Video- Planet X Incoming: Birth Pangs (December 2017)


Video- Planet X Incoming: Birth Pangs (December 2017)

The cold and snow broke many records around the world last month, but the US took the worst of it, with all 50 states having snow on the ground even before winter had officially begun. Northern Mexico, and East Asia faced the worst winter in decades, while some parts of Australia were startled by snow in summer. Meanwhile, the white stuff blanketed the desert and mountains in Northwest China’s Xinjiang province.

Floods continued to wreak havoc in the Philippines and Indonesia, with thousands displaced, while heavy rain in Albania flooded thousands of homes and tore down roads and bridges.

California was scorched by widespread wildfires that burned up to 280,000 acres and destroyed more than 1000 homes, becoming the largest and most destructive wildfire in the modern history of California. With an ‘atmospheric river’ and downpours predicted for the 1st week of January 2018, things are looking gloomy for the sunshine state.

A high level of volcanic activity was seen around the world in December, while a deadly 6.5 earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Java.

Meteors sightings increased in December with more and more reports of accompanying “mysterious loud booms”, very likely the space rocks exploding overhead.

Atmospheric phenomena, including iridescent clouds and “strange lights in the sky, continued to impress people from Sweden to Eastern Russia, but such events are likely evidence of a distinct cooling of the atmosphere, one of many signs of the possible onset of a new ice age


    • I dunno John…..the new ‘ice age’ has been coming or a while……conveniently sold as Global Warming…..or are you a believer in the myth?

    • Paedo hunter,… ice age ? is warming the arctic and opening new sea channels part of the new ice age ?
      Oil companies are very thorough with their campaign. Every talking point leads back to them.

    • What ice age? Why then are the Russians opening up the Arctic to new shipping lanes?
      BTW it’s over 40* here in Northern Michigan and predicted to hit 48* Thursday. But that’s Michigan weather for you.
      This whole rubbish of global warming or what ever people are coming up with is along the same lines that the earth is flat.
      Beam me up Scotty!

    • hence the ‘…….’ around ‘ice age’…..please chaps…’s freakin freezing here in North Scotland…..consider yourself ‘beamed up’

  1. Freedom of Religion is not freedom from it, but Domination by it. Freedom to dominate.
    Freedom of speech, is an experiment. Can the people keep government honest by using it, or does it work more favorably to those who would dominate us ? We don’t know yet. But fear porn is certainly a tool, and propaganda is a tool, and money is a means. Honest people are usually rather poor in a capitalist society dominated by a sacrificial bloodlust religion.
    Here we have fear porn with lightening and disasters, in a year of relative calm and lower death rates from disasters than many years prior, despite more people, and more people living in dangerous areas. Is development in dangerous areas being encouraged to raise the level of fear porn ? Possibly, but folks don’t need much help as they always want the views, and the water.

    • It soon becomes clear that if any individual or group believes their idea or concept is true then it becomes their personal TRUTH and all opposing ideas or concepts are false by default.
      However, there is TRUTH and it is only to be found in the mind, will, character, glory, and Being of God. Where can the truth of God be found? Only in the Word of God which can only be found in the scriptures of God which today is known as the Bible. As He was questioned by Pilot, Jesus identified “the truth”: (for this reason I came into the world — to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice). Other New Testament scriptures attesting that Jesus is the Truth: “full of grace and truth” John 1:14; “For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ” John 1:17; “rightly dividing the word of truth” 2 Timothy 2:15.

      Truth does not originate from any earthly vessel or from any human being. No poll or public opinion survey can reveal truth. Even scientists cannot accurately discover truth. Truth can only come from God. Why? Because God created reality and thus, only reality as perceived by God can be absolute truth. Without the Word of God there cannot be any absolutes and there can be no objective universal truths.

    • It’s how you get people into the churches and then get the churches into the people’s pockets.
      Larry Cross, Wow! you should go on TV think of the money you can make. There’s your truth.
      Just ask Billy and Franklin Graham, Jimmy Baker, Jimmy Sweigart, Ted Hagard, John Kagee, Pat Robertson.
      Don’t forgeto, that the passages in the Bible are all made up by men and men are prone to lying.
      especially joos.
      Helps if you have a good imagination.

    • Larry, save your banter for someone who doesn’t know better. I have correlated 3 books of the Old Testament with multiple divination systems of other cultures. They are numerically precise, thematically congruent beyond doubt, and categorically obvious. Ver-batim correlations that run in a precise numerical order is not coincidence. Cycles are sacred because they do not change. That is your god. Everybody knows it except dumb Americans.

    • btw Larry, you should get to know your book better. Jesus (the archetype) specifically said he came to fulfill the prophecy of another dude. “To teach the proper year” ,… what is that proper year, the Gregorian ?

  2. It’s about time to talk about the Polar Shift and its effect on the human race. It’s a shame the USG has acted like Cowards and think/instigate nothing but wars, sanctions, arms, proxy armies etc. in order to keep the heat off of them and the reality of the situation. I’m assuming once they’re secure in their tax payers underground bases, they will let the Nukes fly. They wouldn’t want to crawl out of their holes later and find any other competition much less 1 billion bodies floating around. Hopefully, when is all said and done – the New World will look at War differently – but I wouldn’t bet on it – especially from the West. Spacibo

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