2011 Interview, Khalezov, Duff and Barrett


Republished at request of many.  Khalezov ended up in prison after this interview.  Figure out why.


  1. Almost certainly there would not be construction plans for WTC 1 and II showing a “150 kT Thermonuclear Demolition Device”, for reasons obvious to anyone in the construction industry. What might be found is a room on a lower level labeled as “Secure Storage” or similar that has cast-in-place concrete or fully grouted masonry walls and a steel door that would not only secure the device but also attenuate radiation from the plutonium core and uranium tamper. The nuclear demolition devices would have been installed after construction by presumably the DOE, with very few people actually knowing about them (including potentially the building owners and managers, if the space was leased).

  2. Highly informative and educational interview. Mossad celebration of 9/11, Brazil having nuclear weapons and much of nuclear explosion essentials. Mr.Khalezov’s article on Chernobyl is still on my top 10 VT articles list. Find time, listen (comprehensively) and share it folks.

  3. When the number of laws and layers of security get to the point of behaving as a blockage to the actual security and sovereignty of a country, It is the duty of Law Enforcement to find a way around it. It requires bold creativity and must be contrived from a previously ignored avenue or weakness. The passage of time is actively employed as a method of subversion, therefore the knowledge of time, can and should be actively deployed as a means of reattaining authority and trust. Refusal is complicity thereby exacerbating lack of trust.
    It is tantamount to the allowance of indiscriminate bombing and murder of it’s own citizens. The case for Pious Fraud, is the only thing I see to prevent an eventual violent revolution. The weapon of religion must be neutralized. It is the easiest option. Everything else is just temporary pacification.

  4. I sat and explained to FBI agents and above, in a recent meeting, how the Bureau quashed the 9/11 investigation and how many were murdered to keep involvement by Israel and Saudi Arabia secret. When doubted, I began dragging out recordings of agents, documents from whistle blowers, etc. They were interviewing me over something else and someone from DC made the fatal mistake of asking the wrong questions as though I hadn’t brought a thumb drive with me.

    The FBI, such as it is, is all we have. I find many sane and decent people there, always have. Those that are totally dedicated to serving America are silenced or murdered, some at least.

    I had data and proof on that as well. And so it goes…

  5. (“Dimitri Khalezov is an actual 9/11 witness”), not a “Potential 9/11 Witness” which is why he became a target for “the Robert Muller FBI” after Khazelov’s above revelations.
    My below one-year-old article, originally filed as the exhibit to federal court documents in (“State of Washington v. Donald Trump”), (a/k/a: “The Muslim Ban Case”) was dedicated to (“Dimitri Khalezov, an actual, original, 9/11 whistleblower”).
    With “elementary mechanical throw-force calculations” in this article I proved Dimitri Khalezov’s 9/11 nuclear demolition claims, and calculated my estimations of the lower and upper ranges of the nuclear explosives yields which must have been deployed to destroy the two WTCs on 9/11/01.
    A few months ago VeteransToday, presumably having cross-checked my calculations with VT nuclear weapons experts, confirmed the accuracy of my estimations presented below:
    “Author: Kareem Salessi 2/20/2017”
    “Salessi Weapons of Mass Disclosure” (“Salessi WMD”)
    (“Dedicated to 9/11 Witness-Whistleblower Dimitri Khalezov”)
    Federal court documents posted at the bottom of article.
    Thank you. (“Kareem Salessi 1-12-18”)

    • Kareem Salessi, are you doing the work our FBI should be doing? So is the FBI helping you? Doesn’t the FBI want to expose the truth? What about my tax dollars? Stupid me,eh!

    • Your estimate of the energy required for the golf ball is not correct. It requires about 12,3milligrams of tnt equivalent. That is you got it 293 times too high
      So when you translate it to a 300 ton golf ball instead of 23 tons you would get less than 80kg of tnt equivalent.
      However your comparison with the car is better (although vertical and horisontal optima differ by a factor of 4). There the efficiency appears to be ~ 0.00118. Assuming the efficiency would be the same the 80 kg would rise to 66tons tnt equivalent which gets us closer to the nuke hypothesis. The concrete case seems unlikely to be like the car case where the targeted object was placed in an optimum arrangement. This because there would be no reasonable motive for the plotters to put the priority on moving one block of concrete. Instead it would more likely be a collateral consequence of trying to destroy the carrying core of the building and thus the efficiency to move the concrete block may be assumed at least an order of magnitude less than that for the car. Assuming ten times lower efficiency we get an estimate of 660 tons tnt equivalent.
      The seismic data from 9/11 often cited were 1,4 and 2,7 kt tnt equivalent. If they caused the concrete blocks behaviour as a collateral consequence the efficiency relative to that projectile would seem to be 20 to 50 times less efficient than in the car experiment.

    • Peter: are you referring to this conversion:
      15,000 Newton meter = 0.00358 kilogram of TNT≈ 3.6 Grams of TNT
      If so, are you claiming it should be ≈ 12 milligrams, using the same converter, or using something else?
      If possible, please write out your long-form calculations for me to verify and to alter my page accordingly, if I can reach the same numbers.
      I need to see it done with an online converter, which I can link to, so that everyone can do it.
      thank you. K.S.

    • Mr. Haller:
      FBI job was to deliver a perfect 9/11 operation, followed by a successful and perpetual cover up, just as they had done with the first bombing of WTC in 1993:
      See what Mr. Duff said above, about some FBI whistleblowers getting murdered (by whom, other than by FBI hitmen?). I think that FBI has murdered many more people than those they have saved!
      FBI sabotaged my car two years ago, soon after I filed an investigation request (a complaint) with them, against drug-trafficking lawyers whom I believed to have paid corrupt Orange County Sheriffs to shoot and kill me in 2009!
      I think I mentioned this in my federal court papers.
      FBI was originally created in 1913, to help The Federal Reserve plunder USA by confiscating America’s former money, passing it to IRS for destruction, and replacement with counterfeit Fed-Notes. That operation took 20 years, as I described in a related comment:
      Today, on the local news, I heard that FBI arrested at least one Orange County Sheriff for providing protection to local drug-traffickers!

      Where did your tax $$ go? At least some of it has been plundered through fake space-based projects, like NASA, and Satellites, as shown in these comment threads:
      copy-paste link in browser

    • Kareem, If you have a golfball with a mass m=0.046kg and hit it at the optimum angle a= 45 degrees to travel a range of R=250 yards~228m, you dont need to know anything about the force. It is an unnecessary complication to struggle with the force calculations, momentum transfer, elasticity – whatever
      The kinetic energy E of the ball is simply given by E=m*g*R/2
      To get the tnt equivalent divide by 4.18MJ/kg => m(tnt)=12.3milligrams
      For other elevation angles a the formula is divided by sin(2a)
      If you enable the comment section on your web-page we can continue there if you like

    • http://ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/211_fall2002.web.dir/Randolph_Bailey/Web%20Project/Tiger.htm
      Peter: Fmax = 14780 N ≈ 1.5 TONS, is already given at the bottom of the above Tiger Woods page which you seem to have missed in my article. So, there is no need to calculate it.
      However, you can also reverse-check your 12.3 milligrams TNT (=0.0000123 kg TNT) in the TNT converter, which I linked in my page, resulting in 51 Newton force ≈ 5 kilos force, which is nothing, as shown below:
      Bathroom scale test: lean a scale against a wall on your kitchen counter, and tap on it with your hand to see how little 5 kilos of force is. Then, hit a golf-ball with similar force to see that it goes no more than one meter! So, your numbers don’t correspond with anything. To help explain the above, here are a couple of more pages showing baseball bats, at full swing, hitting a ball with 4.5 tons of force (by Cecil Fielder), and 3.7 tons by “Doc” Edgerton, courtesy of “Professor Daniel A. Russell”:
      Add to the above 2-3 tons of force exerted by the ball on the bat, to see minimum gross-forces of 4.5+2=6.5 tons, and 3.7+2=5.7 tons, respectively!
      Lastly, my website’s comment function is enabled, it just doesn’t display the comments because most people want confidentiality, but I receive them through email, and if necessary respond to them!

    • Mr. Haller:
      Missing piece from my above response:
      In 1933, when all former legal American money had been confiscated and destroyed, by the 1913 federal agencies, USA filed for bankruptcy, with the 1933 Bankruptcy Act, whereby America’s claiming trustees/owners (“The Royal & Elite”), incorporated USA as their own corporation in France, according to revelations by the retired Judge Dale Chase, in his book which I linked in my federal court papers, and also on my business page. http://www.DisclosureRealty.com
      His book may also be linked under his video clips:

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