73rd Anniversary of Bombing of Dresden – Worst War Crime of 20th Century?


73 years ago today, the British RAF began a bombing attack on the German city of Dresden, an attack specifically ordered by Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

In stark contrast to the propagandistic garbage spewed by so-called historians who, in reality are professional liars who never dare to veer from the orthodox, approved narrative, I am going to call the bombing of Dresden what it was – a truly disgusting and murderous war crime, an unjustifiable mass murder that was ordered by a bloodthirsty alcoholic and served no purpose in the war effort.

Germany was already a defeated nation by February 1945, it was just a matter of time before the allied armies overran all of the territory of the Reich and forced the Germans into unconditional surrender.

Murderous bombing raids like Dresden were a prime factor in ensuring the German troops fought to the bitter end, which cost untold numbers of lives of Allied servicemen and prolonged the war.

Remains of air raid casualties are gathered up for identification and open air cremation in Dresden’s Altmarkt square, Feb 25, 1945

Dresden was a cultural centre of great historical importance and one of the most architecturally beautiful cities in the entire world; however, it was not in any way, shape or form, a valid target for annihilation as it did not contain any significant industries or facilities, nothing that was important to the German war effort.

As the firestorm blazes, another 8,000lb bomb hurtles down into the inferno, silhouetted against the blazing city.

Dresden did contain the Carl Zeiss factory that made the famous Contax cameras and some optics used by the German armed forces, but this was hardly a major target, the Zeiss factory that made a significant input to the war effort was located in the city of Jena.

Remains of air raid casualties are gathered up for identification and open air cremation in Dresden’s Altmarkt square, Feb 25, 1945

The bombing attack was ordered by Churchill himself, and he was fully aware of the fact Dresden was not a target of significance to the war effort, so the motives for the attack are not altogether clear, most likely, Churchill wanted to demonstrate to the Russians the sheer destructive power of the British and American strategic bomber forces.

A horrific firestorm begins in a German city, as more target indicator showers rain down as guides for the oncoming main force.

Certainly Churchill knew that it was a city packed with refugees escaping the advancing Red Army and certainly he was aware of the fact that unleashing a holocaust on the city was a great crime – we have proof of this as a month later, Churchill attempted to shift the blame onto the RAF, an action that was bitterly opposed an the memo Churchill sent was angrily returned; the RAF steadfastly refused to have the blame shifted onto them.

In March 1945 Churchill wrote to his Chiefs of Staff, attempting to shrug off responsibility for the Dresden raids. They refused to accept the document

The official figure of 25,000 deaths is nonsense, the real figure is many times greater; no-one will ever know for sure, but it is highly likely that several hundred thousand innocent Germans, mostly civilians and many of them homeless refugees were consumed by the firestorm. Furthermore, the death toll was deliberate – the RAF and USAF tactics were specifically designed to maximise the number of casualties.

Remains of air raid casualties are gathered up for identification and open air cremation in Dresden’s Altmarkt square, Feb 25, 1945

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the fire bombing of Tokyo rival Dresden for murderous destruction, but those cities were legitimate targets that contained vital war industries and military facilities; Dresden stands alone as a great war crime as it was unjustifiable as part of the war effort. Quite simply, it was deliberate wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians.

A family caught in the British air raid on Dresden, shortlybefore their burial at the Tolkewitz cemetery (later called Johannis Friedhof). Their outer clothes and shoes are removed first for recycling.

There is one historian who has honestly written about the destruction of Dresden and that is David Irving, his work on the subject earned him worldwide acclaim and brought into the Anglosphere a subject that had been almost completely unknown – even senior RAF commanders were largely unaware of the true nature of the death and destruction.

I encourage everyone to educate themselves about the bombing of Dresden, it will cause you to reassess what you think you know about World War 2 and who were the ‘good

The RAF Master Bomber at the first Dresden attack, Wing Cdr Maurice Smith, interviewed by author David Irving in his office, March 1962. Shown the apalling photographs of the carnage, he went quiet and blushed.

guys’. The stark truth is that the Allies were far from the ‘good guys’ that we have been programmed to believe they were and that many war crimes and incidents of mass murder and genocide were carried out against the people of continental Europe, Dresden is just the prime example.

David Irving has made the full text of his book available at his website:

Apocalypse 1945: the Destruction of Dresden by David Irving

Or you can buy it at Amazon or your local bookstore, why I encourage everyone to do, this is a crime that must be remembered.

You can also watch the videos of Irving’s lectures on the subject:

Or in German for our German readers:



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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. Mr Greenhalg, with all due respect, this is all fine and dandy but you seem to pretty much forget the essential here…
    Germany and Japan paid the price for their crimes. 25 million russians and 25 to 30 million chinese people died because of the nazi psychopaths.
    I for one don’t feel sorry for Dresden or for any of those destroyed cities aside from the fact that wars are horrible. Unfortunately the people of Germany brought this retribution on themselves but they started it. Same goes for the Japs. Tough.
    Unless you’re tryin to portray the nazi scum as the “good guys”… Are you just?

    • Clearly you are mis-informed, the Nazis had nothing to do with the Chinese deaths, it was the earlier Weimar regime that sold weapons to China. As for 25 million Russians, that’s a ridiculous exaggeration, the real figure is just under 5 million, which is what Stalin claimed at the post-war conference. Perhaps you would be happier reading and commenting on the articles of Michael Shrimtpon, he also hates Germans and has stated we should have killed more German civilians as part of the ‘glorious slaughter’ of the bombing campaign. Of course, he’s insane, but his reality is closer to the statements you made then actual reality is.

    • Yes I was making a parallel between Japan and Germany in case you didn’t notice Mr Greenhalgh – I know full well the japanese were responsible for some of the worst atrocities against the chinese population. They paid the price for it, so did Germany. The german population overwhelmingly supported Hitler, Dresden along with Hamburg and others was payback time for the nazis. One can always argue that there were innocent civilians in there, I’m sure there were. One can always argue also that the war was over and Germany had already lost. These things are easy on hindsight. But remember how many died in London, in France and globally because of the insane nazis… Where is your memory I wonder.
      I also saw “the fog of war” documentary about MacNamara and in particular the firebombing of 90% of the japanese cities, where he clearly states that this was disproportionate. However, in light of what the japs had done, and notwithstanding the horrific nature of all wars, I find it difficult to feel sorry for the japs. The same goes for germans and the heavy price they paid in Dresden among many other places.

    • Sadly, you’re very misinformed because you’re following faithfully the orthodox historical narrative and quite frankly, it’s mostly lies and bullshit. Hitler had no intention of bombing London, the Luftwaffe bombed the docks and military installations, and if it wasn’t for a sole Luftwaffe pilot making a simple mistake, flying too far up the Thames by one loop of the river and dropping his bombs on the east end rather than the docks downriver. This delighted Churchill because it gave him the excuse he needed to order the RAF to bomb Berlin and other German cities, so it is the British who began the indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Europe, the Japanese wee already doing it in China. The notion that the millions of German civilians killed or wounded by Allied bombing is in any way payback for what the Germans did is really not true. The worst night of the German Blitz on Britain in 1940-41 was the raid on Coventry, which cost 400-odd lives. Churchill was aware that Coventry was about to be bombed thanks to Ultra, but deliberately ordered the RAF not to defend the city, as he wanted the maximum damage and deaths to justify what he planned to do to German cities. The response to Coventry was a firebombing raid on Mannheim, the beginning of the firestorm raids that killed so many. Hamburg suffered 45,000 dead in 1943, so there is no comparison to the 450 or so killed in Coventry. By the end of the war the British were carrying out fire raids against towns like Pforzheim where a full third of the population were incinerated in 22 minutes – nearly 20,000 innocent civilians burned to death. Also, the Germans didn’t overwhelmingly support Hitler, the Nazis were installed in a rigged election and secured their dictatorship by nefarious means. Very few in Germany dared to speak out or oppose as the Nazis employed the SA and SS thugs to silence these people, many were thrown into concentration camps like Dachau and Sachsenhausen for opposing the Nazis.

    • well like i said, in light of what nazi Germany did, I have no problem with Dresden and the rest of the german cities being destroyed. Truth is, I am grateful to those pilots who bombed the shit out of Germany to make sure that today we don’t all speak german.
      Now, you may think otherwise and choose to join your local neonazi group to make you feel warm and fuzzy, or stick a swastika above your bed if it turns you on, that’s your prerogative. Although I’m not so sure this is strictly legal these days…

    • Well, you’re just hopelessly ignorant of the truth then and simply can’t offer a valid opinion until you learn more about the real facts. Hitler never wanted war with Britain, he tried all he could to avoid it, in the end, it was Britain that declared war on Germany, not the other way round. Hitler made dozens of attempts to come to a negotiated peace with Britain during 1940 and 1941, Churchill rebuffed every one of them, he ordered the British consuls in places like Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid and Geneva to refuse to even speak to any German peace envoy. Sending Hess to Scotland was a desperate attempt at peace.

      As I already explained, the most killed in a German blitz raid on Britain was 450 in Coventry in 1940. The RAF killed 100 times more – 45,000, on a single night in Hamburg in 1943, and probably at least 100 times more in a single night in Dresden in 1945. That is just sheer slaughter and the truth is, it did nothing to shorten the war, in fact, it probably lengthened it as the German troops fought harder and often to the death because they had seen their homes reduced to ashes and their families killed. German war production was effected, but they still managed to increase their overall production output during 1943 and 1944, the worst years of the bombing.

      Worst of all, hundreds of thousands of non-German civilians were killed by the Allied bombs, mostly workers recruited (most were paid, not forced) from around Europe, which is in no way justifiable.

      One can only hope that future generations are able to properly educate themselves about the reality of history and are able to shed the disgusting racism and bigotry that you so proudly display.

  2. Nicely done Ian; hope you are feeling better. As a child I read Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut; it takes me back a bit to think of those being burned to death in a firestorm. Truly no one wants to believe that their Nation is capable of such an evil senseless action. Thank God for television, eh?

  3. So Ian, what WAS the reason for the bombing? The real reason. To simply slaughter? Was it some blood sacrifice? What?

  4. Greetings John
    Without getting into a tirade over the causes of ww2 it suffices to point to the front page of headline march 24 1933 ( 33! ) in the Daily Express “Judea declares war on Germany” ( and similarly ones inother cmm papers in the ‘West’, and not withstanding noble attempts by some to shine a light on these crimes, the zio takeover was successful- Germany’s constitution is not beeing used, Germany does not have a peace treaty, the German people are forced to borrow from zio owned & operated high-finance and media is censored. Not to mention all the political prisoners.

  5. as usual the videos are not available in country domain germany. God thx that moste of them are already available in Prox domains or via VPN.
    Shrimpy is a barrister by BAR Assoziation so no wonder he has to hate the germans. Even suspend he can create a lot of damage, this warmonger.

    • Wunderbar Andreas, thankyou very much. I highly recommend all of David Irving’s books for real insight into WW2 and the Nazi era, many of them are available in German too as Irving is fluent in the language. Here is something to consider that is quite shocking and disturbing – Irving is probably the only English language historian and author who actually speaks and reads German! So all the others who write about WW2 cannot look at German archives and source material. If there are other WW2/Nazi era subjects you would like to see covered, please ask and I would be delighted to do my best to cover them.

      The British and German peoples are full blood brothers and sisters and we never, ever fought each other for centuries; the first time we fought each other was 1914, a war manufactured by the bankers.

      My Grandfather’s generation and my great grandfather’s fought Germany, so I want to do my best to try to repair some of the damage done to Anglo-German relations by those conflicts and the best way I can do that is to share with people the truth about how those conflicts were engineered and artificially created.

      Best wishes from England.

    • Thank you Andreas for translating it to german so my brother and sister, who are not able to read English text can read it now for themselves

    • BTW my old boss, who was a medical doctor in germany (borne in 1918) told me also about the “Rheinwiesenlager” and we often visited the war important parts of France. His father, who was also a medical doctor in WW 1 was stationed in Laon/France in the hospital in the church of Laon.
      My old boss wasn´t able anymore to drive for himself so I helped him and got a lot to see on these places for which he paid me and the journey. Also Verdun was on that list.

  6. “Bomber” Harris was rather a not so unwilling participant much the way Gen. “Bombs Away” Lemay took great pride in his air operations over N. Korea.

  7. Well, it would not surprise me if Shrimpy is working on his own article on Dresden, but given that he described the RAF terror bombing of German civilians as a ‘glorious slaughter’ and lamented that ‘we didn’t kill enough German civilians’ I expect his article will be rather different than mine.

  8. Think General Longstreet summed up the shameful actions of the British Jewish overlords when he said
    “This was a measure of unnecessary severity towards non-combatants and had an unsalutary effect. When men volunteer to fight in their countries cause they should be credited with faith in it’s righteousness and with expectations of meeting soldiers worthy of their mettle. Appeals to turn their strength against women and children and non-combatants are offensive to manhood , demoralizing in influence and more likely to aggravate and prolong the war spirit than to open ways of order and amity.”

    What’s really untrue is that this terror bombing of German , Japanese and even British cities had an effect on the outcome of the war , wars end when the nations army surrenders not when women and children are destroyed. It was thus in the American civil war , it ended when Lee & Johnston surrendered their armies and could fight on no more, not when Richmond fell, or when Atlanta was burned. It was thus in WW2 also the German army could fight no more and the Japanese also.

  9. This exebistionist ( apptly labeled by A.H. as the archtype of a corrupt and drunk journalist ) also about the same time drew up a list of 45 population centres in Germany to be bombed with poison gas. Some advisers however talked Churchill out of this as it was feared ( and rightly so ) that Germany might possess something as bad or worse.
    The truth about crimes or alleged crimes usually eventually comes out, like in golf of Tonking, WMD’s in Irak etc., ( depending how important the lie is for the overall conduct of world affairs ) but by then those responsible are succeded in office or are deceased but the damage is done and the ‘goywheel of change’ keeps turning.

  10. Thanks. Most English people probably don’t know much about the nation’s real past, and the lack of history teaching in schools means things will only get worse without alternative sources of information.

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