Anti-Semitsm: Reality or Merely Statistics?

The Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs better ask why?


Last weekend, the Israeli press gave the impression that a new global pogrom is going  to burst any minute.  “Hike in worldwide anti-Jewish incidents” was Israel’s Ynetnews headline.

Early on Sunday, the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs released the ‘2017 Anti-Semitism Report,’ which showed a “substantial increase in racist incidents against Jews in Europe, especially in the western parts of the continent.”

According to the report, “2017 saw a 78% increase in incidents of physical violence against Jews in the UK and a 30% increase in all anti-Semitic incidents in the country.” We learned about an increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Germany. A study of Central and Eastern European countries revealed that “20% of the respondents did not want Jews in their country and 30% did not want Jews as neighbours. In addition, 22% of Romania’s citizens and 18% of Polish citizens were interested in denying the right of Jews to citizenship in their country.”

Reportedly, Diaspora Jews are shaken by the alleged rise in antisemitsm. Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the World Zionist Organisation revealed that 83% of those surveyed reported that they were exposed to anti-Semitism on the Internet and on social media, 59% believe that the politicians in their country are anti-Semitic at least to some extent and 51% of respondents said they were afraid to wear Jewish symbols in public.

Now, let me assure you, I do not buy any of the above. I am not impressed by Zionist statistics and I am not alone. In Britain for instance, the Crown Prosecution Service is sceptical about the validity of the above statistics.  But let’s assume for a moment that all these figures are factually valid and statistically accurate. The article still fails to ask the 6 million dollar question — Why? Why are Jews once again hated?

Naturally, the Palestinians are available to be blamed. “It further claimed that there is ongoing anti-Semitic incitement by the Palestinian Authority: Systematic use of religious and other anti-Semitic narratives to foster hatred of Israelis and Jews among its citizens.” If you are bewildered by the above statement wait till you read the ‘rationale.’  Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, is quoted as  saying the following during a meeting of the PLO’s Central Committee: “Israel is a colonial project that has nothing to do with the Jews.”

Abbas’s statement may be right or wrong. It is, however, the opposite of anti-Semitic incitement. It absolves the Jews of the crimes committed by the state that calls itself “The Jewish State.”

I will try to help Naftali Bennett and his Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. If you are genuinely concerned about antisemitsm and  the high percentage of Eastern Europeans who do not want to live in proximity to Jews, you may want to also try to find out what percentage of Israeli Jews are happy to live next to Arab neighbours. Try to ascertain the percentage of ‘Diaspora Jews’ in New York’s Kiryas Joel or London’s Golders Green who are willing to  live alongside Goyim.  Before Minister  Bennett complains about the Poles who don’t want Jewish citizens in their country, he should share with us his personal views regarding the prospect of Israel becoming a ‘state of its citizens’ as opposed to ‘The Jewish State.’

Perhaps when Bennett, The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, and other Jewish institutions are brave enough to  reflect upon these questions, antisemitsm might  evaporate and more importantly, Jews may stop being fearful of their neighbours. They won’t have reason; at last they will love their neighbours and be loved in return.

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  2. “the World Zionist Organisation revealed that 83% of those surveyed reported that they were exposed to anti-Semitism on the Internet and on social media, 59% believe that the politicians in their country are anti-Semitic”

    Pfft, please. Anyone says anything unfavourable about anything Jewish and the screams of “anti-semitism” can be heard from space. I remember when Bernie Madoff was arrested and Alan Dershowitz libelled his critics as “antisemites”. Political antisemites? Don’t make me laugh. Most western politicians are Zion’s ventriloquist dummies. Not to mention, in most cases where swastikas were painted on synagogues or lockers, further investigation shows it was done by a Jew. They’re trying to make it illegal to criticize Jewish behaviour.

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  4. By definition, a Christian is a person who believes God chose a Jewish man to be their savior. So there’s a paradox to solve. Without the baby, there is no bathwater.

  5. The single fact remains, that the military power to enforce the creation of Israel is America. In America, if you ask 90% of the christians if the books of Genesis, Numbers and Exodus are directly speaking of the Jews, they will answer yes. If you ask them if Jesus was a Jew, they will say Yes. Thus, the political power and will is completely built upon a false premise that even Jewish scholars admit. But there is no vigorous or public correction about this, if others chose to believe it. The same goes for the Roman Catholics. Thus a genius brand was invented, the anti-christ, as this enemy threatens both Jews and Catholics (christians). It is not a question of hating people, it is a question of historical accuracy and Pious Fraud, which becomes monetary fraud, as soon as land or money changes hands.

  6. Perhaps anti-semitism is being mistaken for the reduction in confidence in Pious Fraud. The primary source of the connection between Jews and divine exceptionalism, is eroding and will inevitably disappear completely.
    The connection is established in Exodus and Numbers, with the foreshadowing in Genesis. But those books have nothing to do with history and the names of people and places have been inserted and the text manipulated. I some cases to do with geography, the place has adopted the inserted names, and in other cases, the place names were purposely inserted. The primary external support for the religious notion of Hebrew exceptionalism, is certainly rooted in a joint conspiracy between the Jews and the compilers of the Bible (Romans). Neither of those have the knowledge of the original intention of the writing, or if they do, have purposely withheld it. Thus, it is Pious Fraud. Thus, it is unsustainable.

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