A Member of America’s Worst Generation Speaks Out


The Senior Editor, You Know Who I Am

Last week, the illiterate moron, and it is a proven fact, twitted about wanting Norwegians to come to America.  None are coming.  They have free college educations, free health care, double our minimum wage, powerful consumer laws, they have all that “liberal crap” that the mindless of the “worst generation” have stolen from America.  This is the shithole.

If his hair ever catches fire while he’s home, Turmp Tower will burn down

They have a roaring economy, free everything and no occupation force telling them what to think.  We need a new description of what a shithole really is.

New York is one.  We have thousands.  But this isn’t about blame, we really didn’t do it to ourselves, we were never meant to be free, it just wasn’t in the cards.

I really do try to live here as best I can.  I worked in banking, you know what that means, I can live elsewhere and do and have.

I still have several homes in America, shitholes, not things as nice as Trump’s garages or anythings, no gold plumbing, in fact, I spent much of my time fixing plumbing, roto-tilling and of course, reading.  I can really read and spend about 6 hours a day, 7 days a week doing it at speeds learned long ago from one of those courses.

Without the internet and controlled media, and by controlled primarily I mean Fox News above all else, we would be better people.  The other disease is our love of phony Christianity where more illiterates teach ignorance and hatred to those predisposed to bad brain chemistry anyway.

You see it in Europe,  The Irish have it right, they stay in pubs, keep the drink flowing and express their “extremist views” through fist fights.  They are really good at all of it and when they are done, they are civil again.

America is not civil, nobody wants to be here.  We are a nation of horses asses, simple as that.  We don’t work, we don’t take care of anything, we have entire states that need to be erased.  Instead of people, we have social classes.

First we have the educated ignorant, our colleges are a total joke.  We teach business and engineering to the stupidest people in the world.  We built an economy that talks about supporting small business and has allowed Walmartism to erase our towns.  It’s real.

We are a nation of minimum wage slaves, petty bureaucrats, with few craftsmen left and an intellectual life left to Hollywood with very few able to survive Jewish control of thought.  If you aren’t writing about the holocaust or bad things about Iran, don’t bother, you are going to be blackballed.

We used to have decent biker gangs, I always loved them.  Before they became rolling meth dealers, they were a wonder.  I am a “biker,” multiple motorcycles, a love of speed and the open road.  People used to camp and fish, kids used to hike in the woods and when they were home, they formed groups and played sports without adult supervision.

I love video games but learned how to turn them off.  They are a wonder, they are also a sickness.

I am part of our worst generation, almost 70.  I fought in Vietnam, survived half a dozen engineered economic crashes and raised kids in the US, and that was a nightmare, between nut case teachers and living in a wealthy conservative community, in this case, East Grand Rapids, where rich parents simply abandon their children.

Without family farms, though some exist despite corporate control of agriculture and manipulated markets and predatory banks, kids don’t grow up with horses or working two jobs or riding bicycles or wearing clothing made by mom on a sewing machine bought at a farm auction.

I was raised to want to leave all that, leave the old neighborhood and the tiny house with one bathroom that wasn’t good enough.   That house, back from the 1950s, with those neighbors, with the friends and family that no longer exist, would be heaven on earth compared to what we have today.

On my end, most friends are educated, all with graduate degrees.  All are still struggling, some totally broke, with failed businesses, left behind educationally, divorce after divorce and kids, even grand kids they never or seldom see.

I talk to all my gang, VT, those I worked with in defense or banking or in aerospace, many still working, all miserable in one way or another, bored to death, depressed and it isn’t all Trump.  Worst of all, they are learning to hate people.  Ignorance isn’t a joke.

Worse still, I have seen a third of my friends die, Vietnam vets first, they didn’t last long.  Maybe it is more than that.  Some of us have watched our kids die as well, that was never expected.  What we mostly see is those we should be caring about aging in isolation.

Those of us who have money are doing it in huge homes and taking endless vacations, driving big cars and buying useless crap we don’t need.  We eat in restaurants 5 days a week, and continually search for meaning we once imagined our lives would have.

For those who don’t notice, this is a Meatloaf song.

Behind it all, for the very privileged few with “access,” and it is fewer than imagined, there is a look behind the curtain.  What is there is not pleasant.  There is no love of mankind, no technological future for earth of equality and joy.

Mankind is being thrown to the rats and the lucky may be allowed to die in only moderate pain in piss soaked bed in a nursing home while those around us wish we had died years before.

This is reality, deal with it.

Imagine if Trump died tomorrow?  First of all, Melania would dance a jig on the White House lawn except, of course, she doesn’t live there.  Who could blame her.  The military would then have to decide who would be assigned to get rid of Mike Pence, another total moron.

You know, there really isn’t anyone left to overthrow America’s democracy. Our military was destroyed long ago, a haven for losers.  Ask any combat vet why they left, and they all left.  I am not counting the kiss-ass brigade hiding out in Northern Syria that babysits ISIS, gets them new weapons, and waits for orders from those who take orders from Israeli mobsters.

America is working people who are hated and victimized by an occupation government that needs to be rounded up and imprisoned.  There is nothing to reform, nothing to fix, no population to get the “real truth” into minds so polluted with crap that no thought could ever survive there.

My recommendation is to quit America because it long ago quit us.  Fight no wars, avoid police and the legal system, avoid taxes when you can, turn off the TV and if your social media is filled with politics, get offline as well.

Life is about pickup trucks, about tent camping about boats that row with paddles or have motors that start when you pull a rope.  Learn to actually ride that Harley.  Buy nothing.

Grow what you can, eat what you grow.  Avoid the toxic people who have infiltrated your lives.  Remind the “Trumpers” that there is no crime in admitting being a total asshole and try to sit down with them and laugh through it.  No bigger error has ever been made.

We can’t all leave.  If we have to stay, at some point we are going to have to clean this place out.  Suggest buying more guns and learning right from wrong.  Organize, not nutty militias, but organize.  Support things like they have in Norway, clean food, free education, but also demand an end to the lies.

Build communities out there, do it now if you can.  Some exist already.  If you are in one, tell us about it.

Expect to work from dawn to dusk, to get nothing for free and as long as we are an occupied country, what you have will be stolen from you.  Expect that some day you are going to be asked to pick up a weapon and stop them.

It isn’t going happen with an election.  I simply don’t see where the idea of government as we know it being fixed.  The process is pus filled to local level, judges, sheriffs and prosecutors in much of the country, not all, totally bought.

Above that, its everyone.  In the entire US Southwest, its the drug cartels, if you aren’t bought, you are killed.  They run entire states.

As long as we are let loose on one another by our handlers, those who can see can only marshal resources and watch the slaughter.  Didn’t the Romans do that?


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  1. Can’t really say much more. Gordon has it all in a nutshell. I attended some technical school in Oslo, I loved the place (Iceland as well). I only saw one homeless man in all the time I was there and he was with three very polite policemen trying to talk him into going to a shelter. This is a late night society. The whole family is out and about at midnight to the wee hours, nothing going on in the early evening.

    It’s too late for me to bug out (or I’d be a Tico by now on the beach) I have an invalid to take care of. We live in a rural area, (try) to grow our own veggies, have a nice spring well, stocked up, and have ham radio network that is independent and cannot be jammed completely.

  2. Thankyou for your honesty, Mr. Duff. The U.S. is like a drunk destroying itself and roaring through the lives of the rest of the world like a tornado. One thing all drunks have in common is that they must first hit bottom before they become willing to let go of their old ideas. The other, and more frightening commonality, is that there are different bottoms. It appears that my beloved America, who was never really meant to be a free country, but rather a business and a charter, has a very low bottom and an extremely high threshold for pain. Keep ‘em coming, Big D. This place needs an intervention.

  3. And the gangs in blue (or camo with black ski mask) with their military weapons are here to make sure it get’s worse not better.

  4. Good article Gordon I am five years younger than you , live in the UK and just retired. I think the internet has played a huge roll world wide informing people about the reality they live in and in most cases things are not as previously believed. 911 would remain un-challenged , the truth about the FED and the banking system would remain a mystery to most. The bad thing is we have gained in knowledge about our world but as you point out very well we remain impotent to change anything. I used to really believe in our ” democracy ” until I woke up to the fact that it just a scam imposed on us by the ruling elite to keep us in line . What we once criticised the USSR and East Germany for , lack of personal freedom for the masses , is now here in the West in spades and is getting worse by the day it seems.

  5. At times it seems those with best solution are Palestinian suicide bombers and their ilk – at least take a few bastards with you when you exit this “shit hole” of a planet and life. What alternative is there – walk meekly to the concentration camp gates with the other sheep to be slaughtered?

  6. “Last week, the illiterate moron, and it is a proven fact, twitted about wanting Norwegians to come to America. None are coming. They have free college educations, free health care, double our minimum wage, powerful consumer laws, they have all that “liberal crap” that the mindless of the “worst generation” have stolen from America. This is the shithole.”

    Someone does not like this statement Mr. Duff…


  7. Francis Shaeffer is the theological founder of the religious right in America as his theology of “dominion” was adopted by the Evangelical church and it is quite detailed in how they did this and their most powerful man in office is mike pence.


  8. Do you know why they created the evangelical Church Gordon?

    Their purpose was to manufacture republicans and it started with schofeild and really tweaked with Billy graham. A multi facited brainwashing of the American mind Gordon.

    They took over the rural areas in the rural flyover states G….


  9. Some canaries will fly to freedom if the cage door is left open,to many of us will be as the ones who do not. Satisfied just to get feed seed twice daily and question nothing let alone everything. When stripped of love and empathy and replacing that with ignorance and hate we can’t stand a chance. Most understand our situation is very dire while this DC entity is over our heads because they too are okay with the way things are.This problem is our’s and will doubtless get worse because the change we do need we’ll have to wrestle away from a deeply entrenched mob. The icbm false flag alert in Hawaii was sent out by “pushing” not just a key stroke but when the prompt asked are you sure yes was clicked. This is one thing among many that we must get together on.

  10. I used to like the original bikers. Even some of the mob. They had a sense of justice and a low tolerance for bullshit. Our bullshit tolerance has reached it’s peak, and it’s like forcing everyone to gather and stare at an ugly turd. We have to stare at it.
    The club initiation to get past our present, is to polish the turd. No one wants to be first. It’s always one guy in the hole, and 15 standing around at the top. The symbolic event that ushered in this fecal phase, was the sewer truck that crashed and spilled it’s contents at the entrance to Arlington on Memorial Day a few years back. Wait for Jan 30. We can stare at it some more. Take a good whiff.

    • Where I have lived over 50 years in Georgia, many rural homes have septic tanks. These tanks must be cleaned out from time to time. People delay as long as possible, usually until back ups bring sewage into the building. One particular individual cleans these tanks. He does not have much formal education but when it comes to finding a tank in the ground he is an absolute genius. Finding a tank hidden underground is not a trivial problem. He can usually walk directly to one; so can his twin brother. He is a wonderful, intelligent, kind person who loves his work and loves his job and takes great pride in what he does. He is the epitome of Henry Ford’s dictum “There is joy in work”. His motto is, “A good flush is better than a full house.” I have observed him down in the tank with turds floating all around him, pull a sandwich out of his coat pocket and stop for lunch. On the tank of his truck is painted the phrase in large letters: “THE HONEY WAGON”. When I grew up in California we had a much more primitive way of dealing with sewage; a real cesspool which is nothing but a hole in the ground with no drain field as a septic tank system has. When it filled up the commode flushed up at you instead of down! That is not something pleasant to watch especially as it reaches the top of the bowl and spills on to your feet standing in front. Today in America our governments, at every level, are cesspools with those politicians the turds floating around. It is going …

    • Today in America our governments, at every level, are cesspools with those politicians the turds floating around. It is going to take much more than a septic tank service to clean out these tanks or as Ross Perot said in 1992 to “clean out the barn” in DC which stinks worse than a rotting meat locker today some 26 years later and counting.

    • It is an interesting correlation that the bee keepers and the honey wagon drivers are often the same calm personalities. When the handling of the smaller things, is the work, it is a free place, and very low stress.
      All the pressure of hierarchal concerns are nothing. Just helping out, and keeping things flowing.

  11. The biggest problem is our dumb ass brain washed evangelical conservative Christian morons who hate fair wages or for that matter any common sense policy that might help someone.

    The place to start with the cleanup is your local Is’notreal first church as they are the worst pack of rats you could imagine!

    Second, cut that tax break for our worthless churches as would it not be nice to not pay any tax?

    Those are the idiots who gave us Trump!


  12. I grew up in a small town in California in the 1940’s:
    Milk was delivered in trucks to every home. The back door was left unlocked while the milkman placed the order of milk or other dairy products on the floor just inside. Milk was packaged in real glass bottles not dangerous plastic. Milk was pasteurized with cream on top of each bottle. There were occasional rumors that the milkman did more than just deliver dairy products but these could rarely be confirmed and never made the front page of newspapers like the porn scandals with Trump recently.
    Wealthier kids got new bikes for Christmas, we got reconditioned ones but they worked just as well and we loved them just as much. At about age 12 or 13 I had a paper route delivering the Pasadena Star News. This was running a small business and was one of the most valuable experiences of my life.
    Real breakable glass was used to bottle almost all food and drink products, not dangerous poisonous plastic.
    Dangerous medical products has a skull and crossbones on the labels and were kept in the top of the medicine cabinet and no kid would think of bothering them.
    Guns were kept separated in our home impossible to fire because my Dad feared an accident with kids around all the time. He had a bullet in his back most of his life from a high school gun accident.
    School buses did not provide door to door service then. Most kids walked ten or more blocks to school but if they did take a bus, the kids walked to the bus stop.

    • If they were not at the bus stop on time, tough luck. Their parents had to take them to school.
      Whenever one of my sisters or brother or I had a birthday, Carl McIntyre, who lived alone across the street, appeared at the back door with a silver dollar for us. Foolishly we always spent them instead of saving them. Carl was a magnificent human being from Missouri, who lived alone next door to his sister. He had a fabulous 1939 Packard in the garage covered up by a large tarp. He would allow me to sit in it as a kid after the black widows scattered while the tarp was being removed. The odometer read about 5,000! He wanted to be a Veterinarian but that was just a pipe dream.
      Sierra Madre had a volunteer fire department; each fireman would drive to the fire from a coded loud alarm which blew from the fire station.
      We did not have a well fenced yard so our beautiful collie, which we obtained from the local dog pound, often wandered uptown to the Red Car Station and made friends with the passengers in the waiting room or barked at cars. The local police chief Heasley brought Laddie home many times in the rear of the police car. Once the Real Estate Agent Woodson Jones across the street sent Laddie home in a cab. This was written up in the Sierra Madre News in the 1940’s.
      All these great days are gone now including the Sierra Madre News.

  13. Thanks Gordon, I guess we have to manage the reset, since natural means are broken. As Lynch said: She’s dead, wrapped in plastic. Sad, but not hopeless. The Clown promised plastic renewal to a plastic country, then discredited the very idea post-haste.

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