Exclusive: Mueller Investigation Focuses on VT “Legacy”

Graphic by Thomas Mattingly, died January 2017 (suspicious circumstances)

…from the Senior Editor

An experiment:  Check to see how many “hate VT” and “hate Duff” websites, are “Google sponsored” or mysteriously top rated.  Most are bots.  Now we have learned though sources within the Mueller investigation that the creators are part of those now under indictment or Americans referred to in Mueller’s memo as “witless tools” or “fully criminally complicit.”  The fun begins. 

In early 2015, VT “cleaned house” when it learned that editors and staff writers had, for some unknown reason, not only done a political “about face,” but had become rabid “fabrications.”  Some group had reached out, into the Rense “stable,” and into VT and its affiliates, and all of a sudden to some at least, Wall Street could do no wrong.

It is a prime editorial value at VT to support Israeli security within the framework of a workable two state solution.  This has made VT subject to accusations of anti-Semitism by  the ADL and SPLC though VT and US State Department polices are, in fact, until Trump any way, one in the same.

One day we woke up and found staffers not only “Hillary haters” but Muslim haters as well, and some right in the middle of the White Identity Movement, read “Nazi.”  Our answer was “the boot.”

We found the same group, many known to VT and now “VT haters,” had also infiltrated the Gore and Kerry campaigns as well, on behalf of a client that Mueller now identifies as a foreign spy agency.

All were reporting to Steve Bannon who NBC reported just did 20 hours with Mueller on Thursday. Now it is reported that some were being paid by a foreign government and others were total idiots.

Reports from Washington confirm that the “Hillary haters,” including and especially the “Hillary for Prison” gang, were in fact a combination of paid hacks working for a foreign intelligence agency (Mueller says “Russia”) or “witness idiots.”

Starting in 2014, Mueller reports that Russian agents began coming to the US and secretly meeting with “morally flexible” members of the alternative media in order to spam the internet with false Hillary Clinton stories.

Investigations tied to indictments of 13 Russian nationals today indicate that agents regularly traveled to the US, meeting with “political activists,” encouraging them to join the “Hillary  for Prison” movement.  By “encouraging”, the reports differ.  There is talk about cash, podcast sponsorship, paid travel and, most of all, prime backing by Google and YouTube with bot driven massive counts on anything written going after Hillary.

VT began noticing, just prior to the “jump to the skinhead right” by a cabal at VT, a massive increase in readership.  Problem is, the comments tied to it showed clear signs of “bot-work,” empty or vapid Facebook accounts, people with no “realty presence,” no history on the net.  These were, and we mean endless tens of thousands, even more, avatars that Mueller claims were the product of a Russia troll factory working out of St. Petersburg.

VT is holding off judgment on that one.  We did get the smell and applied the ointment, not so much based on saving America from Hillary hating “godless Commies” as from bad writing and fabrication.

As was noted today, the “bot watchers” are tracking the avatars to the Florida school shooting “pro-gun posts” (our sources tie this to NRA funding), the deluge hit us during the imaginary military takeover of America by a couple dozen dozy Army recruits under “Jade Helm.”

The videos outing Dahboo and so many others, The fake news of the trainloads of shackles, the special prisons under the Walmarts, warehouses filled with coffins, have been taken down by Google.  We believe Google may well be “catfishing” Russia on this and that Google is the RKM, whatever that is, but this is just me and conspiracy theories again.  What do I know?

What we do know is that former VT folks and their friends at InfoWars and who had been on Rense (Jeff is a good friend of mine), are central to this investigation.

According to our own sources near the investigation, the pattern is simple.  Someone “bought” or “influenced” as many serial slanders as possible to go after Hillary or anyone standing against whoever is behind Trump.  Mueller and many believe it is Russia.  We think it is far more complex than that.

What VT did was identify interference in the election early on and that the US was being targeted for takedown.  We also identified that American traitors within the “fake alternative media” were more than useful idiots but fully complicit.

We also found some within Russian media complicit as well, and Wikileaks central to it all, organized by Google Jigsaw and Google Idea Groups, a “slander induced” color revolution for good old America.

Kiev got Nazi monsters, we got Trump.  From the Guardian, the ten things to take away from today’s indictments:

  • The indictment provided powerful new evidence that a Russian election-tampering plot, which Trump has repeatedly denied, not only took place but involved an elaborate conspiracy going back to at least 2014.
  • The indictment supports the US intelligence community assessment that the Russian plot was substantial and is ongoing, and not Trump’s contention last May that “this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story.”
  • The indictment does not name any US citizens as alleged co-conspirators, or assert that any Americans knew of the plot. But the indictment does document contacts by the conspirators with “unwitting members, volunteers and supporters of the Trump campaign.”
  • The indictment identifies the Internet Research Agency, a St Petersburg-based group to which millions of impostor social media accounts have been traced, as a primary offender. The indictment additionally charges Russian individuals who funded the alleged election tampering conspiracy or who otherwise took part.
  • Charges include alleged violations of election laws forbidding foreign nationals from making certain expenditures in US elections and requiring foreign agents to register as such.
  • “Defendants posted derogatory information about a number of candidates,” the indictment says, “and by early to mid-2016, defendants’ operations included supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J Trump (“Trump campaign”) and disparaging Hillary Clinton.”
  • The indictment does not contend that Russian tampering swayed the 2016 presidential election, deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein said in a news conference following the publication of the document.
  • The indictment alleges espionage-style conduct by Russian suspects including clandestine trips to the United States under false pretenses in which Russian agents “posed as US persons and and contacted US social and political activists.”
  • The indictment says Russian impostors on social media used election-related hashtags including “#TrumpTrain” “#Trump2016” “MAGA” and “Hillary4Prison.”
  • The indictment alleges violations of computer fraud laws in which the perpetrators purchased space on computer servers located in the United States in order to hide their Russian affiliation.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of Hillary. Since Perot stopped running and the Reform Party self destucted as did the Constitution Party; I’ve been voting for Jill Stein. I’m hoping that Gordy doesn’t out her as some evil KJM cut-out.

  2. A “useful idiot” comment. VT generally supports Russia, but not blindly. The issues with Hillary and Obama are their failures to confront idiotic policies. Your assessment of Hillary is based on undiscerning bot reading. You are a victim.

  3. Given the history of various NGOs etc round the world it is unlikely that this is a one sided situation. Almost any country has an interest in influencing others, especially neighbours, whilst the more powerful a country gets the more inclined it is to work on others further away that it perceives as rivals.

    The US could well be in a ‘ those who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones’ situation here as it is going to encourage all Governments around the world to sort out and investigate their elections, potentially affecting US efforts to mold opinion. Wonder if the Russians will publish a similar report after their Presidential election?

  4. Mr. Duff is right about the Russian fix in the social media, i was there, i can vouch for it, he knows, and at the last minute i did throw my own support behind the turnip against my better judgement, I thought both candidates belonged in front of a firing squad. The FBI, the worst criminal alphabet organization in existence is as usual only telling half the story (when they tell any truth at all, that is), the Russians couldn’t have done what they did without help, but the FBI will never tell you who helped them because Jackals don’t attack Lions…

    Turnips choice of Sessions as Attorney General, his okay to plunder the most important archaeological sites the world has in the Four Corner area before real scientists even get to have a look at them, his complete lack of any action whatsoever about sealing the southern border against invasion by unkempt scabs from third world backwaters (it only involves enforcing prevailing wage laws not a building a wall as ridiculous as his toupee), his betrayal of Native American water rights and last and probably least too, his endorsement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel mark the Trump administration as a disaster. it needs fixing immediately, and not by Americas phony left either.

    And thanks for the complements my friend, we got a new one out, maybe the best piece we ever did…

  5. All I can say is, the sudden emboldening of white nationalism and racism and bigotry across the country certainly arrived with Trump. They came out of the woodwork, and people have died because of it.
    The fixation on Obama, Clinton and Liberals, is not a normal political skirmish. And Trump most certainly is not a draining of the swamp or a divine appointment. It is a hoard of drooling billionaires who all have a couple things in common. They will do anything to get more, and they don’t clean up their messes.
    And they love easily fooled people who rely on Faith. Taking candy from a baby.

    • Just Faith, meaning without evidence. Anybody with a slick tongue and and a sharp suit can get thousands of followers and millions of dollars. Just push the faith button.


      Ladies avert your eyes. Women readers be warned. TFB’s/Trollops read on.

      Hey JohnZ! Easy on there. Rubbing salt into an open wound. Up at five as usual one morning this week and decide to gather and clean a load of laundry before heading out into my day chores around 6 – a corporal work of mercy where a man goes the extra mile to accrue a kudo or two. But “the best laid plans of mice and men often gang awry” and right into a brick wall. The other half came out of the bedroom – through the door as it happened and not the wall as I imagined, fit to be tied and pitched a bitch about making noise and – early as it was and discombobulated as usual in the pre-dawn quiet, passionate tears (mine I’m afraid to say) began to well. TFB came to mind but not tiresome Tammy – ‘The Fakir’ Baker (Hindu, Muslim, Christian – can’t discriminate) but the prototypical woman born to ruin a few minutes of every man’s day – known to us all in the heat of exasperation as ‘TFB’ – that freakin’ bitch, for the Total Female Botheration they can, and most certainly do, inspire. Found a come-back of sorts to vent, and put Dr. John on the CD player at full blast as out the door I went:

      “I know you rub-a-dubba-dubba,
      Mama, bust them suds
      (Scrub, Mama scrub)
      Again you rub-a-dubba-dubba,
      Mama, bust them suds
      (Scrub, Mama scrub)”

  6. # Trump’s ticking time bomb # Trumpin hood gives to the rich takes from the poor #Neo feudalism American style #The Swamp Thing #Stew Webb Bot, enough already

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