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US may seek longer stay in Syria to create quasi-state: Russia

… from Press TV, Tehran

After the successful Sochi talks that got the political ball rolling in Syria, the US brought out its wrecking ball

[ Editor’s Note: Russia finally calls a spade a spade, discarding its usual soft shoe dance around the US Coalition terror war on Syria. It is accusing the US of Balkanizing Syria, something that VT has editorialized for months now. After the successful Sochi talks, the US coalition kicked into high gear to put its “alternate solution” in play.

Its announcing plans to build and train a three-division Kurdish “border force” in areas where no Daesh existed kind of gave up the ghost. The US pronouncement to Turkey that it would not continue arming the Kurds, well…that was just a plain, old-fashioned lie.

I had long said that with US troops on the ground and now ten bases in Syria’s Kurdish region, it would stay there indefinitely, until it got what it wanted. This is not only a violation of international law on a grand scale, but also the UN charter.

We now live in an age where the US recognizes no restraints over anything that it wants, regardless of whatever agreements we have signed. We dispatch with them all simply by claiming that “it is a national security issue, so that gives us the right”.

Of course, this same right is not given to others. This is the language of the thug, the mafia that extorts businesses in a community where it has the police and the courts compromised, like the Italian Mafia did for many years in NY City.

Herbert Hoover, the most successful blackmailer in American history, and unprosecuted

They even had Hoover’s FBI compromised, as he did not want to expose the Mafia political corruption, as then it would have no blackmail value. But he did love chasing bank robbers for the good press, and then of course chasing Soviet spies, but catching few.

Congress is fully aboard the US crimes in Syria, except for a handful like Rand Paul and some Democrats in safe districts. And yes, if Hillary were president she would be showing how tough she was with the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and Syrians, probably doing what Trump is now.

The tea leaves tell us the US wants its planes engaged by the Syrians, Russians, or even the Turks. If that were to happen, the US would just double its air power within a week, and the others are certainly aware of that.

That our military command is going along with this scam so easily is going to leave a bad stain on them. They will not be able to hide behind “taking orders”. The people will see that they want a war for their own reasons. And we do like to fight people where we have massive firepower superiority.

The brass knows that these big military increases cannot be sustained without cranking up the combat level. We are being robbed here folks, and we do not hear nearly enough hell-raising about it. Where are all those who stopped the Obama bombing attack on Syria? I have never been prouder of Americans since thenJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … February 13, 2018

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned of the likelihood of a US plan to continue its military presence in Syria for a long term in an attempt to create a “quasi-state” in the eastern areas of the country.

Speaking at a Tuesday press conference, Lavrov criticized the US for its “completely different” position with regard to its future military presence in Syria, adding, “We have a suspicion…. that the United States wants to stay there for a long time, if not forever.”

“The Americans, in my opinion … are trying to act by dangerous unilateral steps. And by the way, these steps look more and more like part of a line for creating a certain quasi-state on a large part of the Syrian territory — on the eastern bank of the Euphrates and up to the Iraqi border,” he added.

Moscow and Washington support opposing sides in the Syrian conflict. Russia assists the Syrian government and has been carrying out an aerial bombardment campaign against terrorist positions in Syria.

The US-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes against what are said to be Daesh targets inside Syria since September 2014 without any authorization from the Damascus government or a UN mandate.

The military alliance has repeatedly been accused of targeting and killing civilians. It has also been largely incapable of achieving its declared goal of destroying Daesh.

Lavrov warned that the US policies “undermine the territorial integrity of Syria,” expressing hope that the UN will prevent “external players” from undermining the Security Council’s road map for a peace process in the country.

Erdogan has his people solidly behind him, all those not in jail anyway

The Russian foreign minister pointed to the ongoing international efforts to hold peace talks between the Syrian government and the opposition and reaffirmed Moscow’s support for participation of Kurdish factions in the process.

Russia, Iran, and Turkey have been organizing peace talks for Syria in the Kazakh capital of Astana since January 2017. Together, the three countries have been acting as guarantor states for the peace process.

Capitalizing on the achievements of Astana, Russia on January 29-30 convened a high-profile meeting on Syria — the Syrian Congress of National Dialog — in the Russian port city of Sochi.

One Syrian opposition faction boycotted that meeting, and some non-political groups opposed to Damascus later accused the UN of “rewarding” Russia “upfront” by dispatching Special Envoy de Mistura to the event before securing concessions from Russia and the Syrian government.

Russia and Iran are Syrian government allies. Turkey is an ally of the Syrian opposition. The collective efforts of the three countries, including the brokering of agreements that have significantly reduced fighting in Syria, have made an impact on the ground in the Arab country.

The Sochi conference took place just days after the ninth round of UN-led Syria talks failed to achieve tangible results. That round was exceptionally held in the Austrian capital, Vienna, instead of its usual venue of Geneva.


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15 Replies to “US may seek longer stay in Syria to create quasi-state: Russia

  1. “In the tribunal of heaven and the tribunal of earth, by the permission of God—blessed be He—and by the permission of this holy congregation, we hold it lawful to pray with the transgressors.”
    Thereupon the cantor chants the Aramaic prayer beginning with the words “Kol Nidre,” with its marvelously plaintive and touching melody, and, gradually increasing in volume from pianissimo to fortissimo, repeats three times the following words:
    “All vows [], obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called ‘ḳonam,’ ‘ḳonas,’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.”

    The world is ruled by the Prince of Lies.

    1. The whole of USA Society has been Judaised, including Foreign Policy where the “oaths and undertakings” from the Secretary of State are worse than worthless, and it is easy to conclude that American Society Generally is run on lies. Lies and the Destructive Principle. Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud’s favoured nephew) is the elephant in the room of USA; commerce, politics, education, propaganda (see his books “Propaganda” and “Engineering Consent” – on Josef Goebbel’s book shelf), Hollywood, media, literature etc. etc.. E. Michael Jones calls it “Culture Wars” and “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” and in Culture Wars, the Goyim have lost.
      As far as the Balkanisation of the whole Middle East goes, it dates in the USA at least back to Kermit Rooseveld and the plan to create Kurd, Shia and Sunni Zones of Influence. This was remorselessly carried on with John Key’s Plan B, really Plan A, and the Deep State has Trump by (politely) the scruff of the neck. He is surrounded by Military Generals, described by Kissinger as Dumb Animals and Set Up to commit these War Crimes on behalf of the Moneyed Elite.
      The destructive Principle is easily illustrated by the case of Libya. NATO went after Civilian Infrastructure such as water pumping stations, communications nodes et al and created Chaos, still extant in Libya now. “Order Out of Chaos” is the Order of The Day. Order for The Elites and Chaos for Society.

    2. Not John Key but John Kerry. Ambition and vanity, along with Bonesman Influence can cause a recently horrified-by-war-possible-controlled-opposition-anti-war-protestor, who may have had an eye for the Hippie Girls, to revert to type as an Aspirational who inevitably gets corrupted by Power into a Bad man. Kerry is a mixed bag and his river patrol boat in Vietnam was used to insert Special Ops Seal Teams into areas to operate under the Phoenix Program. This came to light when he scuttled and abandoned one crew. Bonesmen aren’t just Poor Raggedy Arsed Marines, put out on The Perimeter Wire, to listen for the click of the wire cutters all night waiting for the dawn attempt to overrun the base.

  2. Gotta feed the MIC, Eric “the Evil” Prince and his hoodlums, Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon and all the other military, defense, welfare workers.
    The problem is most Americans are either too stupid or too caught up in some phony patriotism to see the truth. The Trumpettes , blatantly ignorant, bible thumping,near literate rednecks, are clueless.
    We are not going to make it.
    America is finished.
    Time to move on.

  3. And Pres. Chump wants a big military parade in the People’s Democratic Republic of NYC.
    Chump want to add another $4.2 trillion next year, to the budget. That is if we make it that far, if Chump doesn’t start WWIII.
    Maybe there should be a parade of flag draped coffins to go along with his victory celebration. I won’t feel sorry for any of those baby killing American soldiers who get killed in either Afghanistan or Syria.
    Oh and you should read the drivel from Rand Paul’s putrid little brain. Total rubbish.
    America is already bankrupt: fiscally, morally and intellectualy. Chump is going to finish off what’s left of it and those with room temperature I.Q.s, Chump supporters, will thank him for it.

  4. If Jesus returned he would be arrested by one of the CIA’s proxies, flown to a black site and tortured.
    He definitely would not want to show up in America. But then, why would he?

  5. Where is all the Syrian oil that the US is sitting on – going to – and how ? Stop/ Sabotage that and you have a good start. Black ops can can work for either side.

  6. You said it! The U.S. of A. public is screwed over and over . . . on behalf of U.S. “international” politics! Hear, hear. Unfortunately most will not correlate how it all plays out. Even if Jesus DID come back, he would talk to them until he’s blue in the face and they’d still . . . Not. Get. It.

  7. We’ll never know, but my take is that the Kosher Nostra was pulling the strings on that one. We were all lapping up the stereotype of the Italian Mafia, but they were into the “petty” things . . . running numbers, hustling whores, drugs. They were the red herring. The real crimes were done, and are done, by the Kosher Nostra. Give a man a gun, he’ll rob a bank. Give him a bank, he’ll rob the world!
    Heterodox, I’ll say!!

  8. Can anyone spell Corporate Fascist Imperialism. As interest rates rise the only way America can service her debt is through never ending wars designed to steal mineral wealth from the little guys so the giant internationals can get their oil, and lithium etc., for free. Paid for by us through our military. When they run out of little guy countries; well we all know who the big targets are. Once again, since 1997 $21 trillion is missing from DoD and HUD. Just 2 departments. So it’s probably twice that amount, or $40 TRILLION. We are off the rails, and headed into uncharted (for Americans) deep waters. This week at NEO Phil Butler wrote an article about the protests in Greece (not for American viewing). He paints a good picture of where we’re headed. We haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait.
    Does anyone know or care to guess how much Exxon Mobile pays for oil in Lybia, or Iraq? I’m curious. Back in the 90s I heard it was $6 a barrel at the well head. I’m sure they have the price below $1 today. But hey! It’s not about the money. It’s about Democracy. Right?

  9. The caption under the photo is of J. Edgar Hoover, not Herbert Hoover. Both men sucked, as Hoovers do, but Jayne Edgar is the mug in the photo — and with all things, it really doesn’t matter, but I just wanted to mention.
    U.S. troops are there as Bibi, Inc. can’t make up his mind which will make better canon fodder? The Palestinians in the terror’tory . . . the open-air prison system? Or, the U.S. troops in Syria? Will they do another Marine Barrack Bltchslap a’la Beirut, or will they simply keep the Palestinians as their “human shields”?
    Who will be used? Who will be used?!? Stay tuned for another episode of “Hoaxathon Theater.”
    The I.S.I.S. con job will be blamed. It was 19 Saudi’s, in the airplane, with a stick of thermite.
    As long as the world KEEPS giving these Babylonian/Talmudists/Khazarian/Bolshevik/Zionists what they want . . . hatred between proper nouns . . . they will use it to their advantage. There are never any winners in war . . . only dead, wounded proper nouns.
    65,000,000 people are displaced in the world today. Why is that? Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know. Logic and proportion have fallen, sloppy dead . . .

    1. Herbert Hoover opposed the Morgenthau Plan to genocide the German people post WW2, which makes him “suck” a lot less than J. Edgar Mary.

  10. Well it’s their own fault that Syria, Iran and Russia don’t want to subjugate themselves to the KJM;. Subject yourselves to assimulation or suffer assassination, extermination or all manner of bad things ending in -tion; including the now populars planes falling from the sky.

  11. A hostile Turkey to the north and hostile Syria to the south will see this Kurd enclave die to a slow death over time. Theft on a grand scale just like the Golan. And just to rub our faces in the dirt, Tillerson speaks of $200M of US taxpayer money to be spent on this illegal operation. Chump change in other words. Everything going arse-ways like we have come to expect from T’Rump.

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