Bible Belt Criminality, Teacher Beaten for Questioning Theft of Funds


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Pure corruption is typical of “bible belt” America, the racist south in particular.  However, this goes on across America.  The worst of the worst are county sheriffs and school superintendents.

Sheriff’s typically, and in some areas still do, rent out prisoners, many on remand only but not convicted of any crime, to work in mines, clear land, even gut chickens and make sausage out of pus, rat droppings and diseased grain, as required by food laws rewritten by the GOP.

No food item can be poisoned enough, no drug dangerous enough and “Monsanto is god.”

Here we simply see a women beaten to the ground for speaking up at a public meeting.  Her civil rights are being violated but with an Attorney General who is a former KKK “Grand Dragon” and licensed utter moron, and a president who is worse, it will continue.

If the person was black, of course, they would have been shot.

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  1. Vt seems to be loaded with ignorant trump supporting Catholic/evangelical Christian morons who are simply getting what you voted for especially in the red state south and Duff did warn all of you!

    At least vt has far less trailor trash then Fox News and britebart!

    I get it trump is not a racist he he …

    Wait till there is no minimum wage you stupid focks…


  2. Mr. Duff,
    If it weren’t for you I’d have no idea just how completely out of control our government has gotten. The video is very disturbing. As one who has had dealings with dishonest police and incarceration facilities watching brought up feelings of fright and dismay. Thank you for your continued efforts.

  3. “for its appalling mistreatment of its citizens, including those imprisoned solely for exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly, and for censoring its own people as they stand up in protest against their government … ” these are the supposed reasons Trump has for applying more sanctions against Iran. So, when is he going to apply the same ethics to US government and governors, mayors, police chiefs, etc? Has hell froze over yet?

  4. So she is a white privledged woman who got off cheap with just a beating. Listen Gordon, the Clinton’s aren’t innocents. With corruption now on steroids, with over $21 Trillion missing from just 2 departments of our federal gov’t, DOD and HUD, maybe you can shed some light on that subject. Or is it made up bullshit like pay-to-play i.e. Uranium 1 and your favorite Haiti charity money all gifted and sifted through the C Foundation. Find the missing trillions which you never mention.

  5. Duff will you ever be free of you Marxist Jewish step daddy think it was?
    The NWO WASP spooks know best right?

    Christianity has ZERO to do with “Christian Zionism.” Have you read the New Testament or just “progressive” spook engineered poisons for small minds?

    To deplore this action is one thing, I do, to deplore an entire region is pathetic and to call it corrupt because it is supposedly the “Bible Belt” is ultimately pure race based Talmudic programing.

    IT IS EXACTLY the emotional state of those who from the high WASP firmaments, in the N.E. would have by their will and supposed insight, killed off entire populations during the Eugenics movements.

    Underneath it all is a prejudiced man who can not get beyond childhood programed hatreds and you are the man who has so valuably lined out Zion’s actions on 911!
    As for Trump narcissism, ok, he is, and SO ARE YOU BUDDY.
    Look in the mirror.

    • I have not found a Christian that agrees with another, on what Christian means. The Baptists do not even agree with each other and Catholics are split into a thousand factions. There is no consensus. The common link , is the book. And by that measure, all Christians are Catholics. That is who compiled and decreed the book as the alleged work of God, and those that adhere to that notion are Christians. In that book, is found the reasoning and the ideology of a homeland, again decreed by God, for the “Hebrews”. Now there is no consensus as to what a Hebrew is, and that remains a question as well. But to say Christianity has nothing to do with Christian zionism is ridiculous and completely without merit. On that, there is a consensus. You are alone, and should start another church. The Gospel of the Helping Mind.

    • HM:???? !!!!????
      I have no idea what you are saying. Time to lay off the Percodan.
      “The Christian’s Bible is a drug store. Its contents remain the same but the medical practice changes” Mark Twain.
      Of all the 40,000 churches in America, every one of them claim to be the last and final word of God. If every body else is wrong then who is right?
      That’s why I stay away from churches as much as possible, Except when a poor soul is either married or buried and it’s hard to tell which one is worse.
      All you need is to find more than two people who agree with you and you can start your own church. Keep it small, other wise you’ll be tempted to live like a god.

  6. Mr Duff, if I correctly understand, the origin of the name “bible belt”
    reflects the significance of what is called bible and its interpretation for that culturalgeography. The question arises who is really responsible for this bible interpretation and their motives.
    One might include as candidates any powerful occult lodge in North America interested that such a version of “Christianity” be propagated, as surrogate. – Regarding Ku Klux Klan, is it true the influential Free Mason Albert Pike was its founder?

    • I`m from Tennessee and lived not too far from Pulaski where the Klan was founded. I have heard yes and no about Pike being a founder but he was so evil it wouldn`t surprise me a bit. The Klan went after white people too. A friend of mine had a dad who wasn`t providing for his family and they woke up to a burning cross in their yard which was a warning to this bum.

    • In the settling of America, idiots who wanted nude public shaming for women, and flocks of obedient asylum seekers to follow them unconditionally, were not finding the autonomous control they craved. So, they reached ever farther west, and as they did so, found more despair to take advantage of. Recruitment was the key back then, and there was no shortage of Preachers who found that they could start a church and act as God’s emissary thereby dictating behaviors. Thus the Bible Belt was born of carpet baggers and thieves whose idea of a living was putting on a show once a week, and living safe from conflict, as the preacher who must never commit violence, unless it was warranted on their own flock. They are still there, and the examples are plentiful. John Z knows and tracks their names.

  7. Funny, as a (still) registered (lifelong) democrat, I used to believe the kind of rhetoric that Gordon spouts above. But, as I have read more, and learned a lot about the unbelievable lying rhetoric of both parties, I now actually only identify these groups as “demublicans” or “republicrats” – take your pick. Like the old Polish goes: “Under capitalism, man exploits man…. under communism, it’s the other way around.”

    Really Gordon…? Mr. Military Intelligence himself? The statistics don’t back you. 1. It was southern _democrats_ who created the KKK in the first place. They are an entirely post-Civil War phenomenon that goes along with beliefs like, “Abraham Lincoln fought the Civil War because to free the slaves…” If you believe those, I have a bridge for you to buy. 2. More whites than blacks are shot by police in the US. Yes, there are 10 times more whites, but the per capita police shootings don’t support a raging racist scenario either. 3. The south is _not_ (nor has ever been) more racist than the north. It was Boston where the school busing riots happened, nowhere in the south.

    Get over it. One thing I’ve learned about the military mindset – the capacity for dispassionate review of data and fact is totally destroyed via the career.

    • stfu… 1 The rhetoric of “law and order” was first mobilized in the late 1950s as Southern governors and law enforcement officials attempted to generate and mobilize white opposition to the Civil Rights Movement. In the years following Brown v. Board of Education, civil rights activists used direct-action tactics in an effort to force reluctant Southern states to desegregate public facilities. Southern governors and law enforcement officials often characterized these tactics as criminal and argued that the rise of the Civil Rights Movement was indicative of a breakdown of law and order. Support of civil rights legislation was derided by Southern conservatives as merely “rewarding lawbreakers.”,


    • I’ve met some great cops in my day. The men and women who are born for it are treasures. To me the issue is community finance. When they are asked to produce money, it automatically goes down hill. When the good ones are free to work as they should, the family courts are less abused, the jails are emptier, and the neighborhoods are safer. It is quite possible. The new kids are ill informed, fearful, and overly obedient. The women are helping and I have met some wonderful female officers in the last couple years. They seem to get it, and they struggle inside the department, but the intelligence is higher than some they are replacing.

  8. Living in La. during the 80’s saw Edwin Edwards steal 2 mil in federal hospital money and lost it in Vegas. The mayor of Alexandria fired the police chief, took his patrol car, picked up some strippers and went out pulling people over with the strippers , all drinking having a good time. he did 90 days in psych, came back, called a town councilman a gorilla and had 100 lbs of bananas delivered to his office. Then he closed the city pool and turned it into a catfish pond. La. is the largest population of Italian “families”. We had Sonny Giordano up for 50 hits, and about the same number of arsons, David Duke almost won the gov spot, little prop jobs landing in the middle of the night on abandoned Japanese internment camp roadways, …If this is now considered big news down there, the place has changed a lot. We used to get 40 oz drinks from a drive through Daiquiri huts with 9 shots of white liquor. Guns in bars, poker games were legal in bars, everyone armed. Stolen military weapons, all kinds of craziness. We hired ex-cons for our construction company for 1.67 per hour. The state paid the other half. Lot’s of interesting characters down there.

    • And I thought New Joisey was bad. I seem to recall the exploits of Edwards on the evening news. Yes indeed. Not to be outdone, Michigan has its own little a**hole in the governators orifice. The one who helped poison Flint’s water supply. The past twenty years or more Michigan has had one dipshit dumbass, crooked jerk after another.
      Why I don’t vote.
      I don’t want to be responsible for assisting in getting those worthless POS into office.
      At least I can sleep at night and I have every right to complain about the mess others caused that I had nothing to do with.

    • Jersey has it’s own personal unique brand of corrupt. It’s quite stylish. That image of Christie on the beach, is a keeper and an apt representation of the brand.

    • Oh please…. I don’t even want to picture that …..a beached beluga whale.
      with a bridge collapsing in the back ground.

  9. This is America now. Ask the wrong questions and get a beat down. this is happening more and more across America, at school board meetings at city council meetings, whenever the sucklers at the government teat get together to decide how to fleece the public once more, no one dares raise any questions that embarrass any of them.
    The First Amendment is nearly trampled into the ground and with the help of such luminaries of free speech like Zuckerberg, Bezos and Google along with such state gooberments such as Arizona and Kansass all working hard to declare the right to free speech will soon be dead.
    What’s surprising is that she wasn’t tased or even shot by the stupid pig. They probably strip searched her when they got her to the pig sty. Cavity search and forced blood draw, DNA sample and tossed into the cell naked.
    with a little luck she will somehow commit suicide in the cell.
    Ignore all the bruise marks on her body, they were self inflicted.
    Expect this kind of southern justice from Carolinas to Aridzona.
    I hope she contacts the ACLU and the Rutherford Institute to get a lawsuit going against these thugs.
    Kaching! that’ll be 2 million dollars please.

  10. Smth.goes wrong with the USA… It is now another country. There is the last way to become kind of Saudi Arabia – and this will be the finish. Alas… True Americans, you are no more the masters of your country if your rights even for private property are crashed by police, for example… Sad to observe it even from Russia.

    • America is the new Soviet Union.
      Brought to you by the same people who wrecked Russia.
      Now it’s America’s turn.

    • JohnZ, USSR didn’t have such things at all. I mean 1960-1989. People had job for all, free and one of the best education, free healthcare. The society had stability and nothing to be frightened. All perverts and moral degradation rushed to us from the west after the collapse of State.

  11. Saw this on the MSM morning news. Good.

    If this lady’s only two choices were to speak out of turn or not be heard at all, she did the right thing. I don’t know. Need more info.

    I like orderly discussions, but it seems unproductive in my eyes to adhere to an ethical code of conduct when your opponent breaks all rules with every dirty trick in the book.

    When the public’s means of non-violent protests are taken away, what is left? Violence.

    The authorities should think long and hard about what they push for.

    “Pigs get FAT, Hogs get SLAUGHTERED.”

    The only way to lose it ALL is to get too greedy…since this is a recurring theme that permeates all of modern society, this phrase will come in handy for future use, expect me to use it often…

    Will the public be motivated into ACTION with events like this, or desensitized and lulled into SUBMISSION?

    It would have been nice to see that cop overpowered by an angry crowd and detained via citizens arrest. That will be sign that people have had enough of being pushed around. I won’t hold my breath…

  12. Who complains of this type of ongoing colossal-thefts:

    Over $1 billion plundered, and laundered, a couple of days ago, while we were sound asleep, with the fake launch of a fake “TOP SECRET ZUMA SATELLITE”, with SpaceX-FakeX, claiming to go up only 120 km, and then blowing up the bogus satellite (as I heard on TV last night), supposedly due to malfunction!
    NASA lost steam in plundering public wealth for America’s top-crime-bosses by faking its own space-scams, so they brought in a private face in order to help them do it regularly, on a monthly basis, rather than cashing loots with Shuttles’ occasional fake flights!
    With every SpaceX launch at least $100 million is stolen and laundered just for the fake launch, in addition to the hundreds of millions of $$$$ which is stolen by the insiders of each project, like this billion-$$ ZUMA fake, which was probably a cardboard box wrapped-up in foil, just like Apollo LEMs were!

    • It is not all lost Kareem! There are quite a few other satellites gone up with Elon Musk’s money spinner Space X the public in USA and many of the Spy agencies knows nothing of. If Elon Musk would be a decent patriotic American man he would not be Elon Musk or an “American oligarch”.

    • NO SATELLITES Edwardo:
      Satellites and heavy rockets like SpaceX, Delta-IV, Apollo, Space Shuttle, etc. have all been imitation rockets, with a fraction of their declared weights.
      I have explained that in a lot of detail at the below-linked YOUTUBE comment, which you can access by copy-pasting the entire link into your browser:

      If you just click on the link it goes to the page itself, not to the comment!

  13. Why the largest gang in Chicago is Emanuel’s police department. Like it is every where else there exists an omnipotent slave owner and we are just dumb enough to point fingers and allow ourselves to be divided. David’s comment is genuine folks.

  14. Is the Southern Poverty Law Center going to come to her aid and provide legal representation when she sues the Marshall? Can you imagine a black man doing that to a white woman in Jim Crow? Do they think it’s “pay back” time?? What did she do that violated the law? Not just school board protocol . . . but the law. What did she do that was a crime? Is talking out of turn at a school board meeting a crime now? WOW — that dude should be transferred to Chicago and let his bad self try to do that there on Chicago gangs. Wonder if he’s nads will be as swollen.
    She’s a teacher . . . YIKES.

    • Her crime?? She questioned Jerome Puyau’s pay raise.
      Gosh, I wonder what would have happened if she questioned the money spent on the military budget and not going to her, and her fellow teachers? They probably would have hanged her by now.
      Kids, let’s open our lesson books to Chapter 1 of the United States Constitution. Freedom of Speech was enacted in the 1780’s. It’s been systematically erased from the laws of the land since 1947. Recent erasers have been seen when Texas citizens had to sign oaths to Israel, and anti-boycott statements if wanting to get Hurricane Harvey relief funds. And in May 2017, the State of Texas’ Govern, HEY Abbott signed in HB 89.
      1st Amendment . . . on life support
      2nd Amendment . . . in some ADIAC
      4th Amendment . . . DOA
      7th Amendment . . .

    • Posted too soon.
      1st Amendment . . . on life support, with the poo poo in Vermilion, LA stepping on the oxygen tank hose.
      2nd Amendment . . . in some AIPAC “think . . . . . . . tank.” They can not wait to get the guns as they did in UK, Australia, etc. Sandy Hook wasn’t big enough. Better call Rita “he’s not grabbed my pvssy” Katz to see what false flag they’re brewing up in the gun grab . . . since this administration likes to grabs things.
      7th Amendment . . . ADA and AMA has that on lock down. People don’t understand how the courts are controlled.
      Whenever a cop is using excessive force AND being videoed, they are TAUGHT to say “Stop resisting arrest.”
      Freebumb and democrazy . . . so much for the little darlings in her classrooms reciting “With liberty and justice for all . . . except for Mrs. Hargrave.”

    • More than likely she should contact the ACLU and the Rutherford Institute , initiate a lawsuit that will cost the school board some big bucks.
      That is if she doesn’t commit suicide.

  15. I remember once when I was in England and I had overstayed my visa permit. A boby showed up at my flat as I was returning from a trip outside. He politely explained my infraction and told me Mr. Talaat you are under arrest, please follow me to the station. No handcuffs, did not lay a hand on me. He gave me a chance to preserve my dignity. Why can’t American Cops afford us the same. Throwing a woman on the floor. Really, he must have feared for his life. What do you expect when the criminals in Israhell are training the police? Criminals?

    • He was ordered to arrest and she resisted, she would have preserved it if she didn’t. She had already rebuffed the officer and the resist part is cut from the video. I’m not defending the process or reason mind you, but this lady as a teacher should know standard Roberts rules. Most likely even if you resist which is good, you get a sit in a cop car while the ticket is written, then go home. No processing or anything, just an appearance ticket.
      If no rules are followed, meetings are unproductive, the big problem being, many are just returning to this ancient practice, but in fact it has been their civic duty all along. I go and the place is empty. Sad. People only come when something big happens, then have no idea what to do or how it works.

    • Stop resisting, stop resisting….beat, beat, kick, stomp, tase, more beating….stop resisting, beat, beat, kick stomp….choke hold, then tossed into a cell naked to later commit suicide.

  16. The late Professor Laurence J. Peter, Ph.D., of the University of Southern California, a private institution, enunciated the “Peter Principle” that everyone rises step by step in different jobs until they finally get promoted to their level of incompetence. In short, “the scum rises to the top” in any bureaucracy, be it civilian, military or government. He used this to explain why everything is falling apart in America and he was right. This principle is especially true in education where total incompetents are routinely selected to run school systems while the much more qualified teachers get the shaft. Everything is backwards. Instead the teachers should be in charge of school systems not incompetent administrators who chose the lowest easiest degree program which allowed them to put “doctor” in front of their name when they carefully chose the most mediocre program of study which required no intellectual challenge. How often have you seen a School Board Superintendent with a Ph.D. in say mathematics, physics or engineering? Never. Because these are the most challenging subjects in any college or university. Only the lowest level with the lowest aspirations rise to the top. Ditto for the Military as Gordon or any of the other military folks on VT can testify to. Every decade our public schools get worse and more good teachers leave the totally failed and corrupt system. Why would any competent teacher remain working in these cesspools?

    • Add to the “Peter Principle” “Ponerology” and the rise of the psychopaths. Actually the psychopaths don’t rise, they just keep all the competent people from rising through their service to society.

    • Nearly all public meetings from town or city governments to school boards or others, now have armed guards present in uniform. This is allegedly to “keep the peace”. But none of these were formerly present. Today they act to intimidate all citizens and may act to prevent some from speaking at all. Some of these are even off duty but paid extra to suit up for their presence at these meetings. All this is disgusting and reprehensible. Many of them were likely trained in Israel as articles on VT have documented. The rough treatment of the teacher in this article was likely initiated by a thug trained in Israel. Our country is on the way down now and this article is just one of many which prove it. Israel has hi jacked our country. Watch this video:
      America, Israel’s Whore

  17. In other news, it’s widely believed in alternative media that satanic Freemason operatives are “planted” in leadership positions of L.E./jewdicial systems (city/county/Fed) throughout Amerika.

    Oh…and they head the KKK, too — as they love hate and burning crosses for some reason?

    • This is typical of the heros. If an arm somehow flies back and hits that poor hero then it’s also assault on a hero. It’s called stacking.
      The pigs in America are worthless POS. Their job now is to intimidate and steal at gunpoint.
      So when something happens to one of their heroes I could care less.

      2017 was another deadly year for Americans as nearly 1000 Americans were murdered by these heroes. How many needlessly beaten, tased or strip searched by the road side?
      How many sent to an E.R. for injuries sustained at the hands of these heroes?
      How much money was stolen from innocent Americans by the heroes?
      America is now a full fledged police state.

    • 911 marked the real beginning of the total police state – they “came out” as it were. The Nazis did the same with Reichstag. Should we not have learned. I blame us.

      You can call the police “pigs” all day long and it will solve about as much as it did in the 1960s when that moniker really first took hold. It had about as much value then as now – e.g., none. There are at least two facets to it: Some years ago, I was talking with a former spy (I have encountered those several times in my work). He and I hit it off as is usually the case with this type, but we made the mistake of carrying our conversation on in front of a ret. Lt. Col., who had a son-in-law state trooper. He chastised us that he was going ot get angry real soon if we didn’t stop criticizing the police. We complied, but the truth was, his “type” just can’t get it: (continued)

    • (continued)
      The reason for the various protections in the Constitution has to do with ensuring civil rights. The idea is to specifically constraint government power because of the inherent corruptibility of human-based systems of people management (aka “government”). We were _not_ criticizing any specific police man. Just like in the 1960s, those of us who were anti-war did not criticize the many soldiers who had served in Vietnam. We felt it had little or nothing to do with the incidental soldier, but rather the initiatives, laws, and funding supported by greedy, ugly, awful politicians. And yes, there were those soldiers (and are) that nonetheless _still_ feel that “we were there to help people” and I still cannot accept that reasoning.

  18. Yea, the board meetings are getting tough for the “boards”. Usually, folks have to sign up in advance to speak and state what the content will be or sometimes, if they don’t want ‘discussion” they just claim , there isn’t enough time for public discussion or questions. The last meeting I spoke at, was a zoning board, it was me on one side, and 30 people on the other. They took turns calling me names one by one. My crime was filing for the proper permit to have a party with a band on my own 20 acres which adjoined more vacant acreage. Something nobody else did as they just did it without one for decades. Town boards are now full of idiots and I don’t like the way the lady was treated, but as a teacher, she should know to sign up to speak. There’s a problem right there. speaking out of turn is not likely something she herself tolerates in her classroom.

    • You should have known your place. Congrats, now you know who you work for.LOL.
      And yes, I agree town councils are mostly corrupt idiots.
      This teacher is not the first person to receive the “treatment”at board or city council meetings.
      Now what was it Mark Twain said about school boards?
      ” In the first place God made idiots. That was for practice. The he made school boards.”
      ” Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”

    • The zoning board was very good and friendly. It was the townsfolk, my own neighbors, who called me names for an hour. After the meeting, they were back to hey Dave how’s it goin, beautiful day eh ? Can I borrow some topsoil ? Mind if my child shoots birds on your property ? My point is, one meeting every 15 years does not make a population suitable for public discussion.