Poland to Israeli minister: Please, stay home


    …by Jonas E. Alexis

    Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister, was told that he is not welcome in Poland. Bennett himself admitted: “The Polish government cancelled my visit to Poland because I mentioned the crimes of its people.”[1]

    Bennett is obviously upset because he won’t be able to torture the Polish people with so-called Holocaust stories. He seems to think that every single Pole must submit to the Holocaust narrative. Now he is learning that you can’t fool all the people all the time. But there is more to this than meets the eye and ear. Listen to this:

    “As a new row erupts over a proposed law in Poland criminalizing use of the term “Polish death camps,” the Israeli Prime Minister has naturally weighed in. Netanyahu has every right to do so, given the history of his nation. He is now in talks directly with the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, over the issue.

    “As the Prime Minister of a country who also lost millions of citizens in the Holocaust, so does Morawiecki have a right to define the narrative of his people’s suffering, and not allow others to do it for him…

    “Much is misunderstood about the role of the Poles in the Second World War – but what is clear is that they were victims, not aggressors, and that far from collaborating with the Nazis – as most of Europe did – they fought them tooth and nail.”[2]

    That certainly is a modus vivendi. If the Israeli regime wants the Poles to take some responsibility for what happened in World War II, say Polish officials, then they must acknowledge that the Poles themselves suffered and died during World War II. It’s that simple. But for the Israeli regime to talk about “Polish death camps”[3] while at the same time ignoring Polish suffering during the same era is historically unacceptable.

    “Andrzej Zybertowicz, an adviser to the Polish president, told the Polska Times newspaper that Israel’s furious reaction has much to do with a ‘feeling of shame at the passivity of the Jews during the Holocaust.’ Zybertowicz, who served as ‘security advisor’ to then-President Lech Kaczynski from 2008 until 2010, claimed Israel is ‘clearly fighting to keep the monopoly on the Holocaust.’ According to Zybertowicz, ‘many Jews engaged in denunciation, collaboration during the war,’ a fact that is awaiting open discussion in Israel…

    “President Andrzej Duda, who signed the bill into law last Tuesday, maintained it was necessary to combat an unfair perception of Poles as collaborators in the Nazi genocide of Jews.”[4]

    If we take the Holocaust establishment with a grind of salt, we are told that over five million Poles died during World War II.[5] So, why is the Israeli regime ready to move heaven and earth in order to punish the Poles for their crimes against humanity while the same regime is not willing to admit that multiplied millions of Poles died during the same era? Who again are those people kidding?

    Rachel Donadio of the Atlantic has recently written an article talking about the Polish government and insinuating that their new position on the “Holocaust” doesn’t make sense. She wrote:

    “Proposed by a hardliner in Law and Justice, it’s significant that the law was rushed through just days after undercover reporters for a private Polish television channel filmed a neo-Nazi group in Poland waving Nazi flags, wearing Nazi uniforms, and burning a swastika.”[6]

    The simple fact is that Donadio will not apply the same standard everywhere. No one should support neo-Nazis, but waving neo-Nazi flags doesn’t come even close to what the Israeli regime is currently doing in places like Gaza. In fact, Bennett himself declared that there won’t be a Palestinian state because Israel will do whatever is necessary to prevent that from happening.

    As Ron Paul himself acknowledged a while back, Gaza is a concentration camp. Israeli historians such as Ilan Pappe argue almost the same thing. Israel, says Pappe, has created “the biggest prison on earth,” commonly known as the “occupied territories.”[7]

    Or how about “criminalizing activism against Israeli occupation”?[8] Is that within the bound of reason?

    The Israeli narrative simply doesn’t make sense at all. We should all applaud Poland for treading on “the road not taken” by any Western country.

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      • Harry, that can not be done unless the Jewish Holoholo museums disappear as well in conjunction with the Non Semite Nation of ISrael. When Jewish Poles run Israel who runs Poland now?

    1. The video “How to beat the Palestinians” could not be watched directly on yuotube without reporting with e-mail address – allegedly to protect minors. Just try the link
      It says the video “may make you feel uncomfortable”. Oh oh, that has to be avoided! And so the battle against “uncomfortableness” is on.

    2. 182 million people were elliminated by the Khazarian mafia since zionist – Basel confrence in 1898 and it is vometing feeling to read only 6 millions of them were the choosen, the rest were human material (??). The view of zionist Nazi, to profile himself as the elite of mankind, yet they are nothing but a bunch of smelly wander who jews ! War is war, it decideds who remains and who must go.
      War never decide who was right and who is wrong, the ones who perpatrated the wars , know each other , the victimes not ! These were the Bankesters and rothchild family, beside khazarian communism, who raped the whole Eu as the consequence of the Zion protocoles, to bastardising the mankind, to illuminate lkight and to stablish a satanic annunaki cult ! All these since of christian Rosenberg the illuminati and the alien race confederation, making mankind as material of bio LABS and war fields !

    3. Theeeeeres NOOO business,
      like SHOAH business,
      There’s NO business at ALLL…

      from the GOY-im!
      We will en-JOY ’em,
      Until they FALL…(2,3,4…)

      This is another excerpt from the children’s sing-a-long book of nursery rhymes I have written. Still shopping for a publisher. At this point, the rejection letters are starting to pile up.

      You should see the one I got from Steinberg, Steinmetz, Steinbaum, and Bergstein.

      Yeesh, what a bunch of SOREHEADS…

      • J.A., you should try Goldstein, Silverman, Rothenbacher and Eisenkot for some more rejection letters of your collection. You got quite a poetic talent there.

      • “Eisenkot”…as American Humorist Jim Dean would say…you just can’t make this stuff up…

        Rip-roaring hilarious, Eduardo…Top Drawer…

        PS I attribute most of my humor to Late ’70s- Early 80s Mad Magazine…and when I couldn’t find it and was jonesin’ too hard… Cracked…

        So in essence, I blame Jews…

    4. At least someone finally grew a pair and told israel where they can stick it.
      Besides, Poland is not entirely innocent either. They were also involved in the rape of Czechoslovakia as well as Germany.
      But kudos to the Czech leadership for standing up to israel. That is something.
      Wish we had the same kind of leadership here in America but we do not.
      Maybe other countries will begin to take a good long look at their relationship with israel and come to the same conclusions.

      • So what’s going to happen to Poland now?
        Are they going to lose an airliner like Russia did yesterday or are they going to suffer from a terrorist attack? Maybe even a nuke?

      • JohnZ,Can you elaborate on Poland being involved in the rape of Germany ? I know history so the most probable was the rape of Poland by Germany!

    5. This is an overdue removal of the first brick in the wall. Over 60 million people died in WW2. That is the truth and Poland’s leadership has the balls to say so. So shut up Netinyahoo.

    6. Their attitude is the same as for the Armenian Holocaust of 1.5 million Armenians by the Turks in 1915. Neither Israel nor the U.S. acknowledges this fact and Erdogan has been obstructing it too as documented here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_Genocide
      There is nothing like a good sympathy scam to bring in good money. The American Cancer Society has been running a massive sympathy racket to scam money from innocent cancer victims for over a half century.
      “American Cancer Society: The World’s Wealthiest “Nonprofit” Institution By Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. The American Cancer Society is fixated on damage control – diagnosis and treatment – and basic molecular biology, with indifference or even hostility to cancer prevention. This myopic mindset is compounded by interlocking conflicts of interest with the cancer drug, mammography, and other industries. The “nonprofit” status of the Society is in sharp conflict with its high overhead and expenses, excessive reserves of assets and contributions to political parties. All attempts to reform the Society over the past two decades have failed; a national economic boycott of the Society is long overdue.”
      Published in: International Journal of Health Services Vol. 29, No. 3, 1999.

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