Maxine Waters: The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!

Assad stays, but the New World Order is now eyeing on Iran. They want to take actions again Iran, but Russia again is saying no. That should be enough for us to say: “Kudos for Russia.”


…by Jonas E. Alexis

US Congresswoman Maxime Waters is always weird. She is usually out of touch with reality. She seems to prefer to live on a different world, where irrational things magically become rational. She has recently posited:

“The country is in danger, it’s in danger, I mean this strutting around with Russia. Russia doesn’t care anything about us, they have nuclear capabilities pointed right at the United States. They have the nerve to meet with Kim Jong Un over in North Korea and he’s crazy. He hates us!”[1]

This is a woman who was elected to serve the United States, one of the highest and respected jobs in the land. Yet it seems that she has been reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland lately. If Russia doesn’t care about the United States, why do they constantly want to dialogue with US officials?

And shouldn’t countries in the West make every effort to meet with perceived enemies in order to flesh out peaceful resolutions and avoid bloody wars? Didn’t the United States ally with arguably the most criminal state in the world during World War II (the Soviet Union)? Maxime really needs to clear her head.

But this is just the beginning. Maxime went on to say that Putin is “playing around” and “spreading his power” in order to attack the United States. Now get this: Maxime once declared that Vladimir Putin invaded Korea![2]

If that is not an infallible sign of a pathological liar or a political psychopath, then we have lost common sense in the culture. If Maxime can get that low, then there is nothing that Russia or Vladimir Putin can say or do that will convince her otherwise. She has gone too far, and the only way she can get out of her pernicious system is to “psycho-analyze” herself.

People like Maxime are mad, sad, and want to be bad because they have lost a major battle in Syria. The Assad government would have been dumped in the trashcan of history long ago had it not been for the Russians. Whatever you may want to say about Russia or Vladimir Putin, the simple fact is that the New World Order wanted to balance their political equations without Assad, and Russia responded by saying no.

Assad stays, but the New World Order is now eyeing on Iran. They want to take actions again Iran, but Russia again is saying no. That should be enough for us to say: “Kudos for Russia.”

[1] “‘They’re coming after us’: Maxine Waters says Russia, China & N. Korea ganging up on US,” Russia Today, February 2, 2018.

[2] Ibid.


  1. “Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper”.
    Thomas Jefferson
    She, like nearly all of Congress believe everything printed in a newspaper or uttered by a radio or television station. This is why they are so stupid. The inmates have taken over the asylum. These idiots have no critical abilities to discern truth from fiction or right from wrong, or evil from good. “Democracy” is a dismal failure.

  2. She’s supposed to be representing the interests of the people of her district – the overwhelming majority of whom don’t givearatzazz about “Russian threat” or any of the other trivial garbage this woman spouts and spits, profiting with every word. How’d she get so wealthy. She’s paid … and we’re not talking about her salary as a member of congress. She yells and screams whatever script Israel puts into her hand. She lives in utter luxury while her constituency lives in squalor. Maxine Waters is the definition of a poverty pimp. One need merely to ask the question – what are the interests of the people of South Central Los Angeles – her district and what are the interests of South Central Tel Aviv? For whom does she shout the loudest?

  3. Waters is completely unhinged. Maybe it’s post menopausal , who’s to say but she is ranting like an idiot.
    The Dumbocraps have become the new war party. They have supported every war for the past 16 years and show no sign of reversing their stance.
    At least she is no longer in congress but on the other hand she continues to rattle around the country giving speeches that make no sense.
    The Dems are now worse than the Reps, filling the airwaves with rubbish and political nonsense.
    The Democratic party’s obsession with Russia and the fact they lost so badly in the last election has driven them over the political cliff. They are becoming increasingly irrelevant.
    Both parties are on the verge of self destruction.

  4. “special briefings” and “exclusive access’ which targets the desire to boost self importance are highly effective insider propaganda tools. Maxine , Pelosi, Feinstein, McCaskill are all the glass ceiling breakers who have gone from pioneers to detriments. Of these four, Maxine is the least harmful.

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