Breaking: Global Nuclear Terrorism

Terrorism has taken on a global form as it is used by entire states or blocks of states that create terrorist groups, then train, finance and supply them with weapons.


by Alla Pierce, … for Veterans Today

Alla at the front during the NagornoKarabakh war with Azerbijan

[ Editor’s Note: Alla Pierce brings us another one of her stories from the field, the result of good old fashioned citizen journalism…getting your boots on the ground to dig out a story.

VT has published a number of articles on what happens to a country that is broke, with corrupt leadership stealing anything it can get its hands on, where everyone is desperate to put a “traveling fund” stash together so they can bail out to the EU when they are able.

Ukraine was not a poor country in terms of its educational system and technology skills. Russia supported that community heavily by giving it a lot of contracts, from its space program to weapons production. All this long term, and critically needed trade for Ukraine, went up in smoke when the coup puppets thought ditching Russia was a good long term play.

The disastrous results show that idea blew up in their face. The country has been buried under in debt, and asset stripped by US and Western predators, which was a key purpose in their coming “to help” Ukraine in the first place.

It reminds me of an unknown quote by Nikita Khrushchev, and the reason why being obvious: “Support by United States rulers is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives to a hanged man.”

A photo and a time that many don’t remember

Ukraine will never be able to pay its every growing debt, so it is doomed to fall into NATO’s arms when it defaults, and US missile screen will be put up on Russia’s border so it can reach Russian retaliatory strike ICBMs in the Urals, when they are ascending and most vulnerable.

This gives the strategic advantage to the US for a pre-emptive strike, something that is officially part of our official “defense” policy, and proving that the US signature on any weapons treaty is not worth the paper it is printed on.

And this was so BEFORE Trump came along, who decided in his usual form that he was going to establish himself as the “baddest of the bad” and not be bound by any past agreement, simply by saying the magic words, “It’s a wery wery bad deal”.

I sometimes still hope I will wake up someday to find this was all just a bad dream, but alas, I fear it is not. Jim W. Dean]

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It is quite an irony that the US is proposing using “clean nukes” in combat. In this early test, a whistle was blown with the order for the soldiers to advance toward the explosion, just to see if the would do it. They did.

– First published … January 24, 2018

This is a frame grab showing the white hot core and the “ball lightning” from the mini-nuke the Israelis used on the ammo dump outside Damascus

Today, terrorism has taken on a global form because it is used by entire states or blocks of states that create terrorist groups, then train, finance and supply them with weapons.

Those, in turn, create a terrorist state, like ISIS or something similar to what is evolving in this direction in Ukraine, where on social networks it is common to refer to ISIS as “brothers.”

Washington needs the “all against all” war; and for this purpose, fascism has been revived in Europe by opening the gateway to refugees that wickedly create lawlessness in the territory not of their native countries.

Since this process is well prepared and managed, it’s not difficult to recognize ISIS militants among the refugees. In response, the European right-wing parties are gaining weight and popularity, which will inevitably lead to a fascist society.

In Ukraine, fascism regenerated fully; and the manipulation of people’s minds has been executed so well that people are using Nazi symbols, denying at the same time their presence.

These processes in Ukraine have become irreversible. The country is awash with weapons. Massacres in Odessa, Mariupol, near Korsun, torture, the use of weapons of mass destruction against civilians – all this gave rise to a feeling of permissiveness, making the murders a commonplace event and turned Ukraine into a semi-terroristic state. This is especially dangerous if terrorists, meaning both individuals and states, use nuclear weapons.

In this context, we shouldn’t ignore the threat posed by Ukraine on the establishment of a “dirty” bomb, which can be produced with small amounts of radioactive material. We remember that such threats were heard directly from officials, such as, Aleksandr Turchynov [1], who said that Ukraine is ready for a “dirty bomb” under classified military-technical programs.

This fact is beyond alarming, given the number and condition of nuclear power plants in Ukraine, as well as the chaos that take place there and ideological inflating of inhabitants with hatred towards the Russian Federation and its own exclusivity and permissiveness. In this situation, the desire of Tymoshenko to drop the bomb on the South-East is no longer rhetorical nonsense.

Сonsidering of the ongoing plundering of resources in Ukraine, receiving TVEL (fuel rods, which are the fuel for a nuclear reactor) is not difficult.

In February 2015 some attempts to smuggle radioactive materials sales to terrorists from ISIS in Transnistria located very near Odessa were disclosed. According to intels of Gordon Duff, Ukraine passed TVEL through Odessa, then they go to Turkey and further to ISIS.

Ukrainian NPPs

There is only one remark to Gordon’s map: there is not Russian but the Jewish and Caucasian mafia in Ukraine. However, all the Ukrainian government is a Jewish mafia.

Like any international port, the city of Odessa is the center of smuggling. Today we can see the rise of crime in this city and its full control by the mafia. Among other things, the biggest concern is drug trafficking that passes through Odessa and smuggling of weapons.

In Odessa, which became, in time of war and general lawlessness, a particularly tasty morsel, are concentrated interests of the Jewish, Caucasian mafias and the US. Purchasing of land on the Black Sea coast of Odessa by Americans, tells about their long-term interests in this area plans to establish its control there.

By the way, if ISIS suddenly disappear in the near future or get into disfavor as Qaeda, this doesn’t mean that the White House won’t create another its “own son of a bitch”. The fact is that the main world leading terrorist is the White House itself, and the other terrorists are just its non-official military units.

Accident a diversion?


Russian physicist Pavel Poluyanov brings out a version about the sabotage nature of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

One of the secret objects of the USSR was the radar station – Duga – over-the-horizon radar, designed to detect early launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles based on the reflection of ionosphere radiation.

This giant structure took 5 years to build and was completed in 1985. A Cyclopean antenna with the height of 150 meters and the length of 800 consumed a huge amount of electrical power, so it was built near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The installation was built to last for centuries and could function successfully to this day, but in reality ‘Duga’ radar has been working for less than a year. The facility ceased its work after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. “

Thus, according to Poluyanov the goal of the Chernobyl disaster could be the destruction of the radar system that protected the USSR from a possible nuclear attack. “It is adequate to recall,” says the author of the article, “how Americans demand to destroy the so-called ‘Krasnoyarsk Radar.’”

“ … Before the Chernobyl explosion the USSR was on the path towards ACCELERATION (capitalizing by author – AP). But after Chernobyl the “perestroika” came. The “acceleration” meant the modernization of the USSR and the eradication of “stagnation.” … if the USSR were able to do the modernization … then the US would have been left behind. I think the US has used all means and all possible secret operations to turn the modernization of the USSR into its destruction. ” 

June 1986, Chernobyl, Ukraine — Igor Kostine photographs debris in reactor number 4 from the roof of the third reactor. — Image by © Igor Kostin/Corbis

I do not claim that this version is absolute. But it seems logical and has the right to be considered, especially when you get acquainted with the conclusions of the committees.

What really puzzles and confuses is the abundance of inconsistencies and discrepancies in testimonies and conclusions, as well as the inexplicable behavior of some individuals at the station at the time of the accident.

Now, if we consider a diversion the cause of the Chernobyl explosion, then the rumors about the Brussels bombings look different.

Remember how the Belgian journalists from the newspaper “Derniere Heure” provided a version which claimed the main purpose of the terrorists might not be the transport infrastructure, but the nuclear power plant?

Journalists reported that in March 2016 Didier Prospero, a security officer at the  Tihange nuclear power plant who was also a security agent of the G4S group, was found killed along with his dog in his bathroom. His own children discovered him dead when they returned from school. His pass to the station and a guard badge were stolen. Minister of Internal Affairs Jan Jambon did not consider it necessary to raise the level of safety of nuclear power plants in the country until two weeks later.

Then, the committee of ministers finally approved the deployment of 140 troops to protect not only the nuclear power plants of Doel and the Tihange, but also the nuclear facilities of Mol-Dessel and Fleurus.

It seems, nevertheless, that the Belgian nuclear power plant was the goal, and if we assume that the version of Poluyanov is correct, then it means that it is not the first time when nuclear reactors are an object of diversion.

Technical condition of some nuclear power stations

Now let’s take a closer look at the technical condition of the Belgian nuclear power plants.

Thousands of micro-cracks in the reactor corps were the reason for a number of incidents during their launches. From time to time the work of the reactors was suspended, but despite their critical condition it was decided to extend the life of nuclear power plants until the 2025.

The return to operations of problematic nuclear reactors until 2025 by Brussel perturbed the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. Not France. “France 100% owns the Belgian atom. The nuclear power plants of the kingdom are operated by two French enterprises – EdF and Engie.

Greenpeace has repeatedly stated that the Belgian nuclear power plants is the one of the most dangerous in the world. Maybe it’s time to hear them out?

The condition of nuclear power plants in Ukraine is even worse.

The necessity to replace the reactors which are at the end of their operation is already long overdue. Ukraine doesn’t have any money for this and in case the funds are found, they will immediately go into someone’s pockets. Corruption in the country has gone way too far beyond reasonable limits. That’s the area where Ukraine is a champion.

Two years ago, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine proposed an extremely dangerous daily regulation of the power of nuclear reactors.  Tests were carried out at nuclear power plants where non-projected fuel is used in reactors.

Such experiments can actually lead to a catastrophe because VVER reactors are not suitable for rapid power control. Reactors of all 4 operating NPPs in Ukraine stop now and again. Only during the autumn of last year the following reactors were switched off:

According to the standards, the reactor cannot be stopped for repairs for more than a day, otherwise the stop will be considered a consequence of a serious breakdown, which brings out inspections and unwanted questions“, thus, the reactors are restarted, being operated in emergency conditions.

Two reactors

Using lies that have become part of both Ukrainian policy and way of thinking at the highest level, they conceal the excess of emissions of radioactive substances into the environment, breakdowns, and malfunctions in the operation of reactors.

All these distortions and concealment of the real situation are necessary to avoid protests or increasing attention to the situation at the nuclear stations and for not disrupting the planned loading of American fuel.

The transfer from Russian uranium fuel to Westinghouse [2] is explained not only by the Rusophobic direction of the official policy of the so-called government of Ukraine, there is another interesting aspect.

Polish journalist Wojciech Komarowski wrote about the financing of the party People’s Front (Narodniy Front), that was headed by notorious Yatsenyuk with the funds received from the fraud transactions related to Ukrainian nuclear power business. “As it was discovered by the media, a rollback of 15-20% of the cost of contracts for the work, supplies of equipment or services was set into the transactions of the companies Energoatom, Atomcomplect, and a number of nuclear power plants (South Ukrainian, Khmelnitskaya, Zaporozhskaya, and Rovenskaya).”

Here is another interesting remark from the same article: “The project is so important for American entrepreneurs that the American ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt got involved it this issue. The process of this case approvals enthralled the conductor of the “revolution of dignity” who has the diplomatic passport of the United States that he even began to personally tell Ukrainian officials the exact timing of the introduction of American fuel cassettes and declare foreclosures for sluggishness. “

The sad consequences of the using of Westinghouse are well known.

As can be clearly seen in the picture, different reactors are constructed for different assemblies.

Vasily Kotko, the president of the All-Ukrainian public organization Energy Association of Ukraine says that “ …there were problems with the fuel that Westinghouse supplied… For example, the fuel assemblies were deformed, and the systems of defense management were ‘jammed’ from the high temperature in the reactor“.

Georgy Kopchinsky, former deputy head of the State Committee for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ukraine, noted:

The experience of using American fuel at Soviet nuclear power plants is ambiguous. This is not only the Ukrainian experience, but also the Czech experience. Nuclear assembly is a conglomerate of different materials. Americans have one, Russia has another ones.

It is very dangerous not to take this into account. We have seen distortions and deformations of elements of American FAs And in the Czech Republic and in here, which made their further application impossible.” 

Dmitry Marunich, Director of the Institute of Energy Studies, explicitly states that,

Westinghouse uses Ukraine as an experimental site for testing and introducing copies of Russian nuclear fuel to Soviet design reactors. Ukraine for the Americans is an experimental platform, to distribute later these supplies to the stations in Finland, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria. They don’t even hide this much.” 

During private conversations with those who work at Ukrainian nuclear power plants, you can learn a lot of interesting things. For example, you can hear from them that Westinghouse’s cassettes were almost choked by sledgehammers into one of the reactors. Now people go to work every day like the last time.

To the question ‘how to get these assemblies out”, it was said either by a hydraulic hammer, or a thermal shock. In Zaporozhye, according to the opinion of the South Ukrainian nuclear workers, everything is bad. There are failures not in one reactor, as we can read in press, but in all of them. This is the largest nuclear power station in Ukraine, much bigger than Chernobyl, so make your own conclusion.

In 2014, in the midst of the chaos in Ukraine American specialists were engaged in something incomprehensible at this particular NPP. At that time, there were a lot of publications on this topic, as well as questions that remained unanswered.

What did the Americans do at Zaporozhskaya NPP and why at that time all employees were urgently sent on vacation? Perhaps I am paranoid, but the words of the EU Counter-Terrorist Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove in his interview to La Meuse, the newspaper where the Tihange nuclear power plant is located, comes to mind:

New technologies allow people to commit a large scale terrorist acts even by being alone. Five years ago, were made attempts of intrude into the systems of the remote monitoring and collection of information of the management of nuclear power plants, air control or traffic control on the railways.” 

Cyberwars used to be the subjects of science fiction, but now we live in a time when these fantastic projects are successfully implemented and for the most part not for the benefit of mankind, but aimed at its destruction.

An export of used fuel is also a problem. If Russian Federation according to the contract, took away the used fuel for the temporary storage, the agreement with Westinghouse is not stipulate this.

Consequently, the issue with a constructing of a storage facility has appeared. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was chosen as the site for building such a storage facility, which caused discontentment of the inhabitants of Kiev’s region. The builder will be an American company Holtec International, of course.

Just curious how many millions will be stolen during this construction?


Mini-Nukes in Ukraine (file photo)

The lack of qualified control over the operation of nuclear power plants, mismanagement, the total looting in the country and complete subordination to US interests, are the realities of today’s Ukraine.

Washington is vitally interested in a large-scale catastrophe, preferably not on its territory, although the latter option is not ruled out. A local nuclear catastrophe, especially in Ukraine, which will involve Russia and European states, would solve many problems overseas.

Whether there will be an accident due to technical problems or diversion which will be adjusted as an accident, or it will pass as an operation under a false flag for accusing Russia (if the wind rose in the region has been learned one can pick up the moment when the radiation does not go to Russia, but will cover a significant part of Ukraine and Europe, and then accuse of sabotage of the Russian Federation). In any case, the situation is critical and dangerous.

Thus, while the world is following the test launches of North Korean rockets, here, in the heart of Europe, there is a serious hotbed of nuclear threat. As a result of a terrorist attack or as a result of an accident, it does not matter. The consequences will be catastrophic for the whole of Europe.

In due time from the Chernobyl disaster, I personally suffered with my intra-uterine child. But, unfortunately for me and many other victims, we understand that the real culprits will never pay for human tragedies, since they have ceased being human beings a long time ago. Well, were they ever?

[1] Today Alexander Turchinov has a post of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

[2]  Westinghouse was sold to Toshiba Corporation in 2006. Currently is in the process of bankruptcy. The company is expected to be sold to Canadian Brookfield for $ 4.6 billion.

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