ANOTHER Florida false flag? Drills, multiple shooters, army hiding bodies, MSM coverup


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Wednesday’s Parkland High School massacre in Florida features several classic signs indicating a likely false flag—as reported in today’s False Flag Weekly News. (Watch it above, and click HERE for story links.)

My first reaction to this event was NOT to suspect a false flag.

After all, there are plenty of real school shootings—one every 60 hours so far in 2018—so I did not initially see any reason why this one shouldn’t be just another typical everyday tragedy. But I have learned from experience that the biggest, most headline-garnering, discourse-hijacking events are often fabricated. So I kept my mind, eyes, and ears open, and soon enough, evidence of a possible false flag began to roll in.

At least two eyewitness reports credibly claim that multiple shooters were involved. There are also credible reports of drills (including one featuring the firing of blank rounds) running simultaneously with the real shooting. And one witness reports that “army people” involved with the drills moved victims’ bodies and hid them under mats as the students were leaving the school. This does not sound like normally expected procedure at a crime scene!

Ironically, Parkland is only 16 miles away from Florida Atlantic University, where tenured Communications Professor James Tracy was fired for questioning the official story of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Professor Tracy recently lost the first round of a court case against his university, but is appealing. How odd that this highly suspicious incident should erupt right in his proverbial back yard.

James Tracy: “My academic freedom fight continues!” (on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio)

James Tracy’s university is less than a half hour drive from Parkland

Four months ago Ole Dammegard did multiple interviews predicting a false flag operation (a follow-up to Las Vegas) near the Fort Lauderdale Airport. In the past, Ole has accurately predicted other false flag operations, including the Copenhagen Valentine’s Day Massacre of 2015 (a follow-up to Charlie Hebdo).

As I said on False Flag Weekly News, the political motives for Operation Gladio massacres of random civilians are fairly straightforward: terrorize ordinary people into running to the authorities for protection, while promoting a “politics of fear” atmosphere that discourages the rational deliberation that could lead the people to take back money and power from elites.

As long as Operation Gladio (including 9/11 and the rest of the Gladio B program) remains unprosecuted, we are fully justified in suspecting the worst about each new headline-grabbing, agenda-setting massacre.

Ole Dammegard is one of 55 leading public intellectuals featured in my False Flag Trilogy

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  1. A MUST READ at this point is Yoichi Shimatsu’s series on the event found at rense. The last one – “March for Our Lives” provides a wealth of connected details, from David Hogg’s father’s employment at Cubic Simulation Systems, to the local Chabad house, and including Nicholas Cruz’spsychologist. Many thanks, Yoichi!

  2. One student claims she was walking w/Cruz when the shots rang out…and, of course, he was unarmed at the time…a handful of students have already claimed there were multiple shooters…AND ALL the students that are being put out there front and center in all their anti-2nd Amendment glory belong to the same theater group at the school…so yeah, they’re liberal wanna-be actors…

  3. No matter how many times something like this happens, I somehow, between events, forget that I live in a country that murders its own citizens for politics, or control of a news cycle. I start feeling all patriotic(like calling myself a member of the resistance). I’ve been reading VT for 5 damn years and I still can be lulled into forgetting what really goes on.

    I gotta work on that.

  4. See predated “news” reports February 12 and 13, 2018, multiple shooters reported and other anomalies at Jim Fetzer’s blog. Also they already seek to demolish all the evidence as they did with Sandy Hook. It all stinks like a meat locker with a power failure. It is hard to believe Trump was not in on it as Obama and Holder were in on Sandy Hook. A Go Fund Me page has already been set up. Care to donate?

  5. Well said, Harry. No wonder JFK wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” At the same time, the same thing should happen to Israel:, and to really stop them all in their tracks — Americans need to revisit and RECTIFY the enormous fraud that has been visited on them through the non-ratification of the 16th Amendment:

  6. In case of multiple shooters, Who are these people that arrange a mass murder at a school? Are they Americans? Who goes into a school to assassinate children in cold blood? If this is our “Government” by the elite, have they become to us a clear and present danger of are we the clear and present danger to them? It really stinks in our country.

  7. What lawyer ever recommends a client admit to a crime especially if the individual may have mental problems? Cruz has allegedly admitted he committed this shooting in a first interrogation evidently with a lawyer present. If he has mental problems shouldn’t he be examined by a psychiatrist first before anything else to determine his mental abilty to understand charges against him? His “Constitutional” rights have been gang raped from him by the very lawyers whose basic job it is to defend them regardless of his guilt or innocence! This fallure is a shameful disgrace to him and to our Constitution. Here is a quote from the Public Defender’s office”:
    “The police found Cruz at approximately 4:15 p.m., where he was arrested “without incident.” He later confessed to his crimes during the initial interrogation and was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder on Thursday. According to a report on Friday, he plans on pleading guilty to all 17 charges.
    “It’s to avoid the unnecessary arduous long painful traumatic reenactment of something that is so horrific the families and the community should not have to relive,” Broward County public defender Howard Finkelstein told CNN. “Everybody knows who committed the crime and that the only question is does he live or does he die.”
    Nicolas Cruz has been totally sold out by the corrupt legal non profession. No public defender Finkelstein, Everybody does NOT know who committed these shootings! Shame on you.

    • Isn’t this just another indication this event may be a false flag event to promote gun control? Of course they don’t want a long “arduous long painful traumatic reenactment…” because such a trial might actually reveal the truth of the events of February 14, 2018 just like such a trial might have revealed the truth of the Sandy Hook Hoax on December 14, 2012! Fortunately for them the perp was quite dead and thus unable to sit through a trial. In this case the alleged shooter is quite alive but on “suicide watch” so hence could die at any moment. Aren’t events moving far too quickly in this likely false flag attack to promote the gun control agenda and turn America into an armed camp, where only the military police are armed? At this point there is zero physical or forensic proof Nicolas Cruz committed these shootings. So far this is nothing but a Hollywood performance like Sandy Hook. Millions of honest responsible Americans own billions of guns of all kinds, shapes and sizes; are any of them charged with this shooting? No, but a mentally impaired kid, whose step Mother just died, and whose step Father died in 2005, under the age of 21, is the anointed patsy of the day.

    • The single shooter mantra is required standard operations procedure. It STOPS any further investigation that could trace the participants right back to their controllers. His pre approved lawyer will make sure that he takes all the blame and stays with the proven template for all such operations.

  8. Regarding ambiguity of the published source, Dr Barrett:

    Nato’s Secret Armies; La Repubblica

    see above in article beneath photograph of quotation attributed to Vincenzo Vinciguerra (vincenzo= winning, vinci=become won guerra=war):

    Nato’s Secret Armies is title of Daniele Ganser’s book, originally
    Ph.D. dissertation, University of Basel 2001.

    La Repubblica is name of an major Italian daily newspaper controlled by Debenedetti family.

  9. And now they are talking about demolishing the school and make it a memorial….just like Sandy Hoax…interesting to see what company wins the bid and if they’re connected to any other crime scene demolitions where non-evidence has to be covered up. I wonder how many mortgages are going to be paid off to keep everything quiet along with non-disclosure agreements Damn,, their one trick pony schemes are so obvious and wearing thinner by the day!

  10. Domestic Operation Gladio, figures, those Mossad/CIA boys just have to stay busy. The Operation Mockingbird MSM is sickening to listen to… Can’t even hear a song without hearing the nonsense every hour on NPR.

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