Israeli Academic: Israel and US need to “assassinate regime officials and security personnel” in Iran


…by Jonas E. Alexis

My dear friend Mark Dankof has recently sent me an article which was published by an Israeli academic by the name of Hillel Frisch, and one can say that the entire article is a manifesto for covert warfare and creating bloody rebellion in Iran.

Frisch, who is “a professor of political studies and Middle East studies at Bar-Ilan University,” argues that the United States and Israel should harness the recent protest in Iran and use it to covertly overthrow the Iranian government. Frisch is really serious here:

“Rhetorical support for the Iranian protesters in their quest for freedom is not enough. The US, with the help of its allies, including Israel, must work 24/7 to provide – at the most opportune moment – arms and the knowhow to use them to the protesters against the regime. The time to act will be when casualties of the regime can be identified as coming from a broad spectrum of the Iranian public…

“It should be clear why this is the case. The Iranian regime is as ruthless as they come and will commit any kind of atrocity against the protesters if it believes itself to be in danger – indeed, even well short of such a threat. It would be utterly cynical and self-defeating were the US and others to encourage the protesters without planning how they can defend themselves and bring down the regime.”[1]

If you think this is bad enough, then fasten your seatbelt because Frisch was just getting started. He moved to perversely articulate:

“For arms to be effectively provided, protesters who can use them have to be identified and contacted, and supply networks have to be built. These must be tailored to meet the needs of a variegated group of people operating in different environments.

“Some will be engaged in urban warfare, others in hit-and-run ambushes on the country’s roads and rail lines across the country, and still others as hit squads to assassinate regime officials and security personnel in a bid to turn the hunters into the hunted.

“In areas inhabited by minorities, such as the Kurds or the Arabs in the country’s southwest, efforts should be expended to conduct guerrilla operations.  Heating up the country’s periphery, where these minorities live, will do much to reduce the heat on the urban fighters who will carry the brunt of the fighting in meeting the primary strategic goal of the armed conflict – taking over and maintaining their hold on Tehran.

“These protesters-turned-freedom fighters will have to be given intelligence as well, which will impose the arduous task of making sure that both the arms and the intelligence flow to the genuine opposition rather than into the hands of state agents.”[2]

If this plan is not diabolical, what is? The interesting thing is that Frisch hasn’t been fired from saying wicked things like this. Can you imagine any academic in the US or even the Western world saying something even remotely similar to America or Israel without being politically and sometimes physically bullied by the Powers That Be? Didn’t Professor Steven Salaita get fired from the University of Illinois for simply criticizing Israel? What were some of the things that Salaita was saying?

Israel, Salaita argued, should not be allowed to kill children and at the same time claim that it is a victim. Salaita tweeted:

“Only Israel can murder around 300 children in the span of a few weeks and insist that it is the victim. If Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised?”[3]

University officials responded to Salaita’s tweets by saying that they were “disrespectful and demeaning speech that promotes malice.” The logic is pretty straightforward here: If Salaita’s comments were bad, how is it that the entire controlled media and the Neocon establishment haven’t said a damn thing about Frisch’s covert operation? Who are these people really fooling?

Part of Frisch’s paper was published in the Jerusalem Post,[4] which seems to suggest that the Neocons and US officials obviously know about this diabolical plan. Frisch continues:

“Planning and creating a rudimentary network to provide arms and intelligence should have started in 2009.  If it was not begun then, it must begin now.

“Creating a rebellion is all about coalition-building. A massive coalition of disparate groups brought down the Shah in 1978, and only a broad coalition of forces will bring down the ayatollahs today. Relying on the westernized, more secular upper middle class in the universities or the better neighborhoods of Tehran will not be sufficient.”[5]

Did you get the political equation here? Rebellion, according to Frisch, is coalition-building, not chaos or the antithesis of the political order. Can Frisch really say that he is not responsible for anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish reactions across the Middle East? Can he really say that his article or paper will not engender “anti-Semitism”? As an academic, doesn’t he know that political or diabolical manifestoes have the potential to produce violent reactions?

You see, Frisch’s essentially Talmudic project doesn’t make sense whatsoever. It is against the moral and political order. Frisch has obviously gravitated toward that diabolical worldview because he is under the spell of Talmudic ideology, which itself is against metaphysical Logos.

But when good old common sense is against Frisch, he invents fabrications, colossal hoaxes, and categorical lies. The “ayatollah regime,” according to Frisch, is one of the most evil entities on the planet because they are responsible for terrorist activities at the US embassy in Tehran, in Lebanon, at the “Jewish Center in Argentina,” at the Israeli embassy, you name it. Nothing could be further from the truth.


What we are seeing here is that Frisch simply vindicates what the Ayatollah Khomeini predicted way back in 1979 when he coined the term “the Great Satan” in order to describe the diabolical activities that the United States was doing through Zionism. Khomeini declared:

“There is no crime America will not commit in order to maintain its political, economic, cultural, and military domination of those parts of the world where it predominates. It exploits the oppressed people of the world by means of the large-scale propaganda campaigns that are coordinated for it by international Zionism. By means of its hidden and treacherous agents, it sucks the blood of the defenseless people as if it alone, together with its satellites, had the right to live in this world.”[6]

E. Michael Jones commented:

“Khomeini was here referring to Iraq, which had already launched a full-scale attack on Iran, as the proxy of America and Israel. Khomeini was hoping for Islamic unity, but he found neither sympathy nor allies in the Islamic world. Pakistan, which was a Saudi asset, had already been seduced by Saudi and American money and recruited into the final campaign of the anti-Communist crusade, when their ISI stepped forward as the exclusive arms brokers for the mujahideen in Afghanistan.

“Thirty-four years later, in a speech he gave in Tehran in May 2014, Khomeini’s successor, Ayatollah Khameini had given up looking for Islamic unity. The new crisis was defining Islam. Groups like ISIS in Iraq and Boko Haram in Nigeria, which Khameini described as “American” Islam, had created an identity crisis, which was a function of the ongoing civil war between the Wahabbis and the Shi’a.

“In order to distinguish true Islam from its ‘American’ counterfeit, Khameini had to appeal to reason. In other words, the Zeitgeist had forced the hand of the Shi’a; they now had to return to the tradition of Islamic philosophy which had stalled when Ibn Rushd failed to reconcile Aristotle with the Koran. The Zeitgeist, in other words, had driven the Shi’a into the arms of Logos.”[7]

The recent protest in Iran and the Zionist reaction to it in Israel and America should drive people of all stripes in the arms of Logos. It should make us realize that there is more to Zionism and subversive movements in Iran and elsewhere than meets the eye and ear. It should also teach us that Zionism and other subversive movements are against all mankind. In that sense, we should all work in unison to deconstruct those movements.

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  1. The terror attacks sited by Frisch: Tehran, Lebanon, the jewish center in argentina have all trurned out to be false flags. Jews killing jews and crying foul, and anti-semite bullshit to keet the money flowing

  2. Is it not a crime to a crime to incite murder? I am quite amazed at these zionist animals. It is ok for them to call for the murder of the leadership and its corruption. Yet should we point out that this is against International Law and criticise this criminal act, it gets us labeled as anti-semites. I wear the label with honor if it means standing up to this herd of animals who have done nothing but sow corruption and the murder of at least 100 million Jews, Christians and Muslims in the last century alone, all over the planet, to further their wet dream of world domination. Bring it on you sons of Moloch, Your war by deception, as a means, will be discovered and dealt with to detriment of your so-called Jewish brethren. I hope this time, the true Jews weed you out of their midst and hand you to us so we can send you all to Mars.

  3. What would happen if a Western academic were to suggest the arming of Israeli protesters and the assassination of Israeli officials?

    The unbridled hypocrisy makes me sick. Does this Frisch asshole really think that Iran doesn’t know what the psychotic Israeli government and their orange golem in the White House are planning to do to their country? If Israel keeps pushing, real bombs will drop on their cities and it will be nobody’s fault, but their own.

    • Being born in Germany and living in Australia is always like walking a thin line. Because of my “heritage” I am not to comment at all to anything that concerns Jews, Israel or even Australia – even in a good way (which doesn’t really happen that often in Reality). To read that most of these Jewish Frisch’s, Rosensteins, Goldschmidts, etc, identifying themselves with German names/identities just gives me the creeps. Where is all this offspring coming from after being so called “wiped out” in Nazi concentration camps? Frozen sperm from Hitlers enemies sperm bank?
      Being a Nazi and anti semite, as well as a racist at the same time while not being of Jewish or even German faith is somehow paradox like the farce of the world we live in. Maybe I should call myself Schlomo Eisenkot from now on!

    • Call yourself whatever you choose, Eduardo. I’ll consider you a friend either way. I could be wrong, but the way I understand it is that prior to WW2, the “Jews” were treated better in Germany than any other country in Europe. While they had been run out of about 100 nations and for good reason, they found a home in Germany. That is until Germany found out that the Zionists sold them out in WW1, in exchange for the Balfour declaration and Germany was destroyed as a result of that betrayal. Then, Samuel Untermeyer declared war on Germany in 1933 on behalf of all Jewry, followed by a world wide boycott of German goods which resulted in a terrible collapse of the German economy and many would die of starvation as a result. If there was ever a justifiable cause to go to war, the betrayal briefly explained above is it. I don’t hold that against Germany. I’m not totally convinced the rise of hitler was anything more than a way to facilitate Jewish immigration to Palestine, so the Zionists could have their state. I’ve recieved lots of negative feedback about that, but so be it.

    • Amelius, my mother used to work in a fancy Hotel in North Rhinewestphalia which was owned and operated by a Jew until the whole City was bombed out by Allies and the Hotel was destroyed in 1944. High ranking German Military personal continuously attended functions or stayed there without seemingly having too many conflicts with Jewish ownership or company. History has become too much distorted, truth is covered with layers of nonsense.

  4. Hillel Frisch “at the right moment we must provide arms for the protesters” and the chorus of shock horror arises on cue. This is a distraction – ‘look over here’.

    Of course, as a result of analysis about Maiden in the Ukraine inter alia, we can see that the more professional Colour Revolution Approach is to import Professional Soldiers as Agents Provocateurs under the direct supervision of the USA Military. Protesters with guns would be messy and they would probably stuff it up. Protesters are mercenary protesters and not mercenary soldiers. Probably can’t shoot straight and lack the killer instinct.

    The USA Military is now simply acting as an agent for Jewish Neocon aspiration which include but are not defined by those of Israel. These guys have got long memories and the reestablished control of Ukraine goes back to the time of the Khazar Empire that tithed and controlled the Silk Road. Further, it was Persia that joined with Russia in squashing those bandits. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

    • My real worry is that THEY (“The Big Bowl of Spaghetti, Something that came out of the Middle East. The Big BOSS. Known by me as: The Snake Pit) always have a fallback Plan B, which is often really Plan A and prepared at least a hundred years in advance. In this case The Great Game In Asia is the centuries old battle for control of the Eurasian Land Mass. MacKinder’s “World Island” or “The Heartland”. The Big BOSS is a cult built around Usury, Lies, Death and Destruction.

      Rationalised as “The Left hand of God”. We call it Satan and they believe they are the Chosen Enlightened Ones from Lucifer.

      Putin may represent Russian Nationalist Aspirations sincerly, but the damage was done with the stripping and ”Privatisation” of Russian Industry in the 1990s and the installation of Puppet Oligarchs as second or third tier operatives, in a similar way to how control of the USA passed to the Robber Barons after the so-called American Civil War. Presidents come and go in the long term. Communist China has had International Banker backing from the time of the Revolution and the Eight Immortals and their Heirs hold immense wealth as Figure Heads, just like the Robber Barons. India has a long history of being Divided and Ruled and they went from 20+% of World GDP to 2% under the British Empire. Rape and Pillage is the Order of The Day.

      Mercenaries from the west have been commissioned to guard the New Silk Road.

    • The signs are there and the USA has been first built up, and, as Trump said during his election campaign: “you heard it here first, we are in a bubble”. He is prudently investing in China, whilst promising to Make America Great Again. More like “make America hate again”. Bubbles invariably pop.

      Meantime, military technology transfers to China, India and Russia, often through Israel and funded by the USA Tax Payer, continue. This is an observable pattern that has been seen many times over history. The purpose is to create a new dialectic that will eventually destroy the existing host and enable access to the latest spoil and booty to be looted. Clearly the Great Eurasian Land Mass is the Big Prize.

    • This Destructive approach is very damaging for the Environment and in No Way Holistic. Democracy, We The People, is very thin on the ground. We the people have been systematically dumbed down and mentally anaesthetized to destroy the soil from which such an elusive system could grow. We don’t even just have an Oligarchy but some sort of Synarchy. We have to throw off the shackles and shekels of of a system built for Death and Destruction. Order out of Chaos, but we seem to have endless chaos and the emerging New World Order does not appear to be designed for We The People.

      Maybe “draining the swamp” may not be such a good idea: “the finest lotus grows out of the thickest mud”. What is needed is a decent sewer system to clean up filthy politics and turn the faecal matter into fertiliser. Only Victory in the Culture Wars can ensure this outcome. We are in for a long hard battle.

    • As the waitresses say in California: “Money talks and Bull Shit walks”. Or as William Jefferson Clinton said: “Follow The Money Stupid”.

    • The Main Focus of Democratic Movements must be Monetary Reform of the Central Banking System and the Financial System Generally and with a New Doomsday Book on “who has what and how it was got”. Then Land Reform on a World scale.

  5. Always with the Israel and so and so must do this or that line. Why is it they never do their nastiness independently? Own it and be brave over the consequence or shut up. If as they have deluded them selves by targeting children, have this superior everything but could not defeat Lebanon then Iran will not have much to deal with one on one.

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