Luis Bracamontes on killing cop: “I wish I had killed more of the motherf**s”


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Luis Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, totally destroyed the so-called Black Lives Matter movement by killing two police officers by the name of Danny Oliver and Scott Brown outside a Sacramento hotel in 2014. Bracamontes literally laughed and bragged about how he mercilessly liquidated those officers.

“I wish I could have killed more of those motherfuckers,” Bracamontes told the Sacramento Superior Court. “I will break out soon, and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me.”[1]

It was reported that throughout the trial Bracamontes “grinned, smiled, laughed and refused to remain quiet.”[2] Bracamontes was “also charged with wounding another deputy and shooting a motorist” in 2014.[3]

Bracamontes was also responsible for shooting a bystander in the head and stealing his car.[4]

Bracamontes obviously seemed to have thought that Sacramento deserves a better class of criminal and that killing those cops would restore the criminal underground from Mexico to its former glory. He and his wife actually carjacked several people before they both ended up hiding at a motel in Sacramento. He told the Sacramento Superior Court: “I don’t fucking regret that shit. The only thing I fucking regret is I only killed two.”[5]

Bracamontes was so disruptive during the trial that Superior Court Judge Steve White had to say: “You will not disrupt this trial, you will not speak out. If you do, you will be removed from the courtroom.”[6] He responded by saying, “Fuck you. I’m going to kill one of you motherfuckers.”[7]

Bracamontes was deported numerous times for his drug activities and charges, but no US official could ever tell tax payers how Bracamontes continued to come back to the United States illegally. He obviously thought that the system is broken and that no elected official was putting the law into practice.

Susan Oliver, widow of Deputy Danny Oliver, lamented that Bracamontes “was in the country illegally and armed with numerous illegal weapons. . . . I can honestly say not a day goes by that this has not affected me.” During the trial, Bracamontes looked at the families of his victims and declared: “Fuck all the stupid cops and fuck the families, too.”[8]

My fundamental questions are these: Where is the Black Lives Matter movement? Why aren’t they protesting against killing decent cops like Oliver and countless others? Do police lives matter at all? Or is it safe to state that the Black Lives Matter movement is another subversive ideology which can never be compatible with what Immanuel Kant calls the categorical imperative or practical reason?

Granted, there are bad cops out there. But the Black Lives Matter movement and social agitators cannot see that the police department has been largely manipulated by the Israeli regime. Gordon Duff, Mark Dankof and I have covered this issue in great details in the past.

And the fact that no Black Lives Matter radical has come out of the woodwork and pleaded to the government to put the law into practice inevitably suggests that the movement itself is in cahoots with the powers that be. E. Michael Jones has addressed this issue as well.

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  1. Many of my family found themselves on the front lines of Marel in Miami when Castro was allowed to send Cuba’s worst sociopathic nut jobs from prison to our shores. There were certainly good people who came and were very decent and productive, my neighbors made several trips over and picked people up in their boat. Point is no one vetted any of these people perhaps with intention and Mr. nasty boy here is having some one’s desired effect.

  2. I find it weird how fast guys who tout small government switch when it is a racial issue.

    Of all our security issues,… Mexico ain’t one of em. Not even in the top thousand. If anything, it is the DEA and other agents themselves,… the thick blue line they have down there is ,.. very profitable
    Mexico is our best neighbor and should be our best ally. The people are beautiful. The wealthy entitled Americans go there for health care and homes on the beach. Pharmaceuticals and drugs have always been the lobby force. The only way to get the people on board is to incite racism.

  3. You ask where is the Black Lives Matter movement, and is it in cahoots?. If they are smart they’re busy spending what’s left of the $30 million Soros seed money, and what ever additional amounts were donated. Come on, please get real. Antifa, BLM, and their ilk are all state sponsored. And a good investment too, for some. As for the “decent” murdered cops, well what can 1 say? They were 2 out of thousands of decent folk murdered that day. Maybe ask the relatives of the 16 year old kid who was killed yesterday by a “decent” cop in juvenile court. I’m sure they have an opinion.

  4. If we are strictly speaking of justice and equality for the people and security and sovereignty, the wall will do nothing. How can all those countries in Europe possibly survive without walls ?
    The wall has nothing to do with this case either. California simply has an abundance of psychopathic killers, just like Florida has an abundance of people living off what they can skim off others labor, or Nebraska has of robotic sheep. The wall will only allow unfair labor practices and malicious international interferences to have fewer repercussions. They want to impoverish Mexico and Central America, without responsibility, just like Syria, Iraq, and any place else. It is a playground for malicious capitalism. Trump is pissed because he got booted and had to face the horde of investors who lost millions on his get rich quick scheme in Baja.

  5. The police have their own unions and defenses and clubs. I don’t see why Black Lives Matter would inject themselves in a case of clear psychopathy, regardless of the victims occupations. Intersecting ideologies, may or may not be an indication of being in cahoots with a subversive agenda. More than one agenda can have similar veins of attention. Frankly, I’m surprised and impressed with their restraint. I don’t think it is about violence against police. But rather, the callous nature displayed by police in shootings for petty crimes.
    California, is rather unique in it’s high number of bizarre criminals. The 13 children recently rescued along with this trial, and so many other cases, makes California a very clear example of proof of differences that particular geographical locations have on the human psyche. Every place has a personality. How long before data collection makes it easier to trigger whatever the programmer wants ?

    • John, the problem is not the Mexican people. Check em out sometime. 2 illegals saved my life back in the 80’s in Abilene. Everyone there had no problems with it. What has changed is corrupt government drug trade.

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