Theological Promiscuity: The Church Reminds Us Novelty Is Not a Good Thing

Curiosity leads to Promiscuity and promiscuity leads to doctrinal impurity. We must recognize novelty and resist it


Theological Promiscuity: The Church Reminds Us Novelty Is Not a Good Thing
By: Eric Gajewski

Over the past year or so we have seen Antipope Francis try to “spin” the word novelty and make it appear as an Orthodox word. This is typical behavior of a modernist but the Church before Vatican II reminds us that novelty is not a good thing and, in fact, equates the word novelty to heresy. So, when we see Francis speaking about the “novelty of the Gospel” or the “novelty of love” (in a good sense) we must understand that we cannot accept this new verbiage.

Indeed, the “new theologians” are theologically promiscuous and ultimately promiscuity leads to impurity. The Conciliar Church is infested with novelty because this is what transpires from a previously condemned new theology. It is only logical.

Yet why do so many Catholics still follow Vatican II and these poisoned minds who have an ill understanding of what it means to be a true Catholic?

I suppose there are some who will argue that they would date the town’s hooker with the intention of hoping for a potential conversion. Nevertheless, the Church reminds us that we must avoid novelty and heretics altogether. Where heresy is a Catholic cannot be not even under the “it’s a valid Mass” excuse.

St. Vincent of Lerins speaks specifically to this topic of resisting novelty and those “aliens” who teach against the Faith. It seems clear that Francis has never read what the Church has had to say on the topic or at least doesn’t care to reiterate novelty as a negative term.

“Also in the Catholic Church itself we take great care that we hold that which has been believed everywhere, always, by all. For that is truly and properly Catholic, as the very force and meaning of the word shows, which comprehends everything almost universally. And we shall observe this rule if we follow universality, antiquity, consent. We shall follow universality if we confess that one Faith to be true which the whole Church throughout the world confesses; antiquity if we in no wise depart from those interpretations which it is plain that our ancestors and fathers proclaimed; consent if in antiquity itself we eagerly follow the definitions and beliefs of all, or certainly nearly all, priests and doctors alike.”

“What, then, will the Catholic Christian do if any part of the Church has cut itself off from the communion of the Universal Faith? What surely but prefer the soundness of the whole body to a pestilent and corrupt member?

“What if some novel contagion seek to infect the whole Church, and not merely a small portion of it? Then he will take care to cling to antiquity, which cannot now be led astray by any novel deceit.

“What if in antiquity itself error be detected on the part of two or three men, or perhaps of a city, or even of a province? Then he will look to it that he prefer the decrees of an ancient General Council, if such there be, to the rashness and ignorance of a few.

“But what if some error spring up concerning which nothing of this kind is to be found? Then he must take pains to find out and compare the opinions of the ancients, provided, of course, that such remained in the communion and faith of the One Catholic Church, although they lived in different times and places, conspicuous and approved teachers; and whatever he shall find to have been held, written and taught, not by one or two only, but by all equally and with one consent, openly, frequently and persistently, that he must understand is to be believed by himself also without the slightest hesitation.”
– St. Vincent of Lerins, “The Commonitory, book 1, chapter 2, no. 6-8, pp. 26-28. Emphasis added.

With the advent of Vatican II theological lies have become the norm…

Here are some powerful quotes to use (ammo) in your defense against the Modernists, liberals and those who “thirst for novelty” in the Conciliar Church.



  1. You can Google “Natural Law” for an interesting read. Natural Law is considered to be intrinsic to Life and proscribes things like: Murder, Lies, Theft, Illicit Sex,Drugs and generally endorses filial respect to help us through our own psychological understanding, but also to build a whole of society view. The Ten Commandments that Moses, who was educated in Egypt, covers this as well as the Five Precepts of Buddhism, from a non theological point of view, or even Hamurabbi from Babylon quite early on.

    Then the Lawyers get hold of it and you get Custom or Man Made Law. Jesus is held as Incarnation of Logos because he restored Natural Law in the face of the Scribes, Pharisees and Sanhedrin who claimed that they were given Oral Law, the basis for Talmud, at the foot of Mt Sinai. It is no suprise that The Talmud is now the Babylonian Talmud, superceding the Palestinian one, as the lawyers there had had about 1,000 years to work on circumventing the law before the time of Ezra, who translated the Pentateuch from Egyptian Hieroglyphics into Hebrew in 600 BC.

    Freemasons, a Me Too verson of Talmudism, claim that “custom is the sole governant of the law”, thus setting aside the Natural Law. Of course, this promotes what I call “Custom Creep”, whereby propaganda and brainwash move the consiousness of whole populations to modernistically and incrementally modify the custom based man made law.

  2. This ties into the Christian war against nature. Even a modest study of how life perseveres it is overwhelmingly obvious that adaptability is the greatest asset of any species. Humans are the overwhelming example of this. We change foods and adapt to new climates quite quickly. We are the dominant species due to our attraction to ‘novelty”. The very construction of cathedrals displays human artistic ability at the apex of architectural novelty. This hard line stance against nature, certainly empowers unethical practices in the oil industry, war, and production of GMO’s that combined have led to the massive levels of extinction , deforestation, genocide and immobility of justice in our governments. It is completely unnatural and ill advised. The proof is all around us.

    • Agreed. We have fouled our own nest. Poisoned our food, raped and destroyed the planet and waged war to impose the NWO.
      And the Christian theology is that man must have dominance over everything.
      I suppose it also means that priests have dominance over little boys.
      Just look at the sad state of affairs with xtianity in America. No wonder millennials are staying away. I don’t blame them. The squalid mega churches that have sprouted up like toad stools across the American landscape and their pastors who live like royalty with expensive foreign luxury cars, yachts and private jets all TAX FREE!
      Now ain’t that just grand?
      That’s the reality of religion in America today. The Church is no different. The Church is just as guilty of genocidal warfare as any other state and its pact with that little Italian dictator Mussolini made it perfectly clear where the Church stands. The awful heinous crimes committed in the name of God by the Church are on record.
      Let’s see them defend that.

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