Mossad and SITE Intelligence Inadvertently Confess to Commanding ISIS

    Rita Katz hires midget wrestler to play bin Laden in phony 911 confession tape

    Moscow: The Islamic State in Egypt has urged its supporters in a new execution video to wage war against Hamas over its failure to defend Jerusalem following Washington’s recognition of the city as the Israeli capital.

    The 22-minute video, allegedly released by an affiliate of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the Sinai Peninsula, and published by the Jihadist-monitoring SITE Intelligence Group, begins with footage of US President Donald Trump’s December 6 announcement on Jerusalem. The propaganda footage, initially released Wednesday, culminates in the execution of a former IS member pictured on his knees in an orange jumpsuit.

    The victim in the video, referred to as Musa Abu Zamat, is accused by his terrorist captors of smuggling weapons to Hamas’ military wing from Egypt. An IS preacher, named as Abu Kazem al-Maqdisi, originally from Gaza himself, calls on IS followers to attack Hamas sites and courthouses in the Gaza Strip. Hamas is also blamed for its cooperation with Western countries and fighting Jews only in Israel. Minutes later the captor is executed by a shot to the head. The terrorist who carried out the execution was identified in news reports as being Muhammad al-Dajani, a former member of Hamas’ military branch in Gaza.

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    Hamas, the de facto governing authority of the Gaza Strip, has called for a new intifada or uprising against Israel in the wake of Trump’s announcement. The agitation for a new uprising spurred mass revolts, in which Israeli security forces used live munition, rubber bullets, and tear gas to quell the massive unrest. On Thursday, Hamas spokesperson Salah Bardawil slammed the IS video as “a Zionist production in which Arab tools participate to distort the resistance.”

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    1. Rita Katz . . . now there’s one pvssy not worth grabbing. OY VEY. Did they pick one or what? Couldn’t have constructed a better catwoman if you ask me. She has the purrfect pedigree, now doesn’t she? What a story. It’s almost as good as the Anne Frank tale. Her 501(c)(3) rakes in $8.5 million a year?!? That’s IT?!?!?!? With what Israhell gets per day from the U.S. ($10 million/day) you’d think she’d be holding out for a heck of a lot more. She does good work, after all [rolling eyes]. If she were a he, he’d be getting 10-fold to whore himself out like this. Break the glass ceiling Rita . . . you can do it! Your male intel, psyop counter-part would be getting a heck of a lot more.
      Keep in mind kids . . . the Boston airport contracted with ITCS International (an Israhelli firm based out of Amsterdam) on Sept. 11, 2001. They provided the “security” {wink, wink} for Logan airport, and odd how the 19 “terrorists” went through their check points to board. The underwear bomber, the brain dead pasty from Nigeria flew straight outta Schiphol — ITCS’ home-base. Some “security” they have. ITCS is all ex-Mossad ex-Shin Bet agents, at the top, where the cream rises . . . Katz like cream. ITCS’ CEO, 65% owner, Ezra Harel was found dead floating on his yacht in the Mediterranean shortly thereafter.

      • Rita Katz might want to open her . . . files . . . to investigate ITCS as terrorist conspirators for doing such a marvelous job at airport security on that fateful day. U.S. civilians, military personnel, city employees were made dead with that little katz-scratch fever . . . ICTS was either asleep at the fvcing wheel, OR . . . knew it was coming and looked the other way. Investigate that Ms. Rita Pvssy galore! The Katz Golem in Gotham city . . .

    2. MOSSAD is Judaism´s official spy and assassination agency. However, the gathering and providing of spy information and support to the MOSSAD is accomplished by the largest 5th column army in the world: Judaism´s “Sayanim”. Former MOSSAD agent Victor Ostrovsky uncloaks their secretive deception in, “By Way of Deception”.

    3. Even the FBI’s bin Ladin wanted poster, which was last revised in November 2001, has him listed as deceased in big bold red letters. The FBI is also well aware that at least 7 of the supposed 19 hijackers are still alive, yet they refuse to update their suspect list. They all parroted the same illogical narrative within an hour of the attacks and they’re sticking to their impossible conspiracy theory no matter what. That fat midget bin Ladin imposter is seen in other pictures and video writing with his right hand, while the FBI bin Ladin wanted poster clearly states that bin Ladin is left handed.
      Steve R. Pieczenik, who served under 5 different presidential administrations and laid the foundations for counter terrorism at the US state Department, went on the record in 2002 and told the public that bin Ladin died of Marfan syndrome in 2001..

    4. Now it is official, ISIS are US and Israeli private SS team (Schutzstaffel) protection squadron for enforcing Israeli racial policy in the Middle East.

    5. America’s credibility has been stripped bare. Israel has been proven to be exactly what it is: a terrorist, outlaw, rogue state.
      Both have sealed their fates. The rest of the world knows who they are dealing with and they have decided to go it their own way. Soon America will be disenfranchised and isolated from the rest of the world’s markets. It is already happening and there’s nothing Washington can do to stop it.
      The people of planet Earth are tired of America’s wars on behalf of israel and that includes and increasing number of Americans. They are tired of Washington acting like the bully on the playground. In many cases the bully gets a bloody nose.
      This latest round now occurring in Iran is going to backfire miserably on the U.S. and israel.
      Will this and the failure of its ISIS terrorists in Syria finally set Washington back? Will Washington finally get the bloody nose it deserves?

      • Most likely, those of us who pledge 1st allegiance to the US, rather than the U.N. landgrant of 1948 that Ben-Gurion and terrorist team fraudulently named “Israel”, rather than the owners of the “Vatican on US soil” designated as The District of Columbia.

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