Monika Schaefer: Letter from a German Prison


…by Jonas E. Alexis and Monika Schaefer

Jonas E. Alexis: Studying Jewish political and ideological movements never ceases to fascinate me for various reasons. On the surface, they always pretend to be siding with logic and reason, science and history, as in the case of Steven Pinker’s recent book Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress.[1]

But the same movements always end up contradicting themselves, confusing their devoted followers and proponents, and implicitly and indirectly finding themselves in a swamp of Talmudic mores and discourse. (E. Michael Jones found that out the hard way, when he was taking a class with Stanley Fish.[2])

In The Better Angels of our Nature, Pinker posits that violence has declined, despite the incontrovertible fact that terrorist cells have increased since the invasion of Iraq,[3] despite the fact that Israel has been sterilizing Ethiopian women against their will, which resulted in a fifty percent decline in their birthrate,[4] despite the fact that Israeli authorities were engaged in systematically torturing four to six thousand Palestinian prisoners every year,[5] despite the fact that at least thirty thousand of them had gone through that new gulag process since 1987,[6] despite the fact that car bombings and explosions are killing people virtually every day in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and despite the fact both the United States and Israel have embraced crude and unnecessary methods to torture people.[7]

Pinker does not want to talk about those issues because that would ruin his thesis in The Better Angels of our Nature. Philosopher John Gray has argued that Pinker’s thesis has been weighed and found wanting. In fact, says Gray, “Certainly the figures used by Pinker and others are murky, leaving a vast range of casualties of violence unaccounted for.”[8]

Pinker never addresses the Neoconservative ideology; he never talks about how the Israeli regime is mercilessly liquidating Palestinian men, women and children; he never even remotely mentions that the occupied territories are, in the words of Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, “the biggest prison on earth.”[9]

If Yuri Slezkine is right, that the twentieth century is actually “the Jewish Century,”[10] then Pinker is indirectly defending that century and blaming the Middle Ages as backward and brutish and praising the “Jewish Century” for getting rid of those brutish people.

So when Pinker starts talking about Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, he is articulating an essentially Talmudic thesis, which basically says that the deaths of the Goyim are less important than preserving the “Jewish Century,” which gave us Stalin, Mao, the Iraq War, the Afghan War, the Libyan War, conflict in Ukraine, and even the Syrian War.

More importantly, Pinker will never take into account that the Goyim are going to prison even for expressing their views. Monika Schaefer has been placed behind bars for simply expressing her opinion on YouTube! And what was her crime? Well, she said “Sorry mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.” And now Pinker wants to talk about Enlightenment Now? These people are simply a joke.

Monika has recently written a moving letter to Arthur Topham about what is happening, and we were fortunate enough to get a copy of that letter. Many thanks to Arthur Topham.

Monika Schaefer:

Dear Arthur and Shasta,

Words can hardly describe the joy I felt upon receiving your letter of January 8th, and the wonderful picture/graphic that you created. My heart pretty near burst right out of my rib cage. Thank you Arthur for all you are doing – I have seen from other correspondences that you put together a good list of contacts for people to write letters to, and that kind of thing.

For 21/2 weeks I heard nothing from the outside world, and then suddenly the flood of letters started arriving. Oh my goodness, I was in pretty good spirits before (all things considered), but receiving these letters REALLY lifted my spirits.

Life for me has simplified, in terms of day-to-day. My biggest concerns in the first while were about all the logistical stuff on the home front. I haven’t been permitted a phone call yet, nor a visit, and I have no idea if any of my letters to my brother have gone through, so of course those logistical concerns just stressed me out for awhile. But basically I just resigned myself to having faith that my friends and family would take care of things.

. . . As I mentioned, life has suddenly become quite simple. Time expands and shrinks simultaneously. I could write books already about the interesting experiences in prison, and it seems like a long long time ago when they locked me up. On the other hand, the days flow one into the next very quickly, as the simple punctuations of daily life go round and round. I am keeping healthy and well, in mind, body, spirit and heart & soul. It is wonderful to know that Truth and Light, and indeed God, is with me. I know that.

During my last free night at Alfred’s, I had a remarkable dream, in which I was walking in a circle, with a bunch of other people, all walking rather slowly, heads slightly bowed forward, kind of shuffling along. Going counterclockwise. After my first full day here, I bolted upright in bed and gasped, as I realized that what I had seen in my dream (3 days earlier) was the daily hour outside in the courtyard, the “Hofgang”.

The circular walk in the dream was the same general size as the courtyard here, and people walk round and round counterclockwise. That was not the first time in my life that I was shown something in a dream. But it has been rare.

I can assure you, about that “Hofgang”, that my head is not bowed, and I am NOT shuffling along. I either go vigorously, or sometimes a few of us play ping pong or volleyball. We have a lot of laughs and good moments.

I’m in a cell with 4 others. We have our moments, sometimes difficult, but mostly okay, and sometimes good conversations. Sleep is sometimes hard to come by as we have one vigorous snorer. Earplugs don’t work so well – Oh well – This time shall pass.

I pray that you are both well.

Mehr Licht!

… and much Love to you!

  • [1] We will provide an extensive review of the book next month.
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  1. What a shame. What a goddamn shame. This lovely, gentle woman is a threat to the peace and stability of the Germany… the world? No – she is an asset – a great asset to the world. She wants more love, more gentleness in the world. But the the satanic cult wants fascism and sadism and pain and suffering – not to mention tons and tons of money. “Free world,” my ass! The EU is full of shit.

  2. Do not forget Brendon O’Connell, the Australian Irish/Australian Aboriginal Activist who was thrown in Jail for calling out a Zionist Stalker during a BDS protest in Perth Australia. Most recently the New Zealand Authorities placed him Incommunicado in the Mt Eden High Security Jail in Auckland. He has since fled back to Malaysia after failing the Minister’s “Good Character” test. Surely, his sense of Right and Wrong or Good and Evil is greater than the Positive Rationalists who believe that “there is no basis for morality in rational thought”. Hounded out of Australia after at least 60,000 years residence, by the Perpetrators of the Destructive Principle, as his other ancestors were hounded out of Ireland. His site is “Isolate But Preserve” and you can read a sorry tale of how the Israeli Ambassador to Australia, Israeli eputy Foreign Minister and hundreds of captive Aussie Polis came out against him when his Kangaroo Court “Trial” was sub judice.

    Most important and likely the real reason for his incarceration is his vital research into Israeli Operation Talpiot that spreads Electronic Trap Doors and Kill Switches all over the Planet. The big Intel Factories involved with the latest Chip Scandal are located in Israel.

  3. Well, you know the old saying . . . You can take the AshkeNAZI out of Germany, but you can take the NAZI out of the AshkeNAZI.

  4. Jonas: I just received this message:
    “This is really exciting news— the Palestinian-led movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!

    Bjørnar Moxnes, the Norwegian Member of Parliament who formally made the nomination, said:

    “Awarding this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the BDS movement would be a powerful signal, emphasising the international community’s commitment to support a just peace for the Palestinian people… the Israeli people and all people in the Middle East – and the world at large.””

    Everyone should fill up the mail boxes of the Nobel Committee because that is exactly what the criminals in Israel will do to oppose it. They routinely do this to promote their friends and cronies for undeserved Nobel Prizes. They can always cook up some lies against others in secret letters that will never see the light of day. This is why they have so many undeserved Nobel Prizes and why they dominate so many industries like universities, courts, and other plum soft jobs in patent violation of the equal opportunity laws of the U.S. which they routinely violate in secret. No one else has a chance against these bullies.

  5. Every person of every government who is involved with infringing upon the right to speak ones mind should be severely punished, in a ghoulish and humiliating manner, so as to discourage such behavior.

    If needed, I have many, many suggestions.

    Soooooo many…

  6. The zionists aka Marxists have now completed their take over of Germany. That nation, now under jewish/Marxist rule can not make the claim of being a free state.
    No one is free when they can be tossed into prison for speech that is unpopular but then again western Europe has no First Amendment.
    Sooner or later this is going to backfire. The resulting backlash will spread throughout Europe aws more people are becoming increasingly angry at their own governments who continue to stab them in the back…..not unlike the government in Washington.
    Germany, sad to say is now suffering the fate of any country that succumbs to zionist/jewish influence. Sweden is not far off. Britain is very similar, although they are not yet locking people up for bad speak. Give them time.
    Here in America, the leftist snowflakes, liberal progressives and the little tyrants in Washington are busily crafting legislation that practically tosses the First Amendment into the shredder. The Fourth Amendment , for all intents and purposes, has been tossed aside.
    Freedom in the west is being eradicated. Led by the Marxist jews and their goyim puppets.
    Let the lessons of the past be forgotten and history will repeat itself time and again.

  7. In Germany, you have mind controllers, you have behaviour police and you have Justice department and police which are all jewish tools, controlling you Ideas, you responds and free will. The Justice department, is there to tell you which talmudian right is to be used for each case. If it is family case , if it is Rubbery or Murdering ….

    Each weeks people recieves letters from secret police, invite people with free will into a hearing and the consequence of that is trail and financial bills , you have to pay or go to jail. in jail they have psychopaths, which might rape you, kill you or even force you to be converted into Talmud, ISIS follower or a monkey boy of the system. This was the case with Mrs Shchaefer , an educated German woman force to revide her opinion thus to be free from behind the bars. I knew this woman and did talk to her in prison and I know she was under control !

  8. Thank you Alexis for hammering away at these criminals who seek and are seeking to return the world to the dark ages and in Germany of all places! I have ancestors there but I would not set foot in that cesspool today. Her treatment is disgraceful. This is what the outlaws in Israel would like to do everywhere is have everyone jailed for any criticism of these criminal thugs who think they have the right to dictate to everyone on the planet but are indignant when anyone criticizes them for their lies, cheating and inhumane treatment of others. They seem to live with blinders on; they are always 100% right while the rest of the world is 100% wrong. An object lesson to arrogant conceited insolent bullies in Israel is long overdue. This is a deliberate MO on their part: To bully others and intimidate them into submission. Most people walk away so the bully gets stronger. The longer they are tolerated the worse it gets. This failure to rein them in long ago may even result in WWIII over relatively trivial incidents in Syria. The unindicted criminals in Israel are now a world emergency. The world must rise up against them as others have in the past and do their duty. Is it any wonder the whole group gets blamed for the unconscionable actions of a relatively few of them? But many of the others remain silent. So in this sense they deserve their plight along with the main criminals in Israel. The clock is ticking. The time bomb will explode if the world fails.

  9. If the weapons of their little spirit are broken those thugs always use brute force to bow others down and this shows us what evil creatures they are.

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