New Zealand Singer Lorde vs. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

What we are witnessing is that the “anti-Semitism” ideology is now a dying breed because its proponents have not been able to shoulder the burden of serious proof required to put it through.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

New Zealand singer Lorde seems to be realizing that there is more to the “anti-Semitism” ideology than meets the eye and ear. The pop star has decided to cancel a planned concert in Israel to protest the Israeli regime’s genocidal project against the Palestinians, also known as the settlements.

Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Tom Morello and Brian Eno have all supported Lorde. They wrote a letter which read in part: “We write in support of Lorde, who made public her decision not to perform in Israel and has now been branded a bigot in a full page advertisement in the Washington Post.

Guess what? According Shmuley Boteach, “America’s most popular rabbi,” Lorde should never have chosen to cancel the concert. Lorde, says Boteach, has joined a growing number of anti-Semites out there who have nothing to do but to attack Israel.

Boteach’s perverse move here is obviously pregnant with meaning. What he invariably ended up saying is simply this: Lorde could not choose to cancel her own concert. Thought-police like Boteach did not give her that freedom. She has broken an unwritten law, therefore she had to pay the consequences.

The 21 year-old singer is now a full-blown anti-Semite. This bitter hatred, we are told over and over in books and articles, has infested Europe and much of the West for centuries. As Daniel Jonah Goldhagen has incoherently argued, it is “the devil that never dies.”[1] Boteach said:

“In choosing to ally herself with those committed to Israel’s fiscal destruction, Lorde broke with some of the greatest names in modern music….”[2]

Boteach, who is a frequent contributor to Steve Bannon’s Breitbart News, added: “Let’s boycott the boycotters and tell Lorde and her fellow bigots that Jew-hatred has not place in the twenty-first century.”[3]

How about ethnic cleansing? Does it have a place in the twenty-first century? How about the settlements? Should anyone with a rational mind support this essentially diabolical enterprise? Here Boteach just proves again and again that the Zionist or Israeli ideology is against all mankind and therefore invalid.

Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Tom Morello and Brian Eno again remind the world that Boteach “has nothing to teach artists about human rights. We deplore the bullying tactics being used to defend injustice against Palestinians and to suppress an artist’s freedom of conscience.”

But it gets even better. Boteach moved on to say that Lorde ignored the Syrian war and prejudicially concentrated on Israel. Lorde should have accepted the challenge. In fact, Israel is almost exclusively responsible for the war in Syria. If this sounds far-fetched, then perhaps we need to bring in Israeli ambassador Michael Oren once again, who said unequivocally that Israel preferred terrorist cells in the Syrian government over Assad. Oren:

“We understand that they are pretty bad guys. Still, the greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc. That is a position we had well before the outbreak of hostilities in Syria. With the outbreak of hostilities we continued to want Assad to go.”[4]

That the Israeli regime supported terrorist organs in Syria was not a secret operation. They bragged about it.[5] Put simply, if Boteach wanted to be honest, then he wouldn’t have brought up the Syrian war issue at all because that essentially ruined any point that he was trying to make.

What we are witnessing here is that the “anti-Semitism” ideology is now a dying breed because its proponents have not been able to shoulder the burden of serious proof required to put it through.

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  1. Ella was reading Shakespeare when she was about four years old. She has enough money to retire and go to university, or do anything that she wants to. Her performances are a gift to humanity and an expression of poetic instincts. Teenage angst and early life emotional break ups aren’t quite my genre any more, but she definitely strikes a chord with a wide and receptive audience. She sells content because people want to buy and originally just released material that “went viral”, as they say.

  2. When some one calls me anti Semitic, I thank him for the complement, because he means I do not agree with Israeli policies which is a fact. The joke is that people who are not Semitic call Semitic people as anti Semitic.
    Any one with little knowledge knows that they get lot of media coverage so the only thing left is just don’t bother about the anti Semitic comments. If every one starts ignoring it the whole facade will fall.

  3. I was on Skype to a friend in the states and ISIS came up – I said whoa J.. Isis is American made. An argument ensued and I haven’t heard from him since. I’m hoping he , at least, has been informed now and will maybe open his eyes. The Un Intelligence of the American citizens is astounding which shows that the programming of many of them, even educated ones – is working. The big Wake Up call is coming !

    • Garry, I have a similar story to tell, I met a US navy guy many years ago, when working along side the US Navy,we talked for hours about hot cars etc,I ended up as best man for him at his wedding, a few years ago I sent him an article on the USS Liberty,he replied with a photo of a skinny dead inmates at a German labor camp. We haven’t spoken since.

  4. The Good Rabbi suggested that Ella had poor advice. I happen to know that Victor O’Connor her father, is New Zealand’s foremost concrete testing expert. I wrote to the National Radio challenging the Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand, who also criticised her decision, to challenge Victor to address the following.

    “How can two planes hit two building and then three buildings containing 200,000 tons of steel and 800,000 tons of concrete, collapse into their own footprints at free fall speed”. The Official Explanation from an AIPAC controlled USA Government is that it was due to fire. This explanation is impossible.

    No explantion was asked for and of course none could be given. What is certain is that the Official Explanation is a falsehood. Further, this event known as 9/11 was used as a pretext for furtherance of the Yinon Plan for expansion of Greater Israel into the area from the Nile to the Euphrates.

    • The Neo Cons, who perpetrated this fraud on the American Public, are rooted in the Permanent Revolutionary thought of Leon Trotsky. As with the Bolsheviks in 1917 they have abot 85% Khazarian Jewish Ethnicity.

    • I despise Anti Semitism (so-called but really Anti Khazarianism), just as I despise the Real Anti Semitism perpetrated on the True Semitic Palestinians, or indeed on any other form of Apartheid. I do love Assimilation, together with the Universal Oneness and Wholeness of all the Human Persons on the Planet. This was what Jesus taught.

      Of course, Anti Semitism (so-called) is the Rabbis’ best friend and Assimilation their enemy. The Sanhedron appoints the Rabbis and they use the Spiteful, Casuistic, Exclusivist Man Mad Laws of the Babylonion Talmud, together with Death Threats for non compliance, to herd (ironically) the Chosen Ones into a Corrall or Mental Prison. Imprisoned by their own Hate For Other and then Psychologically Self Projecting that hate onto others.

    • A Psychological Self Projection is when one ascribes to another attitudes that one really thinks about one’s self.

    • Most Jewish Human Persons are just good ordinary human beings and half of them haven’t even heard of the Talmud. That Tight Tribalism, combined with Usury and other Exploitative Measures directed against the Goyim, in reality the Rest of Society (denied by the likes of Thatcher in her ‘them and us’ scenarios), creates material benefits that most Human Persons could succumb to and go along for the ride. At base that system is Evil and what Jesus preached against, hence the visceral hatred of Christ and Christians. Hence the attempts to sabotage the teachings of Jesus through things like the Scofield Bible, Infiltration of The Catholic Church and indeed The Talmud itself. We were always taught to pray for the re conversion of Russia away from Communism and this may well be coming to pass. Keep the poor brow beaten (by their Rabbis) Jews in our prayers folks and one day they will surely join with that one, whole system of Universal Love.

    • C’mon Rabbi. What have you got to say now? Surely any one of the tens of thousands of employed and volunteer Zionist Trolls can come up with something.

      No ad hominem arguments, no politically correct cliched assertions, not puerile weaponised language, not irrational lines of discussion et al. Stick to the facts and refute any of the statements that I made above.

      I expect a stunned and deafening….. silence.

      Could someone please pay to insert this retort to the Good Rabbi in the “Dirtywashingtown Losttheplot”.


    What rank chutzpah to accuse anyone of Antisemitism when the book of the Jewish Talmud is not only read, studied and condoned containing as it does and then some, Rabbinical delirium/hysteria in the form of anti-Christian writings or anti-Goyim fulminations – enough to stir in mitigation of a wholly natural fury the FACT of arrant hypocrisy and churlish arrogance. The world still holds its breath after fifty years waiting to hear the Rabbinical response to Nostra Aetate of the Second Vatican Council. As the cliche goes, the silence is deafening.

  6. Schmuley Dotard gets a twofer for his buddies, because it sends a message to women in show biz, to shut up and submit to unwanted sexual advances or we will crush your careers. And simultaneously rallies the usual idiots to propagate the anti-semitism card as if that was her reason. I hope Schmuley continues, because it just sounds dumber and dumber. He is an anti-smartite. and an anti-justite. along with being an anti-Lordeite

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