FFWN: Trump Reality Show Imploding: Will He Be Voted Off the Island?


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Will the self-proclaimed “very stable genius” in the White House finish his first term? According to two oddsmaking firms, the chances are better than even that he won’t.

In this week’s edition of False Flag Weekly News we began with ten stories on the ongoing Trump fiascos, then moved on to the Iran protests and other Zionist chicanery, the 9/11-triggered destruction of freedom,  and the MSM’s newly-discovered belief that UFOs deserve to be taken seriously.

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  1. Are we to assume the naysayers correctly assume that Trump has done nothing of value in his still short tenure in the WH?

  2. As long as Mr. Trump’s actions, bizarre as they may be, are advantageous to the Deep State he will continue in office. If, however, he deviates from the presidential playbook (that all presidents surely are given) he will likely suffer a heart attack or stroke or some other debilitating medical condition that renders him unable to continue.

  3. Watching the trump administration falling to pieces is very entertaining. Congress won’t have to impeach trump, he will simply implode on himself, taking Kushner and everyone else with him.
    Sorta like a black hole with Trump being the “event horizon”.

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