Russian Command liquidates militant group that attacked base in Syria


… from Sputnik News, Moscow

The swarm drone attack on the Russian bases was defeated

[ Editor’s Note: Well this didn’t take very long, and the Russians were slick about it. They hit the storage base first, expecting the Jihadis wanting exit the area once they got the news.

This was a classic artillery ambush and it may be the last video we see of a rare event like this. Look how fast the jihadis unload out of their vehicle, running to transfer to one inside, probably planning to leave at night.

They did not have to wait and sweat it out. This reminds me of the old saying, “Revenge is best served cold. The Russians were sending a message by putting this video out, “Attack our bases at your peril.”

Putin had mentioned in his recent press conference that he knew who the perps were. They should have all split up in different directions. The last thing you do is travel as a “group” in a situation like that where any idiot among you can blow your position by making a cel phone call and get a drown launched at youJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … January 12, 2017

Russian artillery has destroyed a depot storing militants’ drones located in the Idlib province.

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that the group of militants that conducted a massive mortar attack targeting the Russian Hmeymim base in Syria on December 31 were eliminated in the course of a special operation.

“During the final stage of the operation, a group of Russian Special Operations Forces established the location of the subversive group of militants near the western border of the Idlib province. 

Upon the terrorists’ arrival at the facility where they were preparing to board to a minibus, the entire sabotage group was destroyed by a Krasnopol high-precision artillery shell,” the Russian military said in a statement.

According to the Defense Ministry, the operation involved all the forces and means of a multi-level system of Russian military intelligence in Syria.

Separately, Russian military intelligence units have discovered and destroyed a depot in the Idlib province controlled by so-called “moderate opposition” used to store strike drones used to attack two Russian bases in Syria on January 6, the ministry added.

“Russian military intelligence has uncovered the site where terrorists assembled and stored unmanned aircraft-type drones in the Idlib province. The depot was destroyed by high-precision artillery ammunition ‘Krasnopol’.”



  1. By all means when you spot enemy aircraft, run inside the nearest building….that way they can’t see you.
    Some one left out some very important field training but how do you protect yourself against weapons like these?
    The Russians traced the drones back to P.O.O/ Point Of origin, and then left a calling card of thanks…..for letting them know where you are.
    Insufficient postage.
    There was a song sung by Elvis ” Return To Sender”.
    Looks like this is another one for the dead letter office.
    Postage due.
    When this postman rings ……Priority mail……next day delivery wrapped in a plain gray envelope.
    We Deliver, should be the Russians motto.

  2. A small piece of the $21 Trillion stolen from DOD and HUD. When will VT start reporting on the “financial coup”.

  3. It’s one thing to face your enemy and die in combat, as vulgar as that is, or brave; but to be blown to smithereens without notice… My stars, such a waste of life. Life is in its essence, precious.

    • “Do undo others, as they have done to you”. These guys alive, would have been a big moral boost to the jihadis, and could have split up into 5 or 6 teams to trains other in the craft. It’s line killing a snake, you have to cut the head of. Ask Stormy Daniels.

    • @Jim W. Dean
      but on a Hydra like this you have to kill the heart once and for all. Find the heart and kill it. You know who they are.

    • I suppose they should be given a chance to pray to Allah Just before being blown to smithereens.
      Just imagine all the harm these little thugs have caused. How many thousands of innocent men, women and children murdered and worse.
      No regrets. No apologies. Paybacks are a b**** and the less of them there are, the better off the world is.
      If only we can do the same to those who control these rats.
      Yes, war is a terrible calamity but as long as there are deviants who start them, the world will continue to suffer.

    • Those dumb fuc-s, lied to like all soldiers; never saw it coming. If you want to cut off the head of the snake, you have to go higher up on the food chain. Plato’s noble lie applies, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. A prayer to all people in a fox hole, wishing they were home with loved ones.I think that is 100 per cent of all fox hole inhabitants.

  4. You guys know much more than I ever will on military operations. This one seems amazing to me. The Russians say that it was a guided shell that hit those militants as they decanted from the van. Given that the shell had to travel from possibly miles away how on earth did that SOF team get that shell fired at exactly the right time and place when the arrival time of the van had some variability in it?

    • It means they had a drone following the incoming car and were probably tapped into their communications about “leaving”. The shell flight time from firing to strike would have been easy to calculate. Now if the incoming van had stopped for someone to pee, things would have been different. These shells by the way can be “flown” via the tv camera in the nose. VT people proposed to Iraq using its large amount of 155 howitzers left behind to be forward deployed to interdict jihadi attack columns coming out of Iraq. A couple of modern blimps could fly twelve hour shifts economically as spotters for the artillery. What a 6 gun battery of howitzers can do to a sq mile grid in two minutes is really something. The Iraqis thought such an attack was a fantasy. They were wrong.

  5. The “moderate opposition” of Syria and President Assad and American Taxpayer “funded” (Israeli) drones have been destroyed by Russia in Syria. This is great news (is it really?) but also reminds that the well of American funding is a never ending corrupted spring feeding the the terrorist oasis in ME with “stolen” American $$$.
    Maybe American Taxpayer should destroy or burn their money instead of depositing it into the IRS accounts during their yearly tax return. The outcome will be the exactly the same only that Russia will save on fuel and operating costs in Syria.

    • Hard to do thought .The IRS is armed. Not with just handguns either. some tax protestors have died in prison.
      The RKM does not like dissent.

    • JohnZ, how many pay tax and how many arms are in the hands of IRS? I am no good at math but public disobedience will work quite well when some figures outweigh others. Sure it might be an criminal act but so is the Government of USA.

    • Withholding tax takes that power away from the people.

      The IRS gets paid BEFORE the average schmoe.

      That’s why I have always been a consultant or private contractor in a service based industry.

      Remember, FEDERAL income tax goes back to the FED. If the US GOV needs money, they tell the FED to “make” dollars or electronic credits, and tell the public to pay the tab. With interest.

      The IRS will need to be confronted with torches and pitchforks. Lots.

      We could also merely buy our own US Treasury printers and end the contract with the FedResBank.

      Either way, all hell will break loose, you know these walking tapeworms will do ANYTHING to retain power.

      They are weak and cowardly, I feel the torches and pitchforks, at several sites across the globe simultaneously, would be the most effective. It needs to happen quickly, like a pre-emptive strike.

      If they are not physically incapacitated, whatever Sampson Option they have in place will be deployed. They shouldn’t be given the chance.

  6. You have once again proved your integrity by updating this story and with video. CNN what do you “report” on.

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