Married to Slovenian “Shithole” Nude Model, Trump Trashes the World of the “Not So Nordic”


Introduction by the Senior Editor:  Those of us of European descent understand Trump’s statement, even though he now denies it.  He made it.  He simply pulled it out of his ass.  Let’s go for the jugular first.  He is married to a “model,” an accused call girl.  What most of us like about her is that she seems to hate him, it shows character.

I’ve been to Slovenia.  It is nicer than Slovakia but Slovenia is a shithole by America standards.  Frankly, America is a “shithole” by American standards.  Hey, I love Detroit, a town made of music, sports and partying.   Mr. Pence’s “Indiana” where people who sexually assault farm animals and their own children as a way of life, however, is not on my list. 

Maybe I will start writing about rural white America, the land of meth and buggery, of welfare fraud and endless crime.  I have a horse farm outside Winchester, Kentucky and know the area well, 100% white, 95% criminal with the exception of some great people, like everywhere else.  You are safer in Africa than in any rural county in Kentucky, Tennessee or West Virginia, counties that are totally white, utterly corrupt and endlessly violent.  

Military retirees in these states live in terror, endless break-ins by meth addicts, all on full welfare, all white, no law as the clanish nature of society there precludes any residual effects of civilization.  This is “red state” America, an America most of us won’t drive through and hate flying over.

Anyway, back to Trump and his idea of what a “shithole” is.  Yes, he said it.  If you want to understand Trump’s love for Norway, suggest you watch “Lillyhammer” on Netflix or “Wallender” on Masterpiece/PBS.

If you were really German, you would know that the “Drumpf” family are Swabian “white trash” and considered the ignorant and most hateful of Germany.  

Again we have another rich boy who grew up watching New York City through the back window of a chauffeured Packard or Lincoln, who went to rigged private schools, now 2 GOP presidents who are illiterate, Bush and Trump, neither can read at above 3rd grade level, both have sub-normal IQs and the morals of insects.

And this pair of imbeciles is smarter than most of the remaining Tea Party assholes as well.  I just got off the phone with Steve Robertson, explaining the time I spent as lobbyist for his father’s employer, Hughes Aerospace.   On a daily basis I felt I was explaining calculus to orangutans.  

Then again, we began, on an earlier article with Phil Butler and Jonas, “the talk.”  Time we began dealing with “that religion,” you know the one, where no archaeology whatsoever exists proving there ever was an Israeli nation, that Jews were ever in Israel, that Moses ever existed and that the Passover and that deal with god was all made up.

What we do have is the Khazarian Mafia from the 7th century, the phony “old testament” along with the Talmud and Torah, with the historical accuracy of Grimm’s fairy tales.

This isn’t all of history that is made up.  Remember when cable TV began with shows like The Secret History of World War II?  Well, everything we are taught is total crap, particularly the phony history of Christianity.  What we call religion now, here in the US mostly, certainly Judaism, Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism is entirely Luciferian and has been for 2000 years.  That the varying Luciferian sects don’t get along well is not religious or geopolitical struggle.

What am I saying?  We can prove that most, not all, Catholicism, Evangelical Christianity  and all of Judaism is Luciferian and exists to destroy “Christ’s kingdom on Earth.”  

There is tons of suppressed scholarship on this, hundreds fired from universities, their books purged, but real history heads no other direction.

All of this, of course, is predicated on belief in the supernatural.  Thus, rather than a compact with an all knowing god, a deal is cut between someone that never existed, Noah or Moses, all made up, none existed, and “god” or angels or whatever where secret information is passed or alien military technology is used to interfere with human affairs on behalf of those who are, and how does anyone miss admitting this, the least deserving people in world history?

Time to “cut the crap.”

‘Reprehensible & racist’: African states respond to Trump’s alleged ‘s***hole countries’ comment

'Reprehensible & racist': African states respond to Trump’s alleged 's***hole countries' comment

US President Donald Trump meets with African leaders on the sidelines of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, 2017. © Shealah Craighead / Global Look Press

African governments have slammed Trump’s alleged remark about “s***thole countries,” said to be targeting the continent. Local media also jumped in, with one outlet suggesting parallels between the White House and the KKK.

It comes after a Washington Post report, citing sources, said that Trump had referred to some African countries, as well as Haiti and El Salvador, as “s***hole countries” during a discussion about protecting people from those nations as part of a bipartisan immigration deal.

Responding to the alleged remark on Friday, the African Union (AU) told AP it was “frankly alarmed” by the comment. “Given the historical reality of how many Africans arrived in the United States as slaves, this statement flies in the face of all accepted behavior and practice,” AU spokeswoman Ebba Kalondo said. “This is particularly surprising as the United States of America remains a global example of how migration gave birth to a nation built on strong values of diversity and opportunity.”

Individual countries also chimed in, with Botswana releasing a statement that called the comment “highly irresponsible, reprehensible, and racist.” It said the country had summoned the US ambassador to “express its displeasure at the alleged utterances.”

“The government of Botswana is wondering why President Trump must use this descriptor and derogatory word when talking about countries with whom the US has had cordial and mutually beneficial bilateral relations for so many years,” the statement reads.

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress called the alleged remark “extremely offensive,” with the country’s deputy secretary-general pointing out that while the nation has its difficulties, the US “has millions of people out of work or without healthcare.” He went on to say that despite that fact, “we would not deign to make comments as derogatory.”


Meanwhile, South African opposition leader Mmusi Maimane called the remark “abhorrent,” adding that “the hatred of [former US President Barack] Obama’s roots now extends to an entire continent.”

Uganda’s state minister for international relations, Henry Okello Oryen, called the comment “unfortunate and regrettable,” adding that he hopes African heads of state will respond during an African Union summit scheduled to take place later this month.

However, South Sudan was more restrained. “Unless it was specifically said about South Sudan, we have nothing to say,” government spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny told AP.

Media outlets also jumped on board, with South African newspaper the Daily Maverick stating that “casual Friday at the White House is soon to include hoods and tiki torches at this rate,” in a reference to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Some combined the alleged remark with a dose of sarcasm. “Good morning from the greatest, most beautiful ‘s***hole country’ in the world!!!’” South African Broadcasting Corporation anchor Leanne Manas tweeted.

The US television program ‘The Daily Show’ responded to the alleged remark by tweeting in reference to the show’s South African host: “As someone from South S***hole, Trevor is deeply offended by the president’s remarks.”


Earlier on Friday, a spokesman for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, called Trump’s alleged comment “shocking and shameful,” adding that there was “no other word one can use but racist.” 

If the Washington Post report is true, it wouldn’t be the first time that Trump has spoken negatively about Africa. In 2013, he tweeted that “every penny of the $7 billion going to Africa as per Obama will be stolen – corruption is rampant!”

Meanwhile, Trump tweeted on Friday that although he used “tough” language at the immigration meeting with lawmakers, “this was not the language used.”

Reporting what the mainstream media won’t: Follow RT’s Twitter account


  1. Well I’m glad that Gordon went on to write something nice about Melania. It’s so unlike a soldier to desparage a good looking working girl. Almost unheard of.

  2. The self proclaimed jewish anti-racist Tim Wise wrote:

    For those who keep excusing Trump because “that’s just how some people talk..” um, if your standards for the president are no higher than those you set for your Uncle Cooter, YOU are the problem. Unfiltered people are either demented or 4. Either way, we should ignore them
    — Tim Wise (@timjacobwise) 13. Januar 2018

    Wise himself wrote earlier:

    W/each new day I know why part of my family left shithole of imperial Russia. 100 years after last rev lets hope 4 another1 #ComeAtMeBroski
    — Tim Wise (@timjacobwise) 15. Dezember 2016

    So, I’m at least a bit confused.

  3. By the way the neocons refer to Russia and China, Libya and other countries as shitholes, as did Obama. Where’s the loot?

  4. Trumps said what the majority of Americans, black white and otherwise, think but don’t have the balls to say. So sue him.
    I have an idea. Rather than getting lost in all this misdirection bullshit, how about we find the $21 Trillion (real money) looted from our treasury. No one on this site says a damn word about this crime. And by the way the $21 trillion amount is only an accounting from Bill Clinton’s reign forward, and concerns just two departments HUD, and DOD. It’s anyone’s guess as to how much has been stolen. Want facts and figures go to Courtesy Catherine Fitts’s who you may listen to her interviewed by Jeff Rense at, or on youtube. She is retired from a high position in the US Treasury.

    • Absolutely Joe. Follow every cent and claw it all back. Every bit no matter where it went. Use the CIA, the NSA, the DOD, the IRS, the Treasury and any other agencies required. Use any method to get it back even if we have to invade money laundering havens and waterboard the crooked bankers who facilitated this colossal theft. Get it all back!

    “Former Mexican President Vicente Fox tweeted on Thursday about President Donald Trump’s alleged remarks aimed at Haiti and Africa as they relate to immigration, calling Trump’s mouth “the foulest shithole” and challenging his authority to oversee U.S. policy and laws about who is allowed to live in the United States.”

  6. And… a result of Trump signing into law the new tax relief for poor corporations:
    Sams Club raised the wages to a whopping 11.00/hr/starting and then….wait for it: Announced the closing of 260 stores and laying off thousands of employees….oops, make that former employees.
    The states affected are: New jersey, upstate New York, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.
    Making America Great Again!
    Turning America into a shit hole one unemployed American at a time.

  7. “Maybe I will start writing about rural white America, the land of meth and buggery, of welfare fraud and endless crime. I have a horse farm outside Winchester, Kentucky and know the area well, 100% white, 95% criminal with the exception of some great people, like everywhere else. You are safer in Africa than in any rural county in Kentucky, Tennessee or West Virginia, counties that are totally white, utterly corrupt and endlessly violent.

    Military retirees in these states live in terror, endless break-ins by meth addicts, all on full welfare, all white, no law as the clanish nature of society there precludes any residual effects of civilization. This is “red state” America, an America most of us won’t drive through and hate flying over.”

    Golly, someone sure is a “crankypants”…Mission in life…get Duff stoned with bong hits…note to self, bring 3 foot extension, just in case…

    Gordon, move over here to S WI. You got screwed with unusually crappy neighbors. Your version of rural America honestly sounds like another planet. The only worries I have out here are the crop dusters and sprayers with their Roundup…

  8. What really annoys me is with all this global warming, it’s so cold outside here in Texas that I can’t even go golfing! The hell with the s**thole countries, Israel being on top of the list. The only good thing I can say is they didn’t spray the skies today – but they did 3 days ago.

  9. Considering the vast wealth that many countries in Africa has and the fact that extreme poverty continues along with old tribal feuds, traditions and suspicions, supports the fact that the west and particularly powerful multinational interests have raped the continent and will continue to do so until it is exhausted.
    Yet the people living there do so always on the edge of disaster if not calamity created by others.
    The war between the Hutus and Tutsis was in part by the racist Catholic Bishops in Rowanda.
    The civil wars across the continent are obviously created by international bankers and CEOs.
    The people of Africa are deliberately being kept in dire poverty.
    As for foreign aid, it is well known that the vast percentage if not all of it, is skimmed off by those at the top.
    very little of it ever gets to its intended purpose. Or is America’s foreign aid programs just another form of bribery? Payoffs to some little tin pot dictator to allow some mining company from the U.S. to go in and dig out the minerals, diamonds and REEs while the population continues to starve and die from disease.
    These countries remain “shit holes” because that is the plan.
    Just consider all the aid money that was supposedly sent to Haiti after the hurricane but never ended up there.

    • I have to agree with Ron Paul, that America has to stop this foreign aid madness. It is accomplishing nothing and America can no longer afford it. America is bankrupt.
      Trump’s remarks are ill timed and ill advised. Just more proof that Trump is unfit for office. No one sitting in the Oval Office should behave as Trump is behaving.
      But removing Trump would allow Pence to step in; being from Indiana and an evangelical/zionist xtian only makes the situation more dire for the world. Delusional to the point of nearly being a mental illness, xtian zionism has all the characteristics of schizophrenia and paranoia.
      As for the states the Gordon mentioned, I’m sure there are some decent areas….not sure where they would be. Indiana is flatter than hell. Illinois should also be considered a shit hole, out of money, out of control and out of time. The state government is as corrupt as any in Africa and Illinois is dead broke. People are leaving it behind in record numbers.
      Unfortunately, Michigan is not much better with having to deal with the neo-fascist in governor’s office.
      The victims in Flint will suffer for decades.
      But hey, Fiat Chrysler is moving its truck plant back to Warren. Hiring 2,500+ workers.

    • Spot on, John. Had Africans been given the opportunities Chinese Communism was able to afford the Chinese people, the African peoples (and Russian Communism, the Russian peoples, mutatis mutandis) sub-Saharan African countries – not to speak of North Africa – would have been competing with China, Russia and the West, in areas such as physics, and scientific research and technology, generally ; instead of being maligned by the ignorant as being of inferior worldly intelligence.


    • For you, Gordon, and all you other Catholic church haters and conspiracy ‘nuts’, I append a quote and the link it was taken from, which tickled me to bits, as the perfect antidote for the insane right-wing triumphalism of the modern-day Pharisees and lawyers. I read and savour it every day :

      ‘‘So I am a Catholic for many reasons. Sometimes I think I might also be a Buddhist because that faith is calm and wide, and sometimes I think perhaps I am also a pantheist because I smell divinity in music, herons, drunkards, flowers. But Catholic is my language, Catholic is the coat I wear, Catholic is the house in which I live.’

      It is a house that needs cleaning, a house in which savagery and cowardice have thrived, where evil has a room with a view, where foolishness and greed have prominent places at the table. But it is also a house where hope lives, and hope is the greatest of mercies, the most enduring of gifts, the most nutritious of foods. Hope is what we drink from the odd story of the carpenter’s odd son.

  10. Thank you PJ. There is one answer to your silly question David Odell. Is an American slum lord a racist?

  11. @David Odell who do you think you are to ask this question like an Inquistor and dare to get a confession about Trump ?
    He is just a mouthpiece of those behind him and we know who they are.

    • David is not an inquisitor at all. He is much more than that. You see his superior command of numerology has made him believe that he has packed the whole universe in his mind all alone. Furthermore, he questions the existance of God because he has not seen, heard, smelled or touched Him. Yet although he has not seen, heard, smelled or touched his mind, he claims it exists and he is proud enough of it to be mistaken for an inquisitor with the hard answers.

    • Trumps a racist. Why is it so hard to say ? That is the whole point. Even after a guy blatantly formulates racist national and international policy, and repeatedly says racist things, and does racist things, look how many people still will not say it. I surely do not know why it is so difficult, unless they are racist themselves. And if they call trump a racist, then. they themselves have to look in the mirror.

      You two are horrible data collectors, I have always said many times, I believe in a Creator, and I do not know the first thing about numerology.

    • plz read my comment again, what I said and meant is not about you but Trump. He doesn´t read from a teleprompter but does the same like all the other puppets only in a free manner. And if those advisers behind him tell him to say “I am too stupid to live” maybe he will do it.

  12. Unfortunately the countries that were not total shitholes in Africa were destroyed by the US, Nato and EU countries. Libya was on the right track. There is an art to listening and then responding in an intellectual way but Trump doesn’t seem to have it. He just lets it fly without thinking – As far as Jews and Catholics go – If I read this correctly – in 1500 ad the papacy in Rome made a law that those close/working with Monarchies or ” Da Church” will be catholics. I’m assuming all the Jews that were close to the Monarchy – converted. But which ones converted the other ” witched ones” is debatable. – Thanks

    • The destruction of Libya was guaranteed the moment Qadiffi began to push for a gold backed Dinar.
      Can’t have that. So the order was given to destroy the most advanced country in Africa.
      RKM orders.

  13. This was the question: “Why do we want all these people from ‘shlthole countries’ coming here?”
    Which is offensive.
    And adding insult to injury is that many of Humpty Trumpty followers will say “He’s right.” And that’s offensive too because you’d think that we, the great and powerful UZ, would understand impoverished conditions around the world, and want to help as best we can. Rather than calling poverty and impoverished conditions “shltholes” a great President would have said that we are a nation that welcomes those that come here. Has he ever been to Slovenia? Cue Sinatra: “That’s Why the (First) Lady is a Tramp.”
    I think we need to TOPPLE THE STATUE OF LIBERTY . . . since it’s a symbol of what our country once was. Read “New Colossus” for reference.

    • ” ‘In 2013, he tweeted that “every penny of the $7 billion going to Africa as per Obama will be stolen – corruption is rampant!’ ”
      Why isn’t he tweeting that “every penny of the $30 billion going to Israhell as per Obama will be stolen — corruption is rampant!” ?? Oh, right . . . he’s got Bibi, Inc. strings attached AND batteries included.

    • Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California said President Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” comment is proof he wants the US to be a “white society.”
    • “If the president can’t control himself and lead this country with the authority, dignity and leadership it requires, then he shouldn’t be the president,” she said in a Friday statement.
    • “There’s no room for racism in the Oval Office.”

  15. The whole world is a stage but you better don´t look behind the curtain or you will be schocked to death, what and who is pulling the strings of those puppets on stage. One day we may be able to leave this theater behind and it may be the happiest moment of our live. Even death may help us out of this hellhole.

  16. I should inform you for the sake of humanity, that I do not support Hillary as a politician for the office of president. But I do support your testimony as public evidence as to the public health question of the public to vote on such office. That said, you did not answer the question. Is Trump a racist ?

  17. I feel for Melania, some folks say she’s trans and that may be—no crime against that; but either way I get the distinct impression that she knows exactly who she is and where she has come from; and she also knows who exactly it is that she’s married to. Being Catholic, she probably has a strong sense of awareness that the position into which she has been ‘forced’ is not in keeping with her own background and story, and is smart enough to know that everybody else knows that too! I couldn’t even begin to appreciate how uncomfortable that must be for her—all those eyes; all that judgement. For me, this is the reason why she has kept herself and her son pretty much completely out of the limelight. Sad.

    • I don’t know anything about Trump. Other than the months of negative press. I don’t know him personally. And, frankly, the amount of dirt being shoveled his way makes me think that there’s another, deeper, story being played out here—perhaps Shrimpton and Fulford’s analyses are more in accordance with what’s really going on; but when it comes to Melania, it’s clear where she has come from and what she did for a living before that. I mean, jeez, I actually think that ‘she’ used to be a ‘he’—there’s ample photographic evidence if one wants to go down THAT route! My point is that Melania obviously knows this, and her role as First ‘Lady’ is entirely not in keeping with her past and background, regardless of who she is married to. My post was concerning Melania, I don’t really care about Trump. When he’s gone, there’ll be another stool of whatever external stripe to take his place. Of that we can all be certain.

    • “You’ve got to pick a pocket or twoo-oooooo~” lol, happy hunting, man. But you’ll find that we Catholics keep our wallets well tucked in.
      Have a nice day!

    • Denial is why Catholics breed conflict. And they seek it, as if it will bring relieve to their pain, which is self inflicted. Look at the icon and ask, what does it give ? Get your whip and bring it upon yourself, …..ah I am persecuted, woa is me , all must feel my pain,… meanwhile Trump is a racist. Out. And the Catholic cries,.. See !

  18. I was going to protest against the way you used the word ‘evangelical’. But then I looked it up on, under « evangelisch», and there they explained that this word (evangelical) is used differently in the Anglo-speaking world than it is in Germany, to the degree that the Germans have begun to used “evangelikal” for the anglo-meaning, in order to distinguish it from the German “evangelisch”, that has a different meaning. Thank you – I just thought that needed to be said.

    • The biggest difference being evangelisch or evangelical is the reading/teaching from the old testament. Your German “evangelical christian” are always to find where Tax free money is to be made. Many Age care services, Betreutes wohnen or Altenheime in Germany have become “Christian”. They are big moneyspinner while scaring the elders who sit out the time until death to choose from either Jesus or hell.

  19. The language of a statesman.
    Who is your God Gordon Duff? The one who looks smiling back at you from the mirror while shaving?
    Trump, debt slavery, Zionism and a completely lethargic and ignorant American Military and public is an American product of their OWN making. America is a very proud Nation. Always was and its pride is built on: I am far better then you or anybody. The White cast system of power and religious fraud and self inflicted stupidity has taken its toll when even the ones fighting to bring truth to Reality become greater then truth itself.
    Not only the “white, brown, black and yellow trash” need to awake from their nightmares. The ones who put themselves above others have a far greater need to open their eyes and minds. Maybe and only maybe then one might discover something far greater then oneself.
    Truth is whole, complete and perfect. Little bits here and there are nothing but tiny fragments and is nothing whatsoever to be proud of.

    • You are a unique mind and soul. Apply Trump in the communal application of distribution of wealth and recognition of equality. Is he a racist ? Is it time to ask the hard questions ?

    • Mile high life, If I am a rat, who smells cheese, chasing lies, then who is Trump, and what is the meaning of shithole countries ? Am I an opportunist or is Trump a racist ? Please speak plainly. As the others have not.

    • David, asking the hard question is: Is USA a racist country?
      Who is Trump if not an example of American tradition to rape the planet and its people – with force.
      Trump by the way is not the only American there is. All those who believe being better then others have mostly American passports. The ones being bought and blackmailed out by their favorite sponsors are a prime example of racism. At least they are not anti semites! It is congress I am talking about and not the white or different colored trash on welfare which “are not worthy of being AMERICANS!” Looking at Gordons’ introduction and the way he writes about his fellow whites only hints where racism really stands in the glorious United States of America. Why should Trumpy be different then the country he grew up in and why should white, black or brown trash not try to escape from that hell hole they live in even if it will kill them eventually?

    • David… I usually don’t trust your definitions, so let us first define racism. Racism is an exterior superiority based on an interior inferiority. An inferiority of ignorance combined with a lack of courage to explore the other or fear of the other.
      Does America have an external superiority based on an internal inferiority? Did American schools stop teaching geography? Is America afraid of everything? Is America the shining city on the hill and the most beautiful continent a shithole? Does a brain surgeon exiting his Porche and passing by a car full of white women cause them to hit the central lock on their car because he”s black? Has the question been answered for Trump also.

    • Khalid, racism is simple. It is judging someone by race.
      prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:
      Yellow Black Red White air earth water fire Guess which one is fire

    • When I was working in Mexico for some assessment on a production line for a Texan Company the first couple of days most of the staff never looked my way or said buenos dias. When approaching some of the workers and they heard that I was Australian, the day after everybody in the plant said hello. Can it be that all Mexicans are racists David?

      Racism, anti semitism and superority is all made up out of the same Zionist stew. Where does Trump fit in? Right in the middle as the chairman of Zio Corp.

  20. You meant Hans Christian Anderson, who was described by C.G.Jung as a neurotic fantacist. The Grimm brothers actually collected stories from old ladies in the Black Forest and Jung considered that these represented the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious as well as the 64 Trigrams of the “I Ching”, over which he fell out with the Kabbalist Sigmund Freud and the corresponding Tarot System. Modern genetics would seem to indicate inherited psychological characteristics and it is difficult to explain things such as animal instincts without.

    • I like Melania because of her Rosary Beads and my old Alma Mater was Our Lady of The Rosary School. I trust that Melania does not use them in a way demonstrated by the Kabbalist Madonna Wop, or indeed that very same way that a rather fetching Polynesian Semi Pagan Maiden admitted to me that she was lead by the Bad Example of the said Madonna. Definitely not Our lady. She ain’t no lady.

    • So, are you saying that Melania is a good First Lady and her husband is a “good” representation of worldly leadership based on her presentation of the rosary beads at the meeting of the pope ? And what of the “Shithole” comment ? How does this pertain ?

      Do you differentiate between the Torah and the Tarot images of Pamela Coleman Smith ?

    • I passed Stage One Physics at university and can get Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I haven’t the Math to go much further. So Four Dimensions are OK by me: up and down, back and front, left and right, as well as time. I read that Modern Physics hypothesises eleven dimensions. I just call that four dimensions and seven heavens. Even if aliens have come and gone, there still appear to be even further levels of reality. Call it what you will. There is still the need to explain First Cause and this is often called “God”. Yep, plenty of demigogues have embelished their story, gilded the lily so to speak to become more god like and we have to sort through the BS. Naturally, there have been more than several Anti Christs as Popes because “Power Corrupts…”. That was the Catholic Lord Acton describing the Pope declaring himself infallible, for example. But if you read the Catholic Catechism there is a working model for a united, whole of society, universal system that has come down to us from the time when Jesus Christ contested with the Sanhedron, Scribes and Pharisees. He got killed for his trouble, in typical Talmudic fashion when they farmed that job out to the Romans. If Jesus did not do what he did, then the Romans would have had to invent Him. Study Gibbon for a good idea of the problems that Declining Empires face and the need to reflect on the cause of that decline, as well as to formulate a model for a better future.

    • I heard a comment about Melania the other day that described her well: She is a gold digger that found herself in a hell of a situation and is trying to cope as best as she can.

    • Chris Paul,

      Throughout the years I’ve been visiting this site, I’ve never witnessed Gordon compliment anyone in the comment section. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Well done.

    • David Odell… if you haven”t read Carl Jung’s work with purpose a couple of times, please do. Maybe you will absorb the rule that states that should you concretecize an archetype you will destroy its value as a numenous symbol. Tarrot, I-Ching and the lot are nothing more than snapshots of archetypal energy patterns or simply archetypes. Since the observer is in constant movement, relevance of his observation and its accuracy are changed all the time. You just can not pin it down to any one thing David. The archetype we seem to be living under at this time is the archetype of the sick king who is jaundiced and who gets up at 11am and goes to bed at 7pm. So what does mythology stories tell us about the sick king. One that comes to mind is Iron John. Will our next president be a gimp that saves the kingdom? Not likely but possible. Stay loose and soon we will find out. Numbers are just placeholders in a continuum ever ebbing and flowing. Duality that is it. Try hard David and do some work on your heart chakra.

    • David… what does the symbolism of rosary beads conjure up? Repentance, remembrance, a counter weight to Trumps evil? Has Melania seen the extent of evil Trump is planning causing her to signal her disassociation? Symbols, archetypes all around you, it is futile to answer your question old chap.

    • Rosary beads are the ultimate escapism. They are a tool like a worry stone for folks to absolve themselves without actually doing it by actively correcting whatever they feel guilty about. But for the church, it is like forcing people to pray over and over and over and over again, thereby solidifying the commitment to the church of repetition. Any admission of guilt is bad publicity for the church, so they give out tools to hide it. Then it festers and comes out in wars. people die because of rosary beads. We have thousands of years of proof. Religions are adherence to single archetypes. And rejection of all the others. They promote racism of the soul.

  21. The level of shithole discussed by Trump alikes is probably measured through militaristic means. Hell if Samoa would only posses weapons of mass destruction they wouldn’t be shithole. Talk about pennies the US spent in Ukraine. All that went into economy buildup and honest brokers, right? Just like every penny US spent in Syria ended up in democratic Syrian opposition. Just like US money spent for Albanian NATO enlargement. Most of the money used for US abroad missions is blood money and corruption money, whether it comes from Harvard or from defense contractors, from Atlantic council or from Hollywood producers. It was usuriously and violently stolen already before it saw the hands of its dealers.

  22. And then to blatantly deny it…… It is quite appropriate to point out, that,… Trump can actually be properly pronounced by the deliberate and well timed push of digestive gas, and that act as well is associated with the same denial. And the same enlightenment of the olfactory sense, is also quite descriptive of the man himself, and his presidency thus far. But to take the irony even further, it will be his own mouth, that will be associated with the latest utterance for a long piece of stinky orange history that we will be eager to flush. Nobody wishes to look at it. The circular white porcelain bowl with contents intact, will be added to the presidential library. And children will be forced to LOOK AT IT !!! IT’S a Sign !!! Yes folks, it was thought to be a sign from God.

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