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US intelligence on the prospects for US-Russia conflict (updated)

[Editor’s note:  We are watching Washington go off the deep end, the Trump administration working to exceed Bush 43 as a rogue state.  Our sources at recent attacks in Kabul have returned intelligence indicating that Trump and his inner circle of gangsters have turned to Blackwater, the DeVos/Prinz private army of the extreme right, to reignite the Phoenix Program of Vietnam worldwide, starting with Afghanistan.

The US has chosen a path of B52 carpet bombing and assassination teams, terror for the general public and death to anyone openly opposed to corporate rule, after seeing their families beheaded in front of them.

The US did this in Vietnam, they did this across Europe under Gladio and has already issued 30,000 death warrants in Afghanistan.  If only I were making this up. g]


Yesterday the US Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Daniel Coats released the annual ‘Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community’.

The emphasis is clearly on Russia, identifying that nation as the greatest threat, particularly as regards the Ukraine; China is in second place. The US is defining it’s bogeymen, the alleged enemy threats that justify the greatly increasing military spending that Trump intends to make.

You can download the full report in PDF format from the link below:


An analysis from the Russian perspective, by Colonel Cassad:

The situation in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine in 2018 will not break the deadlock, according to the report of the head of the US National Intelligence Dan Coates.

“The conflict in eastern Ukraine, apparently, will remain at a dead end, and it will be characterized by a variable level of violence,” – noted in a document published on the website of the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

“The large-scale offensive of any of the parties in 2018 is unlikely, although the assessments of each side can change the situation if it considers that the other party seriously disputes the status quo,” the report says.

At the same time, according to the report, Russia “will continue the military, political and economic campaign to destabilize Ukraine” in order to prevent its attempts to integrate into EU structures and strengthen its ties with NATO.

According to D. Kouts, Russia will “vary the levels of violence to pressure Kiev and build a negotiation format in favor of Moscow.”

According to the report, Washington is expected that Russia will use new opportunities in the field of cyber weapons against Ukraine.

What else from the interesting with reference to Russia:

1. Russia is mentioned in the report 67 times. China – 36.

2. Russia and China are listed as the main threats to American national security. The other countries-opponents of the United States are perceived as a regional threat. In the reconnaissance environment, the main opponents among regional opponents are Iranian and Cuban intelligence.

3. Russia, China, Iran and the DPRK will strengthen cyber attacks on the US and will experience more effective and dangerous cyber-weapon systems.

4. Russia will carry out large-scale cyber operations, including against Ukraine, using it as a testing ground for its cyber weapons, in order to use it more effectively against the US and NATO.

5. The cyber weapon in Russia’s arsenal is efficient, inexpensive and low-risk, which makes it the most dangerous opponent of the United States in this field.

6. Russia will continue to conduct subversive activities against the United States and its American allies in Europe, using both cyber-weapons, as well as information and propaganda, as well as diplomatic measures, in order to intensify the ferment in the ranks of American “allies”, as well as in the United States itself.

7. Russia will continue to develop and deploy new dangerous medium-range cruise missiles. In addition, work will be actively carried out to modernize and deploy conventional and nuclear forces and means of protection and attack.

8. Russia and China will continue to expand their capabilities in the satellite field, launching more reconnaissance and navigation satellites, and developing anti-satellite systems that threaten the US satellite orbiting satellite. The testing of these weapons samples goes under the guise of “experimental” launches.

9. Russia and China in the next few years will make significant progress in the development of anti-satellite weapons, including energy systems to destroy satellites in orbit by disabling their electronics.

10. Russia’s deliveries to Iran of modern air defense systems have provided Iran with reliable cover for the development and deployment of the largest and long-range ballistic missiles in the Middle East, as well as other types of modern weapons.

11. The war in Syria was decisively broken in favor of Assad thanks to Russia and Iran. Russia and Iran will be consolidated in Syria, even though the war will continue for some time. Damascus has already taken control of most of the key areas, and the overall level of violence has declined.

12. “Opposition” to Assad is no longer capable of overthrowing him or overcoming his internal weaknesses. Nevertheless, it has enough resources to drag out the war for another year. ISIS continues to weaken, but still saves resources for carrying out separate operations in Syria during 2018.

13. Russia will not be able to force Assad to make significant concessions to the opposition and Damascus will continue to operate in negotiations with the opposition from a position of strength. Nevertheless, Russia and Iran will be the main donors to the Assad government in 2018.

14. Russia and Iran will remain in Syria for a long time, placing their bases there, and also ensuring their oil interests. Iran will also provide the work of the Tehran-Beirut bridge. Attempts at Kurdish autonomism will be met by resistance from Russia, Iran and Turkey.

15. Russia will work actively with opportunistic European politicians, as well as, if necessary, cooperate with the United States where it ensures the promotion of Russian interests. The main goal is to strengthen and expand spheres of influence in the territory of the former USSR and undermine NATO.

16. Russia’s strategic goal is to move to a real multipolar world ,. for which it is necessary to undermine the US and their system of alliances, for which the widest toolbox will be used. Opposition to this course inside the country will lead to further tightening of the nuts.

17. Economic pressure on Russia through sanctions will not force it to make concessions in Syria, Ukraine or elsewhere. Rather, the economic pressure on Russia makes its foreign policy more dangerous and unpredictable for the United States.

18. The problems, the growing corruption of the Poroshenko regime and the disappointment with what is happening in Ukraine among Ukrainians can lead to early elections, which Russia can contribute to. There is no chance that Ukraine will regain control of the Donbas in 2018.

19. In the CIS, Belarus will be seen as a buffer between Russia and NATO and remain in the Russian sphere of influence, Karabakh will continue to “freeze”, Central Asia will continue to be withdrawn from the United States in cooperation with China. The conflict in Moldova will continue – the US and the EU will bet on the government, Russia on the president.

In general, it will be interesting.

Ian Greenhalgh
{p}Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.{/p}{p}His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.{/p}{p}His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.{/p}

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  1. @ Eduardo, Sie schreiben von der MH-370, ich beziehe mich auf MH-17, davon hören sie nichts mehr. Wo sie genau wissen wer den Mord arrangiert hat. Hierüber herrscht totales Schweigen.
    Es wird darüber nicht berichtet weil, sie sich selber als Mörder entlarven würden. Es ist ein Gruselkabinett. Gruß aus Hamburg

  2. The greatest threat against the United States is the United States in a country run by “Coats and Daggers, Banks and Carpetbaggers.” The man in the street just can’t compete too tied down worrying about a place to live … a bite to eat.

    1. I remember a quote from an actor in a film. “Most people forget, the first country the nazis invaded was their own”.

  3. Has anyone checked on if the corporate media uses subliminal suggestions in their material? I just find it incredible how easily people swallow lies, sometimes quite easily provable lies, and refuse to listen to other interpretations to events. Using highly controlled language (Neuro-linguistic Programming style) will do some of the job, but not all of it. How could this be investigated?

  4. Republicans are domestic enemies so I advise you to vote them out with good progressive democrats and if you disagree with that you have been brain washed by the Mossad propaganda of the alt-right on the internet!


  5. 11. And just what,s the issue Syria controlling Syria while 12. sums up who the west has supported all along. The rest is just monkey business and nothing to do with intelligent mindedness and out right lies.

  6. Here’s my report. ” A bully started a whole bunch of fights to steal stuff, and now is whining about the backlash to embezzle more lunch money from the ones who told them not to”
    Solution : Stop It.
    Primary blockage to Solution: Foreign Influence, Media monopoly , Religious dogma, Flaccid Spinal columns (academia), Excessive abundance, Abdication of responsibility on behalf of millions of people. Including but not limited to 22 million federal government employees who are far to softly handled and under qualified.
    Our # 1 enemy is among us. By far. ,…The # 2 enemy is See security concern # 1.

    1. If we give tyrants and idiots billions of dollars, it will happen again, and again, and again. If we elect religious zealots to manage our finance, guess what will happen ?

  7. >5. The cyber weapon in Russia’s arsenal is efficient, inexpensive and low-risk, which makes it the most >dangerous opponent of the United States in this field.

    Since most od major IT technology brands are from US and many of the “security” products are Israeli, unless they are takling DDOS attacks, chickens are coming home to roost. More and more of the back doors engeneered in the IT products are beeing exposed and available for others to exploit. Endless Windows remote code execution voulns – aka NSA “cyber wepons”, Intel CPU brouhaha – meltdown, intel management engine… Search “inter in israel.” Intel core architecture was developed there.

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