with. It’s nothing to do with gender bias. Just as there some things that women tend to be better at, such as intelligence analysis and rocket science, there are certain things that men do better, and of them happens to be playing Doctor Who.

Although Christmas TV in Britain is not what it was, sadly, the networks get round that by repeating Christmas specials from years gone by. I had never seen the 1977 Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special (I was in Australia that Christmas), e.g. It was rather good! For the benefit of my American readers I should explain that the late Eric Morecambe and the late Ernie Wise were two great British entertainers, who believed that the primary function of entertainers is to entertain. They did it very well and they are still missed.

Programme Name: Doctor Who – TX: n/a – Episode: n/a (No. n/a) – Embargoed for publication until: 13/09/2013 – Picture Shows: PLEASE NOTE
This is from archive material to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. This image is not from, nor does it relate to, the actual episode. – (C) BBC – Photographer: unknown

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Michael Shrimpton was a barrister from his call to the Bar in London in 1983 until being disbarred in 2019 over a fraudulently obtained conviction. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counter-terrorism. He is a former Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies at the American Military University.

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  1. The reality is that June Press, his publisher, would have to go along with such a proposal. They are a publisher, not a nonprofit, so I can’t see them going along. As for the cost of the book, another reality check. The average publisher pays very little to the author. That’s the way the real world works. You CAN make a bit more in the end by self-publishing, but there are startup costs for that, as well as hassle. You can also go “all E-book” if the book is short enough, but Spyhunter is too long for that to be an option. That’s why the Kindle version was withdrawn, and I was annoyed by the publisher’s decision, as I wanted to read the improved edition online.

  2. “The Norks will continue with their ballistic missile and nuclear programs unimpeded.” I am glad to see Nork used as shorthand rather than NK. Some lazy journalists have been using SK for S. Korea. I saw an article with a headline that said Sarah Sanders the WH press secretary was shivering on the SK trip, and I was wondering why anyone in their right mind would go to Saskatchewan this time of year. (I have done it, and don’t recommend it.) But then the article made clear it was S. Korea in November, which is still pretty cold.

  3. For the GOP to think about: What would happen if a Honey badger were to tangle with its close relative the Wolverine? Wildlife expert Rory Young has the answer, which is basically Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).
    “In my opinion, honey badger would either rip off the wolverines genitalia, thus causing it to bleed to death, or both would die via prolonged mutual mutilation.”

  4. One interesting short excerpt from Wolff’s article, concerns Henry Kissinger commenting that the war in the Trump camp (during the election campaign? during the 1st year of the admin?) was between the Jews and non-Jews. If he indeed said such a thing, that was propaganda. The real war was, and is, between the Germans (and their lackeys) and the Americans. And of course, HK himself is German, so he’s not about to point that out, is he?

    • Kissinger influence needs to be removed from the White House. Any idiot taking his advice needs to go. And if that includes Jared Kushner, so be it. As long as he is around, they would be better off to install Angela Merkel herself in the White House, and the effect would be about the same.

    • My comment, “As long as he is around” which is above. In case there is doubt, I am referring to Henry Kissinger.

  5. Read the book, and stop whining already. After you have read the book, maybe then you can make some intelligent comments about it.

  6. Some people are figuring out today: Never trust a man named Wolf or Wolff. The name tends to be eponymous! Is Michael Wolff by any chance related to Generaloberst Markus Wolf, the former head of the East German Stasi? That is a fair question, by the way. To whom or to what country does Michael Wolff report? And just WHO gave Wolff the infamous blue badge with unfettered access to the West Wing? Possibly it was forged, or Wolff had it during the Obama admin, or he persuaded some idiot to give it to him. Find out! This sounds like a DVD spy operation from the get-go, in which case the book will be all propaganda, and the ultimate victim is not meant to be Trump, but the United States itself.

    • Btw, someone at the White House really should have talked to Michael Shrimpton first, before they let Wolff run around loose. But it’s not too late to talk to Shrimpton now. I don’t know MS’ opinion of this Wolff business, but I am sure he already knows quite a bit.

  7. I’d like to see the Congress learn bipartisanship again. What I mean by that, is that the GOOD guys/gals (ie not crooks) in both parties need to gain ascendancy. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona also want bipartisanship. But their plan for doing this is to have the BAD guys, the crooks, of both parties in control. They don’t want to drain the swamp, because they ARE the swamp. The GOP swamp is very bad in the southwest, with Arizona continuing to be a narco state, period. And the local press is in cahoots too. The Arizona Republic editors went nuts on Dec 22, naming John McCain and Jeff Flake as their Arizonans of the Year for 2017. Excerpt: “It took courage for these two Republicans to denounce a Republican president. And courage is exactly what today’s political landscape lacks. Americans need leaders who dare to buck the divisiveness and bring us together. Clearly McCain and Flake did not stick their necks out for political or personal gain.” That last line is knee-slapping hilarious! Of course they did. The 2 Sens. are the swamp, and need to be replaced. But they need to be replaced with Senators with CLEAN hands. How to know who is clean? I suggest that people look closely at who the Arizona Republic editors are recommending, and who they are trashing. Odds are high that the people they will trash, those will be the good guys.

  8. I will make a New Year prediction of my own. GOP and Dems will pass a few bipartisan laws, but only because we have already begun the Midterm election season, and voters are sick of the Senate’s 51-0 votes. Seriously, zero Dems. Zero is not a sign of virtue, and both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will feel the pain in Nov. 2018 if not sooner. What made me think of this today? Well, I received my issue of Xplor from the MO Dept. of Conservation, and on p. 14 is a beautiful action photo of a badger and a coyote working together to corner a ground squirrel. The coyote does the chasing, and the badger does the digging. So I am asking myself, WHY is it that 2 very different species have figured out how to cooperate to catch lunch, and yet we can’t seem to get Dems and GOP to cooperate and catch crooks? To me, the answer must be that they are not yet hungry enough to cooperate. How to get them hungry enough? Well, the Midterm elections are 10 months from now. 100% of the House, and 1/3 of the Senate, is theoretically interested in what you have to say. Tell them.

    • By 51-0, I mean just the YES votes for passing legislation lately. GOP 51 yes, Dems 0 yes. And the House has been very similar. ZERO Dems voting yes. This must end. Something has to crack, and maybe it will be the DOJ’s Inspector-General’s report on the Russia/2016 election that will get things cracking. Or maybe the Congress will actually follow through this week, with contempt of Congress charges against some law enforcement individuals who have been stonewalling the investigating committees for months on end.

  9. Happy New Year, best wishes and all that. Your writing is always entertaining. Maybe I can help you with your effort to get Trumpy a copy of Spy Hunter. I have a close friend who works in the Trump organization, not the political side. If you want send me a copy to pass on to the Donald. This is an honest offer. “… by which time the media may have discovered the existence of ” ,,, God.
    I feel the need to remind you that you continually get your ethnicities mixed up. It was the jews not the germans that killed Kennedy, and not too many years after they klled Germany. The tribes seem to be kllers of the serial type. Well Mr. Shrimpton enjoy 2018 it should be interesting. Especially if we make it to the 2nd quarter.

    • Mr Shrimpton got it right about JFK. But it’s not just JFK. They also got 2 of his brothers (Joe Jr and RFK) and at least 1 of his sisters (Kathleen). And they tried to get brother Teddy at least twice. And they got JFK Jr. They were Germans alright. Forget the monkey; look at the organ-grinder behind him.

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