Larry Nassar: Monster or Scapegoat?

Is Nassar a scapegoat for Weinstein?


Larry Nassar, a Muslim, a sports doctor, just got 175 years in prison for sex abuse that directly parallels Jeff Epstein (Trump’s continual “real life” companion, the one who “pulled” for Trump) and Hollywoodite Harvey Weinstein.

Nassar is least of the three. Epstein got a wrist slap and Weinstein hired Mossad agents to harass his victims. Trump simply “settles.” Nassar should have had the same privilege, hire Mossad agents to silence victims or simply pay them and silence them with NDC docs, which Trump has done over 2000 times according to record including one child sex murder accusation file in New York courts in 2015.

This isnt’ a new epidemic and it is not equally male or female but more equally so than let on. Sexual aggression like Trump’s is a hate crime, not “locker room antics.”

The root is a sick society and it isn’t just wealthy and twisted Satan worshiping Jews as many claim. It is everywhere. People simply aren’t wired to have sexual urges and though this was bad enough before media began its work, which we will go into, we can take this back to Abraham.

Islam states that Sarah asked Abraham to marry Hagar, an Egyptian handmaiden in order to bring about Ishmael. When Ishmael was born, god supposedly told Abraham to take Hagar and Ishmael out in the desert and abandon them.

The Hebrew bible has it different. Isaac, supposedly born of a 90 year old Sarah, is allowed to invent a bizarre narrative of betray and revenge which reflects on the Hebrew god as a monstrosity and establishes, as in so many cases, a history of moral laxity behind the Jewish religion.

Those of you unfamiliar with Christianity, Islam or Judaism need to read the relevant “holy books” and make your own judgment. I personally love the story of Joseph and his brothers. When actually reading this stuff, the version from Islam are considerably more rational and reflective of a deity that isn’t criminally insane.

Then again, Islam reveres Jesus and Judaism despises him. When we remember that the Council of Nicaea run by pagan emperor and sociopath Constantine designed Christianity and chose its “holy books” by discarding most of the teachings of Jesus and clutching at anything supporting a version of Christianity identical to the pagan Roman religion. This is where Catholicism comes from.

Similarly, Islam is a reformed version of Judaism, with Mohammed as a prophet but also Jesus as well. I don’t love running but there may well be roots inside Judaism and Catholicism and other religions I believe were engineered around the foibles of the priesthood class, rulers that weren’t smart, not very strong, didn’t like to work, but wanted to eat free and do nothing.

Thus, we have religion.

The issue with Larry Nasser is something else. I used to attend the Olympics, either as a shill for a corporate sponsor or through working security. What was seen, seen openly, and known by everyone is behavior such as we see by Nassar on behalf of “sponsors,” wealthy benefactors with a love of having sex with skaters and gymnasts such as Trump with beauty pageant contestants. The names, particularly one New York sports team owner who comes to mind, are more than a few. Nasser’s behavior was the norm, he just didn’t have the juice to get away with it.

We first need to decide how much we want to protect children and, second, how much surveillance and supervision is required. We have to admit, be it priests or coaches or whatever, there is a problem. We have to decide who we are and what the rights of children are as well.

Adding to this, we have homes where there is drug and alcohol abuse, but more than that. Millions of children, even in the US, live in poverty, concerned from day to day, despite parents’ attempts to keep such thing secret in most cases, where the next meal will come from or if there will be a family home.

We also need to admit to and identify child sex and murder cults that are tied to DC politicians, evangelical religions and organized crime. I have worked on several investigations in the US, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, France, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria and, worst of all, Belgium and the Netherlands. (more as well)

A method for identifying child predators, many of whom sit at the tables of power, need to be developed and treatment for such individuals has to be developed as well.

Whether as is claimed (over and over) that Trump and Epstein are complicit or that a cult within the DC/Pentagon establishment (proven) exists, are top considerations.

Do want to start psychological testing for all adults, male and female, who work with children or young adults? Are there any situations where sexual predatory behavior is not possible? Lord knows, do we even want to ask why our Googleized society and anti-social media may well be turning potential younger victims into the willing targets Hollywood depicts them as?

Are children worth saving? Should we be judged on how we treat our children? Is Nassar a scapegoat for Weinstein?

Are adult males unable to act like human beings around teenage girls? Reminds me when I was student teaching so many decades ago, watching teachers having affairs with young teen girls, something I suspect is less common now. Anyone could read it, power tripping 14-year-olds and burned out nerd 40 “plus” teachers reliving a youth that never existed.

If moral rules are going to be considered, then for everyone and punishment that is real. Where is social pressure and accountability? Why does it have to be police and our crooked courts? And so it goes…



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  1. Richard Fossey professor at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. writes…
    “As the Nassar scandal demonstrates, American universities have responded to sexual abuse exactly like the Catholic Church. Cardinal Bernard Law, who covered up sexual abuse by dozens of Catholic priests in the Boston Archdiocese, was buried with papal honors in the Basilica of Saint Maria Maggiori. Lou Anna Simon floats away on a golden parachute in the wake of a shocking scandal involving more than 100 victims. Meanwhile, MSU tells the courts it doesn’t owe student sexual abuse victims a goddamn dime.”
    the whole article, a decent read

  2. Ok, here we go with who investigates. Secchia is major player, still involved with Rice U, like Archer who went there, Secchia was also ambassador to Italy, very Catholic, He threw the retirement party for Forsythe the lead prosecutor, and Forsythes mother was the chairmen of the board for a hospital belonging to the largest Catholic health care system in the US, and also served as a place of large contract to MSU medicine. We are talking about hundreds of millions of Catholic involvement and attachments and influences all through the entire web, from the medical dept at MSU., highly influential Alumni, contracts, and now the prosecutors and investigators. The Catholic involvement here is not subtle nor is it slight. It is heavy and inside.

      Marian Forsyth was active in the Standish community, most recently serving as Chairman of the Board at St. Mary’s Hospital of Standish. Marian is survived by her son, Bill (Joanne) of Grand Rapids…
      …..St. Mary’s is a subsidiary of Ascension Health, and is a teaching affiliate of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine as well as Central Michigan University
      Ascension is a faith-based healthcare organization dedicated to transformation through innovation across the continuum of care. It is the largest non-profit health system in the United States and the world’s largest Catholic health system.

    • I don’t live in Michigan, but if I did, I would be screaming for Forsythe to be removed as prosecutor. He is connected to the University through the church and very longstanding ties with those who would seek very strongly to cover anything up. To put it bluntly, I am very sure the University and the church are very happy he is the prosecutor. No doubt. This is how it happens. So, more and more, yes I see Nassar as a scapegoat, not for what he himself was doing, but for the systemic and cultural infection that appears quite blatant. This whole thing is a self protecting system, branching out first from the Catholic power structure, then University, then Medicine. At the top is a Cardinal to be sure. More than one perhaps. Also the CIA. and Senators and Governors of which two are directly involved in the investigation and coverup.

    • Do I even need to add, that Secchia is a top 25 NCAA booster. ? As I have repeatedly stated in many other places over the years, when it comes to sports and the management of the recruitment and funding, player trades and all manner of plantation mentality, the Catholic Church is highly visible and directly involved at the highest levels. In all facets.

  3. Karoyli Center for gymnastics, a similar place to the ranch where Scalia died, which are all over Texas.
    Karoyli was recruited. “When Karolyi and his wife, Marta, walked away from the Rumanian national team’s tour of the United States and into the New York office of the Federal Immigration and Naturalization agency in 1981, they had nothing but the suitcases they had brought with them for the tour. They asked for, and got, political asylum, then set about learning English and working at assorted menial jobs until Representative Bill Archer, a Republican from Texas who had helped them through immigration procedures, got them a one-quarter partnership in the Sundance Athletic Club in Houston. “

    • Who is, Bill Archer ? Bill Archer went to ST. Thomas High School in Houston
      St. Thomas High School is a Roman Catholic college preparatory school for young men in Houston, Texas, United States. Founded in 1900, St. Thomas is the second oldest continuously operating private high school in Houston behind Incarnate Word Academy, which was founded in 1873. The school is operated by the Basilian Fathers in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

    • notable alumni:
      Vincent M. Rizzotto, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galveston-Houston.
      William Michael Mulvey is the current bishop of Corpus Christi since his episcopal ordination on 25 March 2010.
      L. Patrick Gray, former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
      George Edward Cire, U.S. federal judge

    • “Karolyi had been in touch with Rep. Bill Archer (R-Tex.) since April. Romania’s most-favored-nation status was then pending. Archer, a senior member of the House subcommittee on trade, used his influence to get Andrea Karolyi out of the country. Karolyi says he moved to Houston to “show my gratefulness.”
      “A sign outside proclaims it the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Center, which, Karolyi says, was approved by a previous administration of the U.S. Gymnastics Federation. “It might not mean anything to you,” Mulvihill said. “To me as a coach, it either means the U.S. Olympic Committee designated him or Bela is using this as a means to get ahead.”

  4. Chair of the University Athletic Council, is a Journalism professor, and a priest
    “She said Simon told her that the whole story had not emerged and that media accounts were inaccurate.”
    This Simon character reminds me of a Bishop,.. to see how this all works check out “The Keepers” on Netflix
    Jan 24, 2018
    Sue Carter, a Michigan State University journalism professor, resigned Wednesday as the faculty athletic representative and chair of the university’s Athletic Council.
    Carter, who also is an ordained Episcopal priest, said she disagrees with the university’s “ineffective response” to the Larry Nassar scandal.

    • The common link between Academia and Religious institutions is quite simple, Special access and prestige combined with security of income, and power, from obtaining goals and certificates from a organized methodical establishment of a hierarchy. Once inside this hierarchy, protection becomes central to the unit.
      The full weight of the combination of science and religious dogma is then asserted and maintained.
      This in turn, provides a gate keeper to the pathway of political power and influence. Constantly seeking to undermine the sovereignty of the civil discourse and direct it through religion. The obvious product has become decay. Remove religion and the flower of humanity will blossom, through honest discourse. Ask, how can a Journalism Professor be a priest ? Clearly the investigative aspect has been lost.

  5. Try not to take it personal, here in the US we can criticize and question religion, and it is my every intention to do it equally because my personal theory is Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were all designed and employed as mind control operations by the same people. There is tons of evidence. If you wish to avoid learning things , don’t read. Also, the number of sexual abuse victims in religions or places with tight controls is vastly higher than anywhere else. Case in point MSU and the Churches trying to disown their part in the creation of Larry Nassar and thousands more like him. Talk to the girls. and let the girls talk. We don’t hear from people who aren’t allowed to talk, never a good sign.

  6. According to the link below, Larry Nassar: “Former MSU employee Larry Nassar was a catechist for St. Thomas Aquinas Church’s seventh grade class, though the parish is not eager to claim him. Nassar also served as a Eucharistic minister at St. John Church and Student Center, also part of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, according to the spring 2000 edition of Communiqué, the magazine of the College of Osteopathic Medicine.”

    Based on this information, I would say he is not a Muslim.

    • Quote from Aldo’s link…..
      “He was associated with the program until September 2016, and had been teaching “for several years,” said catechist Michelle Danaj, who worked directly with Nassar.
      The Diocese of Lansing confirmed Nassar was involved with the church and completed “Safe Environment training” before becoming a catechist.
      Safe Environment training is intended to train parishioners who work with children how to recognize and prevent child abuse.”

    • We are going to drive ourselves crazy trying to psychoanalyze individuals, and at the end of the day, it is a thing like mold. It is a thing that requires a specific environment conducive to growth. It is perhaps best to examine areas of society where pedophiles do not go to see the comparison. Institutions who place the value of the institution above all else, is the attractant because there is a layer of protection, even if one gets caught.
      It is the same with police, who protect their own. Beliefs that are instilled and groomed until they are not questioned, and obedience and banal repetition are psycho-symptomatic. Observe the tenacious grip on college athletics by the church, and administrators. Shuffling players and grooming the mind is the component of educational process that the church has perfected. A Jesuit was the interim GM for the Panthers during the race scandal and oversaw the trading of players.

  7. Mo, sorry to hear your story, but glad to see it. The resistance to “allowing speaking out” is supported by trusted institutions everywhere. Outrage is the catalyst that will make the world safer.
    Penn State was ongoing and many people knew including Paterno. Judges and Bishops also across the state collectively participated in sending young men and women to incarceration for minor infractions, which were then used as feeder troughs for pedophiles. Sandusky was a major benefactor of one of them. That was his feeding trough. It was/is a statewide problem with churches and schools and judges involved. Check out the movie “Sleepers”. I have been to cemetary hidden in the woods of the center where this happened. ages 12 to 18 on all the stones, ….probably many others unmarked… the fight continues

  8. Just goin fishing and posting,..MSU president Lou Anna Simon (husband Roy Simon atty). ” In August 2012, while president of MSU, Simon began a two-year term as chair of the NCAA’s executive committee. Elected to the position one week after the committee’s sanctions of Penn State for the university’s part in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case, Simon said her goal was to “build trust and confidence back in the system”.
    In the larger IOC picture,.. keep in mind Mens wrestling was nearly dropped, the most primal sport of primates. But water polo, specifically Womens water polo with thongs and underwater cameras becomes a hit, and footage of the “slips” are viral while tight control over other footage is maintained.

  9. Great article, Gordon. Regarding “wired for sex,” the issue isn’t so much animal instinct (yes, OF COURSE most males are wired for overwhelming aggressive sexual desire for post-pubsescent females, the closer to puberty the better) but “mimetic desire” as René Girard explains so beautifully. So humans can’t live together successfully without putting very heavy “religious” restrictions on desire (especially public expressions and acting out) not just sexual but also for wealth, power, material goods, etc. Our crazy modern secular materialist culture with its “pursuit of happiness” = “if it feels good do it” approach is just not compatible with human nature.

    • China has marital ages at 22 for male, 20 for female, Vatican was pressured to raise the consent from 12 to 18. Iran has female age of consent at 13. Not sure of other Islamic countries, but child marriage has been raised as an issue. Societal agreements do not require religious input. A communal group of women should decide for the women. The evidence of the unwise nature of allowing religion into government is abundant. It becomes heavily restricted Male Domination. We’ll see how this MSU case plays out, but I’m going to bet there are priests in this woodpile. Penn State was heavily religiously restricted. I believe the footballs and gatorade were even blessed.

    • Bee, more likely or is ? another stat from China for 2017, 1 person killed by police. zero wars of agression
      Chinese philosophy outweighs the wisdom of all of Europe and America combined, religions included
      They allow religion, but not into civil affairs, the slower to develop but in the race we are the Hare not the tortoise,

  10. Thank you Gordon, excellent article.

    Weinstein should get the same as Nassar, but I don’t expect Weinstein to see the inside of a jail cell. It’s probably “anti-Semitic” to put Weinstein in jail. What’s the point of sentencing someone to 175 years? Will their bones remain in their cell, or is it about for profit prisons getting 100 thousand dollars of tax payer money every year, for 175 years?

    • The only reason Weinstein is not in jail at this very moment, is the statute of limitations laws. Guess who the leading lobby for those laws are ? Also, a culture of disempowerment of women seems to have more female victims of abuse that are not addressed. The Judge used the sentencing to send a message because if all the victims were within the statute of limitations, he would have faced more than a few charges.
      The similarity of Weinstein and Nassar is, that they stood at the precipice of a given pursuit of occupation, and the price of advancing was, the pursuer was forced to deal with them. They held a position at the end of a funnel through which desire must pass. Weak men should never hold those positions. Our institutions encourage them.

  11. Nassar did not have to groom his victims. The testimony proves, he groomed the entire adult population within several institutions with dozens of levels of preventative measures to keep him out. He groomed the parents and the teachers, and the sports medicine community. Once he did that, his victims were brought to him, and placed face down on a table without barely an introduction. This is the same act which is committed when parents bring their children to any institution. Mental and psychological conditioning are not that far off from sexual predation, … Our vetting procedures for priests is the same as teachers and administrators. Innocence comes in many forms other than sexual. And people do not seem to learn. How many priests, police, teachers, and chemists do we trust that are not acting in our best interest ? Look to DC for the percentage. About maybe 20 % are trustworthy. But the root of this process and product is religion. That is where blind obedience begins for a child.

    • Nassar is a microcosm of exactly how a religion takes over a society. And even right up to the moment of his plea deal, the Judge was willing to allow that his methods could be shown as a medical benefit in his defense.
      Likewise, religion asserts that banal repetitive practices are somehow a benefit to your spirit, and people keep doing it. 100 hail Mary’s and 15 rosaries. Pray to the east 5 times a day. Chant and recite, chant and recite.
      Slowly the mind becomes so convinced, that any attempt to dissuade you becomes an attack. The victims can come with even graphic details and they will be attacked. And now here we are, in the time where so few can see the predation, that nothing they say, even when graphic proof is presented, will dissuade the populace.
      They will fight and die, for the opportunity to hand over their soul to a menace. Zero discernment.

  12. I think it has been proven there is no treatment for pedophilia. You mention Trump and Epstein, and rightly so, but not Bill Clinton. In some countries like Vietnam they execute bankers. Why not pedophiles? Who said “the root of all evil” is money? Could our magik money system be blamed?

    • Bill Clinton is not a pedophile. This is alt right distortion. Likewise, Trump and Epstein are not pedophiles as much as sex traffickers and pimps with a taste for the young ones. Clinton as far as sex goes, is a philanderer, and his taste in women is quite public. We don’t have laws against adultery. Pedophiles do not go around picking up vivacious women. They pick up parents. They groom the parents first and slowly build trust to gain access. If they are not capable of this, they hunt wherever the chance of being caught is lowest. If they are exceptional at grooming parents, as Nassar was, they can infiltrate the most trusted institutions and act out their perverted fantasies for years and years and never get caught. Most do not get caught.

  13. “People simply aren’t wired to have sexual urges…” – G. Duff

    Typo or wishful thinking? Would be nice if sexual urges only was a product of peer pressure and Hollywood et al like the religious hypocrites claim. At least we can save our cats and dogs a lot of issues with a trip to the vet for neutering.

    “Anyone could read it, power tripping 14 year olds and burned out nerd 40 “plus” teachers reliving a youth that never existed.” – G. Duff

    A lot of those 14-year girls are hardly “innocent lambs” based on a couple of summers in college sharing dorms with JTPA teenagers, and seeing the girls run after the adult counselors. But we can likely blame society for that.

  14. The jury is asked to be impartial but Attorneys and the Prosecution know the importance of jury selection. Getting a jury to reach a unanimous decision for conviction and a judge to hand down a proper sentence is is our system of justice. Can we say that because some one is of this or that religion gets less or more fairness. Harpo and others in HW’s business are aware of who’s doing what to whom in that realm and wearing black formal wear to their awards ceremony is made for tv and is total nonsense.

  15. Today is a victory for protectors. Something that people will not understand but is scientific evidence has been gathered. Predation is not as inherent as it seems today, but is a symptom of an illness caused by the long plan of bad men. When we speak of longer plans and days when things go the way of good people, today is one that will be recorded. Rachel Denhollander is a heroine and a protector for the people. The Judge was not kidding or exaggerating when she called her the bravest person to ever be in her courtroom. The predators seek trust first and foremost, and that is where you will find them. 1 in 10 women and 1 in 23 men, and 1/3rd of victims ever come forward. It was the slip of the mouth of the pope that gave us a one in in a hundred year insight. Their filth clings to our institutions like a mold and rots the minds of good people and excites the mind of bad people.

    • Of the ones who come forward, very few are ever heard publicly. Of the ones heard publicly, few are believed.
      This event has not happened in the case of churches who have hundreds of perps worse than Nassar.
      Women do not normally perpetuate the abuse onto others, but men act out in a variety of ways with many affected. Our institutions are infected with dogma. Mold spores. My advice is still the same as it has been for 40 years. Tear down the churches and tax everything they have. Be charitable directly. They do not come to save your souls. They come to claim them. This has been known for millennia.

  16. Nassar prays with the rosary and the MSU hired a Chicago lawyer to represent them against over 100 hundred girls. The main story can be discerned by watching the presser after the plea on Nov 22 2017.
    Video of civil attorneys in MSU case and USA olympics
    Best is first ten minutes and last 1 minute mentions churches and penn state multiple times.
    WATCH: Attorney for accusers of former Team USA Gymnastics doctor holds news briefing
    Youtube channel. PBS Newshour

    • Institutional education, and religions are the same in their excessive focus on the repetitive and banal.
      The use of the term “prays with the rosary’ was used by the Attorney in the sense that repetitive behavior excused as normal and healthy becomes an invisible menace when institutionalized. It is the act of doing something over and over and over, never being really sure what is being accomplished, but continuing to do it anyway. This differentiates religion from an objective pursuit of spirituality, and it is what differentiates institutionalized education from an objective pursuit of knowledge. Neither offer wisdom or foresight and the oldest scientific study on earth, is forbidden by both. The reaction of MSU, is identical to that of the Catholic Church. and Penn state, and the Senate and House, and every institution religion has permeated.

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