Melania, the Illegal Alien

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New York is much more chatty than Slovenia.  Killing off former boyfriend/pimps and buying off police is nothing.  One of my guys had specifically that job, covering the entire Balkans, for a DC firm.  (Cassidy?)

Trump was mobbed up early, starting with Roy Cohn

There is a Trump problem in New York.  Back in the day, as so many stories begin, I used to work in New York.  I am not a stranger to the “fashion scene” or those involved in modeling at the highest levels, well beyond Melania’s limited career.

Here’s the rub.  First of all, those who worked with Melania liked her.  She was “green,” needed some repairs, and may or may not have escaped unpleasantness in Slovenia.

What is known is that she was working in New York long before she held a green card, long before she applied for anything.  She came to New York, according to sources, as so many do, and began working illegally, for dirt wages, taking American jobs.

In fact, when Donald became her sugardaddy, he hired private detectives (Mossad/KGB guys) to silence those she worked with and buy back what was at least two years of illegal work in New York, work that made her an illegal alien taking American jobs.

Now we won’t know about this until someone wants to come forward but this isn’t a big secret.  I can’t even say that Trump covering this up, spending cash, having people threatened with legal action or even murder, doesn’t have a romantic ring to it.

Other claims repeated in Politico, not a favorite of mine, and other DC gossip rags is that an examination of her citizenship papers will slow inaccuracies that necessitate her immediate deportation.  Politico says she doesn’t have the college degree she says she has.

Personally, I am not sure I should care with the only exception the hypocrisy of dumdum Donald. I have run into people who worked with her professionally in 1995 when she wasn’t here.

This reminds me of all the phony Vietnam vets who have no photos of themselves or who borrow stories from others, the whiners about airport spitting and such.  A true story, I was having one of those PTSD days, on a flight from Cairo to Paris.  I was in Egypt working for the government there doing security analysis on Port Said with Jim Hanke, former Bright Star commander. (insider thing)

With me was the head of one of France’s intel agencies, part of the UAE financed group, Colonel ReXXXXXX.  While getting off the plane, half dazed and sick of fighting with Air France Cairo over baggage and seating, an airport security guy grabbed me.  The next thing I remember is being told to stop killing him.  It seemed he was off the ground and running out of oxygen. (real story)

This is where the airport thing comes in.   Imagine spitting on a combat Marine, then or now, and not having them kick you to death.  If police came, tell me whose side they would be on?

How much lying goes on?  With Donald and Melania, my guess, and call it a guess only, is that she is illegal.  Hey, she is old but still a cute girl.  I say keep her here and get rid of Donald but what do I know?

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  1. I am a Vietnam era veteran. Went to basic training at Fort Ord on Jul 21st, 1974 (H-2-3). On my way home after basic, at LAX, I encountered airport spitters. A marine and a swabbie walking ahead of me, whose uniforms and E-2 rank insignia were good evidence that they had also just finished basic training, were also targeted. If the spitters had actually hit any of us, I dare say our reactions might have been different, but the spit that didn’t hit the deck rolled down the spitters’ chins. Should we have beaten those women, Gordon? Do you think the police would have been on our side? What reason would I have to lie about what happened? Airport spitting did happen, at least once in 1974 at LAX, and I’m tired of being told it never happened. IT DID!

    • Yes the war was mostly over by 1974, though some troops were still getting sent to SE Asia. The VA website lists the following dates as the period of eligibility for Vietnam era benefits: Vietnam era (February 28, 1961 – May 7, 1975 for Veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam during that period; otherwise August 5, 1964 – May 7, 1975). Fact: People were still protesting the US presence in Vietnam until 1975.

    • I had draft # 41 in 1974; I was kind of glad the Sh-t ended. Although the night of the draft my twin brother and myself darnk for free at the local VFW watewring hole. Good people my ol’ neighbors.

  2. She is one very very lucky female. With her background the probability that she ended up First Lady of the U.S. at this time is basically nil, almost zero or a very small number less than winning the lottery. This is especially true if she went through the cesspool New York on the way. She is an example that unlikely events do happen. Many people think, falsely, that if some event has low probability, it can’t happen. Never assume this. Assumptions are very dangerous things. Unlikely events happen every day. For example it was recently reported a man won the $ million dollar lottery but then died in a few weeks. Both of these events have low a priori probability so the combined chance of both happening is even much smaller; yet they happened; he lost his money and his life! One thing is certain: There will be some big money changing hands on the fixed Super Bowl game this Sunday. A game like this can be easily fixed by getting to a few key players and they have plenty of dinero to do the job. These games are all fixed just like Congress is fixed first with money but if that fails they move to Plan B; force and threats, etc. This why our country has been hi jacked by Israel. All gambling is run off shore now outside of any government control.

    • Johnny, people forget guys used to be busted for point shaving all the time in the basketball. In the USFL Jim Kelly and others were busted also. NFL fixes them a hundred ways from Sunday. It’s an open competition between owners and then the third party. Now Nobody busts anybody. Look closely at Vikings “miracle” touchdown, one of the worst attempts at hiding it in years. In the Patriots game, they were being beaten in all areas, until 47 yards of penalties on one drive got them rolling. It is hidden no longer. Don’t try telling a fan though.

  3. how many women were just married for state purposes or intelligence work ? To look good and show family purposes to fool the public ? I could name a few and those who rent-a-child are also known to fake a family value.

  4. Well, I’m not a divorce lawyer, but it seems rather obvious she would get twice as much if she divorced him while in office. The protection would be better too. The European fan base would also be sizable. #metoo #timesup #divorcethepresident #adulteryinNYisgrounds #nueteringisbetterthanimpeachment
    It would be a brilliant move on her part, and would empower women around the globe instantly. The photos from inauguration, stormy Daniels,.. all admissible, and the prenuptial has a good chance of failing.
    Sow the chaos toward the direction from whence it comes. All done with grace and massive public approval.

    • Her address is NY, and that is the state she would file. The prenup would fail, because timing is leverage baby.
      Don’t forget, her attorney would be privy to ALL financial docs. No if’s ands or buts, unless he settles and that number is double right now and goes down after the term, no win on the prenup
      Her position is gold right now.

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