The Debate – U.S. Middle East Policies


by  Jim W. Dean, VT editor  … and Press TV, Tehran

The leader giving the word to the Air Force

[ Editor’s Note: We had a chance to review US Mideast policy today, a more wide ranging agenda than usual. When I got the email I thought they had not decided which to cover, but we did them all.

These broader range shows are more interesting to do as there are a lot more opportunities to bring in new background material and do some dot connecting.

This was the first time I had mentioned on Press TV about the US helping build Israel’s ten ICBM silos for its MIRV’d missiles that can reach Moscow, Beijing and Washington. I have a problem with everybody knowing about this but the American taxpayers who owe the money for it all.

The sad backdrop for this show was not the mistaken bombing of Syrian troops like before in Deir Ezzor, but one done on purpose. This was America’s reply to claims that it is in the country illegally and not coordinating any of its missions with Damascus.

US bombed the SAA today

The US claims it did coordinate with Russia before and after the strike, which seems unlikely as that would have given the Russians the ability to warn the Syrians. It has the strong smell of a psy ops to me, driving a wedge of trust between the Syrian people and Russia.

The Pentagon is also showing its hand that it has committed to the Kurds who took the fields that the US will defend their keeping them until a future negotiated settlement. It showed today it would act as guarantor, and with deadly force if it decides to. I also think it was a not too subtle display for the Turks of what can happen to them.

And of course the US will give itself permission to stay in Syria, just for spite at not being successful at rolling up the country after spending what the former Qatari PM said was $132 billion. US foreign policy now is might makes right, a sad ending for a once great republic …JD ]

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– First published … February 08, 2018

During his campaign, Trump labeled Obama & Clinton as co-founders of Daesh. Ayatollah Khamenei too has called out the US for its relations with the terror group.

While the US says its fighting Daesh in Syria, its attacks on the Syrian army have pushed the conclusion that the US isn’t fighting terror in Syria, but is seeking to control the country.

Add to this American weapons in the hands of Daesh, Saudis, Israelis who kill innocents without accountability, while the US points fingers at others for human rights issues. Join me Waqar Rizvi, as we discuss these & other issues tonight.

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  1. The Army Corp of Engineers even helped build the wall around Gaza. This stuff is all buried in the “other” aid budget categories, and surprise, surprise, US media seems to have no interest in doing any investigative journalism on it. Any attempt for Congress or any institution publicly getting into this will find the Israel Lobby on their butts quickly, America’s institutional ISIS in terms of their attitude of “We are always right, and those who disagree must be put to the sword”.

  2. None of the evil criminal activities of the U.S. would be possible if they had to raise every dollar from taxation of the population. It is the financial scam of creating usable money from nothing which allows all this “power” and criminal activities and wars all over the planet by the criminals in the U.,S. Government. This is the weak point which must be attacked to rein in this insanity of the United States of Israel today. Everyone must realize that at some point, likely sooner than later, the outlaw U.S. Government wiil confiscate all or large amounts of life savings in bank accounts all over the country because the phantom money they have created from nothing has become worthless or caused loss of confidence nationwide and world wide. While the Congress is very generous to Military criminals who waste billions of dollars, they hypocritically treat ordinary suffering U.S. citizens like garbage by reining in the easy money like scrooges while no official wars are declared against any country! The civilized countries of the world must organize against the evil U.S. empire and bring it to its knees by crashing the dollar and hence the financial scam which permits this world insanityl.

    • The military industrial complex made a slick move when it decided to stretch out its supply chain for parts to as many Congressional districts as possible, to get them hooked on always being pro increased military expenditures no matter how stupid. None of the care about how it runs up the cost per weapon item. All they care about is getting a piece of the money action. Hence the greed at the top hooked up with the greed at the bottom. Even the veterans as a group will support any defense spending without any analysis at all. I have seen this in the officer corp groups. When it comes to waste, that’s basically a banned topic.

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