Russia has the United States by the balls in Syria


    …by Jonas E. Alexis

    Russia has humiliated the United States again. US forces are in Syria for “economic assets,” said Russian officials. They are not there to fight terrorism or to establish peace in the region. No, they are there to create trouble, declared Russian officials.[1] And they’ve got the evidence to prove it:

    “The MoD was referring to an incident which took place on Tuesday in Deir Ez-Zor province, as a Syrian militia unit was moving against a “sleeper cell” of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). The operation was prompted by a surge in shelling of the positions of Syrian government forces in the area over the past few days, attributed to the covert activities of IS terrorists, the ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

    “A unit of the pro-government militia was conducting a reconnaissance search mission on February 7 near the former oil processing plant of Al-Isba. While there, the militiamen came under a surprise mortar and MRLS shelling, and were attacked by helicopters of the US-led ‘international coalition.’”[2]

    Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has recently said:

    “It’s very likely that the Americans have taken a course of dividing the country. They just gave up their assurances, given to us, that the only goal of their presence in Syria – without an invitation of the legitimate government – was to defeat Islamic State and the terrorists.

    “Now, they are saying that they will keep their presence until they make sure a steady process of a political settlement in Syria starts, which will result in regime change.”[3]

    So the prevailing vision that the United States is in Syria to fight terrorist cells is no longer politically viable. Political whores and Zionist marionettes like Nikki Haley may want to start looking for a different job. Lavrov continued to say:

    “It’s very likely that the Americans have taken a course of dividing the country. They just gave up their assurances, given to us, that the only goal of their presence in Syria – without an invitation of the legitimate government – was to defeat Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and the terrorists.”[4]

    Russian officials have also made it clear that US presence in Syria is completely “illegal” and that “Nobody invited them there.”[5] If nobody invited them, then who gave sent them the invitation card?

    You guess it: the state of Israel. Here is something that should keep you laughing. Back in 2013,, the Zionist outlet which never ceases to perpetuate Israeli propaganda, was lamenting that US tax payers needed to get angry because the US government was spending too much money on Syrian aid.

    The interesting thing is that never attacked the real cause of the problem in the first place, namely, the Israeli regime is pushing America into one disaster after another in the Middle East! If you still think that this is not so, then let’s bring in some figures, which by the way are three years old:

    “The Department of Defense has spent more than $2.7 billion—some $9 million per day—since the United States began operations against the so-called Islamic State last August. To put that in perspective, the DOD is on pace to spend a little more than $14 million per day to combat ISIS in fiscal year 2015. That’s minuscule compared to the roughly $187 million the Defense Department is still spending on the Iraq War each day.”[6]

    The state of Israel is culpable. And whenever that diabolical state seeks to make a political move in the Middle East, you can be sure that trouble will inexorably ensue. Russia certainly gets the United States by the balls, but Russia must know that the United States is just a puppet of the Israeli regime. Russia needs to move the political debate forward by calling out Israel.

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    1. Aren’t US Forces tired of dying and maiming themselves for Israel and the Khazars?
      Tired of getting their arms blown off so Jared Kushner can make his next payment on 666?

      I don’t know any American who is game for another 9/11 style false flag event and subsequent blood libel?

      While I support our military, even though it’s now purely a corporate meat factory serving the elite, maybe if enough of them get blown up in Syria,
      maybe just maybe they’ll come to their senses and realize they’ve had enough?

      At this point, why not just blow yourself up because that’s the value of fighting corporate wars in Syria?

      General Mattis doesn’t know his a++ from a hole in the wall and only offers a death sentence for those who march into one more corporate war with him.

    2. AIPAC does have the USA by the Short and Curlies – witness the sickening sycophantism of The People’s Representatives standin and clapping 29 times as Netanyahu, himself a Low Level Player in The Big Picture, plnated two fists on the rostrum and glowered down from on high. The Epitome of the Representative of The Tribe As God. If you have not read “the Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed, then this is available on pdf and more or less compulsory reading for anyone to understand The World today. I am re-reading it now.

      The USA Policy for Balkanisation of the Middle East, extant at least since the time of Kermit Roosevelt, is being further implemented. The Kurds need access along the Turkish Border to The Levant and a tradeoff may be made for the oil fields, although the Yanks also want to cut the Shia Crescent. Interesting. The stakes are high and the USA military budget is ten times that of Russia, Erope has not jumped ship at this stage, or Turkey for that matter but they are wising up.

      Russia may well be the beneficiary of technology transfers from Israel or who-knows-what-other-influence. Israel has fingerin pies all over the planet through crypto marranos and saranym (sp?). Turkey and Saudi spring to mind, but India and lots more, even including China and Russia are in the mix. Australia and New Zealand are certainly no exceptions to those influences.

      • I am still having trouble with editing if a “one take’ does not come off my fingers in writing. Maybe it is my computer.

    3. The only reason ISIS (Israhelli Secret Intelligence Service) is exploiting poor men from Islamic nations into the rag tag army is because . . . they can.
      They do it all the time.
      *They convinced Russians to fight other Russians – can we say the Bolshevik “revolution”? They replaced the ruling royal elite with their blood-monied Zionists . . . Marx, Lenin, Stalin . . . who spun the logic of illogical, and the dolts bought it, and lapped it up. As long as those at the “tippity” top got theirs.
      *They convinced Germans to fight other Germans – can we say WWII? With German immigrants topping the charts at the “tippity” top of the 20th century . . . turning them against their own people, and the dolts bought it.
      *They convinced Muslims to fight other Muslims – and did so by slowly working in their puppets. Saddam invaded Iran, messed with the Kurds AND invaded Kuwait. WOW . . . they sure got him tap dancing.
      They’re trying to plant MOLES in India now . . . the conflicts of the Hindi and the Muslim . . . Pakistan/Afghanistan. And the ONLY reason they want to do this is because . . . ISRAHELL wants the opium. They want to capture the opium poppy fields. The U.S. of A. is backing off now . . . and they wants them the precious. Will these cancers every end? The host body can only take so much before the cells are nuked in chemo.
      Too bad Zionists aren’t fighting their own. That, of course, never happens. Pity

    4. hat happens when Syria retaliates against American troops? I can just hear the cries of outrage by loyal, patriotic Murcans, up in arms about the unjustified attack on their heroes.
      The situation is coming to a head in Syria, unfortunately the Syrian people are the ones suffering from America’s insouciance and aggression and as Syria is slowly and painfully destroyed Murcans will cheer with delight over victory against a threat to their way of life. Or maybe they will be cowering in the basement in fear when their cities go up in a nuclear flame.
      Until Americans come to their sense, which i seriously doubt, the Kazarian zionist mafia will continue to control Washington and further involve America into one bloody conflict after another until America is exhausted.
      The only way to save the world is for israel to die.

      • BTW What Exactly is ” Our Way Of Life ” ? …. Childmolesting Preacher Freaks or Freaks like the much acclaimed Harvey Weinstein of Miramax ….. there’s too much of Shit Swallowed Down by girls ….

      • Echoes. Don’t be too harsh. Most Americans and most Catholics are good Human Persons, ye both of these institutions are subject to vilification. Christ and Jews were in conflict from the get go and He got nailed. The USA has been subject to Cultural Marxism and Zionist Propaganda, so it has been effectively “Jewified” and criticised by Right Thinking People. The CHurch was Liberalised (Revolutionised) by Vatican II and this has accentuated prblems of Individual as opposed to just Institutionl Sin. The Zionist Controlled Mainstream Mass Media has a Field Day, witness the atest “Priest Hunt” in Australia under the guise of investigating overall institutional abuse. Zionism is at war with Christianity and part of that is to infiltrate and capture Christian Institutions. THis is particularly obvious with the Scofield Bible and the Born Agains, fired up with Imminance and longing for Armageddon so that they can be Raptued up to Heaven with the other 143,999 Chosen Elect. Thats just the Born Again Christians, the Jewsalready have a Free Pass to Somewhere.

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