All You Need to Know about Israel, The Lobby, Yinon Plan & Trump (video)

America is not a mediator, it is actually, a side in the conflict...


10 minutes interview with Gilad Atzmon on Turkish TV most popular political show.

YAZ BOZ; ” Ergün DİLER – Bekir HAZAR”: 29 Dec 2017.

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  1. They like to brag about their savior kicking the money lenders out of the temples , while simultaneously pilfering the widows. Their priests set up camp at the bed sides of the dying to scrape the accounts for their palatial parsonages and international meddling. When the truly poor come, they are sent to the Welfare line, which is then attacked by the same idiots who sent them there. Where has all the money gone ? Where is the precious morality then ? But the biggest crime, is the confiscation of the confidence of the givers. The good people who are convinced by this madness. The very flock they claim to shepherd. Fleecing is the word used I believe. Laundering and fleecing. The southern carpet baggers have returned with black robes.

    • Isn’t that what religion is all about? especially in America, where anyone can ordain themselves: Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jess Jackson, Rev. James Dobson, all you have to do to add some false legitimacy to yourself is to add the word Reverend in front of your name and you are instantly recognized.
      The frauds, charlatans and pick pockets that litter the American landscape in the name of religion are too numerous to mention. Joseph Smith, an illiterate, convicted fraud, could barely sign his name, created one of the worlds largest religious cults.
      And it’s gone downhill ever since.
      There are some who want religion directly involved with government, a dangerous and malicious ideal if ever there was one.

  2. The business of spiritual advice is not for the plumber or the highway worker or the oil man. Likewise, the business of finance and civic affairs, road repair or military priority is not the business of the churches.
    Grubby little paws creep into churches and begin to skim and launder and politically maneuver the people into giving children to Tantalus. Why would it be any of my care what people want to bow to or hold sacred ?
    Because when it kills millions of innocent people and acts like a valid source of information pertaining to things it overwhelmingly obviously is clueless about, and threatens what so many veterans thought they were sacrificing for. That’s the line, and patience is no longer a virtue. Christians have turned to a murder of Crows.

    • When American Christianity hitched it’s wagon to usurpers and thieves and idiots. They became those very things themselves. They speak gibberish and nonsense and act as if it is somehow Godly. They become hypocrites by planting their Ten Commandments in front our justice buildings all the while breaking the very purpose of printing them at all. They quote ridiculous sayings, and empower the small minded among them.
      It is like a group of obnoxious children taking over a playground in a fit of psychological illness. And they drag the rest of us down into their rancid water. For what ? Gods Will ? Bullshit. It is ridiculous. Moronic even.

    • Indeed and it’s one of the reason why the people of Alabama rejected the bible thumping zionist, anti voting rights, sexual predator Roy Moore.
      We have a long row to hoe and there are millions of xtain zionists , most of them only near literate, brainwashed into supporting evil.

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