Good news from Phil Butler

It looks like brother Phil will be among us for a while. We would have felt quite mistreated to have started out the New Year losing two people in one day… Jim W. Dean


Phil: LOL .. and thanks Jim…. still here…good news …out of ICU…. they are debating my case…whether ir not to implant a difibulator to cut off such deadly arythmia….waiting and seeing… Thanks to the whol VT crew…great and caring people.
Thanks Jim, scary and freaky thing…goofing around shooting some baskets at the gym….next minute in the ambulance…then in ER with a doc standing over me with paddles. Thx for your prayers… It means a lot Jim

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Jim W. Dean is Managing Editor of Veterans Today involved in operations, development, and writing, plus an active schedule of TV and radio interviews.

He broke into television work doing Atlanta Public TV programs for variety of American heritage, historical, military, veterans and Intel topics and organizations since 2000. Jim's only film appearance was in the PBS Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates, and he has guest lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon, GA.

He is working to find time now to database his extensive video archive of Americana and interviews filmed during his public TV days so individual topic segments can be key word searched to quickly use in future multi-media projects.

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7 Replies to “Good news from Phil Butler

  1. I know Phil and I have had some words in the past over him using the (H) in his articles whenever he can, the same as G Galloway does, and Ian G has some choice words about him!
    I don’t want anyone to be ill, or to be in pain, good news you are responding to medication.

  2. Good for you Phil. Get well soon.
    VT and the readers here need you to continue rattling the cages of the NWO elites, liars and charlatans.
    Now get the heck out of bed and back to work!

    1. On it John. I researched a piece before I died (tongue in cheek) and sent the NEO version to Jim. The “Economic War” these “families” have waged on us all is the biggest tragedy in human history. Given the potential, there is to help the world now, imagine how evil these people must truly be.

      Your kind words are uplifting, and I shall never forget.

    1. I appreciate these kind words and this prayer Trakkath. We are in a battle the importance of which all of us sometimes underestimate. These forces arrayed against free people are light devoid evil souls.

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