TCK RADIO, Dr. E. Michael Jones “Guinea Pigs In a Social Experiment”



TCK RADIO, Dr. E. Michael Jones “Guinea Pigs In a Social Experiment”
Talk given 1-23-18 (aprx. 35 minutes)

Special guest Dr. E. Michael Jones joins me to discuss: feminism, me2 movement, Oprah 2020?, America First or Israel First?, Trump’s policies in the middle east, Weinstein the scapegoat? sex scandals a distraction or the real deal?, Alt-right movement a part of the deep state push for a race war?, crypto madness, the role of social media as a form of control and MUCH more!

E. Michael Jones (born May 4, 1948 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American writer, former professor at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana and the current editor of Culture Wars magazine (formerly Fidelity Magazine). Jones began as an author of issues dealing with the Catholic Church from a traditional Catholic perspective and has been critical of the Second Vatican Council’s consequences for Western civilisation as a whole. He has been featured all over mainstream and alternative media and has appeared several times on TCK Radio.

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  1. Rachel Denhollander the heroine of the defeat of Larry Nassar, was born on Ajpu. She was the first to speak up, and the last to speak before sentencing. On Ajpu,….She is a protector. The Judge called her the General of the army of women survivors. The bravest person ever in her court.
    Chapter 3 is not about a satanic serpent, it is about protection, and this can be proved a hundred ways.
    One way is here in this comment stream, for the discerning mind. Catholics designed the chapter to belittle women but the evidence does not back them up. at all
    Rachel Denhollander. born 8 Ajpu, trecena of Aj, decan of Oyster. A protector of the first order.

  2. The pope referenced chapter 3 in his statement, bringing up the serpent story and the woman.
    Chapter 3 is the trecena of Ajpu in the 260 day count, and anytime animals are mentioned, the first place to look is animal behavior. So, Irma Bule was a singer who performed on stage with snakes. She was bitten during a performance on April 2 2016, and died on April 4 2016. That day was Ajpu. She stepped on the snake and it bit her leg. The trecenas are accurate all through Genesis, 50 in a row.
    The careful examination of the story, is that god lied and said she would die, and the serpent said she would not die. Eve did not die. In the story Ajpu is both the god and the serpent, the energy of the day, is highly protective and will lie to protect in any case, but will also protect life. This also combines with knowledge of cycles of animal behavior. It has nothing to do with “sin”. Ajpu is also the day of spies, and birth of superman, who lied about his identity.

    • So, the Pope hits the front page of NBC talking of the chapter that is Ajpu on Wednesday Jan 24 2018, and this day too is Ajpu. The chapter is Ajpu, the lady died from stepping on the snake on Ajpu, and the day pope talks of it in such a public way about fake news is also Ajpu. Ajpu , Ajpu
      Some call it Ahau, and the mournful prayer,” Oh Ahau , I don’t see you where you are anymore”.
      The Popol Vuh : Mayan Creation Myth Animated Full Version
      Notice the similarities……….to Genesis. mostly towards the beginning

    • And the Popes words today, stand in contrast to the sentencing of Larry Nassar to 175 years after testimony from 156 victims. To put it into perspective, one case alone involving Gonzaga University and priests being known as pedophiles sent to Native Reservations on purpose, was 440 victims. The church has repeatedly harbored and enabled literally thousands of Larry Nassars, and never have we seen a display such as what we saw when the women came forward. And how very similar the Pope sounded today, to the words of Larry Nassar when the judge gave him his turn to speak. No remorse, no acknowledgement and no plan for mitigation. Instead the Pope reminded women of their original sin he wrongly interprets from chapter 3. One could even say, maliciously interprets.

    • And you go to chapter 3 and count, Ajpu is verse 1 and so it is also 21. And there is when the clothing is given to the woman, and it symbolizes protection. So, the story of Larry Nassar trial is the protection of woman and the day of Ajpu is when he is sentenced. No young girls will ever have to worry about that guy again.
      Are we to believe that the Pope did not know that it was today ?

  3. Today Pope Francis tweeted, “There is no such thing as harmless disinformation; trusting in falsehood can have dire consequences.” a quote from his explanation… “A journalism less concentrated on breaking news than on exploring the underlying causes of conflicts, in order to promote deeper understanding and contribute to their resolution by setting in place virtuous processes. ” I say amen to that. Let us hear the Vatican or any other Christian talk about the 20 days and the 36 decans of the solar year along with the direct correlations to the structure and foundation of the Bible. A virtuous process, that would certainly promote deeper understanding and contribute to resolution of conflicts. Have out with it. Do your forgiveness thingy afterward.

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